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Feb. 26, 2023

Brian Robb from discuss Boston Celtics' playoff chances, and Jayson Tatum's MVP run

Brian Robb from discuss Boston Celtics' playoff chances, and Jayson Tatum's MVP run

The Celtics' Playoff Hopes: Can They Make a Run for the Championship? Guest Brian Robb from joins the show!

In this episode of "Missing The Point," Brian Robb from joins Rayshawn and Bobby to discuss the Boston Celtics and their recent performances in the NBA. They talk about the team's potential and chances of winning the playoffs, their depth, and the need for a reliable veteran backup. The group suggests Will Barton as a good option but notes that he must be willing to put the team's goals first.

The conversation also covers the impact of Mike Muscala since he joined the team, with Robb explaining how Muscala fits into the team's substantial locker room and can help in situations where there are hesitant shooters. The hosts compare him to Daniel Theis, with Rob Kelly noting that Muscala is everything Theis ever wanted to be.

Later, the group discusses Mazzulla's job as the 19th head coach in Celtics history, praising the job he has done so far and the buy-in he has gotten from the players. However, Robb notes that he would like to see Mazzulla improve on recognizing when things are going wrong during a game and using timeouts accordingly.

The conversation also touches on Jayson Tatum's MVP-caliber season and his chances of winning the award. Robb notes that while Tatum prioritizes team success over individual accolades, there's nothing wrong with wanting to win the MVP award. However, he notes that Tatum's supporting cast is better than some of his competitors, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, which may make it harder for him to win the award. The best way for Tatum to win the MVP would be for the Celtics to finish as one of the top teams in the league or for some of his competitors to miss games due to injury.

Overall, everyone agrees that the Celtics have a strong team with the potential to be a championship contender. Still, they must stay focused and continue working together toward their goals.


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Hosts: Rayshawn Buchanan, Bob Kelly

Guest: Brian Robb from

Producer: Craig D'Alessandro


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