Dec. 18, 2020

BK’s Week 15 Power Rankings


1) Chiefs- By far still the best team in the league, Only flaw I can see is it seems as if they have an on off switch at times.  Can't tell if that's by design or an actual flaw. Time will tell. 

2) Bills- Okay, I admit I was wrong. Because when  Josh Allen is on his game the Bills might be able to  hang with the Chiefs. Still afraid of the moment that the Josh Allen we all knew coming into this year comes out. Until that happens, The Bills are true contenders.  

3) Packers- Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and Aaron Jones May be the top triplets in the league. One downfall for this team may end up being that Matt Lafleur looks lost sometimes, however I think Rodgers and the #1 seed in the NFC could push this team back to the SB 

4) Saints- Ugly game this past week, but Old man Brees is coming back and this team is finally healthy for the first time all season. Huge game this week that will show if the Saints are true contenders for the big game. 

5) Colts- As much as I doubted this team, Frank Reich keeps leading his team to not just wins, but blowout wins. Their most exciting player is a kicker with Goggles, but man they may be the best coached team in the NFL. If TY Hilton stays hot and Jonathan Taylor can be who we thought he was … This team has a shot to unseet KC 

6) Rams- This defense is legit- Aaron Donald and Jaylen Ramsey May be the best in the NFL at their respective positions. Jared Goff however is a liability, if he can manage to not lose gams for this team the NFC title is absolutely in play for them.

7) Steelers- Said it a few weeks ago, this team is in serious trouble. Entire defense is hurt, Their WR's can’t catch passes from their 38 year old QB, and they can’t run the ball. They better hope they figure it out against the Bengals this week because looming after them are matchups with Indy and Cleveland- They could find themselves on the road in the first round if they playoffs if they’re not careful. 

8) Seahawks- As Russ goes the Seahawks go- Back to his MVP candidate self throwng 4 TDs to 4 different WR in a blow out Vs the Jets. The Seahawks (as I said at the beginning of the year) will go as far as Russ can carry them. 

9)  Titans- All that needs to be said is Derick Henry. That’s it no other explanation needed.

10) Dolphins- This team lost their top THREE pass catchers and their Number one RB on Sunday and still managed to make a comeback vs The #1 Chiefs. Brian Flores just figures out ways to stay in games. If they can get Healthy, they can beat any team in the NFL 

11) Ravens-.Honestly I see the Browns and Ravens as even to round out the top 10 Tiebreakers came down to the fact that Lamar Jackson shit his pants and still led his team to victor in maybe the game of the year. Hopefully we get round two. 

12) Browns- See above- The Browns (can’t believe I’m about to say this) are a legit player in the AFC. Kevin Stefansky is a great coach, and the Chubb- Hunt combo looks impossible to stop sometimes. Team is built for this time of year , wouldn’t shock me to see them win a few games once we get to the playoffs.

13) Bucs- Still looked like a mess even after the bye week. Bruce Arians better start checking those help wanted ads cause his days are numbered in Tampa 

14) Cardinals- Kyler looked like Kyler once again. And shocker.. they won. This is a team that’s going to go as far as their young QB can take them. 

15) Football Team- Alex Smith needs to be healthy for this ranking to be legitimate cause Dwayne Haskins is garbage. However this defense is 100% legit- Chase Young is an absolute force and I think should get legitimate DPOY consideration. 




Patriots 22 

Cowboys- 27