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April 25, 2023

Celtics Dominate Hawks in Game 4, Matchup with The 76ers Looming

Celtics Dominate Hawks in Game 4, Matchup with The 76ers Looming

Analyzing the Drama and Storylines of the Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks Series: Player Performances, Lineup Choices, and the Importance of Defense

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Welcome to Missing the Point, where we dive into the drama and storylines of the ongoing NBA playoffs. In this episode, we focus on the Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks series, discussing each game in detail. From the mix of everything that could have gone wrong for the Celtics in Game 3 to the alleviation of concerns in Game 4, we analyze the players' performances and lineup choices.

One of the biggest concerns we discuss is the Celtics' defense or lack thereof. We delve into the need for the team to take opponents seriously and play defense to win. Marcus Smart's performance in the playoffs and his ability to step up in key moments are also highlighted. We dive into his veteran presence, intelligence, and intentional choices to increase his focus in recent years.

Smart's energy and intangibles on the entire team are undeniable. We examine his impact and the strengths of the Celtics' backcourt and wings, including the unique intangibles that make Smart such a valuable asset to the team. We also discuss the difficulties opponents face when trying to handle the strength of the Celtics' backcourt, especially with the addition of Derek White's pull-up three and Malcolm Brogden's sneaky off-ball play.

Our lineup discussion includes a small ball lineup featuring Tatum at the five and Brown at the four, it's effective against teams like Golden State, but not against teams with size like Philly or Milwaukee. We also touch on Robert Williams' performance in the playoffs, his load management during the regular season, and the potential effectiveness of the double-big lineup against Philadelphia.

Overall, we're optimistic about the Celtics' potential and chances in the upcoming games and series. Tune in to this episode of Missing the Point for a comprehensive analysis of the Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks series and insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the players and lineups.


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