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Jan. 27, 2023

And Then There Were Four: 2022 NFL Divisional Round Recap

And Then There Were Four: 2022 NFL Divisional Round Recap

Breaking Down the Remaining Teams' Paths to the Super Bowl

In this episode of Missing the Point, Dave and Bob break down the Divisional Round of the 2022-2023 NFL Playoffs. They begin by discussing the Dallas Cowboys' loss to the San Fransisco 49ers, with both hosts expressing disappointment in the performance of the Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott. Dave mentions that he has been a fan of the Cowboys this year and likes many of their players, but he is disappointed in the performance of quarterback Dak Prescott. He says that he believes Prescott is "mentally weak" and that when the game is on the line, he throws a "duck." They also discuss the performance of running back Tony Pollard, with Dave saying that a good indicator of a running back's quality is how well they perform compared to others with the same blocking scheme.

Next, They break down the AFC Divisional Round Matchup between The Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars, which saw the Chiefs win 27-20. They mention that the Chiefs' coach told Patrick Mahomes to go get an x-ray before putting him back in the game, and they comment on how "gangster" that is that he was able to come back in the game and be effective. They also discuss the upcoming potential of the Jacksonville Jaguars, particularly their quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

We quickly discuss the NFC divisional matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants that saw the Eagles win 38-7. Not a very big surprise to see the Eagles win this game, but it was fantastic to know that they were right that the good but not great defeated the heavily favorited Minnesota Vikings the week before; they knew this because the game was in prime time, and Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins usually struggles largely in primetime games.

Lastly, they break down the matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, which saw the Bengals win 27 to 10. They also mention that the Bengals' win against the Bills seemed to be a value bet of the weekend and expressed confidence in the team moving forward. They also say the snow was a factor in the game and the performance of the Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, and his reputation of being a quarterback that can't win at the moment; he was phenomenal during the regular season but has now seen their season end in the divisional round 2 years in a row.



0:05 NFL Divisional Round Review: Cowboys, Niners, Eagles, Chiefs, Bills, and Bengals

2:48 Cowboys' Struggles and the Litmus Test of a Good Running Back

04:21 Dak Prescott's Performance in the Cowboys vs. 49ers Game

08:10 Analysis of Coaching Decisions in a Close Game

10:43 Dallas Cowboys' Personnel Decisions: A Discussion between Dave Clarke and Tony Pollard

12:36 The Decline of the Traditional Running Back: Ezekiel Elliott and the Future of the Position

15:20 Discussion on the Impact of Speed in Today's NFL

21:00 Eagles Outmatch Giants in NFC Divisional Matchup

26:13 Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid's Win-at-All-Costs Attitude

28:19 The Swagger of Joe Burrow and Pat Mahomes

30:24 Joe Burrow: The NFL's Newest Swagger King

32:29 Joe Burrow's Impressive Performance in Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals

33:42 Tony Romo's Commentary on the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals

37:08 Analysis of the Upcoming Bengals vs. Chiefs Game

37:44 Bengals vs. Chiefs Game Smart Gambling Strategies

45:13 Examining the Four Teams left in the NFL Playoffs

50:29 Examining the Kansas City Chiefs' Chances of Winning the Super Bowl


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Hosts: Dave Clarke, Bob Kelly, Mike Marcangelo

Producer: Craig D'Alessandro


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