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Great show and insight

If you love football and just love hearing the greats of football talk football you will love this. I have listened to and just amazing to get an insight on players I loved watching a play. This podcast is such a brilliant concept and excellently executed They provide good insight and a realistic p…

In sports heaven!

I’m enjoying these episodes! I find myself yelling at my radio! Keep up the good work

Super dope podcast!

If you’re into sports, you need to give this pod a listen! Great stuff!

Cool podcast!!

I am loving these episodes! So glad by buds told me about it. I highly recommend it!!

Great Pod!

One of the best sports podcasts I have ever heard! The interview with Dean Blandino was great and super informative! I hade no idea he was a stand up comedian, that’s so cool!

Great podcast

This podcast is awesome! If you’re into sports, then this is the podcast for you. They are so fun to listen to and really keep you engaged! Give this podcast a shot if you haven’t already!