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April 15, 2023

Breaking Down the Boston Bruins' Record-Breaking Season: Insights from Shukri Wrights

Breaking Down the Boston Bruins' Record-Breaking Season: Insights from Shukri Wrights

"Missing a Point Podcast Pays Tribute to Boston Marathon Bombing Victims and Breaks Down Bruins' Record-Breaking Season with Shukri Wrights

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Lace-up your skates and hit the ice with "Missing a Point" podcast, where the hottest topics in hockey are always in play! This week, we teamed up with Shukri Wrights, who knows everything there is to know about the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics.

Things got started on an emotional note, as the group paid tribute to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing on the ten-year anniversary of the tragic event. But soon enough, they were firing on all cylinders, breaking down the Bruins' record-breaking season and all the reasons why this team has been on fire lately.

From discussing the role of coaching to analyzing the performances of individual players, the group left no stone unturned in their quest to understand what makes the Bruins tick. They even touched on the importance of chemistry and teamwork, as well as the challenges of managing a team's salary cap.

And let's not forget the heart-pumping action on the ice! The group took a deep dive into the performances of key players like Thomas Noshek and Taylor Hall, as well as the emergence of Linus Ullmark.

If you're a hockey fan, this episode is a must-listen. But even if you're not a die-hard follower of the sport, you'll find plenty to enjoy as the group shares their passion for the game and all the excitement that comes with it. So grab your stick and hit the ice with the Missing a Point podcast – it's a wild ride you won't want to miss!


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0:00 - Special Guest Shukri Wrights Joins the Show

2:20 - Reflecting on the Boston Marathon Bombing: Tribute and Tribute to the City of Boston

04:40 - Boston Bruins' Record-breaking Season: Historic Wins and Points Record

6:51 - Journey to the Stanley Cup: Boston Bruins' Path to Victory

14:37 - Boston Bruins' Aggressiveness: A Key to Success

15:59 - Jim Montgomery's Impact: Coaching Strategies and Player Development

18:31 - Analysis of Boston Bruins' Defense: Blue Line Performance and Scoring Depth

20:07 - Boston Bruins' Forwards: The Perfection Line, Taylor Hall, and More

25:03 - Bruins' Depth: Contributions from All Four Lines

26:46 - Boston Bruins' Stanley Cup Run: Past and Future

28:57 - Acquisition of Tyler Bertuzzi and the Importance of Aggressive Ownership in Sports

30:32 - Boston Bruins' Future: Keeping Key Players and Roster Changes

35:24 - NHL Vezina Trophy Awards Contenders: Linus Ullmark, Ilya Sorokin, and Others

37:22 - Goaltender Tandem of Ullmark and Swayman: A Strong Duo

39:56 - Bruins' Power Play: Strategies and Execution

43:20 - Boston Bruins vs Florida Panthers Playoff Series: Analysis and Predictions

45:31 - NHL and NBA Playoff Predictions: Who Will Come Out on Top?

51:22 - Jaylen Brown's Hand Injury: Impact on the NBA Playoffs

53:00 - NBA Playoffs and MVP Contenders: Analysis and Predictions


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Hosts: Rayshawn Buchanan

Guests: Shukri Wrights

Producers: Craig D'Alessandro



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Shukri WrightsProfile Photo

Shukri Wrights

Sports Radio and Podcast Host

Born in New York, NY on October 5th, 1991, Shukri Wrights developed a deep love for sports at a young age, particularly the New York Yankees. In the summer of 2004, at age 12, he started listening to sports talk radio, including WFAN & 1050 ESPN Radio (now 98.7 ESPN).

In pursuit of his dream as a sports radio host and broadcaster, Wrights moved to Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2015 and officially made the move on February 15th, 2017. He hosted his own sports radio show called "The Shukri Wrights Show" on 91.5 FM WMFO in July 2019, which now airs on Mondays from 5pm-7pm on WMFO and streams nationwide on TuneIn Radio App.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wrights launched his own podcast, "The Shukri Wrights Podcast," in March 2020. The podcast features interviews with some of the most notable names in sports media, including MLB on TBS announcer Brian Anderson and Seattle Mariners TV & Radio Broadcaster Dave Sims, and is available on iHeartRadio, Audacy, and all major podcast platforms. The podcast can also be watched on Wright's YouTube channel, Shukri Wrights.

In September 2020, Wrights joined 100.1 FM WBRS, where he launched his weekly sports talk radio show, "Know Your Wrights." Just four months later, in January 2021, he became the newest nationally syndicated radio host as the host of "The Shu" on Pacifica Radio Network.