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May 12, 2023

Boston Celtics Force Game 7 Despite Sleepy Joe Mazzulla

Boston Celtics Force Game 7 Despite Sleepy Joe Mazzulla

Resilient Celtics force Game 7: Breaking down Mazulla's coaching, Smart's grit, and Tatum's clutch play

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Welcome to the latest episode of Missing the Point, your new or already favorite podcast. In this episode, our resident Hoop Collective- DK Sizzle, Ray, and Bobby are here to talk about the thrilling Game 6 between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, which saw the Celtics force a Game 7 in Boston. They discuss the impact of head coach Joe Mazulla, the performance of Marcus Smart, and Jayson Tatum's clutch play in the final minutes of the game.

Joe Mazulla's Coaching and the Players' Resilience

The guys start by talking about the role of Joe Mazulla as the head coach. DK Sizzle takes a strong stance against Mazulla, calling him a terrible coach who is holding back the team. Bobby and Ray agree that Mazulla has made some questionable decisions, but they credit the players for stepping up and winning despite his coaching.

Marcus Smart's Grit vs. Decision Making

The discussion then shifts to Marcus Smart's performance in Game 6. DK Sizzle criticizes Smart's decision-making and argues that he takes too many risky shots. Ray defends Smart, praising his toughness and leadership on the court. The guys debate the balance between Smart's grit and his decision-making, and whether the Celtics need him to be more conservative with his shot selection.

Jayson Tatum's Clutch Play in Game 6

The highlight of Game 6 was undoubtedly Jayson Tatum's performance in the final minutes of the game. The guys talk about Tatum's ability to step up in clutch situations and make game-winning shots. They analyze Tatum's playstyle and debate whether or not facilitating and defending kept him in the game, and if that is still acceptable from your star player.

Previewing Game 7 in Boston

Finally, the guys look ahead to Game 7 in Boston. They discuss the lineup they want to see on the court for the Celtics and the one they don't. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and make predictions for the outcome of the game.


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Hosts: Dave Clarke, Rayshawn Buchanan, Bob Kelly

Producer: Dave Clarke


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