Sept. 15, 2020

#7 - Celtics, Patriots and Week 1 around the NFL

#7 - Celtics, Patriots and Week 1 around the NFL

On this episode of the SNSW Podcast, it's our monthly two-hour podcast. On this month's show, the Celtics have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA playoffs. We'll break down the matchup between the Celtics and their opponents, the Miami Heat. We'll also discuss how the Celtics got here and recap their seven-game series versus the Toronto Raptors, and what mistakes the C's can learn from to advance to the NBA Finals. 

We'll also speculate on the destination of one of the league's most talented and most disgruntled superstars. Also, it's week one in the NFL. We'll break down the week one games, including the debuts of Cam Newton on the Patriots, and Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

  • Joe introduces the SNSW Crew (1:59)
  • Recapping the Boston Celtics series vs the Toronto Raptors (5:14)
  • What went right and what went wrong in the Series (6:57)
  • Discussion of Doc River's group of veteran Celtics teams with “WIN NOW" veterans Kevin Garnett, Paul Peirce, and Ray Allen vs Brad Stevens nature of building a team from the ground up with Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart (24:20)
  • Having Kemba Walker on this team vs Kyrie Irving (27:37)
  • The future of Giannis Antetokounmpo with the Milwaukee Bucks (36:23)
  • Comparing his future to Kevin Durant's offseason decision in 2016 (43:30)
  • Quick Preview of the Celtic/Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals (54:31)
  • NFL Talk: Recapping the Thursday Night Football Season Kickoff between the Kansas City Cheifs and Houston Texans (1:00:07)
  • New England Patriots debut of Cam Newton (1:01:04)
  • Was Jarrett Stidham ever the plan at Quarterback? (1:01:56)
  • Cam Newton's Patriots vs Tom Brady's Patriots (1:03:58)
  • Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears comeback vs the Detroit Lions (1:18:15)
  • Tom Brady's debut for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the New Orleans Saints (1:25:31)  
  • Other Week 1 matchups, Atlanta Falcons vs Seattle Seahawks, Las Vegas Raiders vs Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings, Washington Football Team vs Philadelphia Eagles (1:32:31)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs the Indianapolis Colts (1:39:58)
  • Lamar Jackson and The Baltimore Ravens beat down of the Cleveland Browns (1:42:18)
  • Michael Vick vs Lamar Jackson as a player (1:43:16)
  • Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills vs The New York Jets (1:47:12)
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals vs San Fransisco 49er's (1:51:13)
  • State of The Sizzle: DK is exhausted (1:53:41)

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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":0.0,"body":"On this episode of the SNSW podcast, it's our monthly two hour podcast. On this month's show, the Celtics have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA playoffs. We'll break down the matchup between the Celtics and their opponents, the Miami Heat. We'll also discuss how the Celtics got here and recap their seven game series versus the Toronto Raptors, and what mistakes the C's can learn from to advance to the NBA Finals. We'll also speculate on the destination of one of the league's most talented and most disgruntled superstars. Also, it's week one in the NFL. We'll break down the week one games including the debuts of Cam Newton on the Patriots, and Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This is the SNSW podcast, but it's all relative\n\nAnd welcome to episode seven of the Snsww Podcast. I am Craig D'Alessandro executive producer of the SNSW w network. And this is your first time finding us welcome. We're glad to have you here with us. The Snsw podcast is a one hour weekly two hour monthly podcast recapping the biggest stories in the world of sports with the New England flavour. The show notes and transcript of today's episode can be found in the description box below, as well as our WordPress and buzzsprout pages. If you're new to the show, or you haven't yet please consider subscribing. It's the easiest way to see when we publish new episodes. We are on iTunes, Spotify, Google and wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to rate us leave a review of any of our shows. We always appreciate your feedback. Also, be sure to follow us on all of our social media platforms. All of our links will be in the show notes. This is our monthly to our show. We are loaded to the gills the Celtics have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, and it's week one in the NFL so I won't take up any more time to lead us into this week's show. Here's Joe Malkin.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":119.0,"body":"Hey guys! whats going on boys? Hey, happy football Sunday. Hey, which now we can officially say Happy NBA Conference Finals, or at least in the east, we can say that right. So we do have a lot to talk about today. I we did a run down and we met beforehand. Now but let's go around the room voice how we feeling today First day of the NFL season. I know Dave's buzzing over there. Bobby's getting ready for his cowboys at 8pm. And I know the four patriots fans myself, Ray, Mike and Craig are loving what we saw today from the New England Patriots. But Dave, let's start with you. Just real quick. How are you today?\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":160.0,"body":"A fantastic. I don't know if you guys heard my impassioned plea on the midweek podcast, I'm sure you did. Seems like a lot of people downloaded and subscribed. Thank you. But I was trying I was trying to convince everybody that Mitch trubisky has the heart of a lion and the heart of a champion and what did we see today? Mitch trubisky forth. Quarter three touchdowns, gave it to that map attrition lines team, which are our predictions team unfortunately has getting a ludicrous amount of wins. But hey, it was fun. It was a fun thing to do. But yes, I'm absolutely fired up. Mr. Bates keeps my guy really glad I hitched my wagon to him it was the riskiest bet of my sports career and he's already proven me right let's go.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":202.0,"body":"I'll tell you why. It was fun to watch and it's nice to see you excited like actually excitable. gotten you this excited yet. You say heart of a lion and he beat the lions tonight so well Mike's wrong.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":214.0,"body":"So we got in. That's how we got that heart.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":216.0,"body":"That's right. Get right took it\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":219.0,"body":"Bobby, your cowboys play the Rams. How are you feeling today?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":223.0,"body":"I'm ready. I couldn't be more ready for an NFL season. Like I said to you guys before the show. This is the first time since high school where the clapper will not be walking out of the title for the cowboys and I've never been more amped up for a football team in my entire life. I don't have to see someone clapping on the sidelines. When we're losing 21 to nothing anymore. It's amazing.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":243.0,"body":"That's another thing we're going to talk about when we get to the NFL. We are going to start with the NBA today. We'll do that in just a second. But another thing that we want to get to in the NFL is it's new faces and new places, which is exciting. But Mr. Markangelo, what's going on in your 4940? Niners jersey over there?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":258.0,"body":"Yeah, this I mean, today's just a wild whirlwind of emotions. Man, I think that patriots win was awesome. It was great to see cam and a patriots uniform. It was weird. Really weird to see Tom Brady come out and a Bucs uniform. We'll talk about that later. So I mean, I'm so happy football's back. And I did not expect any. I mean, really, most of the things that happened to that happen so I'm jacked up.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":280.0,"body":"Yeah, it was definitely a definitely a lot of fun Mr. rayshawn Buchanan what's going on over there? How are you in the great city of Boston today?\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":288.0,"body":"I'm this is hype man. You see, I'm rocking I'm rocking the Cam Newton jersey already. So you know Superman is in his in the building. \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":297.0,"body":"let's um, let's get into the fun stuff. As always, if you're watching, watching us live speaking of I realized listening back to myself I hate listening to myself but listening to myself in the AFC prediction game show. I say too much and I really got to stop doing that. So let's get into the NBA. I it's too many variables, I need to just take the pregnant pauses like I took earlier dif the NBA is in a very exciting spot right now guys that Celtics series against the Raptors was speaking of a whirlwind of emotions, this this game seven was a whirlwind of emotions. I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm not necessarily a bandwagon Celtics fan, but this is the first game I watched from opening tip to final whistle and of the playoffs at least, and I can't say enough about the product that the NBA is putting out there. However, the referees kept the Raptors in that game. And it's frustrating to watch. And absolutely the whole series, but just game seven specifically how much they kept him in the game, especially in the fourth quarter. And the one point I want to make is how bad the Celtics have done in the third quarter. But they managed to get a lead going into halftime and capture that lead. Even if it was just one point. They kept that through the entire 12 minutes in the third quarter. And they didn't run away with it on the fourth, but they were they were the better team. And it was it was frustrating. So what are your guys thoughts? Let's Let's start with Ray.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":399.0,"body":"Yeah, so I mean, you you know how fight about was this whole series guys. And we talked about stop talking to us. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, so much. I had to I had to just kind of watch it on my own and just go through my own emotions. But, um, I guess you know, from a podcast perspective, I guess it was great that it went seven. The fan to me is pissed that it went 7 Because it really should have been five you can't keep making some of the mistakes that we made and think that you're going to continue to keep advancing in the playoffs. Now it showed in the first two games that we would have bet a team you know we hadled them in game one game two I believe Toronto was a 12 at the end of three and then you know, we mounted a comeback so that right dish on the Okay, great, we won in a blowout, we lost I mean, we also we also wanted a tie game. This should go this should be of a show series. Then it goes to game three they put in taco fault to be the guy that guards the inbound when they maybe should have an extra defender that was smaller to kind of cover to cover the corner and you know the series turns around on one shot but let's say I guess you know to use bobby words I'm glad they persevered because I would have had a whole different mood. If even if the Patriots won the Patriots didn't win today but my mood may completely different if we will only talk about New England winning today and it's others are at home like I am so\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":480.0,"body":"I feel like the the big thing that Joe pointed out was like how bad they had how many bad three quarters they had. And that to me isn't like they had a bad track. record it to me. It's like they're coming out of the locker room slow. And I think that that's a big a big thing that we need to fix going into the next series because yeah, like I was trying to decide if the Raptors were coming out hot or if we were just coming out dragon every single game. And it was definitely that we were coming out dragon the Raptors weren't doing anything that differently. Game one and game two, they were trapping us a little bit with a two three zone but like that lets you get a little hotter shooting from the perimeter. So they couldn't do it for like the entire game. So they were able to get us like once or twice in, in the third where it was devastating for our chances to win. And it's like you can't keep repeating that in the next in the next series when the teams just get better and better. You have to come out hot in the second half. I don't know if Brad needs to fire up the speeches a little bit. I don't know if like, I don't know what I don't know what the solution is but like everybody's gonna change their mental with that stuff. Yeah, I don't know if he does either he needs to start yelling at some reps too, by the way, he needs to get a little bit more mad all the time. Darn it. I love bread. I love bread. I'm not trying to I'm not trying to brag, but I think a little fire goes a long way. Like if we continue through to the finals, and we maybe play the clippers. That'll be a big difference. I've seen Doc Rivers in the final series, like he gets hype. And like if Brad just gets shouted down like that's not going to work. You know, we already it's already a tough matchup.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":567.0,"body":"So where have you seen doc in the final series? In 2008? Oh, for the Boston Celtics. Yes. Bobby, have you gotten that Raptors tattoo covered up yet?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":577.0,"body":"Now listen, listen, listen. I don't know if you guys remember. Joe Jai wasn't going to a job wasn't going? I really wasn't. But I was. dogfight Am I right? dogfight just\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":594.0,"body":"shouldn't have been there like race it It should have been a dog fight but the thing is on one shot that should have been a sweet two, five What was it like we were set up you would abandon your take by that? I did. No I did. I jumped off the train when\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":606.0,"body":"I wasn't even gonna mention the train until Joe brought it back into the station. Okay. Anyways, anyway\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":613.0,"body":"that's typical for Bobby By the way, I just want to point that out.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":617.0,"body":"The biggest the biggest takeaway from this series for me, though, is really that perseverance of the Celtics, they showed that the number one thing to win a championship when it comes to a long playoff run is adversity. If your team is not tested, if you're not brought to that women, then you don't know who you really are. Because that's when you find out if you have that championship DNA, Marcus smart championship DNA, Jason Tatum, championship DNA, Jalen brown championship DNA and this is something that we now know for a fact that they have if we had one and four be like, Alright, cool, we're rolling. Awesome. What if we get tested to get the heat we wouldn't have known how turnout now we know these guys have what it takes when it comes down to it the\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":665.0,"body":"Any Given Sunday speech right? run through a wall like that now he's right\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":670.0,"body":"when Philly said it for years trust the process like that. I mean that's that's everybody uses that but Philly was the most recent that workout for him. Right, exactly. But so here we are in Boston. Brad signs a new five year five year deal during the lockdown right or just just as they came out of it. He signs a new five year deal. Danny Ainge basically stands Pat at the trade deadline, and they run with the with the kids they got, I mean, Marcus smart is still relatively a kid, right? That guy is he's one of the best defensive players in the NBA. He is insane. I mean, he flops he does do it. I watched it firsthand raise like for like, like rats with it.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":713.0,"body":"But it is it can we is it to me.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":714.0,"body":"He did it on a charge the other night and I was talking to a friend and he goes What do you see how he took that and he floppy actually didn't floppy sold it. And you have to sell a charge like that because selling charges big. That's that's I mean, there was like five charges called Mac game. That's it that seems like a lot to me. Um but yeah Bobby I mean that that's the thing about you trust the process and you let the you let the kids do it and that's why I think Kyrie was even more of a cancer. And I know he's long gone and I don't I don't want to like just relive the past and say, you know, this is the reason for our problems. But at the time, I think he was the biggest problem because he came in and he tried to single handedly change the culture. That wasn't the culture that they needed in Boston, but before I keep going, Michael, give us your thoughts on the Celtics.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":762.0,"body":"So I mean, obviously I'm really excited that they won that series and that they're, they're advancing right but Bobby, you said like, you know, they have perseverance. They created the majority of their own things that they had to overcome. And if they do that again in the next series are against a better team. I don't know if it's The heater better than the Raptors. I mean, I think they are. But if they do that against the Clippers or the Lakers, they don't have a shot. You can't have double digit turnovers consistently every game and expect to win the problem by the end, they fixed that. And I think that's that's a plus for them that they figured out. They figured out things that were going wrong for them and made adjustments to your point like they have to figure out how to how to come out of the half strong I mean, because they start games pretty well right? They had to figure out that third quarter and I mean, he's just making me eat my words Marcus smart man was just the best in that series. They're down 12 and he hits five straight threes to get the lead back. So I'm really excited about about the heat I am scared I did I did say I think a week or two ago that the heat do scare me because they resemble a lot of the things that we do well Jimmy Butler is playing very very well this year but I mean this this series was was a great series when it should never have gone seven d k should have been right it should have been a five game series but by But But Bobby was\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":843.0,"body":"no no no no he's he said he said it was going to be a sweet he said we were going to sleep Toronto\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":848.0,"body":"well he started with five and then I baited him into saying\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":851.0,"body":"no I was gonna sleep too. He said what I said it was gonna be a sweep. You're both wrong Yeah, you're\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":858.0,"body":"both wrong both\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":862.0,"body":"actually honestly here I'm just trying to back Bobby up on this one. Partially because I feel bad for like yelling at him about the Adrian Peterson thing and text. But it's I said that before came three my exact words where if if Toronto wins this game, it goes five. If they don't it goes for that's also called hedging your bets Bobby, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":886.0,"body":"Now can I just please defend myself on this week? Like we weren't good enough to sweep them we proved across the first few games we're gonna sweep them if we played the way like not even I don't even blame them for what happened in game three. Like that was a fluke play. I like playing I've left on the clock and never seen it. Ray you said it's swung the whole series like it absolutely did like that's and then they had a hangover game. And then they they got the job done. You know what I mean? But they were all they proved that they were as much better than the Raptors that I said they were I think do you not do not agree? Like I feel like they are Oh, yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":921.0,"body":"I just think like, you know, that dad, game six was infuriating for somebody somebody got cuz honestly, I'll say this guy. I'll tell you why I was so triggered this whole pitch, right? If you remember the 2018 Conference Finals, right? We go on three, two, and we had to Cleveland rozier has the game of his life against Cleveland. Jaylen brown I think had 27 and then you know, LeBron went took over into fourth and then over time but if you remember there was called though being given a shot a man called against Boston. And I said Damn it like this is going to be the same thing that happens where at Brock, three, two, you know, we go on the road, so to speak, you know, you know, quote unquote, on the road, and they make calls to favor the other team. And that's why I was like, Damn, my art isn't going to be something where we get screwed again. And it shouldn't it shouldn't have been because it was up to August that Cleveland seem to remember and we were better than a cleaning team. Yes, we had to add LeBron James. We were better than that. Scene two. I don't care what the bras actually say. We were better than that scene two.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":985.0,"body":"It also doesn't make sense to me that the NBA would want the Raptors to move on because they're like they're not a star studded team like they're generating\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":993.0,"body":"they're building that narrative that's what I was saying. You guys are building a narrative from from before the playoffs started it was like oh yeah, everybody doubted him. I was like who doubted them they were like a non starter they were in a non factored net like they weren't being talked about choies gun nobody gives a damn about the Raptors anymore but then they're like there was a slowly this thank you this slowly this. This building of like on ESPN, like on all these different places. It's like, oh, but like the Raptors are sneaky Lebron James. came out and said it right the brown came out it was like, oh, everybody knows they're good like but I'm like they're not though. Like they're not they don't have the guy who won them the championship that's it's simple math right? And\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1031.0,"body":"that's why the NBA wanted him to continue because they have this legacy narrative that they didn't deserve because they weren't they weren't the legacy champs, you know, why wouldn't you want and this is going to that point. So because I kind of agree with it right that they were building the narrative, like Ray said, they're making the calls in Toronto's favor. We saw it all series, not to Toronto. Isn't there still a good team? Right? There's no reliable they're still a good team. Even though we all said that they stink before when Bobby made that point, but I still be stink. Well, clearly, they're they're better than we thought they were because they got to the point they did. And maybe that was because of the narrative. Dave and I i don't disagree with you. But why is the NBA so we sit here and as fans and go. Why wouldn't you want? Brad Stevens Celtics. If if the NBA have their choice. Why wouldn't you want Brad Stevens Celtics? And LeBron James is Lakers. I know I said LeBron James. Like he was the head coach, because why wouldn't\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1090.0,"body":"that narrative they were about to see two two seeds or two one seeds dropped from the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time ever. And a lot of people in those fan bases are going to come and be like, oh, there's an asterisk on that because it's the bubble season. So it's like all this weird stuff. The only reason that they got knocked out and well, Neil, but like, you don't think everybody in Toronto is going like, oh, if we if we took him to game seven in Jurassic Park, that's that's a wash like no way we definitely when they're when they might be right about that actually,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1115.0,"body":"like, terrible basketball.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1117.0,"body":"Yeah, but they would have they would have had a much bigger advantage if we had to go to Toronto when I actually still think we'd be able to because like I said, the Raptors stink, but from NBA\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1125.0,"body":"games six was in Boston,\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1127.0,"body":"I promise. Yeah, I agree. I agree.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1130.0,"body":"100% agree. I'm not hearing\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1133.0,"body":"what I'm saying. Or what I'm saying is if they if they took us to seven games, and we had to go, it had to go to Toronto and the seventh game that's\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1139.0,"body":"exactly how Same situation I'm not gonna lie\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1142.0,"body":"exactly exactly\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1145.0,"body":"I don't mean to be this guy again but I don't think we're giving that team enough credit guys like I know I know that Turner series I know listen I get it but the thing is that game six we all were talking about a Kyle Lowery showed championship DNA center we let him into the\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1163.0,"body":"gunk Bobby that\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1164.0,"body":"shot her under he hit was just unreal\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1168.0,"body":"yo he let him get going we that we did that to ourselves we had we have an undersized kemba right getting beat up by two physical like I know that vanfleet is like short but he's like a big dude and he's just bumping on camera for like four or five games you can see Canvas performance levels going down yeah you can like art and we let their guards into the game like we should have been like stretching the floor like moving Jason Tatum and and and we eventually ended up doing this like when whenever we did when we played defense like this We always ended up by turn the game around and winning. You know you know what happened when when they when brassy. say you know what, I'm gonna put mark a smile on Kyle Lowry a chance it was\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1203.0,"body":"over. Yeah. That was it.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1206.0,"body":"They put Mark respond him every game, it would have been four or five like we talked about because the games that he guarded him Kalari didn't have that that same effect.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1216.0,"body":"To be fair, I didn't think Kyle was gonna be as good as he was. I really did No,\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1220.0,"body":"no by me, but he did show up last year a certain time, so I figured he would have some games, but not to the point where he's getting 30 plus and he's getting he's hitting turnaround jumps on kemba Walker, and he is hitting threes from from 30 feet like that. That was ridiculous. But like I said, you we let him get going. Um, and you know, I also I have to say this too. If there's anybody that's listened to this or you'll listen to this, on this week, or whenever you listen to the show. If you were someone that believed that Pascal siakam was better than Jaylen Brown. I want you to go to your new crazy, I want you to I didn't\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1253.0,"body":"know that was the thing.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1254.0,"body":"You were saying. I want you to go get drug tested. And I want you to go sit down with a counselor. And talk about how you've been abused. Because Pascal siakam is not in the same breath as Jalen Brown. Jalen brown locked him down. shut him down. Yeah, no, Jalen browns. Awesome. So I probably one of the 20 minutes Don't tell him I but no, Jalen Brown is great. You know, remember they both got drafted in 2016. You know, CRM got the big deal for I think four years hundred 30 million fit and you know, to lots of people's credit, people did not think that Jalen brows deserved that four year 100 $15 million deal last year. They think he did. And then you know, he but he keeps getting better, easier. I mean, so in the playoffs once again. He's that guy and siakam is just a jack,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1299.0,"body":"let me ask you a question. Like if we get to the next the next round against the heat right and Jalen brown and and Jason Tatum, they shrink? Does he still did he still deserve that four year $150 million contract because we haven't done anything. As of right now. We've done nothing more than we've done before with this with this with this team. We're back in the Eastern Conference Finals. They just need to take the next step and get to the actual finals.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1319.0,"body":"disagree though.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1321.0,"body":"I agree with that.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1323.0,"body":"I don't just because the way that we just got here, okay, this team hasn't been tested like they just were, they were brought to the absolute break. They looked like they were crumbling, and they had the strength to get back up for that game seven after three heartbreaking losses in a row. Were able to come back and win that game seven\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1344.0,"body":"Hawk series. It's like that Hawk series. No, wait,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1346.0,"body":"that's exactly it's like the pressure on the moment.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1352.0,"body":"To win that series, though.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1354.0,"body":"Yeah, same thing with so I never I never thought that the Celtics were going to win the series but in a way, like the pressure was on them because they let it go to game seven same exact thing that happened like just now it's like they should everybody was like though it's four or five. Everybody was going into that series, calling it four or five, but on both sides like Boston, Atlanta, Atlanta fans didn't even think they're gonna win that series. We were the best team in the regular season. So, you know, it's the exact same thing like that adversity. That was what brought them together. There is a unit and in 2008 I hope to state but we're already kind of a unit now. I mean like this whole thing that Bobby loves to talk about kemba firing up the guys beforehand you see him like walking around like, patent everybody. Alright, let me see what\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1393.0,"body":"I want to add to that. That would have been awful an hour to get on Could I think I've said it in a group chat. I said check your own heart right now. You're tapping you're attacking other guys and was your heart.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1406.0,"body":"It wasn't a heart issue. I'm telling you he was getting pumped up by those guards like it's not gonna cut it I'm sorry. in that series, it was a\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1416.0,"body":"Gk on that because I think it showed more heart that he never let that get into his head and never really let it I know he didn't have a shot but he really was banged up by the end of that series, you could see also\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1427.0,"body":"hit big shots at the end of\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1431.0,"body":"the day. He never let that affect him. He never let that affect his leadership. Like DK was saying, This man is a warrior and I would follow up him into battle and Tatum and brown and smart. They're all on that same level. And you could see that level of play from them that they wanted it to be.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1450.0,"body":"They wanted him to be hang on Bobby. You should write TV shows Dave whatever you can do out there in LA you should write TV shows for TNT because you know, drama. \n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1459.0,"body":"That's right. \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1460.0,"body":"Let me this is an interesting way I want to look at this because a couple of points based on everything that was just said, This Celtics team always been great as a franchise. They're kind of the the nbas Yankees just to give a comparison. They've just always been good. Whether it's Bill Russell, or you have, you know, read our back or the big three and Oh, wait. Larry Bird. They've just, they've always been good. Right now is a weird time for the Celtics, and it kind of has been for the last seven years. There was a big shift in this franchise and in this team, where Doc Rivers leaves That team is disbanded. You had the old guys that were ready to win now and they did that once but they did it right. Then you bring in a college coach who's never coached at this level. But a college coach who at Butler was notorious for having four year student athletes, something that isn't normally a thing in college and let me finish this thought you'll see where I'm going with this. Because I think you're all gonna like this. You bring in Brad Stevens who's used to bringing four year guys through you didn't you didn't have a lot of guys that were drafted after year one because they're admitted major. They've NBA teams weren't looking at Butler to draft guys out of, but he always recruited well, and he always brought the right guys in to get the job done over a four year period. And he went to two straight Final Fours at Butler. Now he's been there seven years he's been able to draft put his team together again, second time. I want to mention it tonight. I think Kyrie was a bad signing. I think they'd never should have brought him in. But I think it also made them stronger at the end like a bad relationship. Now you're looking at a team that I don't think gets enough respect, even though they've only done the same thing every year. Like Mike said, they've just gone to the Eastern Conference Finals, they have to get over that hump. But that's where I've realized during this series that Brad Stevens is perfect for this organization. And this organization is perfect for him because he's able to, under the guise of how good the Celtics organization has been through history, to draft and develop and keep guys here for a long period of time, and give guys seven digit contracts over a long period of time. 100 and 15 million, but it's for a long period of time. You're gonna have time to develop that. So did he deserve it? Because they've just done the same thing, Mike, maybe not. I think you guys can see where I'm formulating the stock. Basically. Brad's college experience is translating into the NBA and I think it's working for him.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1619.0,"body":"Yeah, just like College, he's just gotten to the Final Four. So now he needs to get to the to the actual finals.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1625.0,"body":"But now he has time to do it because he can keep guys longer than four years. So he can keep Tatum and brown along is around longer as long as they want to be here right? Because we know some athletes just want to leave town after a while. But if he can keep the band together, he\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1641.0,"body":"I don't want to worry about keeping the band together. Yeah, I'd say we want to worry about winning now.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1647.0,"body":"But you got to keep the band together and you got to pay the band in order to get to that point where you're you're rockin TD Garden rather than the Hooters across the street to close seven years ago.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1657.0,"body":"I think the I think the biggest takeaway from what you just said Joe is Kyrie Irving to me, that whole thing did make this team stronger. did make Tatum stronger made Browns stronger because they know how dysfunctional a team can really get. And they know how much better it is when that team is firing on all cylinders together. is all on the same page. So I agree with you there the Absolutely, I think Kyrie made this team leaving Kyrie leaving and Kemba Walker coming in. It couldn't have worked out better for those three to go to the Eastern Conference Finals have that Kyrie experience, see how bad that can really go. And now they're back again as those guys with another guy who who's an absolute warrior, so I'm with\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1706.0,"body":"money, wise, money, ROI, even, you know, like, we didn't take any hits from having Kyrie on the team. So it's like, it can only be positive, right? It's like, you're not you're not worried about cap. It's like it's fine.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1717.0,"body":"But kemba is a brand style guy, right? Like going back to it to me, in my mind the thought of you're bringing a college coach to the NBA and it's actually translating kemba kemba is a butler style player. If kemba was a little bit more of a mid major player he didn't he would have ended up in Butler. I think it's a great fit.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1736.0,"body":"Yeah, so this is the thing that I want to want to make more Got something you disagree with this? We're now in a playoffs that has, there's no notice. There's no kawhi there's no LeBron. You have to get to the finals this year.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1753.0,"body":"You have to. Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1755.0,"body":"Like it is. No, it isn't. There's no excuse you\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1757.0,"body":"have to get that's a good way to sum up.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1759.0,"body":"I don't actually I don't actually know where we go from here if we don't if we don't get it, but\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1763.0,"body":"you gotta remember because now now Brooklyn comes back next year with Kyrie and Katie Say what you want to do. Oh, you can say what you want about a headcase. That's gonna be a great duel. Jada\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1773.0,"body":"Nash pugnacious head coach now.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1775.0,"body":"Yeah, but he makes a big difference. Let's see how it translates. Right\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1779.0,"body":"Giannis is going to be there for next year. Maybe, you know, yeah, we'll get into that but me you know he's there. So you know this this other talent there. So you you have you have to catch the light.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1790.0,"body":"This is our best opportunity that we've ever had to win. But you know, it's just\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1794.0,"body":"like it has to happen now if you don't want it.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1797.0,"body":"Yeah, I guess my question is like, what if they get to the Miami Heat and they don't advance what is that? What does that even\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1805.0,"body":"though he did I think\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1808.0,"body":"they scared me the most\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1810.0,"body":"I don't want to speak from Mike I don't want to say that he said that\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1813.0,"body":"I'm asking him cuz I'm just like they scare him but I might scare scare and actually think they're gonna win this two different things.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1818.0,"body":"Yeah but see the Raptors didn't really scare me and Dave mentioned it early. I don't know if they scared Dave But Dave kind of said that earlier that he never felt like that that sort of got scared a couple times. But was it about the actual team or about the series you know, you guys mad the Celtics\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1834.0,"body":"more than I was like, like, I know me and Rachel were always talking about like, be positive. And he was like, Don't tell me to be positive. But like, I was, I was with him on the on the sense that they were doing a lot of that to themselves. You know what I mean? Like they're shooting themselves in the foot and it didn't like I didn't see anything from the Raptors that I didn't already know except for. I thought the outcome was better than he actually was. And I didn't think Kyle Lowry was gonna have a series like that. But as far as the heat goes, I mean We got bodies we can throw Jimmy Butler's the thing there. So are we\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1865.0,"body":"sorry we are we're fast. Do you know\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1867.0,"body":"what just like just like you said above the those two players right there about siaka and Lowery. I don't think I realized how fast the Celtics team was.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1879.0,"body":"They nullified the Raptors so quickly with just getting back on defense like and and they were getting back they're flying back you know what I mean like and that's where they spent and they didn't play a ton of full core ball. We do play full court a lot of the times we do actually go Coast to Coast A lot of the time because we're long and athletic. We didn't do it at all against the Raptors because it was like any time we were playing that kind of game with them we were losing because that's playing them at their game. I think we could do that to the heat a little bit you know, because I don't think they can run like us. I don't think that they can bump and grind like we can like there's some grit on that team because of because of Jimmy buckets who I love but I don't know like, Okay might be having a meltdown by game 61 like he might be full on freaking out and yet\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1919.0,"body":"a championship Winning head coach to I mean, he's, he's been there before. He knows how to do it. Here's how to get your team there, Brad Stevens. I really like him. He's\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1928.0,"body":"the waterboy.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1930.0,"body":"Mike. Yes, you're a guy.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1934.0,"body":"I know, I know. Butler is the guy there. But there's one thing that he do have that I think they will capitalize on unlike the Raptors didn't. And that's ben ik ben Abba Dido. he's a he's a great offensive setter. And I don't know if the Celtics are gonna have an answer for him. Granted, that is what we said against the Raptors and the Raptors just didn't use that. What about the\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1957.0,"body":"reason we're about to 76s we had an answer for Joel Embid.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1960.0,"body":"So I'll answer that Bob. Because I agree with you right, Bam Adebayo it's hard to but I think that's how you say it but he's, he's he to me. He will be the best Batman face until finally, we get to the finals because Anthony Davis Oh, whoever's alien. I really don't want the Lakers on us. As a side note. I really don't want to I want\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1979.0,"body":"either one of those teams and\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1983.0,"body":"you wonder you want to beat the best but that's just how I see it anyways but\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":1986.0,"body":"we're not gonna be we're not gonna be anyway good\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1989.0,"body":"Bam Adebayo is just from just from like an energy standpoint is by far the best center note we're going to be facing, um, the way that he defended Yanis and that series was what I mean, and I've never seen like, Jada's usually plays the bully. I've never seen Jonas get bullied the way that he got bullied by Ben autobio and series so that's the one clear mashup they have clear Miss matchup that they have against us but everything else to me is even like to me kemba is better than growing dry goods although Dunker Robison tell Erica shoot the lights out they're not better as wings then you know\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2024.0,"body":"it was also faster than their guards this time right exactly fucking he's gonna be able to blow by then like you're\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2030.0,"body":"just not able to do against the Raptors and Miami Miami will not play the box in one light Toronto did that's just I mean\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2036.0,"body":"there man on there man on for the Edit. Yeah, they're gonna play man. So\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2039.0,"body":"if you're saying Hey, we're gonna play men on men. Uh, you know we're gonna play man against, I guess kemba Walker Tatum and brown then good luck. Good luck. Yeah, good luck. Yeah, you'll be going home.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2050.0,"body":"I do just want to say that for me it would it would be better if the Celtics beat the Clippers in the finals so that I could finally look you in the IRA shot and say that Brad Stevens is better. Doc Rivers and I have proof he just\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2064.0,"body":"I gotta they gotta win game seven against the nuggets first, then beat the Lakers.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2070.0,"body":"The Clippers like to blow eats\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2072.0,"body":"all I have. How beautiful would it be for the Celtics to get back to the goddamn NBA Finals one more time as they're waiting in their way. is not only the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, LeBron James that doesn't\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2089.0,"body":"like the final box. It's like a video game. There he\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2092.0,"body":"is, again, you better beat him because there he is. He's the guy. Yeah, I mean, but I\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2098.0,"body":"would love that to be ice is that just me I love to see the saltiest Lakers in LA it was it was great. And oh, wait, it was great in 2010. Obviously, we had different results both times but you know that, you know, it's just too bad I won't be in front of a crowd could have that would have been crazy.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2111.0,"body":"Oh, man that\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2113.0,"body":"in that game seven, by the way in 2010 of Kendrick Perkins in that game seven in 2010. We went both of those series, the Boston podcast, but that's a fact.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2122.0,"body":"Mike. Mike was at my house for that it was a very, very sad, I\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2126.0,"body":"might want to say I want to say this. So this is on the record and you don't think that I'm shying away from this? I would love to do wrong and him time dockerhub is obviously because that means itself is one championship. So I just have one doctor be described as a coach, but I mean, my God, if he loses the series, we talked about this on a previous show. You have to at least get to the finals. You know, if you have you know, the guy that Dave talks about being the best guy in the playoffs, which is kawhi Leonard, you can't have that guy on your team, you know, at least make the conference finals have not the NBA Finals so that that has to happen. So yeah, that definitely is a chicken as armor like we talked About if they do not win, you know, there's a part of me I would love just like Same thing with football. If we found a way to get against have a better life we slotted Tampa Bay, that would be beautiful. I love Brady. But so what you want the other side, buddy, you got to go down. So st Luke's phase doctrina finals, and we beat them for two or we beat him at seven. That's awesome for me. That'd be great because that means the Celtics are world champions.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2183.0,"body":"So you guys mentioned Giannis Antetokounmpo earlier, and what's going on there and Milwaukee. There's been conversations around the league already or I guess just in Orlando at this point of what's going to happen next year with with Mr. Jonas, what do we what do we think happens there? Does he stay in the walkie\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2201.0,"body":"No, no, I don't think so. No,\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2203.0,"body":"I think he's already at the airport.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2205.0,"body":"Yeah, he's waiting for them to tell him where to go.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2208.0,"body":"He's crushing his way through the airport right now. Like just waving his hand trying to catch the clip the new new like, closest plane of anywhere else Chicago anywhere. He needs to get out of there as soon as humanly possible. You He gave that this is the rule in the NBA like the LeBron James established rule. He gave them this period to put weapons around him to when they failed to do that badly actually, they really did. They made a lot of dumb choices. And they don't deserve to keep the best upside player in the NBA right now. They just don't. He needs to go to a bigger market. And he needs to go with himself some rings,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2242.0,"body":"right? Yeah, I completely I think there's two things that that to me point to him leaving is a how fast they were to say he wasn't that game. The whistle barely blew in Milwaukee was already like, hey, by the way, Janice is coming back next season. You're like, no one it's like that meme where it's like, absolutely no one no Waukee bucks, y'all This is definitely coming back. Like that's that's that's how I felt like that way.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2269.0,"body":"What would your ideal situation be like honestly, like, just give me your top two teams Bobby.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2274.0,"body":"So there's there's two there's two trades. I think that Milwaukee in my opinion. Their best deal and the one that makes the most sense to me The first is the Miami Heat our next first round opponent just because of a the the track record of Pat Riley loving to give up everything that he has to go get a superstar to para Jimmy Butler Right. Right now in Miami you have Tyler herro you have BAM Adebayo and then you have a couple draft x A you get up to go get Yanis I think that would be a match made in heaven. I think Pat Riley would love that. And I think it would be right back to that. Not four not five. You know Riley loves that stuff. Like he loves it. The other one, the most interesting one to me. The Golden State Warriors.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2324.0,"body":"smile like that would put them back over the top again.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2327.0,"body":"Well, it was\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2331.0,"body":"that team.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2333.0,"body":"You take my tone Ray Ray if you jump through this screen, we're gonna go well If you're waiting on you take my child I gotta I gotta settle right down here because he just jumped out of his chair. You act like my tone was me saying that it wouldn't my tone wasn't that it? No. Yeah, that's what it sounds like. But I don't mean it wouldn't. I'm trying to say your face the expression you just made. It was like you were covering the Raptors logo that you put on your ass Jake. And you were going to get a Golden State Warriors logo tattooed on your other butt cheek. But that\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2373.0,"body":"Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby. I see what you're saying, Buddy call me I'm I'm the man. I'm the man in Miami. Call me up with that trade off or call me up, bring bring bring bring click Hello. I take that in two seconds. We'll go. That's it. Before you even say like Gian... . I'd be like, yup, yep, whatever you want to do on my car. I asked my wife, I whatever. Like you take that you take that deal every single time.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2396.0,"body":"That's not even a bad trade for either side.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2398.0,"body":"Right? Well, it's a bad trade for Locky the walk he's gonna have to make a bad trade but that's what I think they're gonna have to make a bad trade because Yanis is just gonna do that like NBA power move thing where he's gonna go like I'm definitely not planning for next year so figure it out.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2409.0,"body":"Am I wrong when I say there was a rumor about Dallas jumping in on this conversation.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2414.0,"body":"I did see that too. But I think the other the other intriguing one to me is Philadelphia, Ben Simmons, and maybe my tie is stable under Jada's\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2426.0,"body":"for Yanis and beat on the same team I'm just have\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2430.0,"body":"the same position\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2432.0,"body":"I beat a beat and beat technical play small forward the way he plays cetera.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2435.0,"body":"So it can be Giannis Antetokounmpo and shitty Giannis Antetokounmpo on the same team? . Trading Embid and keep Ben Simmons in that scenario. All right.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2446.0,"body":"Dallas, I like Dallas or Miami. I like those two spots for\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2450.0,"body":"me works in my head.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2452.0,"body":"Does it make sense because that pat pat Riley factor to me is the biggest thing that he loves to go get him some superstars. So\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2459.0,"body":"what I'm not so I'm not so sure that one of and I get it if you have to part with halmahera or some of the guys that do that, but because I feel like they're going to be a part of that core i just i don't see Pat Riley partying with autobio or herro to get Yanis I it wouldn't make sense to be that's\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2476.0,"body":"gonna depend that's going to depend on what they look like in the series coming up don't only think the Celtics come in and make them look and make them look second rate, which is very possible. Yeah, that's true. And then you're like, Oh, shit, the value, their value just went down because they can't be like basically, probably next year's third best team on paper in the east. So you have to you have to start shopping them and it is kind of a match made in heaven. I think it's if we smashed the heat. It's a really rosy trade for both teams on\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2505.0,"body":"content I'll add on to what Bobby said about the Warriors right. So you know, going to stay has the number two pick in the next year's draft. So like if you do Wiggins crazy, yeah, Wiggins, Eric pass Pashto. Bow Pascoe Erica. Andrew Wiggins Mark Hughes, Chris. Okay. Someone else on the team forgetting about\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2525.0,"body":"but toss Draymond in there?\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2528.0,"body":"Um, maybe gentlemen. I mean I haven't taken but anything else if you want maybe your dream on it and maybe but and then the number two pick and maybe some cash to Milwaukee fair. I think that's the deal that happens. And then Milwaukee's probably walking taking on a dress that guy out of out of Memphis, his name is James Wiseman, who's absolute beast like he wasn't as good. Yeah, he would be a stud or if Minnesota did and Dr. Anthony Edwards, Who should we did number one pick. So you're hearing that here first from out of Georgia. He should we have one pick. But if not, then a watchmaker falter. And then maybe that guy goes to he goes to Milwaukee, but, you know, I want to ask this because remember, you know, Katie, got code for this a couple of years ago. So if Jada's went to Milwaukee, I mean, it's not\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2571.0,"body":"a thing because he would be getting traded. It's not the same thing. I know\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2574.0,"body":"what it is, but it's To me, it's on up to him. He was talking about him going to him for free, and now I'm just like, if some Oh no, it's fine. So it's fine for Josh to go to the team. He just peels\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2587.0,"body":"the argument can be made that he's forcing them to trade him to a place. He can't\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2590.0,"body":"force him to trade him to\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2593.0,"body":"say like, so if he if he just signed without without trading, he said I'm going over there. I think I've seen the numbers. He could sign like a four year deal for like 100 70 million. So we said I'm going for four four years 170 I'm going to Miami so we just lost them. What are people saying? What are you guys saying?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2610.0,"body":"I just think it's a little different. Because of what KD left. KD left. What was already the most up and coming team in the NBA. He left you see he has been doing I know but but at the time I'm not saying now not knowing what we know now but at the time it was James Harden. harden was already gone. I but it was still it was still Katie\n\nwhat was what he left is what made that a big\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2639.0,"body":"chicken. 72 warriors to seven and they took\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2643.0,"body":"Russell Westbrook couldn't she couldn't shoot in 2016 he can't shoot now. That's why he left and a man wouldn't want to raise what are we talking about? That's why he left Oklahoma City. They had they had Reggie Jackson they have Serge ibaka. They had a young Steve Adams they had they had all the talent there. And he didn't people were\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2661.0,"body":"mad. Hey, the only people that were mad about him leaving oklahoma city were Oklahoma City fans. People were mad that he went to the Golden State Warriors.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2671.0,"body":"fan base Dave and that's that's the LeBron fans. But they were mad that he wasn't going to stay cuz they knew that man wasn't getting the more rings. Once he went to go in the state. We were all\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2678.0,"body":"mad for that reason. When he went to bat was a cheat code. It was the stupidest thing that he could have done for the sake of the NBA. He ruined everything for everyone because it was a guarantee that the Golden State Warriors are gonna win the championship. They gotta get the job done.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2692.0,"body":"That's right. Gotta get the job done.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2694.0,"body":"He did. No, no, no, it's not all that matters. What matters. It is\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2697.0,"body":"that's why he left. He wanted to get\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2699.0,"body":"this keeps You can just keep saying it is but that doesn't make it true. Let me make my point. The point is he he's on the Golden State Warriors and he wins and he still gets clapped for not being the dude on a team. He's never been the dude on a team and it bothers him. That's why he's got like six burner accounts arguing random as fans on the internet. mad about what people were mad about was the fact that he went to a cheat code team. He put himself on the best team when he sat down to play two K and nobody wants to do that build something. He was trying to build something and he went to the enemy. He crossed enemy lines. That's what people were mad about, but doesn't\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2733.0,"body":"say anything but he went\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2734.0,"body":"anyone is\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2737.0,"body":"what Hang on. It's not the same thing he went. She's Kevin Durant be Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant's team has not won a finals. That was a Steph Curry team. Hey, guys. It's soft shit. It's it's soft in the head. That's why\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2749.0,"body":"I'm playing. I'm playing the middle. And I don't mean it's the same thing. I mean, it's the same thing as Giannis Antetokounmpo right now, didn't you just say Dave that they had time to put a team around him?\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2758.0,"body":"Exactly.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2761.0,"body":"But my point is that Oklahoma City Thunder team took the warriors to seven and could have done it like they could have done it. They could have beat that warriors team like they were\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2770.0,"body":"right there with them. But they so what you're saying hang on\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2777.0,"body":"one lead against the Cavs we blow that team up\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2779.0,"body":"but they did in so he left and jumped ship to the team that beat him so you're saying that if Yanis goes to Miami it's the same thing as when even if it's by trade. I don't know cuz\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2791.0,"body":"he honestly outside of\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2795.0,"body":"it, doesn't that play it? Hang on? Doesn't that play into it? Are we can we talk about the player like if LeBron James wasn't as vocal and as as much of a face as he is? Wouldn't we have had less of a problem of him jumping ship to Miami and then go back to\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2816.0,"body":"Cleveland. Ray agrees with me on this is how he did it. It was because he like made an himself with that for Katie's\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2820.0,"body":"cocaine, he did it the same, same\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2825.0,"body":"exact thing, but\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2829.0,"body":"at the end of the day, at the end of the day, he went to the better company. He went to the better franchise.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2835.0,"body":"Yes.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2842.0,"body":"Organization.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2844.0,"body":"The thing is, is OKC was on the cusp for years. Milwaukee isn't on the cusp of shit. They haven't been Alright. So in the playoffs\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2853.0,"body":"for the last four or five years, they put the\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2857.0,"body":"big because he\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2858.0,"body":"right right but yeah, I'm saying I'm just leaving the vibe. I'm not saying about the town you put around them. I'm not saying I'm just speaking you leave to go to a team that you lost so in the playoffs, and that that is my only point. I'm a\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2869.0,"body":"homer city and Golden State were those rivals before that's\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2874.0,"body":"what I'm telling you I'm saying is what I know because I've heard this from other fans that that loves it. On when when Katie left in 2016 to go to from Oklahoma to go to state LeBron they yeah they knew damn I'm not so sure that Brian's gonna get another one like it came out of them and that's what it was so it's not about all part of it is like that what they've said about oh man that's the weakest move on superstar ever and I get that on on certain levels but the error of trolling the error social media they trashed you for not winning they trashed you all he got he oh he gets to the conference finals but he didn't win or he is la still trash\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2913.0,"body":"KD though because like he comes with that\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2917.0,"body":"when he's done he still is still listen to time when\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2921.0,"body":"he went to a Steph Curry he went to a Steph Curry team and he won on a Steph Curry Team A Kevin\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2928.0,"body":"does go to state one again. Yes I don't you\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2932.0,"body":"see that finals they smash the calves they already\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2935.0,"body":"know but I don't think they do without without without kept couldn't remember Kira. Carrying and love were hurt in 2015 right and it took them six games with Matthew dellavedova as a second best player loving carry come back the next year right and in a day and I'm going seven and a winning. So I don't think that Golden State it's a more\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2955.0,"body":"isn't an a more interesting thing to watch though is his golden state that iteration of that Golden State team and going back and make and playing a fair series against LeBron and the Cavs like, wouldn't you have wanted that to happen? That's what I was upset about. That's what a lot of NBA fans are upset about. I mean, narrative ruin, narratives ruin you knew what was going to happen. And you said even the LeBron fans knew right?\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2975.0,"body":"No Drake and they ruin the season. Our air Dave, Draymond Green cried in the car and called him to rent. So it wasn't like he was running to go to go. So they call that man and said, Hey, come join us take, by the way,\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":2988.0,"body":"like I'm also mad by the way because I was 100% sure he was gonna come into the Celtics.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2996.0,"body":"Okay, now that we're getting somewhere that makes sense.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3002.0,"body":"Lay down on the couch. David, let's see where your anger really comes from. I'm gonna get we're gonna do a hypothetical here.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3011.0,"body":"That was great. That was there's no\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3012.0,"body":"there's no way it's the NBA, right? We all know that it's the player's League, okay. Yanis is going to have a choice of where he is traded to whether, whether he whether they tell you he does or not, he's going to have a choice. What is his motivation? And where does he go?\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3032.0,"body":"Well, his motivations to win, right? Obviously, he has to get in there and win a championship in the next two to three years. Otherwise we're looking at like the murmurings of like, you know, you remember LeBron? Your five, where it was just like, oh, let's see. If you get get it done. Like, like, it's like, you're looking at a guy like Yanis now, there was a lot of people saying he'd already have a ring by now. You know what I mean, when he came in, because it was like, Oh my God, look at his athleticism. Look at this. Look at that. There was some really good on paper signs. By the books then people get excited no matter who you put Yanis around, but for an actual situation that I think would work I really do like the Miami trade for him because I think that Jimmy Butler will bring out the best he honest like because I think they're both competitors. Yeah. And I really need to go to the team that beat you in the previous playoffs. It's okay to go to the team to beat you in the previous playoffs unless you're Kevin Duran and I already think that's what\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3091.0,"body":"that's an extra team in there. Joe, I want to throw in there and this might make Dave upset but it's okay. Um, I think that he may look to go to Toronto. That could be an outside team. Um, I heard I heard that\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3109.0,"body":"that was made me so upset. I know.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3117.0,"body":"No, but I think that um,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3120.0,"body":"thought of that that's\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3121.0,"body":"Masayo Jerry so I think that and we've already seen Jerry pull the trigger on getting a superstar so I think he would get whatever he needs to do so if we had to sign a trade like you bought a van fleet and I would like boo save for for Janice I think they'd be at picks\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3139.0,"body":"you need to throw some pics in there too. I don't know what their what their draft stocks looking like but you got\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3143.0,"body":"me whatever picks a one yeah, so don't be surprised if goddesses in Toronto um,\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3149.0,"body":"wow. That's Yes, I'm gonna I'm gonna have nightmares about that.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3152.0,"body":"Miami Golden State Dallas are the teams that I think\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3156.0,"body":"yeah, that that was a treatment too, but I just don't i don't see who Dallas has the assets to give up like, are you gonna give up to give me Chris\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3165.0,"body":"stops because he's so\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3170.0,"body":"healthy. Yeah. So we'll see. We'll see. We'll see what happens.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3174.0,"body":"I didn't even think of that. To be honest. I think that's actually probably the most intriguing one. Cuz I don't even everyone else. They would look for y'all to sign extension. We already know Toronto don't give a damn about an extension. They will trade for you if they think that you can get them a championship this year,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3192.0,"body":"but who they put around them because Lowery's contract is up this year. It's it's done.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3197.0,"body":"I read sign, he'd be one of those guys that he will come back for. If you knew the honest isn't there. Yeah,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3203.0,"body":"yeah. Do you pay him $33 million a year to come back though?\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3209.0,"body":"No.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3213.0,"body":"No, not now. Not now. Not at 34 No, hell no, hell no. No, he should get maybe like another two year deal for like, for like, I'll say like 44 mil, so by 22 a year. I think that's I think that's feasible for a guy that what he's done in his career. His\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3228.0,"body":"last contract was three years 100 million dollars.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3230.0,"body":"Yeah, so I'll give him two years 44 mil that's 22 million a season. And we just leave it at\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3235.0,"body":"that note but not reserve some money for free. Honest when he gets\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3240.0,"body":"They know what their cap situation looks like but I think that their front office's real smart and I think that they could figure it out depends on the conversion rate you put a couple of one year like veteran minimum minimum guys in there around them to like some gems that you can go find in the offseason that we don't even know is like around contract years yet and then a gym and guys sky's the limit. You know, Celtics are the best at that like, well, a guy come out of nowhere. You'd be like, Oh, he's still in the NBA. Oh, he places the Celtics now. Okay, great.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3266.0,"body":"So PJ AJ Brown.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3268.0,"body":"Downtown PJ Brown. All right.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3271.0,"body":"Who wins the Celtics eat series?\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3273.0,"body":"Celtics. So there's a sense,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3276.0,"body":"five. I like six. I say six. Se and seven. Can I give one take on that? I don't think this year is a failure if they lose the heat and a gut wrenching seven game series. I don't know. I don't think so. It's no because because I just think that that, listen, coming into this. I didn't think the Celtics were gonna have a chance to Right now, this could have a chance to go to the finals. I did not see that coming. So to me, I thought they were already one piece away. So if if they lose, and they show heart and they do what they can do, and they happen to lose and seven to do a very good heat team as Mike put it, I don't think that's a failure. I think that that shows that they have it. I think they have that championship quality. And and I don't think that would be\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3329.0,"body":"a championship quality when you haven't won a frickin championship. Right in order for them to have all the perseverance of championship qualities that you said they do. They have to get to a champion Oklahoma City\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3342.0,"body":"quality of play, so\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3342.0,"body":"if they lose in the championship, then that's okay. What so if they lose in the championship?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3351.0,"body":"If they're getting incrementally better, like would you just not Would you rather not go to this like to the to the NBA.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3357.0,"body":"I think what you guys are trying to say is you can't let the DNA of this Particular squad continue to be go to game seven of Eastern Conference Finals go home you know, we have to win one of these games we have to show the world that we can do it I do think that they're going to be able to I hope it doesn't even go to seven but if we just smash the heat great but like\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3375.0,"body":"it does the question Mike, who is on who is Duncan Robinson Intel aerogarden\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3382.0,"body":"Listen, I don't want I don't really know why. Here's no here's here's here's the truth. I don't know why I think the heater tough for us. I just have just like a gut feeling that tells me they're gonna play us gradient tough and they're going to push the seven. Now I think we can beat them. I would have much rather played Milwaukee. Hands down Yanis doesn't scare me because if you just lay\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3405.0,"body":"also wasn't healthy,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3406.0,"body":"like Yeah, but yeah, but if you just let him beat you, he can't do it alone. They wouldn't have to just focus on anybody else.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3413.0,"body":"bottlers not alone. You just mentioned you guys and Who are they? No,\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3416.0,"body":"no, no, I was saying defensively who's like Who are they? guarding because now those guys can shoot but you still got to defend this it's two ways it's got to be a two way player so Decker Robison can hold Jalen brown we can we\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3430.0,"body":"can guard Can we just agree that why he can't guard him? Don't lie to me so we're gonna be in trouble if Kevin has another five point game we're gonna be in real trouble.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3439.0,"body":"Oh yeah, absolutely but going green jars can garden shanga Garden he did listen I'm putting this on you said this right now and we there's no way kemba Walker will have a five point game there's there's no way\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3450.0,"body":"he's gonna crush those guards. He's so\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3452.0,"body":"much faster\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3454.0,"body":"than those guys.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3455.0,"body":"No way. No way. He has a five point game. I mean, I hope you're I\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3457.0,"body":"hope you're right. I really do\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3459.0,"body":"is give me the canvas series personally. Like\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3462.0,"body":"it has to be Dave it has to be because one cuz he owes us and I've been saying that. Like I'm just saying he owes us okay. So, you know, we can't say oh, you know, Connie. Yeah, that's great. Just this is not 20\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3480.0,"body":"That goes back to the fact that and this is the last thing we're going to say on the NBA because we are going to move on. But I think that goes back to the team that Brad has assembled where kemba doesn't need to be that guy. He's kemba is not that guy just because he's making that guy money. He doesn't need to be that guy. Because you have brown, you have Tatum, you have smart. So what do you I think you're in trouble if kemba has a five point game against this team, but he can you can afford for kemba to slip in a game and still win the series.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3515.0,"body":"I know. I don't know. I don't know if that's true, man. Because like the thing that started to really hurt us in the Toronto series is that you give up the bad with the Google camera cameras undersized and like defensively we're solid team but if you're gonna go with anybody on the on the floor, as we saw in the Toronto series, it's gonna be kemba Walker, you give that up because he produces on the offensive end. He's got an incredible pull up jump shot, which is really, really hard to defend. He's got a big Look at potential, like he scores at the right time when he's like playing his best. And he just wasn't doing that again, against Toronto like I agree with Ray, I think he needs to lock in in this next series because he didn't perform up to up to par in that last one. I'm just\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3551.0,"body":"happy that Dave and Ray are able to agree on something. segment. So, we're, I'm gonna, I'm gonna host the EFF out of this one, and we're gonna switch gears even though we're all fired up about the NBA, and we're gonna get excited for the next point. But while we switch to our two, don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Follow us comment, subscribe, wherever you find your podcasts, Spotify, Apple, Google, that's the one I listened to my pack podcasts on. You think I would know that one. So make sure you subscribe to the channel and listen to our predictions. from last week, the AFC and NFC NFL Record predictions, which have already turned pretty interesting. in week one, I think. Today we had actual football. They did it for real after the chiefs and Texans did it on Thursday night, which guys, that was one of and I think it's partly because we've all been locked in our houses for six months. For the most part. That was one of the best Thursday Night Football games I've ever watched. The game overall was a blast. Patrick mahomes is the real deal. And that team is wild. And the score was a lot further apart than it ended. I think the Texans are a good team, but I don't think they were ready. And I think that's where preseason comes into this and that'll show when we get into these other games. But then we come into Sunday, and as Bobby said he The first thing he woke up and said to his significant other this morning was what Bobby is Football offseason. It's football season. And it certainly was. And we'll start with the New England Patriots because guys, we have a quarterback in New England after losing a quarterback in New England. Not that we didn't think we would we thought Jared Stidham who was actually inactive today, not on the 46 man, active roster, which I think was okay. I don't I don't think that that was necessary, necessarily a sign or a bad thing. But Cam Newton had an absolute day today. And I mean, he only threw for 155 yards, didn't have a touchdown. But he ran for 75 and had two touchdowns on 15 attempts. So for the four of us who and everybody can comment on this but the four of us who are patriots fans, the Patriots win 21 to 11 to the dolphins, it didn't feel like it was ever out of hand I from the start. I thought this was going to be handled well. And they want to know with Jim Newton under center we just\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3716.0,"body":"let me just take you patriots fans real quick back a few weeks. When we started this fun journey of doing the two hour live show and you guys are all desperately desperately talking yourselves into Jared said I'm having a great season for that I have never seen I haven't seen people lie to themselves that hard in a long line\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3739.0,"body":"before camera sign or after four\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3741.0,"body":"cameras sign very first very very first show.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3744.0,"body":"Well I thought it was I still think he was gonna be good I thought it was gonna have a good season but I just\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3748.0,"body":"want you to I want you to I want you to just realize now that like the only chance you guys have had would have had to do anything is signing a guy like Cam Newton garretson it was not gonna take anywhere.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3759.0,"body":"It's it's a good thing that Bill Belichick is the head coach and general manager of the New England Patriots and that he signed But no, you're right. We I mean have faith that he's gonna sign a guy or have faith in the guy that he drafted and was there it was said multiple times that stadium was not ready and that came out of patriots camp that he was not\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3777.0,"body":"wasn't gonna try and win with him. He was never gonna To try and win with him, I agree with so you know, it's it's just that's like, I know it wasn't as obvious at the time but what my my overall point is looking back it seems more obvious now doesn't it that he was never really going to try and win with Jared sitting at noon, we have to do whatever we\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3794.0,"body":"have to do to get ourselves fired up for the season. You do it every year you you appreciate what's true. This like, this is what shoes it's gonna be like that's\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":3802.0,"body":"what I'm gonna try. That's what I'm trying to get.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3804.0,"body":"We all lie to ourselves a sports but I also think like the the narrative that the Patriots are like, so smart to go get them like he was there for a million dollars if they didn't really, really want him at the beginning. I mean, there were conversations the whole time. I think that was I think I think there was talks but I will say like, he was efficient, like and like he he was very efficient. 15 of 19 for 155 15 carries 75 yards and two touchdowns. If you can do that, and you can hold the opposing team to less than, you know, 14 points. This is a dangerous team.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3838.0,"body":"Yeah, this goes back to what What we've said about the difference between Cam Newton now and Tom Brady right now, right? The the the predecessor and the successor is that Tom Brady was was out on his own. He wanted to call his plays, he wanted his offense. And he knew that he could afford to not take plays off. And I don't want people to think that that's where I'm going. He could afford to get to the point where he was making decisions on the field that would put him in positions where he could call the plays and run his offense. Where cam is at the point where he's like, Man, I'm 31. I just got roasted in a team from a team like they completely overhauled my last team with the exception of Christian McCaffrey, which he had a day and I need somewhere to play and he came into this kind of system and he was always a Ron Rivera guy, right? Like people have this misconceived notion of Cam Newton. And since the day he signed and I sent it to you guys, I've sent it to him. Everybody, I love this signing, because he is a coachable player. He is a team guy. And he's going to do the job that is asked of him and Mike you speak of efficiency.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3913.0,"body":"But one thing that should, should like kind of not scare you, but it's a little alarming, right, like in the first half, you know, when they wanted to run that run pass option they did, they did a really good job until the dolphins stacked 11 on the line. And cam didn't check out check out of it. So like he needs to make those adjustments moving forward. And I think I think there's no preseason game games this year. Like that's just an adjustment that he will make. But I was saying like if I mean there's they're putting everyone on the line and he's still gonna just run the show up the middle. But then the second half they use they utilize play action more, and the standard play action play. He's He's phenomenal at that. Like you just don't know what he's gonna do. And his arm his arms is great and his legs. I mean everything that we that that we thought would be The best case scenario came to fruition today with Cam\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3962.0,"body":"Newton. I feel like a lot of that has to come. It will come with familiarity with the offense checking out of plays, knowing exactly where to go things like that.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3971.0,"body":"He wasn't a big audible and checked down guy in Carolina anyway. But that wasn't his style. He went with what was told of him, and that's where Brady was so good, where Brady would have an offense, an offensive plan given to him by McDaniels. And then throughout the game, he would know he would study he would understand the defense and be able to check to what he believed would work better. And Mike I agree with you i think that there was points today where cam had trouble with that. No preseason isn't going to help that and I think that cam has to be more familiar with the system and the defenses because cam cams a different quarterback. I mean Brady has to understand the office to succeed because he's gonna get killed. Where cam doesn't necessarily Yeah, understand the defense. We're cam doesn't necessarily have to undersell And the opposing defense because he can make the plays with his feet. If and when he needs to. He's really with the run pass option. He's really only reading two or three players a play, right? Yeah. So when when you get into a passing style offense, which he will have to do eventually, you said the through 19 times they completed 15 of them should have completed 17 things Julian Edelman, but he he got to a point where he really understood that second half was fun to watch. The whole game was fun to watch but\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4052.0,"body":"unlike he should have had more passing yards and maybe even a touchdown, you know, because of N'Keal Harry, but I'd be really interested to hear like your take on this Rayshawn, because like when I was coming into this, this game, I'm like, Okay, I think a reasonable expectation is the first two games Cam just can't lose you one. Right? He doesn't. He doesn't necessarily need to be like the person that blows you and wins the game for you. But I think after only being here for five weeks, I think you know, the first two weeks Just Just be comfortable in the offense and don't make too many mistakes. He far exceeded my expectation, say because of how efficient he was.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":4088.0,"body":"Yeah, I mean, st the same here, you know, I was I was excited to see how well he played. And I just kept thinking to myself, well, if he's going to keep doing this or play close to this, they could easily win 10-11 maybe even 12 games at the most right. I'm at the defense is going to play the way they play to. You know, I was really nervous about the defenses of my man, you know, we lost Chung last Hightower for some other guys that opted out, but the defense was great. And it seems like we're going to have a top 10 rushing attack this year. And which is not something that we've always had New England, maybe if ever under the last regime. So I just think well maybe thought of so as before, but hopefully that's the case where we have a more balanced attack and I said like you said, Mike, you play action. Look for nothing. Until today, and I think what happened was I know he said he has to check out that play where they have 10 in the box but I think what happens with cam and it happens because he's such a phenomenal athlete is just he just thinks like, okay, it doesn't matter what defense right I can make the play. I can make the play so and pitching fans that listen to this, this is not a knock on Brady. This is not a knock because I said we all love We all love Brady. It was pleased that happened today that Brady would not have done\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4169.0,"body":"that absolutely agreed one\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":4172.0,"body":"time. The main one being the 11 yard touchdown, a bootleg Brady might have got a yard or two maybe before getting cracked, like he saw he sold the fake runs out, you know, runs over to defender in store. So it's like there's gonna be plays in seated here that we've never been accustomed to seeing under in the last 20 years. And as a patriot fan, I'm excited and as fellow patriot fans that listen to this, you should be excited to Yeah,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4198.0,"body":"I think that's the biggest thing I took away. From this is how much the Patriots that cater that offense to Cam Newton and how much Josh McDaniels you can tell is enjoying having a mobile quarterback at quarterback. Because you're exactly right rayshawn with the lack of playmakers on this offense with with the lack of names, wide receivers, running backs all these things. Cam Newton is their best chance at having a successful season. And I think Josh McDaniels is the perfect coordinator for him. I think you're gonna see a big rushing season out of the New England Patriots this year. I think it's going to be on the same level as those top five. I know this is a weak one overreaction, and you know, surprise, surprise, but I think they're going to have a top five rushing attack in the league. I really do. I think I think Cam Newton is gonna be awesome this year.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4251.0,"body":"And I just it's just it's just that like, you know, you just said it. This is a week one overreaction. It was a decent guy.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4262.0,"body":"I think the one thing that you can take away that everyone can be surprised at, I mean, isn't a defensive performance. I nobody expected that especially with chum Hightower opting out. I mean, they were missing a lot. I mean that that linebacking core. I don't know any of those. Those guys first names offhand, right. Is Chase.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4279.0,"body":"I mean, I mean, I mean, with that said, it was against the ryan Fitzpatrick wed dolphins. Wide receiver.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4291.0,"body":"Hang on a second.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4294.0,"body":"Parker. Yeah, he's\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4295.0,"body":"like the slot.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":4296.0,"body":"This is the same team that came into knowing that we've 17 and beat us with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the quarterback. And as a matter of fact they actually even though in his show it but the team actually did get a little bit better on defense and who they brought in there. So let's not make it seem like oh, no, I don't know\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4313.0,"body":"if it's a good argument to say like, but they've also beat us before that. Doesn't\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":4319.0,"body":"say Hear like, because usually they don't use it.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4322.0,"body":"More of a damning indictment on the Patriots both times. That's not a good team in Miami.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4328.0,"body":"Yeah. But I think what they tried to say is they came in here last year and beat us with all the all the core defensive people that were there when everyone else was right. Exactly.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4337.0,"body":"There's no question that there's no question that cam added some dynamism to it and offense, it was crying out to be dynamic, the way that Josh McDaniels calls plays. He's wanted a guy like this for you know, as long as you can remember. And you saw in the playoffs last year, they're just so desperate to find something to do like offensively. It was just there was some clever plays and stuff, but it was like, like, they're really searching here. And like, Yeah, can even add some dynamism. I agree. But again, we just like, let's just like, take a breath. It could be\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":4365.0,"body":"okay, we beat Tennessee with Cam Newton last year.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":4369.0,"body":"I agree. Tennessee.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4370.0,"body":"Yeah, you're in a different situation with Cam Newton.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4373.0,"body":"But you still get waxed by the chiefs. And by the way, but the the thing that happens on Thursday is we realize there's no one narratives the NFL this year because the Chiefs can still still score will you know what I mean? So it's just like, I don't think that Houston teams bad either. I just think their defense is made to look bad because they can see chiefs can score whenever they want.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4393.0,"body":"So I think what points to McDaniels having the desire to have athletic quarterback is how many damn times you tried to throw the ball to Tom Brady and his career, and I call it this year. There will be at one there was almost today, at least one deep on the Cam Newton this year. It's happening. He's catching a ball and he's taken it for a touchdown. There was almost one guy in for that\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4414.0,"body":"it was it was actually almost a throwback. He tossed to the James White today's white side and white got caught up and I went he wanted I said it out loud. I said he wants to throw that back and he didn't have the opportunity to what I think he's still turned it into a two yard game. Even though he was he was pretty much beat up in the backfield. Bobby i i disagree with your take on McDaniel's not not buddy. Sorry, not with McDonald's. The offense the offense doesn't have the playmakers I think, and again, as rayshawn said, this is not a knock on Tom Brady. I think he was waiting for this because they built that offense to be dynamic. They built that offense with guys that can make those plays. I mean, James White can make the plays that he's going to make this season he's always been able to do that. Julian Edelman besides dropping that pass in the first draft is going to make the plays even in his mid 30s. The Josh McDaniels wants him to he's going to be able to make different plays at wide receiver that he's never made his career. And Tom Brady really made him the wide receiver he was, I just think that this team was already built that way. And Cam Newton is a good I don't want to say that he's a good addition to an already dynamic offense. I think he allows this offense to reach its dynamic potential. And it is only week one Dave, and you're right. Like we don't, we don't want to say well, it's week one they beat the dolphins. I think that the reaction to this game is more valid. This is Here's your heartache. This reaction to this game is more valid if they have a four game preseason, because if they had a four game preseason and Cam Newton was able to get on that offense. Brian Hoyer was able to get in on that offense in a few games, Jared Stidham whoever else guys that were whether they opted out or not offensively defensively, if they have four games, that's that final score is is 35 to 14 like that. They run all over Miami that games done that field today in Foxborough felt like Bill Belichick had a handle on everything he was doing. And that was preseason game number one preseason game number four, all wrapped into one. And that's what it meant to him and he and he. I mean\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4552.0,"body":"what I also think at the end of the day, anyone can just look at that team and say it doesn't matter if you play 16 preseason games. It's still the dolphins until they come up. And actually win that division or make the playoffs again and make a run. They're just they're just the dolphins but that deer division was interesting to watch today because if if that if the games hadn't been switched over and you guys had to pay the bills today, I would be curious to see how that game would have gone because I think if you're if I'm a New England Patriots fan, which are very much not but if I am I'm worried divisionally after performance like this I you can overreact the other way. But like the bills have set up to beat the Patriots all of a sudden, you know what I mean? Like if you want to talk about a dynamic offense, like Josh Allen was in there, like absolutely doing his thing that he could be a TV machine this season. I always got a hold on.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":4596.0,"body":"It's weird because me and Craig definitely said that on the AFC show. Oh, they picked the Buffalo Bills. bills. So six of those as NSW podcast.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4608.0,"body":"I had already drafted him before that, though. So obviously, the original the origin of the take is mine. They're like, they're like, oh, Dave drafted, RJ drafted Alan, we should look into that guy. Yeah, dance dance. Got some good tanks. Let's look into it. Let's look at an alley might be a TD machine. Now you guys did totally say that and you're totally 100% sure that to be true. They look great.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4627.0,"body":"Yeah, final point on this patriots game. I agree that if it was switched and we played Buffalo, that it would have been a little more of a dogfight and it wouldn't have felt as comfortable as it did. Maybe that is a reason why cragun rayshawn pick the bills to win the East which I can see the two but don't necessarily believe. But it's definitely going to be interesting against the bills and if you haven't listened to episode five or six of the SMS w podcast, wherever you can find your podcasts, Apple, Google and Spotify I always forget one for some reason I can't number three, you can go to stitcher to that's the fourth one. Anywhere you get your podcasts listen to episode five and six. But after you listen to two End of Episode Seven, which we're doing now live on Facebook and for your listening pleasure afterwards. So we move on from The Patriots game into a very, very interesting NFL here today, guys. This was so much fun. This was so much fun to watch. I it's almost like the the no preseason made things more interesting today. Before we get to all the other games. I just want to talk about Dave's Chicago Bears. Mitch Trubisky actually looked like a quarterback today. Dude was on one quarter. Yeah, but that's okay. 42 three touchdowns.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4628.0,"body":"Yeah, I think what I liked about them today is that they had a chance to give up they totally had a chance to quit when they went down like the third score and Cleo max stepped up and started to actually be a vocal leader, which is, you know, it's not like he's a great leader. As far as you know, there's two kinds of leaders right, the guys are showing the guys who shout and I think that Khalil Mack always did did stuff with his game that spoke to the defense, but I think today he got him fired back up after that last score and he came out in The defense came out and they made the biggest play of the game Really? I mean, that if that turnover doesn't happen and we don't have we don't give Mitch all that time all like with timeouts on the clock to go and do what he does, like that's huge but then to see like you guys are talking about preseason right like that it was exactly how I was thinking about Rybicki it's like the things that are going wrong is he's a couple of feet left couple feet right with some throws. He's got some he's got definitely got some play calling issues, but like, those were always his issues. So you're like, is this because it's early? We didn't really have a preseason or is Mitch just the same old Mitch but he made he drops in times today, man, you know, and he's got our like I said on the on the Thursday show, like he's got a good receiving Corps. Like he's got guys they can catch the ball and they were dropping, dropping as fast as in the first half, two. So yes, there's a reason why he's starting. It's not a pride thing. He obviously one of the key battlefields is helping them out. And you know, he just he came with a lot of a lot of great today in that first fourth quarter. So and you know, I know the lions are your team Mike, but Dan Do they like to Blow a lead.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4801.0,"body":"How does swift not catch that ball? I mean, rookie mistake,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4806.0,"body":"rookie. Yeah, he didn't. He was watching the endzone before he pulled it in. Yeah, he was he was he was planning his game winning celebration before he got the\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4814.0,"body":"ball just just know like how he caught that ball. I know he didn't do it, you're gonna say that like this conversation would be very different about the bear. I wouldn't\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4822.0,"body":"I wouldn't be on the show today.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4825.0,"body":"I don't know if it would be too different. Because I mean, Mitch trubisky throws those three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. I mean, they're down 23 to six going into the fourth quarter. And trubisky comes in and throws three touchdowns before that play. So there's still there's still a conversation there. But it may not be as happy and Dave may not be on the show. Because he is a rookie.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4844.0,"body":"You're right. You're right though, like he made like Mitch sherbets. He still came in and made the plays. The worst thing that could happen to the bears today was that that was the narrative and that's what it was looking like. Because he was he was throwing these like, he just he wasn't confident in his passes today. And that's like that's the thing and like once you became confident as fast as he look like a legit threat like dynamic threat he's also elusive as hell to like there's things I've always liked about him as a quarterback, but then he didn't throw any interceptions. Like that's the thing like he was efficient in throwing interceptions, like he he didn't put it any crate because like Stafford had that third quarter when he came in. He just was like, you know, the commentators are like, Oh, this is what an NFL QB looks like. Matthew Stafford like it's still Matthew Stafford he's gonna stop being able to do this, like eight minutes. But then like, you know, Mitch came through he came through what are you gonna do? I'd rather Mitch get good. Then Nick foles come in and do good because Mitch is like, young and he's like, could be the franchise guy. You know what I mean? So it's like, sky's the limit? Well, I think that's the biggest thing when it comes to Mitch is that confidence when when he gets going, he's he looks good. But when he's bad, he couldn't be worse. And that's why decaf especially during that first half\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4910.0,"body":"was like Tony Allen remember Tony Allen right? I'll Trick or Treat sugar. That's exactly what it is. And and I thought I honestly thought their best chance was pulling trubisky and putting falls in I didn't think they had a chance with trubisky to come back just because of the type of quarterback he is. But man did he proved me wrong that that that fourth quarter was something else that touchdown the grand touchdown the Miller awesome\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4935.0,"body":"Anthony Miller was insane broadcast see that pitching catch was ridiculous. So that that's gonna actually unfortunately do it for our Chicago Bears.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4947.0,"body":"That was Wait, can I just point out here that the Detroit Lions are absolutely the worst coach football team in the NFL\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4954.0,"body":"we're on the same team.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4957.0,"body":"There's two different reasons why a they blew that lead second. There is no other team in the league that I would ever picture seeing their star linebacker headbutt a referee. Beside that's the only team that would happen to you knew they're gonna blow it up or\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":4976.0,"body":"they're gonna blow it right then\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4977.0,"body":"what was that? What was the psychology by Find that.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4983.0,"body":"But that's the thing is like, what did you?\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":4986.0,"body":"You don't need to show it that way.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4987.0,"body":"Yeah. Outcome being what do you really think the roof was gonna be like, Oh, you know what? You just put your helmet into my gut. I totally understand what you were talking about\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4998.0,"body":"like was it it was it wasn't a great look. But I\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5000.0,"body":"understand that was a show. That was what I knew we had a chance. I was like, Whoa, it really started shooting themselves in the foot right here like we might actually I don't\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5008.0,"body":"want to say getting but I've never seen that before I NFL game.\n\nI sent it to you guys before the show. And Bobby responded where you know, I said that there's one or two things that happen here. He was either trying to show the official what the offensive lineman did to him, or he was upset about something and realize how upset he was and stopped himself. And I don't think Jamie Collins is that kind of guy because we've seen him in so many places and in New England for so long. But that that was just a bad life decision during that game. And the funny part about it is I think it was Montgomery him with his helmet. Montgomery's like the shortest guy on the field. And I think that he lowered his helmet. And like he hit hit like he hit him running through, right. And he was and then they called a penalty, I think, right? And he was like, Oh, no, like Montgomery lowered his helmet. So but he's like, short, so then this happened. And then he was trying to show it to him, but it's like, first you let the smallest dude in the field hit you. Like, then you get kicked out of the game. It's more visual than it is football.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5067.0,"body":"I'll tell you I'll tell you something. That's 100% true, Matt. Patricia is a bad coach Bobby's right. If that was Bill Belichick if that guy was the best player on the defense of the Patriots, he would never see the field again.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5077.0,"body":"Even if he wasn't ejected even if he wasn't injected he wouldn't do the rest of the day. That's our\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5084.0,"body":"that's our division winners. Like you can't do this. So you have to you have to all ours.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5090.0,"body":"They win that game today if their head coach isn't Matt Patricia, go on to the rest of the league. We're\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5097.0,"body":"out here I think Steve Mariucci blows that game to just to just put that in perspective\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5100.0,"body":"of Steve Mariucci without the ryan to the deal in Detroit because Matt Millen was his general manager and Matt Millen is one of the worst general managers that ever generally managed in the NFL.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5110.0,"body":"Also, Jason Garrett also is that game because he just claps on the downswing I disagree a great job guys. Great job. Good job. disagree. I\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5117.0,"body":"think I think Jason Garrett pulls that off.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5121.0,"body":"Yeah, I do. I didn't watch Jason Garrett cuz\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5124.0,"body":"I didn't watch him when we talked about Tampa Bay now.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":5128.0,"body":"July what happened to one of the\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5129.0,"body":"blocks or do we want to go to the Tampa game? Let's go to the Tampa game. So in Tampa Bay right now to see the New Orleans Saints lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 34 to 17. Tom Brady has two interceptions. So Tom Brady is 18 of 31 from 187. a touchdown and two interceptions.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5148.0,"body":"He just he just I don't know what happens but my stats, he's 21 to 34, four to 28. One to One passing touchdown, two picks and one rushing touchdown. It's So like just just think about the fact that that's that's not like a tom brady styling that we're used to saying right because now he just feels compelled to go down there. He has all these weapons and just throw and I don't think he's gonna throw it for 30 interceptions this year but it's gonna be like 15\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5177.0,"body":"I still I almost think he has too many weapons Mike and I'm gonna tell you why. So, Miller has five receptions for 73 yards, Godwin five receptions seven yards. oj Howard has four for 36 and a touchdown. Ronald Jones two for 16 for net one for 14 gronkowski two 411. Watson 146 McCoy 142 and Cameron braids been targeted ones Mike Evans has been targeted three times who we thought was going to be out this week. So when you look at a patriot statline or when a tom brady statline when he was in New England, there's what maybe four guys five guys listed there, which was what it was today with Cam Newton so nothing's changed in New England. Too many Weapons too many options too many mistakes to be any just throw a touchdown pass to Mike Evans. Yeah, well\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5227.0,"body":"wait, this isn't a week that you guys can really react to what's going on with Tom Brady though like more than any other game in week one because like I said on the NFC prediction podcast like he's coming up against the, the team whose division it's been for the past I don't know how long like 10 years like longer like Drew Brees is the man in that division. You know what I mean? Like they were always going to come out and do this to the Bucs. The Bucs aren't as haven't been a unit for as long like we went through all this stuff on the on the prediction show because I actually still do maintain that the Bucs are gonna have a better record than the saints by one game one or two games, but I think that they're going to have two losses that are both from the saints because I think the saints and Drew Brees have that cohesion that core that's how Tom Brady is a quarterback you know what I mean? He needs to he needs to have connection plate like place connection with his players and what he was doing today was working out his targets, like like we were we've talked about for this entire Our podcast is like preseason preseason preseason the reason why it's not too many weapons he's gonna pick the four or five guys that he wants to throw to more often. The difference in New England is that bill already told cam what the four or five guys he was going to throw to we're gonna be right so that's that's I think that the switch and the difference and I think that Brady right now is like not really sweating this game like I think he he can manage himself through a season and I think he's just going like I just need to find out who's gonna make plays for me like who's gonna actually catch the ball who I like, you know, he needs to give himself a little bit of a mini preseason but once you see that next week the week after it's gonna be a different story.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5315.0,"body":"So it comes back to that right we got to be consistent because if we're going to be consistent with New England cam we got to be consistent with Tom and we can't just be all \"ohh ohh Tom's in Tampa we're not going to win anything\". We got to be consistent. So in for the sake of consistency and and reality and Dave kind of brought us back down to earth there. It is kind of tough to judge anybody except for as Mike said maybe the the Chiefs in looking at The Ravens statline today the Ravens as well. But looking at the Bucs you're absolutely right many preseason Tom's feeling it out. And it is just week one against the one of the toughest opponents they're going to face. So you do have to kind of give it back to them and granted they're they're now down 1141 left\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5359.0,"body":"of the two teams that you just mentioned like the the chiefs and the Ravens, like one of those is a paper champion. The other ones that actual champion. I think that Kansas City I mean, this is their league now for I don't know how long but this is they could they had the potential of winning, you know, three out of the next four, and then I guess great things mahomes is gonna be out of the league, but then, I mean, I don't think the home is gonna go anywhere, but I do think that there's gonna be a lot of time to figure it out. Brees has had all the same weapons for a long time so like you can't really judge the game. I will say though, Brandon seen coach, he looked in the same coach for a long time. He actually looks pretty good 23 or 36 years. 240 and two touchdowns two picks that's pretty good for your\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5402.0,"body":"for your first day and a rushing touchdown which I still stand by the fact that he knew that Cam Newton rushed one in New England and wanted to prove a point.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5409.0,"body":"I just think this is this is a team that like has never been on a tom brady team that's competitive before like, right these are all guys that have never seen this today. We've seen that like the slow mo shots of Brady just absolutely yelling and everybody today like it. This is like the this is the vetting. This is the greenbrae camp game, you know?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5427.0,"body":"Who do I not like who's going\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5429.0,"body":"on And who am I going cuz he wants it that's his thing. Like he wants to look him in the eye and see if they're like mad that they're getting yelled at or if they just want to win you know what I mean? Like that's I'm not even like a huge Tom Brady fan, but he's the greatest of all time. So like, that's come on guys. It's okay. Don't worry. I know he left but like,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5444.0,"body":"it's still the same dude. He is the same dude. And that's why in the in, in the the the game of consistency. We have to give him that and that's why maybe that's why gronk hasn't had a lot. You know, Gronk's trying to find his feet so it is week one in a preseason the season. And that's why the games have gone the way they did, whether it was in New England or in New Orleans.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5465.0,"body":"But I do think that continuity thing is something that we can't overlook when it comes to that no preseason, I think that's gonna be a big factor at the beginning of the season. There are interesting teams that are bad, though, which is very true. But normally you see week one of the NFL season and you see offenses struggling and you see very low scoring games. The one trend I noticed from that first, from the first set of games is that the teams that have been together for a long time, and the teams that didn't have to learn a new offense coming into the season, where the ones that were successful, you look at the chiefs, they put up over 30 points, the Seahawks put up over 30 points, the saints put up over 30 points, the Raiders put up over 30 points. The one consistency with every single one of those teams, is that fact that they didn't have to learn really anything coming into this season. They had to just get all back on the same page again, which would you Do when it's just teams not having that competition of the preseason, I think is going to be a struggle. For a lot of teams.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5528.0,"body":"The Saints are breaking out the gadget plays by the way, taysom Hill, just through a 38 yard pass to Alvin Kamara. So taysom Hill I do to the first play in the game. The first play of the game was a little swing pass out to him on the right side. You know, he has tightened\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5543.0,"body":"he has tight end eligibility and fantasy football does, he\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5546.0,"body":"does. So you mentioned some of the teams that have been together. We'll just run through some of these scores here because it was kind of a it was really just a fun week in the NFL. And we'll get to the Sunday and Monday night games at the end here, because those are three very intriguing games as well. From their other games today. The Seahawks, as Bobby mentioned, put up 38 points over the Falcons 38 to 25.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5572.0,"body":"Funny the funny the who's the passing leader for today, Bobby, do you know the fasting leader is for today? Right now as it stands Matt Ryan And you you were your honest case pretty hard\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":5583.0,"body":"now well\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5586.0,"body":"with that 450 yards and two touchdowns in an interception, Russell Wilson was more efficient with 300 and I also said\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5593.0,"body":"Russell Wilson was going to be good so I'm good. But yeah, but you\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5595.0,"body":"don't have to cover that because we all wrestle with Wally i think that that\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5599.0,"body":"just kind of goes further into that point though that Matty Ice ice has over weeding passer over 300 yards amazing. Guess what? don't mean anything. He's still lost. And his job\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5614.0,"body":"he went did his job. Where's guys that I mean?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5616.0,"body":"I'll also point out that you did say that the Seahawks are overrated and we're gonna I did say that I did say that I\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5622.0,"body":"which which is wrong because the Seahawks are a very good team and they've been hit play and if\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":5626.0,"body":"you don't make a touchdown,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5628.0,"body":"you get in for receptions, 95 yards and a touchdown. Julio Jones. Nine receptions for 157 looking like old Julio Todd Gurley. rushing in Tak with 14 attempts 56 yards and a touchdown. I don't know I don't think that Falcons team was as bad as we all thought they were going to be and I again I know it's week one consistency right but I still don't think they were they're as bad as we think they're going to be and another team that clearly isn't going to be as bad as we think they're gonna be. would be Las Vegas Raiders. I don't think they're I know they only won by four against a Panthers team that has Christian McCaffrey I thought Derek Carr looked really good today to 39 and a touchdown. Jacobs is is phenomenal. 25 attempts are clearly going to give him the ball a lot. I mean, I don't know if you just don't like to read it. I'm not a big fan of it. I think Mark Daniels is a clown.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5686.0,"body":"Bad teams. There's two bad teams playing each other. Yeah, you guys have\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5689.0,"body":"to know what like a NATO I mean, I mean, that's I feel like that's that's where they're gonna finish. That's a respectable record for them.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5695.0,"body":"Sure, but I just I just don't think what, in my mind, I guess it's made me me calling out Derek Carr as hard as I did during episode six. Yeah, is that I don't think he played as bad today as I projected he would play and again week one, but so a couple other games the Packers beat the Vikings today 43 to 34 the Packers should have won those more handily. A lot of the lot of the scores that the Vikings had they scored 24 points in the fourth quarter. But Aaron Rodgers and Mike you mentioned it earlier that Aaron Rodgers just looked\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5731.0,"body":"I was so wrong. I mean, as a weak one I was so wrong I was like well, they're not gonna let him throw as long as they're gonna try to manage is everything and then he just comes out and just has me Yeah, but you were right.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5741.0,"body":"No, no, no, no, no, we're not calling this yet. We're not calling this argument yet because you also said and I also said that the Minnesota Vikings are not that good. So like it's it's you have to wait, you have to\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5753.0,"body":"drop 34 points with 24 points in the fourth quarter on a pretty good\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5756.0,"body":"I don't think either of them are that good and\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5758.0,"body":"also it's a divisional game. situationally correct. That's what\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5763.0,"body":"I mean, I know that we're on a show and we're trying to do expert picks and predictions, we have to just keep saying that. No, preseason ended divisional game like I think there's the worst possible season to start everybody playing with like individually because it's like those games are already weird. Like those games already have weird kind of like, you know, writing 30 doing that way\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5783.0,"body":"change the schedule around I think they're doing that in case something happens to the season,\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5787.0,"body":"probably and it's or it's like, they don't have to travel as much. I don't know like to start it off.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5791.0,"body":"Well. They don't have to travel as much if the Seahawks played in Carolina.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":5795.0,"body":"Yeah, that's true. Agents are real weird.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5798.0,"body":"So that Packers game we could probably go on about that one forever. But here here's a fun one because none of us held either one of these teams in high regard. The Eagles blowing 17 point lead for 17 point. First half lead to the Washington football team and so funny looking at them on any website and seeing football team next to the name but Washington scores 20 on answered in the second half while they scored 27 on answer but 20 in the second half to win 27 to 17. Carson Wentz 272 touchdowns two interceptions. The guy I was most impressed by in this game was Dwayne Haskins Jr. I, I thought he and again, week one, we can't just I understand the narrative there. But I was impressed with how he managed his team. And I I don't think he's a great quarterback. I don't think he's gonna last very long. But the way he treated his teammates today, the way he picked up his defense, and the way he performed offensively, that was kind of a complete team win for for Washington. I was impressed.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":5866.0,"body":"I don't know if you disagree with me here. rashanna but I don't think Dwayne Haskins is even a good quarterback. I don't think he's I don't think he'll ever be like what Mark Sanchez was I think that what happened today was the photo To show that they are still the Philadelphia Eagles, right? I mean, Carson Wentz is talented. He can throw the ball far and throw a lot. But they're they just don't really I mean aside from they beat us in the Super Bowl, I get it. They just don't know how to win and that guy doesn't know how to win.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":5896.0,"body":"I think he's okay. Like, I don't see him turning into like a perennial pro bowler. See, I don't see that but, but I think he can he be a game manager. Sure. But I mean we use that term so negatively, I think at times, but you know, game manager is not bad. Like if he could become the guy that does back game up, which is Alex Smith. That'd be fine. But that's part where\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5916.0,"body":"so so I just want to go off your thought. Right. The best thing for Dwayne Haskins is the fact that Ron Rivera is his head coach and hopefully again, he gets through what he needs to get through off the field. But that's the best thing for him because I think I think Gruden would have screwed him up if he stayed there any longer. And again, I think Alex Smith is the actual guy there and they're just letting him ease back into things. Dwayne Haskins may not be the guy there the whole time. He's okay. I agree with you Ray. I don't want to echo everything you said.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5946.0,"body":"I think Rivera. I do agree Smith is the guy. I think Rivera is letting Haskins have this chance with this regime before they do bench him because he didn't draft him. He doesn't want him there.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5959.0,"body":"He's he's another of a Cam Newton style guy. I don't think he's the same player at any on any level. He's not the same player. But he's enough of that style of player where it's similar to what he just left in Carolina. And it has some similarities there. But there's no way alex smith doesn't start for that team.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":5978.0,"body":"That was the most beautiful part of my whole day though, was saying the Philadelphia Eagles blow that big of a lead to the lowly Washington\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5985.0,"body":"but the thing about them is like that's gonna be their most embarrassing loss for this entire season the Eagles because like,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5991.0,"body":"the next time they play\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":5993.0,"body":"the Washington football team are not good. You know what I mean? Like the Eagles just like Mike said, they just blew it. You know?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":5998.0,"body":"Yeah. Another And surprised us all today. The Jacksonville Jaguars. I think they're winning despite their head coach and despite their ownership and I said that in the prediction show. I don't think they're gonna win a lot of games but today they beat the Indianapolis Colts they were trailing 1714 and a half scored. outscored the Colts 13 to three in the second half to win 2720 Philip Rivers tough first day I think that that can go back to no preseason with your receivers but I think he and t y Hilton got off on the right track. I think that that game though. naheem Heinz had a good game. I think if Marlin Mac doesn't blow out as achilleas which it looks like he could be done for the season, which is mind blowing to me, and really tough because I really like Marlin Mac. I've liked him since he came into the league but he gets blown out today and they hate Heinz comes in. Gardner Minshew. 173 three touchdowns, dudes, I mean everybody loves Gardner Minshew right.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":6061.0,"body":"I love me so that though 19 of 20 473 yards\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6066.0,"body":"was me some Gardner Minshew man, that guy, that guy, he does have it. I don't know if the Jaguars do i do think this was a great win for them. But man, I love me some Gardner Minshew I have since last year, first of all, best moustache in the NFL. And there's no doubt about that. Absolutely best mustache in the NFL. And you're gonna lead a team with the running James Robinson starting at running back. Your top wide receiver is keelan Cole and Luis Chanel, and you're gonna beat Philip Rivers ti Holden and Jonathan Taylor and the Colts like that. That to me, is just balls. He's just got he's got it, man. He's got it.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6106.0,"body":"He's, I love him too. Like he's such a cold hero. I really think that this team, whatever game they win, it's gonna be in spite of ownership. It's gonna be like the Cleveland Indians in Major League, because the players always want to win, right? But are they tanked For Trevor or they tanking to try and get the NFL to allow them to move to London Mexico City wherever the heck they want to go. Is that the narrative so for them to play this kind of game and that team is kind of like you said, Bobby a bunch of Misfit Toys they probably don't shouldn't succeed like they did today. But they did. So two of the other one o'clock games sorry one other because we touched on the bears in the lions, but the one of the other one o'clock games was the Ravens beating up the Browns 38 to six, the brown score in the first quarter and that's it. Lamar Jackson 275 three touchdowns. Hollywood Brown, five receptions hundred and one yards. I don't think the Browns looked awful here today, but they looked awful. And they were playing against as Mike would say the paper champions. Good win for the Ravens today.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":6173.0,"body":"Yeah, I mean, I just think that I think you're right Joe. The Browns did not look awful. They just looked outmatched, right I mean, we don't have Mr. Jackson go in 20 of 25 for 275 yards and three touchdowns. I mean, that for a guy who has been criticized for not being able to throw the man through\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6191.0,"body":"was one of his best throwing performances and\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6194.0,"body":"yeah, and I he reminds me of Vick but better. Lamar Jackson to me is if he can stay healthy he will he, him and mahomes for at least the next 10 years in AFC Championship game, eight out of 10 years I'll call that because because the way the way these two offenses worked, is they did not miss a beat. They came out exactly like they looked last year and and there was no difference between how electric the Chiefs looked and how electric the Ravens look\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6225.0,"body":"without a doubt and the Ravens added JK Dobbins which was just yeah, I mean, it almost makes Mark Ingram don't say useless but irrelevant. And that sucks cuz\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":6236.0,"body":"I come from a team with with with Kamera on it. He's He's used to being the the alternate, like physical running back to a guy that that an up and comer like I just don't know. And I know Rachel gets really mad when I call him the paper champions like I just tell him No. Like who do you focus on in the rushing attack is Lamar is it marking grammars of JK Dobbins?\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6257.0,"body":"Your need to focus anyone anyone like that's it's just it's so dynamic, you know, like the whole thing about I don't even think like Bobby was saying earlier about like you were reminding you of Vick I don't think that's a fair comparison. Vick couldn't throw the ball\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6269.0,"body":"at all.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6270.0,"body":"Yeah, like Lamar can throw the ball, you know, and he's more athletic, I think and Vic was and he can like, I think he's got a little bit better of a football mind. I think he's like 100% the real deal and like, you know, it's like Who do you focus on like death? That's the question that defense is. What do you focus on like, Damn, like they can move on us anytime they could stay, they could play. There's so much faster than most defenses. They could play a college offense. They basically do play a college offense because they that like it's a more effective offense. If you have the speed. It's the reason why College and the NFL looks so different is because everyone As fast as each other right so when you have like a ravens team where they're that quick in their backfield each back quarterback halfback fullback like they're playing old school kind of weirdly old school football because they're faster than everybody else. It's wild to watch.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":6314.0,"body":"Yeah, I don't want to turn it into the mic podcast but I mean we do forget that we are not witnessing the time like him when he got into the league so I'm not gonna go into it but I mean he was really good but I'll\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":6327.0,"body":"he was good at what he was good\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":6329.0,"body":"things he had a hell of a arm and he just wasn't accurate. But he also at all accurate he is he ended up anyways, he had a great arm but he just was accurate and you only had LG Crowne Plaza as a weapon so I mean, come on, but clearly they're on their waves another great season. And like they Dom it wasn't even like okay, they they kind of caught fire late. They dominate it from start to finish. And that's what's gonna happen most games I feel like what this room is team as long as the Mars healthy Like I said, getting Dobbins was a steal just like Edwards Hilaire was a steal for Kansas City. So it's just like it's amazing to me how those teams kind of stumbled upon great draft picks in that regard. So it is just the beginning like Bolton was gonna go on the roll. And I said he saw why today.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6377.0,"body":"So finishing finishing that thought on Vick Vick the reason why Vick was so popular as a player he was very good but he was also the first of its kind, in a lot of ways and that style right like mahomes can move if he wants to Jackson can move if he wants to. Josh Allen can move if he wants to. So quarterbacks after Vick, they got to the NFL became much more mobile and kind of went to that old style. Like you said, Dave, like quarterbacks back in the day could move regardless of a lot of times who they were. I mean, Terry Bradshaw could even roll out if he needed to. So I think that's what was great about Vick was we were in a time of Brady and Peyton Manning and all of a sudden you get this kid from Virginia Tech. They can move with his feet and throw a long ball on the run 60 yards. He didn't know where the hell it was going, but he can throw it. The final one.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6427.0,"body":"He was Yeah, absolutely. I can't argue he was fun but like he didn't do anything.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6432.0,"body":"So speaking of Josh Allen, the bills win today over the Jets. The Jets stink Adam gates shouldn't even be allowed off the plane when they get back to Newark. I think this jets team is awful and it's partly because I we I have an AFC East bias for the Patriots I think this jets team is terrible. And when you're leading rusher is Frank Gore who's 90 years old not that he's a bad bankers Frank Gore his corpse\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6461.0,"body":"that did exactly\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6463.0,"body":"the field. I I like Frank Gore right. I've always liked Frank Gore. levy on should be the guy there. Don't know what the heck's going on. Adam Gates is, should even be shouldn't even be allowed off the plane. And I wouldn't be surprised if we get a text message that he's gone by I hate to do this because we did this in the last podcast right? Or I did this where it was like, who's gonna be the first coach to go and I kind of drag you all down with me. But that's kind of the conversation we're looking at here because there's some bad head coaches in this league. Not that I could do the job any better. But there's some bad head coaches so the bills\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6496.0,"body":"better than Matt Patricia? fat.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":6499.0,"body":"That is our division.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6502.0,"body":"That is your division. That\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":6504.0,"body":"is your team.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6506.0,"body":"Bobby says hashtag not my coach.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6508.0,"body":"Yeah, thank you.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6510.0,"body":"The bills win 27-17 of the Jets today. Josh Allen has two passing touchdowns two rushing to a rushing touchdown in two fumbles, stefon Diggs, a receptions at six yards. We mentioned it in episode six of the SNSW podcast and we mentioned it earlier when we're talking about the Patriots team. This Bill's team is for real, they're going to be fun to watch. And it's also going to be\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":6532.0,"body":"you just literally took a you just dedicated all over the jet. You can't say that this win means that they're going to be for real.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6539.0,"body":"Yeah, but I I sent it I sent it in the show on on Tuesday, Thursday. And I just believe it. I'm not saying All right, let me backtrack. Let me let me let me step out of this one. This doesn't prove it to me that they're going to be the real deal, but I still think they are and I think this helped towards that end.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6557.0,"body":"I think the reason it shows there I'm not saying it being the gestures are the real deal ever. The reason that it does is because they took care of effing business when when a bad team came to town, there was never any doubt there was never anything that happened besides the bills were whooping their ass that was period I mean, that's that's what\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":6578.0,"body":"happened in that I got even like half half true though because the the build score 21 points in the in the first half. The jet scored 14 in the second like they only won by 10 it will get what's not a blowout. It wasn't\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6593.0,"body":"it was it kind of was because I feel like the bills just rolled in like smash them and then just I took their foot off the gas for like a minute you know, that's just had that game when I first\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6604.0,"body":"worked I mean if they pulled it off for an entire half and the Jets couldn't do anything when they have Sam darnold who's supposed to be phenomenal, phenomenal up and coming quarterback and they have one of the best running backs in the league right now and let me unveil and Frank Gore is leading the leading the team rushing\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6619.0,"body":"to the Steelers look right now not paying levy on bill pay for a running back.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":6625.0,"body":"saga. Yeah, I mean\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6627.0,"body":"that that whole thing with those two guys. Yeah, well, you don't pay any of those guys,\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6632.0,"body":"but it's a it's it's like you said Edwards Hilaire like dropping in the draft right like you can get a guy that nobody drafts running backs anymore top top 10 like when we were kids when we were kids like all the best running backs went the top 15 now nobody drafts running backs anymore so you can go get Edwards hilarious what pic was he like? 2829 30 so it's like yeah, so and then like look at look at how smart Pittsburgh was like they're well run organization. I know. They're your rivals whatever. But look at James Connor came in and had like\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6658.0,"body":"another very well run orange And they're one of the best in in the history of the NFL, right? That hurt that hurt payment for running backs forever. Because if the Steelers aren't gonna pay levy on Bell, you know what I mean? It's like it's just the way that stuff works now, but you're right. How smart do they look? So all four of the sorry all three of the four o'clock games have gone final. The Chargers pull it out against the bangles 1613 the Cardinals beat the 40 Niners 2420 the saints beat the Bucs 34 23 I think well the Chargers Bengals game is irrelevant to our conversations but the 49ers wait by the Cardinals is interesting.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6696.0,"body":"So before everyone jumps all over me for the 49 is just know if you remember who my sneaky pic of my entire the cardinal my entire record was and that's the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, I told you that. I don't think that's the case. I don't think that's the case at all. I think the Cardinals are good. I think they're really good and I think we're gonna see Adding a new team at the top of NFC with again week one overreactions? I love but that's\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6725.0,"body":"but that's the point I'll concede to you Bobby is that the Cardinals are better than they are. And the 40 Niners are just as good as we think. Because they still played a good game today and the guys that we expected to succeed for the 40 Niners did that, but just like we talked about in the Colts game, if George kittel doesn't go down late in that game, that probably turns out differently. So I mean, that game was pretty close. And then the saints buccaneers game. I'm with you guys. I think the Buccaneers are going to be good. But as Dave said, the saints are probably going to be their Achilles heel. And then we're not gonna have any time to get to the late games. But the Monday night games, the Steelers take on the giants in New York. The Titans take on the Broncos in Denver. I like both of those games. I've just like they're gonna be fun to watch because football and Bobby tonight you're a cowboys take on the Rams. Right That's I'm ready. I think it's gonna be a nice interesting game, the Cowboys take it.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6783.0,"body":"I agree. I think the Cowboys do take this game. I am a little nervous. Like I said, the trend here week one has been continuity. So I'm a little nervous with the new staff coming in and seeing what results come out onto the field. However, you know me, Mr. optimism, I'm ready 34 to 10 cowboys. So we're getting\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6803.0,"body":"into the show. So we hope you'll all stick around for one of our favorite segments of the live Sunday night sporttracks. It's been a staple on this show for years. Now with the state of the sizzle. I give you BK David Clark.\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":6819.0,"body":"Thank you. Thank you, Joe. Appreciate it. Well, boys, another great show coming hot off the heels of a great week in sports. The state of the sizzle is a little burnt out. I'd like to talk today about the experience of watching your team play. When you have a horse in a race. You have an emotional investment in the outcome of a game this weekend. Starting on Friday, I experienced enough emotional roller closer's that I'm starting to think the Six Flags Season Pass will be more cost effective than a one day ticket. It started on Friday with our beloved Boston Celtics playing the real BK Bob Kelly's beloved Toronto Raptors and I was very confident going into the series as you guys remember that we would sweep Toronto. I felt we were a shot. point five on the clock away from doing just that. But game sevens are always nerve racking even when you think you have the superior team. The Celtics left it late and went behind a few times but they got the job done. I was stressed out from minute one but the measurable relief I felt when we finally advanced the Eastern Conference Finals was a small kindness. Then Saturday morning came and I'm emotionally abused again by the tricky reds of Liverpool. One nil turns into one one to one turns into two two and three three. Not a lot of time left first game of the season. newly promoted side we don't want to drop points here. Okay, most solid penalty. We get it done for three again relief but relief is not happiness. Sunday, Sunday Sunday, Mitch trubisky and the Chicago Bears take the field and storm to a lackluster First quarter, bending and breaking defense down three scores. After an impassioned plea on our podcast this week for people to believe in Mitch trubisky. He's looking to confirm all downs until the heroic performance takes them to the W. I went three for three on my teams this weekend right away feel defeated and deflated. Those cubes took a lot out of me man. I wonder and have wondered, which type of win is better? Would you guys rather see the Pats cruise to a 34? Nothing victory over the dolphins today? Or would you rather have ridden D in arguably higher highs of a game like today the bears played the lions? Would you rather a blowout or a big time comeback? Well, for me in my youth, I could write those moments these days. It just gives me the agenda to our audience budding as it is growing every week. I beg you if you know, anyone that has any say over the app for mission professional sports teams. You can tell them if they want to just start getting the job done early. I'll still watch to the end. I can't handle the stress anymore. funny way to act about three wins though, right? It's still Give it a day and hopefully the anxiety will clear and I can appreciate it. Like I said at the start, I'm a little burnt out, the state of the sizzle could use a boring game. Thank you.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":6970.0,"body":"Thanks, Dave. rate as always, you're not wrong, but right now I need all the excitement I can get. So that is gonna do it for the Sunday night sports wrap up before we leave you. Let's go around the room. Let's have our final words. And let's start with Bob Kelly.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":6990.0,"body":"Final Word is we're back. Is that a fall season. And like I said in my posts earlier, it's time for us and the NFL to save 2021 Sunday at a time.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":7004.0,"body":"That's Mark Angelo.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":7005.0,"body":"I really don't know how to follow that I just the next time that we speak, the Celtics would have hopefully beat the heat in seven games. I'm amped up for that series and I'm just so pleased with how Cam Newton or the Patriots look so far.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":7020.0,"body":"David got anything else for final word?\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":7023.0,"body":"Well, we're going to talk on Tuesday. Now we have a podcast on Tuesday. So don't worry, Mike. It'll be fine a lot this week.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":7030.0,"body":"We don't run out because the live show goes this week so we don't do one for Thursday. Although yeah want to we can all talk on Tuesday night at\n"},{"speaker":"Dave Clarke ","startTime":7038.0,"body":"Craig. Craig Craig look stressed\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":7045.0,"body":"rayshawn over to you.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":7049.0,"body":"Just got to say to Superman, the new Superman is in the building, as you see on here on rockin New Jersey, about the Cam Newton threat is already so he was great today. It was good to see him start out have a great start. So the 2020 season, um, and as always, I will end every show with this until it happens. Our rest of the continent.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":7072.0,"body":"Mr. D'Alessandro.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":7073.0,"body":"So we're about a little over a month into this experience of ours. We're doing this podcast and we talked him doing this for what, four or five months trying to get this whole thing put together. And now we finally, finally,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":7090.0,"body":"through the foreseeable future, unless something bad happens have content to put out for you have content for the content to put out every single week, and makes me so happy. And also, if we do a podcast on Tuesday, I will quit the show.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":7104.0,"body":"So in that case, we're not doing one so hope you enjoyed the live show, guys, thank you. Yeah, you know, we went over 600 downloads. Dave, your your interview that you did with Hillary Rose is still killing it. So if you haven't listened to local Boston MMA fighter Hillary roses conversation with Dave Clark and Mike Mark Angelo, go to the SM SW podcast. Give it a download. Give it a listen. Cuz it's absolutely it's it's killer. They knocked it out of the park. Hillary is great. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Just Just follow her career. She's pretty fun from the Boston area. very down to earth person, great fighter and we'd love for you guys to hear that conversation. If you haven't listened to episodes five and six of the podcast yet, which are our NFC and AFC predictions for the NFL season, go over and get those as well. Wherever you listen to your podcasts. Those were fun ones to do. There's so many other podcasts that we've put out there already, the championship rewrap where we talk about the 2001 New England Patriots that was so much fun to record with you guys and even listen back to even though I hate listening to myself, but guys, I'm proud of all of us. You guys are doing a great job and we're this is this is fun. And I love doing this on a Sunday night in the middle of football season because Bobby like you said football is back. And you know guys today would have been one of those days where I would have been hustling out of my dad's truck asking Craig for a ride home at the at the end of the show 10 years ago. Today I told you guys beforehand that today was a little bit different. You know Nine o'clock in the morning, I'm usually on the way to Gillette Stadium, pulling into the parking lot up by seasonal homestore. Not a sponsor, and having a beer with my dad walking up to tailgate and then going into a football game. But I got to tell him today was a little bit different, sat on my couch, hung out with my dad, I had my one year old walking around, toddling around the living room trying to steal snacks from us all day. Very different experience. But regardless, it was while watching my favorite sport of football, and it's it to cap off my day to sit here with you guys and talk about it. It's just so much fun. And now I'm gonna go watch the Dallas Cowboys beat up on the LA Rams. And it's so funny I said, you guys before that I've never been so invested in the cowboys and the bears until we got back together like this. But that's fun to me because we share that common interest and I set it on the championship sports. The championship rewrap to share sports with people I'll share your experience of sports with people because it's a big part of everybody's lives and if you don't like sports, what are you listening to us for anyway? But if you do, you know share it with somebody because we get to share it with each other every week and two hours one Sunday, and it's also nice to have a little drink with you guys even if it is virtually so. I really enjoyed today, footballs back the Celtics are in the Eastern Conference Finals. And this this was a lot of fun guys. So again for rayshawn Buchanan, Bob Kelly, Mike Mark Angelo, Dave Clark, and our EP Craig D'Alessandro. Thank you for tuning in to the live Sunday night sports wrap. If you're listening to this after Sunday night, thank you for listening to us after you can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Craig's but also putting these up on YouTube because we love Craig and he's the best. And make sure to subscribe, comment down below. Leave us a review Comment, talk to us engage. We like to engage back especially Dave on Twitter. So for the for the five of you. I am Joe Malkin. We'll talk to you guys next time.\n"},{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":7334.0,"body":"Well, thanks for listening to episode seven of the NSW podcast once again. I'm Craig D'Alessandro executive producer of the SM SW network. This is your first time finding us. We hope you enjoyed today's show. please consider subscribing. The show notes and transcripts of today's episode can be found in the description box below, as well as our WordPress and buzzsprout pages. If you're new to the show, or you haven't yet please consider subscribing. It's the easiest way to see we publish new episodes on iTunes, Spotify, Google and wherever you generally get your podcasts. Be sure to rate us and leave a review of any of our shows. We always appreciate your feedback. And be sure to follow us on all of our social medias. All of our links will be in the show notes for Joel Malkin, rayshawn Buchanan, Dave Clark, Rob Kelly and Michael Mark Angelo. I'm Craig D'Alessandro. We'll talk to you next time.\n\n"}]}