Sept. 24, 2020

#8 - NFL Week 2 and The Eastern Conference Finals

#8 - NFL Week 2 and The Eastern Conference Finals

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(Episode Recorded Septemeber 22nd)
On this episode of the SNSW Podcast: Michael Marcangelo, Joe Malkin, and Bob Kelly discuss the biggest takeaways from the first two weeks of the NFL, including the Patriots last-second loss vs the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys last-second win versus the Atlanta Falcons. We also discuss our biggest worries about the Boston Celtics being down two games so one in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat and discuss which team is for real and which team is heading home.

  • Recapping the Patriots loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 of the NFL (2:46)
  • Did Bill Belichick lose this game or was it, Cam Newton? (4:29)
  • After 2 weeks, is it a fair to say that the New England Patriots are better with the way Cam Newton is playing now than if Tom Brady was still quarterback (10:10)
  • Is Cam Newton's style of play sustainable for a full 16-game NFL Season (14:15)
  • Was week 2 vs the Seahawks an "Acceptable" Loss? (16:35)
  • Different game result if James White was available to play? (20:31)
  • NFL Week 2 action and injuries to some of the games biggest players, including Saquan Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Nick Bosa (21:43)
  • Dallas Cowboys comeback vs the Atlanta Falcons (22:31)
  • Was it a Dallas comeback or another Atlanta Choke job (26:06)
  • Are the New York Jets the Worst franchise in the NFL? Will Adam Gase be the first NFL head coach fired? (29:23)
  • The Detriot Lions winning the NFC North is the hill Mike will die on (31:46)
  • Out of all the 2-0 teams, which teams are legit? (33:54)
  • The First weekly "Forrest Gump" award (42:02)
  • Recapping the first three games of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA (46:39)
  • Are the Boston Celtics playing bad or are the Miami Heat just this good? (52:23)
  • Do the Celtics need Gordon Hayward to win the Series, do the Celtics need Gordon Hayward? (53:55)
  • Final Takeaways (1:01:05)

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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":0.0,"body":"On this episode of the s NSW podcast Michael Markangelo Joe Malkin and Bob Kelly discuss the biggest takeaways from the first two weeks of the NFL, including the Patriots last second loss of the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys last second when versus the Atlanta Falcons we also discuss our biggest worries about the Boston Celtics being down two games so one in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat and discuss which team is for real and which team is heading home. But first This episode is being brought to you by BOXO crafts BOXO is an arts and crafts focus kids subscription box box Oh as a parent run company that combines creativity and convenience in one monthly package delivered right to your door boxes premier box box Oh holidays contains four separate art projects to get you and your family into the holiday spirit. 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No matter who you vote for, make sure to vote national voter registration If this is your first time finding us, please consider subscribing we are on Apple, Spotify, Google and wherever you generally get your podcasts. Be sure to rate us and leave a review of any of our shows. We always appreciate your feedback. Follow us on social media. All our links will be in the bottom of our show notes. And now without further ado, this is the SNSW podcast. But it's all relative.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":135.0,"body":"Thanks, Craig and welcome everyone to episode eight of the SNSW podcast. My name is Michael Marcangela, I'm your host for tonight's episode joined alongside Broadway Joe Malkin and the real BK Bob Kelly. Gentlemen, how are we doing today?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":150.0,"body":"I'm great, man. How are you?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":152.0,"body":"Great. Joe.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":153.0,"body":" I'm doing well hanging in there. Nice. interesting week to have the NFL and weird Eastern Conference final but we're doing well.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":161.0,"body":"Yeah. And I think that's a great that's a great place to start. I think we to the NFL we saw a lot of things happen. But let's start with the New England Patriots lost to the Seattle Seahawks 35 to 30. Just a little bit of information on that game. Cam Newton throws for almost 400 yards. Those four touchdown rushes for two more. They get they get to the one yard line with one second left and can't and just can't hammer that hammer that ball across the goal line. But I think the big thing, James White, huge tragedy they had before the game that was definitely weighing weighing on everybody's mind. So I think we have a lot to unpack in this game. Joe, what is your biggest takeaway from the week two game with the New England Patriots.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":199.0,"body":"It's interesting. I actually have two but one is Julian Edelman's performance in this game. I hope he got a good night's sleep on Sunday night and enjoy the day off on Monday. Eight catches 179 yards of career high for him. My other takeaway is that this patriots team is going to be for real. And they were enjoyable to watch on Sunday. It was definitely a different feel altogether. in week two, this whole season has been a different feel. There's been no preseason, which has caused a lot of issues, which we'll get to as well, Mike, but my biggest takeaway here is that they treated this like week four of the preseason, week three week four of the preseason and really put everything together that they needed to offensively, the defense was suspect, but against a pretty good Seattle team. So I was pleasantly surprised. I was very disappointed in Josh McDaniels play call at the end of the game. It was the right play call at the wrong time.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":263.0,"body":"I so I couldn't agree with you more on that. And I will, we'll definitely touch on that play eventually. For me, the biggest takeaway was the fact that I think Bill Belichick lost that game. And that goes right along with what you just said, Joe, when it comes to that play. And not only that, I think he lost that game without taking that timeout. Coming down. On that big play down to the three yard line. He doesn't take a timeout, and lets that clock run down to nine seconds. Gives Cam Newton the best redzone quarterback I've ever seen. One play inside the five yard line. One play,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":300.0,"body":"I think like Bill has a track record of not taking a timeout on the goal line in big situations, right? I mean, he did not take a timeout when Seattle drove down the field in the Super Bowl that we played them and just made Pico go nuts. That's that's in Bill's nature.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":314.0,"body":"But the problem with that is that he not only did he not take the time out, and I I don't necessarily blame them for not taking the time out. But I do blame the offense for being lackluster, getting back to the line, and then not spiking the ball. So I'm not sure that that's all on bill. I wonder how much leash bill is giving cam and and Josh McDaniels to run that offense. But I just even even out of the guys that have been in this offense for multiple years or a long time in terms of Julian Edelman, Sony Michel, there just wasn't a lot of hustle back to the line to get that next play off no matter what they were going to do. But you're right, Bobby, if you're going to call that timeout, you call it immediately. I think they were smart to save it. But instead, they didn't get back to the line and spike it. So\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":360.0,"body":"I do hear what you're saying there. But I just think to me, the biggest thing from that game was the fact that Cam Newton took that game over and that's that's the obviously the the overall big takeaway from it is that Cam Newton is real. He's back. Bill has worked on this mechanics and he can he can now throw the ball. And his is just the electric playmaker, we remember, but how do you not give that guy, four shots, he could have easily had two three shots within 10 yard line coming down to that game,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":392.0,"body":"because I don't think he needed that many. So to go back to your your every time I watched him throw the ball. It had this weird trajectory. And it looked like he was throwing at 100 miles an hour. And he very well could have you know what I mean? But this thing would come out and it would hit this Apex and it would take the sharp downward. Yeah. And I'm like, how? How are you making? How is it physically possible to throw anything like that? It was so impressive to watch him to watch him throw in. You're absolutely right, that he took over the game. And how awesome was it to see two of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL, even now they both came out in the same draft right there. They both came out in 2011. They are still now nine years later, both very dynamic and fun to watch. But, Bobby, when it comes to those four plays, I don't think they were ever going to get four plays in the redzone to win that game. But I also don't think they wanted to give him that money because they didn't want to leave any time left on the clock for Russell Wilson in that dynamic offense to do anything with it. So if you give the guy the right play, see now and I don't want to make this comparison all year long. But it's only week two, if Tom Brady is under center. In that situation that we know that's not the play call number one. Number two, they probably run the same play where they threw that touchdown pass to Jacob Johnson which is why it was a good defensive play by the Seahawks to take Johnson out of that play in the fullback position because they were either gonna knock him out of the play or get cam in the backfield. So, as much as it was an offensive blunder by New England, it was a great Seattle defensive stand.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":490.0,"body":"Can we also just talk about like so my biggest takeaway for this game is like can you at least just make it look like you're gonna throw the ball on that on that last play? like can you just give just a sniff of a fake everybody knew cam was running to the left now I know that they haven't they didn't stop them all game I get that but you have to imagine the last play of the game when you're pretty much just telegraphing your play your you have a less likely chances of making that play succeed right so just just just fake somebody out of the backfield like to do something give give give cam a chance\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":525.0,"body":"well and that's just it is millions of eyes knew that that's exactly what was coming right Bobby, \n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":530.0,"body":"especially from because they ran that play three separate times from that same exact spot throughout that game. It worked I think was two out of the three times before that it did work. One of the times was almost a carbon copy of that last play though. And I just feel like when the Seahawks knew that play was coming they had no chance Jamal Adams was in that backfield before came even got the ball. So like I just feel like that play call mixed with not calling that timeout I know it's a crazy thing to say in New England but I really think the coaching staff and and take it from someone who is so critical about coaching staffs because I've been through I've been through some shit coaching staffs. Bobby, I feel like I was watching the Cowboys in that last couple of minutes though, just because I really did though just because of like I was begging bill to call that timeout. I was begging him like for you guys, and I just couldn't believe that he didn't give Cam Newton A couple more shots within that 10 yard line. He did put the ball in his hands so I'll give him that.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":594.0,"body":"You don't have to say that we know how critical you are of coaching staffs I've already called four for coaches jobs. It's week two. Right?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":601.0,"body":"Right, Exactly right. So fair enough. Can we can we all just agree Another thing I wanted to discuss with you guys because this is the OG crew and I love you. I love your takes. Is it not fair to say that the Patriots are better off now because of how well Cam Newton is playing and if they still had Tom Brady? Yes. with Tom Brady here and again. I'll go, I'll go to you first show if Tom Brady, so the quarterback, you know, 43 years old, all the same weapons, everything is exactly the same. Do we erase that 12 point deficit in the fourth quarter against the Seahawks?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":633.0,"body":"I think there's an opportunity that it happens but something you have to look at and I said this to you guys during the game on Sunday night. One of the biggest differences between Tom Brady and Cam Newton and I'm not saying again that Cam Newton is Tom Brady. But Tom Brady right now Cam Newton right now. Cam Newton doesn't put his guys out on an island when they when they do something wrong. I mean, we saw we saw Nikhil Harry drop a pass in this game. Edelman dropped a pass in this game. One of the running backs dropped to pass in this game. And at that point, Brittany stops throwing to those guys, but you don't have you. You don't have the ability to stop throwing. So what what does Cam Newton do? He throws to nickeil hairy eight times. It's a career high eight catches 72 yards. He throws two Edelman, it catches 172 yards. He throws the bird six times like we're we're talking about guys in especially Harry, who they've been trying to get into the offense for two years. You're telling me Julian Edelman who's been in the league since? How long has he been in the league? Oh, hold on. Has his has a career high in yards in week two against the Seattle Seahawks and cam Newton's as quarterback. So agreeing with Mike's assessment here, they may or raised the 12 point deficit. And I think the Patriots effectively did that because they were literally a yard away from winning that game and raising that five point deficit that they faced with with nine seconds left on the clock Cam Newton is right now and I don't think that'll change because he was the same way under Ron Rivera in Carolina. Cam Newton wants to running off instead is called and if Tom Brady got that play call as the last play of the game. He's calling it audible and he's checking now. 100 1,000,000% he's changing that planet the line. And that's what I like about cameras that he didn't did they lose because of it?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":753.0,"body":"Yes. But it's also only week two and against the very good Seahawks team. You know, my favorite part about all this is, is the fact that we are now talking about in week two of the NFL. If Cam Newton is a better quarterback for Bill Belichick than fucking Tom Brady,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":768.0,"body":"I think but I think it's fair right because we is we had a year of a mid 40s, early 40s Tom Brady with this exact same offense, and we saw we saw what he did he threw to his guy.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":780.0,"body":"But I to reiterate, Cam Newton is a better quarterback for the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick right now than Tom Brady.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":790.0,"body":"Oh, I'm not saying I disagree with the point because I completely do I not saying I disagree completely agree. I completely agree with the point because I think Bill loves this offense. I do bill loves this offense. But it's just funny to me that that's where that's that's how fast Cam Newton has won over all of New England because of how amazing he has been\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":812.0,"body":"I don't know if he's won over all of New England. Sorry to cut you off there, Mike. But I don't think he's one overall annoying. I think he's got a long way to go for whatever reason it may be. But I think some people are still so stuck in the waves of Brady, that it's gonna take them a while what I love about this offense now, Bobby, and I think what Bill loves about it is it's fast, but it's almost fast and slow motion. You watch it and it's kind of like all right, like it's it's a tom brady pace with Cam Newton ability. And and I love that about it. And sometimes it gets really boring, but that's a Bill Belichick style, be boring and kill him with kindness.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":854.0,"body":"Yeah, I think so. I think like just to touch on the point where you were talking about Julian Edelman's, you know, records you know, career high in terms of receiving yards. That's because it takes longer for the place to develop and Cam can buy them time camps, not just throwing like five yard outs or five yard slants. He's waiting till jaws is like 30 yards down the field. And he's already evaded, you know two tacklers, two defenders to throw him the ball. But to that point, like is it sustainable based on what you've seen so far? Between between cam all the punishment that he's going to take if he keeps rushing the ball like this? and jewels he looked bang up banged up. Is this a sustainable offense moving forward?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":891.0,"body":"I think so. I really do. And the reason I say that is prior to last season, Cam Newton had missed six games and his entire career. And and that may seem like a lot money, you know, but between 2011 to 2018. So those 989 years, he only missed six games. And he's coming back. He clearly looks healthy this year, right? I mean, I don't think there's any doubt about his health, I don't think there's any doubt about his physical ability. I think he's a big enough guy who understands now more than ever, how to go to the ground, how to be tackled. And I think he's learning a lot of that, while he's here in New England, he is going to be that much better of a player and be able to sustain his playing style and his tempo all year long. And if he's not, you know, we can and Dave said it in the live show last Sunday, when he brought up you know, how we were looking at Jared stedim is the guy and now look at us. We're not even talking about him in a conversation. Well, I'll bring him up here. Worst case scenario, we have to go to Brian Hoyer Jared stood him. And I neither one of them are necessarily as athletic or have the same ability as Cam Newton. But I think the style of offense is manageable, because I think it's been simplified to a non Tom Brady esque style. Brady wanted to run the entire show. So he made the offense as complicated as he could for Tom Brady. doesn't need to be that complicated, right? We've seen it.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":987.0,"body":"Alright, so Bobby, I'm gonna ask you this question. Because you are the like, the least patriot fan of all three of us, all four of us that are on the show right now. After seeing what you saw on Sunday night, Was this an acceptable loss for the Patriots? Absolutely,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1001.0,"body":"absolutely. And, and I mean, wholeheartedly. Russell Wilson is absolutely the best quarterback right now in the NFL, I think besides Patrick mahomes. But let me back up a little bit. Besides the best quarterback in the NFL, he might have the best wide receiver court in the NFL, that defense is awesome. They, I didn't expect the Patriots to have the type of season that they're having with Cam Newton. I think one of the biggest things is Bill Belichick with cam and him bringing him around to the mechanics, him bringing around to really manage that playbook right around cam. I think this is the most successful loss that we're gonna see in the NFL this year, just because of the fact that I didn't give them a chance in this game. And when it came down to it, they were right there on the one yard line, ready to beat Seattle in Seattle. I see the Patriots probably rounding out at right 10 611 oh five just because of this game. And that's not a projection I had going into the season.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1061.0,"body":"Gentlemen, add a layer on to this because you are one of the biggest patriots fans that I know. Was this an acceptable loss? And is that just because of your expectations of the Patriots this year?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1071.0,"body":"I think it was an acceptable loss based on the opponent. If they were playing Miami in week two, right? Yeah. Which I know they played them in week one. But let's say they were playing Miami in week two where the Jets are, I mean, named Naima, middle of the road to a lower Echelon team in the NFL. I think it was acceptable based on the fact that you're playing possibly the NFL MVP. I mean, that's what everybody around the NFL is saying already. Right. Like they're saying right now that Russell Wilson could be the MVP. They're not even talking about Lamar Jackson or Patrick mahomes. In Week two taking that that. I mean, I have heard Patrick mahomes. But he's the reigning MVP. So how can you not have that conversation? My I think it's I think it was acceptable, because as I've said, they treated it like a preseason game. This, this is the end of preseason. The next 14 games are what you're going to see the what the Patriots really are. And something else that's that that's very encouraging, is the low amount of injuries that have taken place for the New England Patriots in the first two weeks. I mean, they are physical, right, that offense has been physical. My biggest problem with this team is the defense. And Bobby says 10 and six, I still think this team can go 11 and 512 and four if they can figure it out a little bit faster. But I mean, that's saying that the only lose three more games and their schedules pretty tough. So\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1157.0,"body":"no, it's really tough.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1158.0,"body":"It's right, you're right. It's the toughest in the NFL, right. So it's acceptable because of the opponent. it's acceptable because of the time of year and the circumstances that we have in the 2020 NFL season. So I just, I think it's gonna get more exciting from here. My two biggest worries are the defense and the receiving Corps.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1180.0,"body":"Yes. So just to piggyback off that, I completely agree with that preseason, third or fourth game take because I think this offense was exactly this was the offensive they want. You know what I mean? Like when it comes to can throwing the ball as much as it did running that RPO having that successful fake being able to get the difference. to bite on the left or the right side when it comes to cam faking. I think this is definitely the offense that they want to run. And to see that be as successful as it was, was, it was a great side for the Patriots moving forward for sure. because like you said, Joe, it's going to get more exciting from here because this is only this is the basement for that patriots offense. In my opinion. \n"},{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":1225.0,"body":"I think the Patriots win this game on Sunday if they had James White I understand situation.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1230.0,"body":"I agree. I agree. \n"},{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":1231.0,"body":"I feel like he could be you know, not Christian McCaffrey but that kind of player specifically. And he's been that team. We've seen the Patriots team that positions been a stalwart for when it was, you know, before James White it was Shane Vereen before him it was Danny Woodhead before him it was Kevin Faulk that position is so essential. I think Cam Newton running offense said he didn't Carolina for all those years. That's just going to translate hugely in the New England\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1254.0,"body":"getting Craig no credit man. Yes,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1258.0,"body":"James White has been so under utilized towards the back end of Tom Brady's career in New England. And I think that that is like career robbery to that guy and i i agree with you Craig and like you said you have to put the disclaimer on it that I mean, you could never see what what came in and hopefully you know, his mother makes a full recovery and what his father sold but that is and it's such a it's such you never know when stuff like that is gonna happen. You know everything else\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1290.0,"body":"that moment Oh, that moment though where we're recording picks off that pass runs it back to that video screen just goes to eight bro. We love you, man. We're here for you like exact exit goosebumps. instinct goosebumps.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1303.0,"body":"So so moving on to the other NFL week two action. Obviously there was it was not a particularly great fantasy football day for for the host here. We had some horrific injuries. You know, obviously Saquan Barkley, Nick bosa, Anthony bar, Bruce Irvin courtland Sutton maleek hooker all season ending injuries on top of CMC Sterling Shepherd Jimmy G. Drew lock Paris Campbell. I mean, the list just goes on. But there were some great moments, the Cowboys raised that 19 point deficit lad recovered an onside kick to beat Atlanta by one point. And we also had the game last night. We had the the Las Vegas Raiders. Just absolutely. Destroying. I want me to say it, the New Orleans Saints. So, Bob, I have a sneaking suspicion. I know what your biggest takeaway is? What is your biggest takeaway from week two of the NFL?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1360.0,"body":"So I promise I won't spend I won't spend the rest of the show on this. Although I absolutely could\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1366.0,"body":"not because I can I preface something real quick Bobby head can I emphasise? Absolutely. I told you they were gonna win this game. I just I there there is evidence of it that I said in our slack conversation you did cowboys are gonna win.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1381.0,"body":"You did. And and you know what, you're not the only one who who did come at me with that. So I will admit, so that first so all right. I'll set the stage. I woke up in the morning to a text about Tyron Smith, he was out. And honestly this felt like Groundhog Day. Over and over again. To me it was week two, all of a sudden, our big our best offensive lineman is out. We already lost her two linebackers. We're facing this great. Not great. We're facing this Atlanta Falcons team who have a good offense, terrible defense. It just it felt like one of those days for the Cowboys. And then my nightmares were realized in that first quarter where we went. I just want to let you know five straight possessions. fumble. We recovered it. fumble lost a fake punt turnover on downs, and another fumble loss and another fumble lat we lost three fumbles and a turnover and downs within our first five possessions. And it was only it was only 20 to nothing at that point. And and I'm telling you that was a positive score. I thought this game was about to be 35-42 to nothing by the ends of the half. I literally had turned to Katie at one point in the third quarter and was like let's go to the store. This game is over I on my life. I was done guys. I was so done. And the turn of events that happen just is something that not only did I not expect and I don't know if it's just because I'm a pitiful loser Cowboys fan but I just did not see this coming at all. And Joe I give you all the credit in the world, man. You really, you really did see it coming and Dak Prescott brought them back. I have to say that was the best slash worst onside kick I've ever seen in my entire life.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1489.0,"body":"But what I don't understand about that is why didn't the Falcons pick it up? Why didn't they dive on it? I mean, were they worried about the English on it? Did they forget the rule that only the team kicking it has to Wait for it to go 10 yards like\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1501.0,"body":"I think it was the English that's what I think it was. And that's the only thing I could think is they didn't want to be the one that fuck it up and and because of that all of them fucked it up because not a single person jumped on that ball. And my one takeaway from this entire game is also I would up right here is Dak Prescott. I know he gets a lot of shit. And I know I know he is not the prototypical NFL quarterback, but that man is a fucking, I don't even know how to describe it. He's not he's not and that's why\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1533.0,"body":"he's a competitor. No, he's a competitor \n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1535.0,"body":"that last that last football that last quarter of football was one of the best football quarters I've seen from him. From the moment he came into this league, and he took that game over. And he was not gonna let them lose that game. He wasn't he wasn't gonna let McCarthy get in the way he was gonna let anyone get.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1553.0,"body":"I don't think McCarthy got in the way. I think that's part of the reason why he won. I think the fact that he didn't have Jason Garrett on the sideline, is why he was able to do what he did. \n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1561.0,"body":"And before you go, joka I think we should talk a little bit more about about this because this is Bobby's takeaway. Was this a miraculous comeback? Or yet another choke job by the Atlanta Falcons..\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1572.0,"body":"Oh, come back, 100% because and Bobby, I want to tell you because I feel like you're going to put the Dallas emotion into it. But I'm going to give you some I want to hear is a Falcons energy. The Cowboys screwed this game up in the first quarter. They had four fumbles in the first quarter. It was 20 to nothing after the first 15 minutes. And then the defense the defense figured it out after that point, they only allowed 19 or yet 19 more points out to that which seems like a big number, but you allowed 20 in the first 15 minutes. And then they all kind of figured it out right there in the second quarter. And it was gonna take a while to dig out of that hole. Now, that Atlanta team is not what they were in the Superbowl against the Patriots, but I don't think they expect it to be up by three touchdowns after the first quarter. So this is why to me it's a Dallas comeback, not an Atlanta crumble because the Cowboys really did not up and figure it out and in the fourth quarter. I mean, they not only got plays from their defense, but they had Dak step up, make the plays he needed to and they had Greg Sterling execute. One of the best onside kicks I've ever seen. I love onside kicks you guys know how I feel about kickers? I love kickers. That was the best onside kick you're probably ever see.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1657.0,"body":"It was unbelievable to see I saw the messages from every one moment so because I have like behind stream I saw the messages from everyone moments before it happened. And I honestly it like took me a second to realize what was happening. And I swear on my life I did lapped up and down this house for at least five minutes like oh my god what what is even happening right now because just the way that game went I agree with you Joe word a really was a cowboys comeback. And like I'm not saying that from the Cowboys fandom in my heart because I really do think in normal factions, it would be the Falcons bawling that game. But to see that cowboys offense start clicking like it did. It just gave me I had a wet dream that night because of the Cowboys. I'm not gonna lie I\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1710.0,"body":"so anyway, my takeaway from\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1713.0,"body":"I'm sorry, listen\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1716.0,"body":"to Joe, your takeaway.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1717.0,"body":"My takeaway is that this league is gonna be shaken up more now than we may have thought it was going to be. You mentioned all the injuries around the league. I of course the sake one injury is huge. The CMC injury is huge. And I don't mean to disparage their injuries or well being and I don't mean that when I say this, but how good were the Panthers in the in the Giants going to be I think the Panthers were actually going to be better than we all gave them credit for. But the giants, the Giants aren't there yet. They'll get there, but they're not there yet. But the San Francisco 40, Niners Nick bosa, Jimmy Garoppolo, Raheem, mostert, Solomon, Thomas, and those are just the notable injuries for that team, that they're in trouble. But another takeaway just from that game, the New York Jets suck, they suck. They're a baffle then, and I I am still where I said it earlier here I am calling for for the jobs of NFL coaches. I'm not one for people losing their jobs. But Adam Gase is a term line coach. I in fact, had a conversation with someone yesterday. Well, who would you rather coach in the New York Jets? And I said, Rex Ryan? And he laughed at me. And I said, why would you want Rex right? And I said well, Rex Ryan brought them to two AFC Championship games back to back, back to back wildcard Yours. Well, well he had a an under 500 record. He was 61 and 66 when he was there, and Adam Gates is currently 27 and I can't remember his exact record, but he's he's under 502. And somebody, the same guy said, Well, are you saying Rex Ryan is a good coach? So when he's compared to Adam case, absolutely. Adam gazes a creating a dumpster fire in New York. He just lost levy on bill. He's ruining a quarterback yet another quarterback. And I just to see the 40 Niners continue to dominate the Jets after losing their four biggest pieces. was just it was it was laughable.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1841.0,"body":"Yeah. I think that speaks more toward like you mentioned that that that that that domination of that game was not because of the 40. Niners I think you hit it right on right on the head, Joe. That's because Adam gates in the New York Jets are awful. And it like that comparison that you made about Rex Ryan? At least he was building towards something. Right? He did all that they had a lot of stars in that team. Jason Taylor, you know, lt But Mark Sanchez is not a good quarterback. No. He looks pretty good for those two years, especially coming from a Patriots fan. That he looks pretty good.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1875.0,"body":"So we've seen bad quarterbacks win Super Bowls or below average quarterbacks, I mean Trent Dilfer has and that's what I always default to. When we when I have this conversation is like Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring. So you can win a Super Bowl with a bad quarterback not necessarily any more, because I know that that was the early 2000s. And you probably weren't going to do it with Mark Sanchez then but that that then speaks to how I think of the organization down there in New York when it comes to the New York Jets because I think the organization as a whole is not good.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1906.0,"body":"Can I tell you what my what my big takeaway was? Absolutely. The Lions are 0-2 and they're still gonna win that division.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1913.0,"body":"I disagree with you. I couldn't disagree Hang on a sec. We all watch the Bears listen Sunday. And the bears be and again I know they beat the Giants by four and the bears aren't the most. They're exciting to watch but they're not the most exciting team to watch if that makes sense. They were the I don't think there's any way you can say the lions when when not only do you have the Packers playing well beating doubling up the lions. You forget that forget the Vikings. I think the Vikings are gonna finish last and that division, they're just rough. And then the bears are gonna finish second in that division. I think the lions finished third there. I just don't know how you can still say they're gonna win.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1955.0,"body":"Yeah, like, literally what am I so like, I have three main full NFL takeaways. And one of them just for you. Was that the lions are absolutely one of the worst four teams in the NFL. And there's no doubt about that in my life. There's There's no doubt about that man is not even close.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1973.0,"body":"They have a lot of offensive firepower do they're gonna figure out the defensive but i don't i don't know if Patricia is gonna be there. I will concede this I will be the coach when they win the division. But the lions are going to win the division this year.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1987.0,"body":"I think if they if Matt Patricia goes which again, hate calling for people's jobs, but Adam gays and Matt Patricia are probably the first to go if there are two to go. And I I would agree with you more than that. If Patricia were gone and they brought in, I don't know they can bring Steve Mariucci out of the out of the booth if they wanted to and bring him back. It they would have a much better chance because that lions team has so much talent and if they can get Kenny golladay back, which it looks like they're probably going to have him back this week and carry on Johnson. Matt Stafford is still a good quarterback that that will be when they have an opportunity to win win the division.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2028.0,"body":"Okay, so I aren't the guys besides by cowboys takeaway. I have one question for you guys real quick. Out of all the surprise 2-0 team. So we have the Raiders, the bills, we have the Rams, bears and Cardinals. Who's the most legit out of all those surprise teams. I was going over this today. And I couldn't believe that those teams were too And oh, who do you think is the team that is going to be at the end is going to be there competing for the actual championship?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2063.0,"body":"Cardinals? Whoa. All right. So here we go. I like it. Alright, so I think the Cardinals because I think that Kyler Murray is is great this year. I think that Hopkins is exactly what he needed. He is like Fitzgerald and his prime just a little bit better. Right? He has a target that he knows he can throw to the team's jellen and in our NFC prediction show. We all took the Cardinals high like nine and 710 and six. They have that talent. But but also think sneakily the Raiders. They're pretty good.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2097.0,"body":"Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2097.0,"body":"JOHN is a good head coach.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2100.0,"body":"Geez don't tell the guys gonna be he's gonna cringe in here. He's gonna show up in here. He's gonna he's gonna have his ears ringing and show up in the zoom call. No, listen, I agree about the Raiders. I think Derek Carr. I may have been wrong about him when I said in the AFC prediction that he was a bad quarterback. He looks like a man reborn this year and I don't know what it is. Josh Jacobs helps. Darren Waller might sneaky be the best tight end in the NFL. And I'm saying that when he's in the same division as Travis Kelsey. might be the best receiving tight end in the NFL. He's built like a wide receiver. He really should be an outside guy, but he's a wide receiver. He is he's so fast. He almost wandering again, a fantasy matchup last night too. You know, I look at the AFC so let's break this down to my standpoint like the Titans to an O ravens and Steelers I kind of saw B into an O chiefs and chiefs I sabihin. To know, the bills I did see being too And oh, I don't think the Raiders are going to hang around at the end. I think in the AFC the bills will hang around. I mean, we could be looking at an AFC Divisional round where we have the bills the Patriots, the chiefs and the Ravens left. That's that's kind of see how I could see that going in the NFC. I get it Mike why you would say the Cardinals would be there at the end. Kyler Murray scares me though, because of how mobile he is. I mean, he's so fast. He's so shifty. He's burning safeties.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2190.0,"body":"He's just click his feet. His feet move so fast.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2195.0,"body":"But I wonder if he can read a defense to the point yet where he doesn't need to use his legs like, are we looking at a similar similar situation to Lamar Jackson, where they didn't finish it? This is where Mike likes the paper champions like the Cardinals, the paper champions where we look at them and say, all right, they got DeAndre Hopkins, they have Kyler Murray, they have a sneaky good defense. But can they put it together at the end with a mobile quarterback? Who hasn't yet gotten there? I just to be clear the paper champions take was because you guys were just touting how great the Ravens were because they won so many games. And then when it gets to the playoffs, they lost. They Yeah, but the Patriots had great teams that got to the playoffs and lost. So I mean, what we're also talking about a first year quarterback right. So I could say the same thing to you about the Cardinals? Oh, you mean?\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2251.0,"body":"Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2252.0,"body":"Last year. I could say the same thing to you about Kyler Murray.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2254.0,"body":"Yeah, he's a second year guy. Yeah, but the expectations for the Cardinals this year. I don't think we're quite as high. Oh, not even close\n\nas what the Ravens were last year. I mean, Lamar Jackson was unproven. But john Harbaugh is a great coach. So we just knew that they were at least gonna go nine and seven. Right. But that was the expectation.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2274.0,"body":"Yeah. And I mean, Kliff. Kingsbury is no is no john Harbaugh. That's correct. So we all know that for a fact. But I I don't know I look at that NFC. And I think we've all said it to the NFC is going to kind of be a dumpster fire this year. But at the same time, like we talked about that saints game last night, I thought the saints still played well. I just don't think they expected Vegas to play as well as they did. But I still like that same steam. I liked the Buccaneers. I think the packers are the real deal. I think Aaron Rodgers is is back. I think the I do I think they Mike I think that the thing I know it does, but I think the drafting of Jordan love actually helped. Yeah, Aaron Rodgers figured out Well, yeah, but I mean, it's like breaking up with Olivia Munn again, right? So now he's gonna figure out his life. So the Cardinals to another Rams to another Seahawks too. And oh, that's gonna be a competitive division, because of the 40 Niners can get at least garofolo back at least then they they have a guy to keep them competitive. So I think of all those teams, Mike, this is a long way around to get back to I think the bills are the most real deal surprised.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2340.0,"body":"We might have been all wrong with the Rams. I mean, it's only two games and I I love me some week to overreactions. But they actually look pretty good now, I'll go to you, Bobby. They beat Dallas on just on just their scripted place. Dallas could not combat the first possession of the game or the first possession after half.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2363.0,"body":"They're pretty good. I'm with you on the ranch. Take man. I think the Rams are really good to share. I think their biggest problem is depth. I think once we get to week 10 or 11. If they're still healthy, the Rams are real. If they're not that that's their problem is that once they hit that injury bump, what's going to happen so we saw kingmakers go out this week. We never know. To me. The Raiders are the team that stood out to me as a surprise to an AAU team. You guys touched on that a lot. I was watching those highlights today. I have never seen a defense. Try and punch a ball out or give that extra effort. Like I saw the Raiders defense given that game last night. That was every single Play, there was a player standing over a saints player just literally throwing haymakers at that ball.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2406.0,"body":"Raiders defense we saw in the early 2000s. Right, right.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2409.0,"body":"That's and that's the type of defense to me that can take a team that's, that's not supposed to go places and bring them places because when a defense makes plays, that's the biggest momentum turning to me in an NFL game, when when there's that big interception or that big fumble or whatever the case may be, that's the thing that turns that that tide. And when it comes to David Carr, a lot of people do forget how good that guy was two, three years ago, before he broke his leg. And week 16 he wasn't the same after that. So to me, I feel like this is the David Carr. That was actually right. That actually is the the quarterback that who he actually is, and isn't second guessing himself. Like we saw Gordon Hayward doing the NBA like we saw a lot of people do when it comes to massive injuries. And actually take them to that next level. I think the Raiders are my that's my surprise team that's going to take it to that next level.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2466.0,"body":"So the only thing about the Raiders is is they've scored 68 combined points. They've scored 34. In both of their their first two games of the season. They've played two pretty good offenses. I mean, the Panthers aren't a great team, but good offense. Right. Well, hold\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2479.0,"body":"on like aside from McCaffrey. Are they really a good offense?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2483.0,"body":"I think Teddy Bridgewater has played better than people expected him to. Yeah, I again, I don't think they're going to turn it around and now go 14 and two without CMC. I mean, that's just not going to happen. But what I'm saying is the Raiders have only outscored their opponents 68 to 54. So it's by two touchdowns. So let's see what they can do with two they actually they I mean, their schedule is ridiculous. Over the next four weeks, they come to New England, then they go home to face the bills. Then they go to Arrowhead and then they're home to face the Buccaneers like let's see what that where they are after week six.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2519.0,"body":"It could be two and four by that point. I mean,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2521.0,"body":"yeah, that's true. So before we switch gears, the NBA, we're going to start something new on this this week's episode. It's going to be the forrest gump award. Now before we go into them, I want to give everyone a little bit of a rundown on what that is. We decided that we were going to award one person, each of us who are going to have our picks of the weekly Forrest Gump award. Forrest Gump, as you know, is a great great person did a lot of great things, but he also did some pretty ridiculous things, too. So with that in mind, Craig This is going to be our first ever Forrest Gump award.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2554.0,"body":"GUMP! What's your sole purpose in this army to do whatever you tell my drill sergeant that dammit you're dead goddamn genius. Stuff the most outstanding answers ever heard. You must have a goddamn IQ of 160 you aren't that damn gifted private Gump.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2573.0,"body":"So after a week to the NFL who gets your Forrest Gump award?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2577.0,"body":"My choice is absolutely. The special teams coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jeff fossil, he pulled two of the worst calls I've ever seen in my entire life in that first half he went for two fake punks in the most ridiculous situations I've ever seen in my life. The second one was unforgivable, unforgivable. However, he is the sole reason that we ended up coming back and having that miracle when that onside kick was completely him and Greg the leg leg of Tron as we like to call them in big deep gnosis first year, but you know, as we like to call them and Big D. that, on sidekick made up for any bonehead decisions that anyone could ever make. I've never seen a more miraculous thing in my life. If that doesn't describe Forrest Gump. I don't know what does.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2630.0,"body":"My Forrest Gump award winner for this week is none other than chargers head coach Anthony Lin. He, you know, he had a really tough decision to make with everything that happened with tyrod Taylor, he put in Justin Herbert, who played in an incredible game against an opponent that they had no shot to beat. They took the Chiefs to overtime. That is a great, great story. But after the game, he said there is a reason why Justin Herbert is a backup. So tyrod Taylor is gonna start so you did something great. You had this young kid, come in and play lights out. And then you say, and I quote, he's a backup for a reason. You just can't do stupid stuff like that. Joe,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2671.0,"body":"your turn. All right, I was going to go home town and give it to the to Josh McDaniels. But I'm going to switch gears and give it to Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings. for it, I'm not even going to give you a positive here. I'm just gonna give you the negative because that Vikings team is bad like damn. Alright, so here's the positive dalvin cook is so good and so good. dynamic. And I think that he's going to be the reason why they succeed if at all, Kirk Cousins played like it was his first game in the NFL this weekend. And I couldn't believe how bad it was.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2715.0,"body":"Kirk Cousins to me this year is the biggest disappointment in the NFL to see to see what he was last year, and how bad he has really been in these first two weeks of the season. Last game was that was atrocious. Like, what is he doing is he is our goal. I guess there's some overlap there. But he is the new Jay Cutler. He's never won anything and he gets paid a lot of money to win nothing. He He is not okay. He's a good quarterback. I promise you. I hope everyone that's listening today. record this. Take a note. He will never win anything in the NFL.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2753.0,"body":"Yeah, I would have to agree with that. I mean, it was just, I honestly thought going into this game against Indianapolis that I said it in our prediction shows that Indianapolis was going to be a good team. rayshawn had them winning the AFC south, I had them finishing third, but I had them having like an EIGHT and a record. I think this indie team is for real. And I can't believe that they only allowed 11 points to this Minnesota team. I mean, maybe we're wrong. Maybe Mike Zimmer is the guy that needs to go, you know, and it just, it was so bad. Yesterday, he was 11 of 26 for 113 yards and three picks. And all three of those picks came in the second quarter.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2793.0,"body":"Yeah, yeah, he's not good. I told you. He'll never want anything. Moving on. From the NFL to the NBA. Obviously, the Eastern Conference Finals are in full swing. Game three was obviously the uplifting game for the Celtics, the Celtics are down to one against Miami against Miami. I have a couple of questions. I'm gonna turn it over to Bobby to start off with. Was the game three victory against the heat? Are those the real Celtics? And can that continue to game for Bobby?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2826.0,"body":"Go ahead. I mean, that's, that's the question that everyone's asking. Right. I mean, that the game three Celtics were a completely different team than we saw that game one and two. They played their game, they played it throughout. And because of that, they were able to come away with a comfortable victory. We know the Celtics are the better basketball team. We know that when they execute, they are better. We've seen it through game one, game two, game three. Anytime we're executing, we're up by 1415 points. And as soon as they heat, I don't know what it is they do. Whether it be great coaching that that zone does does mess with our heads. But when we're playing our game, we're obviously the better court on the team. And if we see that in game four, I think we're gonna see the same thing out of game three, but it's just a matter of are we going to finish do we play a full 48 minutes of basketball and that's and that's the question that every Celtics fan is asking themselves I think yes. but only time will tell that to be honest. I really wish I could give a take saying like yes or no but like what I've seen game one two and three I just I really don't know I really don't\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2901.0,"body":"I was gonna say is the reason that you're saying that Bobby is because in the first two games of this series, the Celtics blew not one but two double digit second half leads to to a team that again, if you guys listen to last week, I said the heat were for real. They scare me. I couldn't really quantified or measure it. And now I can. It's because there's no defense stifles the Celtics, and they're all they're all good perimeter shooters. Every single one of them can hit a three and Crowder not my guy. I do I kind of like his his like his grit. But he hits some pretty clutch shots. And also dragic that man shoots 43% from three when contested.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2946.0,"body":"Yeah. Mike when you when you said that this Miami team was for real and it was a team that you were scared of I agreed with you and I understand why. But what is encouraging is we're and I know it's the Eastern Conference Finals but they lost game one and game two by a combined eight points game one of which was in overtime. And then one game three by 11 points. I mean, we can look at we can look at numbers as much as we want. The zone defense is something that the Celtics have to figure out. The perimeter shooting is something that the Celtics have to be able to defend. their wings are fast, Mike so even light like you said, I mean, you and I have have jumped on that bandwagon this whole time is that the the wings are fast, and if they're not going to shoot the three, they can still make plays, right? So by the time you're listening to this, this will either be a three way One Miami lead or the series will be back to two two. I think it goes back to two two and I think the Celtics take this game. They're quote unquote, on the road in Miami or in Orlando against Miami. I think they're going to take this because I think this is the game. This is the turning point where they figure out this heat team, because I don't think I know that they expected, but I don't think they expected what Miami was going to throw at them, and that they would be as firing on all cylinders as much as they are. I was more discouraged by game two than I was by game one,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3041.0,"body":"I guess. So just before I kick over to Bobby, what was the combined total loss for the first against the Celtics,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3047.0,"body":"so they lost game one in overtime? 117 114. So minus three, and they lost game 21061 to one minus five. So it was a combined minus eight.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3057.0,"body":"But what you don't take into consideration there is that they were leading each game by at least 15 points going into the fourth quarter\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3064.0,"body":"or some point time in the fourth quarter. So why why? When does it come back to the conversation of how do they fix their deficiencies coming out of the locker room in the third quarter? I mean, really? Well I don't know I'm not down there and I'm not Brad Stevens. So Gosh, golly gee, that's up to that guy. But he needs to figure that out and and understand his own team and make that adjustment so that that doesn't happen because we saw it against the Raptors where they gave themselves a big enough halftime lead where they couldn't they almost couldn't blow the lead in third quarter. So I think that's where we're at right now where they need to dominate that first half if they're going to let off the gas for whatever reason whether it's consciously or subconsciously and then come back in that fourth quarter you're absolutely right they blew the lead in the fourth quarter that that game one against my end but I mean, now we're talking about blowing that big of a lead and still only losing by three i don't know i get it Mike I understand where you're coming from. It would kind of be like the Cowboys going up five after coming back from from 19 down and then blowing that lead so I get it like grabbing a lead at the end and then giving it away. But I think this game I'm gonna I'm gonna switch my take because I said Celtics and five I'm going with Mike Celtics and seven,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3143.0,"body":"Bobby, and to me this where the Celtics playing that bad or the heat backyard.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3150.0,"body":"I think it's a little bit of both. I think the heat are that good. I think that they're a great basketball team. They have playmakers galore across that team, whether it be rookie title herro whether it be going dry gets salted killer himself, tower Johnson, they just have they have playmakers all over the court. And then you put Jimmy Butler in there and it makes Pat Riley look like an absolute genius. But I think the biggest thing that we're all overlooking, and the thing that we've been overlooking, considering he wasn't even mentioned on the last show, is the was the absence of Gordon Hayward for those first two games. I think he adds a completely different element to this team. Not only does he have the greatest moustache in the entire NBA, but he also brings strength and he also brings another added level of depth where you're not relying solely on guys like Gordon or like Marcus smart, you're not relying solely on guys, like Brad Wanamaker to give you significant minutes. All sudden those four or five minutes where Wanamaker needed to play out of his mind are now Phil by Gordon Hayward who absolutely can stop Tyler Johnson who absolutely can stop Jae Crowder, who can be that guy who gets out on that extra man and makes that extra switch and stops whether it be Jordan about Jimmy Butler driving to the hole, whoever whatever the case may be. Jordan Hayward,\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3235.0,"body":"I don't mean to cut you off. But I sincerely mean to cut you off is the good isn't that such a weak take? Like and we've been talking about the last month or so that we don't need Gordon Hayward anymore? Because we'd beat the Sixers, we beat the Raptors who were the defending NBA champions. And now now that we blew to double digit leads now we need Gordon Hayward Well, I\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3255.0,"body":"don't I heartache. Gordon Hayward's overrated.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3258.0,"body":"I I don't disagree that he's overrated. I completely agree that he's overrated. The thing is, is missing him and having Wanamaker and semi and these guys who don't belong on the court and the fine line\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3272.0,"body":"but but\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3274.0,"body":"but but you don't belong over Gordon Hayward is what I'm saying is like\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3278.0,"body":"Gordon Hayward can't stay healthy enough to belong on the court.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3281.0,"body":"But when he is on the court, it's a whole different animal. It's a whole different offense. It's a whole different defense. It's a it's a just the way you play the game is instead of relying solely on Marcus smart hitting five straight threes to win you a game. You have someone else to go to. I'm not saying he's always going to Hit that extra shot. It's just the fact that like, you're not putting those extra wear and tear on these guys that don't belong in the Eastern Conference final,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3309.0,"body":"but who says Gordon Hayward does belong?\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3312.0,"body":"He was over semi and Brad Wanamaker.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3315.0,"body":"Why that? No, but why? Because Because he's Gordon Hayward. And he's got a max contract, or because or because he's proven that he can do something in the conference finals.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3325.0,"body":"Because it's about I'm trying not to, to hype Gordon Hayward up too much here.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3334.0,"body":"But yeah, I think you already have\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3335.0,"body":"no, because because just hear me out when it comes to who would you trust? All right, so let's say it's 10 minutes left in the game, right? And you need to play seven players for the rest of the game. And because those are your seven guys, would you rather have Gordon Hayward be one of those guys relying on every single possession? Would you rather have semi ojeleye or Brad Wanamaker, in that?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3358.0,"body":"matter? Just chime in here real quick, because it does sound to me, Bobby again. But you're saying now that they lost because they didn't have Gordon, but if they win, and like they have won in the prior two series, they didn't have my there. Yeah, I mean, you can't have it really both ways. They can't lose because he's not there. And when in spite of the fact that he's not there?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3380.0,"body":"Well, I think you can have it both ways. And not not to spin my take on Gordon Hayward because I'm really not going to do I. So here's here's my take on Gordon Hayward. I think he's overrated. I think he was brought in from a Utah team, who we've seen it so many times in every sport, right? Where guys come in, and they can't handle the media pressure. They can't handle the big market team. Now, Gordon Hayward, not only I think, can't necessarily handle that. But he also suffered a devastating injury, right. So now he we know he is in the public eye. He is also Brad's boy, right? Like he went to Butler right? So he's Brad's dude. He gets the money. He comes here, he breaks his ankle. That's fine. I'll give him that. I'm not saying that Brett that. Gordon Hayward isn't a good basketball player. But what I am saying is that if you put him out there in the Eastern Conference Finals right now, without playing, he's not going to win you anything. He may not hurt you. But I'd rather have the guys that have been out there than how many how many Conference Finals has Gordon Hayward played in? I don't\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3454.0,"body":"think many. It's it's just the fact that him being out there. gives that team more, more swag. Having Gordon Hayward being able to come off the bench having Gordon Hayward there as as that reserve player rather than someone like Brad Wanamaker semi oj like I don't mean to keep going back to that. But it really is that big of a difference between between a four coming off the bench in between a seven or an eight coming off the bench, you know what I mean? Like, you know, it's just the fact that when it comes down to it, that extra 1015 minutes of legs that we need, that extra oomph, that extra jump shot, that extra stop that we need, isn't going to be relied upon on these guys that are on the back ends of the bench. It's someone that that we believed in so much that we gave all these millions of dollars. And the fact that we believe in him so much is he's giving up seeing one of his kids being born you know what I mean? Like that's not happening. Unless you mean a lot to that team. And you know, you mean a lot to that team. But But I really think that this is going to be the turnaround of this series. I think like I I'm with you Celtics and seven. And the reason of that is because Gordon Hayward coming back,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3532.0,"body":"I think john Hayward loses them again.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3535.0,"body":"I love that take two things here. Uh, one last question before we before we kind of finished up here, but my one take is I told you, Hayward was going to stay in the bubble. If they played it. And he did. That's so that's why you can you can take my Detroit Lions take and take that to the bank number two. Last question about the about the about did the Marcus smart post game two melt down? Yes. Make the difference?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3566.0,"body":"I think so. I think it did. Because when you you know what's what's the old adage of, you know, like, if I say something that offends Bobby, and or pisses him off, and then we go out back, we have it out. We come back in we're ready to go right well, you know, we pick other off we punch each other in the nose. We come back in we're boys again. It's fine. So I think that's exactly what happened here. And I think Marcus smart was the guy to do that. Because I think, Bobby you you've said it is like he's that heart and soul of the team right now. Right? So If you can keep that energy going, I think it's something that is going to lend to the positive of the Celtics team going ahead in this series, but I don't want to harp on the Gordon Hayward thing. But the lions are not going to win the NFC north. And Gordon Hayward is going to lose them again. Because how many times have we seen Gordon Hayward? Not play well, as many times as we've seen him dropped 30\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3626.0,"body":"tierpoint show how many times have we not seen him play well in the Eastern Conference Finals,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3631.0,"body":"but that but that's the point we haven't seen. You're right. We haven't seen him not play well in the Eastern Conference Finals. But I've also seen semi ojeleye and and Brad Wanamaker play in the Eastern Conference Finals\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3642.0,"body":"I've never seen someone spin a take like Mike Marcangelo that shit Did you read it's a pure artistry people pure effing artistry you just get Gordon Hayward not has never played in Eastern Conference Finals game to like we've never seen him play bad and Easter conference. Yeah, I\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3659.0,"body":"I learned from you dude. Adrian Peterson's averaging 93 yards per game, a game. Again, final takeaways from from this week. Final Word. We'll start with you, Joe.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3669.0,"body":"I I really liked this week in the NFL. Not because of the injuries. I think the injuries are devastating to the game. They're devastating to careers. So to that my takeaway is you cannot get rid of preseason. You can't you just can't do it. You have to play at least two games in the preseason. I think four is too many. I think too, maybe not enough. We'll see next week. Let's see what happens next week in his in his league. But when you have right now when all eyes are on the NFL, and you have Christian McCaffrey say Quan Barkley, Nick bosa going down. That's Raheem moster. I mean, he's up and coming right. When you have those guys going down. There's a problem. On the flip side, I think the fact that the Patriots have not had any injuries lends to their preparation coming into the season. I cannot wait to get James White back as long as he does come back because I agree with Craig earlier in the show. If he's there, they probably win that game. They probably get into the endzone on that last play. It's probably not like a blowout in favor of the Patriots because that Seahawks team is legitimate. I think that Seahawks team will will compete for the Super Bowl in the NFC. But I really am so excited for every Sunday Thursday night. I honestly this Jacksonville Miami game coming up tonight is going to be wild. Like it's it's Gardner Minshew. I just Bobby I think we both love him even though you use swarming up and down on Sunday when we were talking about gardener because you were having a moment regarding Dallas.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3768.0,"body":"Another level\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3770.0,"body":"that was\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3771.0,"body":"so but no, I just I I think right now looking at the NFL there needs to be preseason, we need to keep these guys on the field. They are investments they are human beings at the end of the day. And it means it means so much to the league into the fans and to them as human beings to stay on the field and make a living doing a job. And the last thing I'll say and I know we talked about it beforehand. Go vote registered to vote find out where you can vote, regardless of who you're voting for or what your vote is going to be on the questions go vote go register. It is it is your right to do so. And we hope that everybody comes on November 3 to vote again. However you're gonna vote that's not our business.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3817.0,"body":"Couldn't agree more Bobby, your final final thoughts or takeaways.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3821.0,"body":"So before I get to my final thoughts and takeaways Joe your your NFL injuries take I think is so spot on. I think when it comes to simulating NFL game speed, doing so at a full 60 minutes at once, all of a sudden is what is causing all of this you see it with game to game three and NFL preseason. They do it 20 minutes at a time 30 minutes at a time 45 minutes at a time. As soon as they go to 60 minutes without doing anything else. You're seeing all the soft tissue injury. So I couldn't agree with that more. My biggest takeaway for everything when it comes to the NFL NBA is that it's more likely for Gordon Hayward to win the NBA Finals MVP than it is for the Detroit Lions to win the NFC north.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3870.0,"body":"Neither one of those things will happen. But\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3871.0,"body":"I'm just saying he more likely if you were to go to Vegas, and you were to put bets down right now, on NBA Finals MVP, and Detroit Lions winning the NFC North if you put down $1 on each. I promise you you win more off the blinds when they ever see north.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3889.0,"body":"Oh yeah, the odds would be much you're\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3891.0,"body":"absolutely the beginning of the season, you would have won more.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3894.0,"body":"Craig, your final words are takeaways. \n"},{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":3897.0,"body":"So I'll make this short and sweet. I would like to congratulate the Boston Red Sox and our token Red Sox talk for the minute or baseball talk for the minute. They have led in two major categories. season's over. It'll be about three games left in the schedule. By the time this gets published, it's about the Red Sox have led the major leagues in two major categories. They tonight with Nick Pivetta on Tuesday, starting for the Red Sox has to be their 16th starting pitcher for the regular season. And number two, they now lead the league and home attendance of a grand total of one right, climbing the green monster and up into the TV Bay and just absolutely losing their mind. You saw a live breakdown on live national television this past weekend. If you're on the Boston Market, it was amazing.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3955.0,"body":"That was beautiful. I got\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3956.0,"body":"it. I can't believe that 616 starting pitchers in the 60 game season Mike senate long before the season like right before the season started that john Henry might know that all this was coming I I don't like john Henry. I just I can't I can't get over that they threw away a 60 games season\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3976.0,"body":"I just telling you again emotional again Jeff bass oh no that was\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3980.0,"body":"based on what you guys just said I was right about the Red Sox I was right about\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3986.0,"body":"what was not right about the lions. You're not writing scripts coming Iran\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3993.0,"body":"but my my biggest takeaway is it's this is still a bronze league. It doesn't matter if larry bird is on the Celtics it is prime we're not beating the Lakers this year with that with that supporting cast he has so the Lakers are going to win the NBA Finals. And I don't I just don't understand how anyone could have a dissenting opinion. LeBron is still the man and old wrestling adage, Joe, I know that you're kind of twisting in your chair here to be the man. You got to beat the man and nobody is beating that man.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4027.0,"body":"But that that man has been beat.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4029.0,"body":"Not this year.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4030.0,"body":"Not this year, but he's been beat he's he can't decide what team he wants to be on. Because every time they figure it out, they there's so much dissension in the next two years that he has to leave again. So what's he gonna do also after he wins in LA and then never wins again\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4044.0,"body":"real quick. But can you name one star NBA player, not not not just like a benchwarmer, but a star NBA player that has won a championship for three teams.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4057.0,"body":"Well, no, I can't because no one's done it. lebrons about to bump but we can't get people in trouble for things they haven't done.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4064.0,"body":"Well, you can get me in trouble for this. LeBron is about to do it. So obviously, aka\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4068.0,"body":"You know what? Gordon Hayward for Finals MVP.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":4072.0,"body":"Great. Well, you know, obviously, you know, thank you guys so much for listening for Broadway Joe Malkin. BK Bob Kelly. I am your host, Michael Marcangela. Thank you so much for listening to episode eight of the SNSW podcast. \n\nThank you Mike and thank you for listening to episode eight of the ss w Podcast. I am Craig D'Alessandro executive producer of the SNSW. The SNSW podcast is a one hour weekly two hour monthly podcast recapping the biggest stories in the world of sports with the New England flavour. The show notes and transcript of today's episode can be found in the description box below, as well as our WordPress and buzzsprout pages. If you're new to the show, or you haven't yet please consider subscribing. It's the easiest way to see when we publish new episodes. We are on iTunes, Google Spotify and wherever you generally get your podcasts. Be sure to rate us and leave a review of any of our shows. We always appreciate your feedback. And be sure to follow us on all of our social media pages. All of our links will be in the bottom of the show notes for Michael Marcangelo Bob Kelly and Joe Malkin. I'm Craig D'Alessandro. We'll talk to you next time."}]}