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July 1, 2022

Check My Oil - UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier Preview

Check My Oil - UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier Preview

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In the first solo show in MTP history, Dave Clarke breaks down and previews this weekend's UFC 276: Adesanya vs. Cannonier Card being held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 2nd.

Dave will give you the previews of the matchups, the bets you would be smart making, and his full-on Irish accent!
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Hosts: Dave Clarke
Producer: Craig D'Alessandro


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Dave Clarke:

Hello, and welcome into the first ever check my oil. The MMA show on MTP starring in hosted by me just made DK sizzle I'm the only one I'm the only one here the rest of the show the rest of the group of missing the point are fucking Boy Scouts they like to see sporting athletic men throw throw balls at each other, but I I like that don't get me wrong, but I like to see them beat the shit out of each other also. So here we are. With our first solo show with our first MMA show. It's it's a wild experiment I call to check my oil in the in reference to the move and wrestling where you put your finger up another guy's butt to give him a fright so you can get out of get out of a grapple because I find that hilarious and welcome to the first show. So let's let's kick things off. We're obviously here to preview the July 4 weekend card from the UFC I it's stacked. I've had some people tell me it isn't stacked that a lot of the fights are foregone conclusions. And you know, the main card isn't super exciting. The main event isn't super exciting because is he's fighting a guy that he should definitely be but I'm here to pitch the car T I'm here to tell you all about why you should watch it why you should buy it and I don't even work for the UFC. I just want you to have a great time is coming Saturday, July 2, the prelims start at 5pm Pacific I go on Pacific, so that's eight and then seven o'clock is the main events that's that's 10 on the East Coast tune in tune in it's going to be a good one few things. Before we get into it. I would love to shout out friend of the show Hillary Rose who was also fighting on Saturday she's fighting cage Titans 54 And you can go on the cage Titans website and watch the live stream watch our friend Hillary rose. Go out there and put on a show like she always she's always want to do friend of the show. She was our first ever guest on MTP so we always love to shout her out when we can. Hillary Good luck break a leg, not yours. So yeah, definitely tune into that it's before the meat of the UFC card. So you have time you have time especially if you listen to the show and you're like wow, this charming feat gentleman hosting that MMA show just told us all great bets and predictions and all these awesome things that that I took to watching the UFC card so like the least I could do is watch his friend Hillary. Also fight in a cage match. So you know, we're affiliated here on MTP, especially on check my oil. So this is the first Primetime cage fight MMA fight ever aired on on primetime TV. It's on network television, the prelims ABC. So the channel that aired the Brady Bunch is going to air broken orbital bones and broken noses and pop dies and eye pokes and gouges and knees and elbows and people trying desperately to separate other people from their consciousness for Bloodsport and entertainment which I just don't think there's anything better I just watched gladiator recently and I have to say closest thing we got to it. Closest they are we not entertained? Yes, we are. Yes, we are. I have to say like I think the UFC. Obviously they're the premier promotion in mixed martial arts a sport I hold near and dear. I think the reason that they're so good is that they have great matchmaking. Their roster is easy to matchmake with because if they call you up like you're going, you know you want to go and be in the UFC. Like that's what you want to do. But they put great styles together, they put great narratives together, they put great, they put two fighters together in order to make great fights and I think they're getting better and better at that as as time goes on. I think they're getting more impressive with how they're able to make these burn burgers. And with what they had available for this what I would consider the Super Bowl of of the of the UFC is July 4. Reagan they've always been the kings of July 4 weekend. If you go to Las Vegas right now. It's UFC everything, you know, it might as well be a Mike Tyson fight. Granted, the main event headliner isn't fighting the best most well known fighter of his career. But I think Janet Jarrett candidate has things to bring to the table, which we'll obviously talk about at the end. I'm going to go through from the early prelims to the prelims to the main card, and I'm going to give you a few things. I'm going to give you my prediction based on the research I've done I'm gonna give you some smart bets to maybe put down because I like to do a little wager on these on these cards here and there. It's volume betting for me though. It's it's, it's smart betting every fight. And sometimes smart betting is not betting, it's important to remember that you don't need your little hit of dopamine just to throw money away on a stupid bet that was impossible to predict anyway, and you could get lucky or you could get fucked. So I'll tell you to stay away wants to. On that note, just as a little disclaimer, I'm not encouraged you to gamble. I don't think I you know, I don't think gambling is the worst thing in the world. But it is something you can get addicted to. And if you do have a gambling problem, please don't listen to these bets. Don't don't train them. I'm It by no means a betting expert. I win. Sometimes I lose sometimes. But I have done the reading and I find that it helps. There's plenty of reasons for that sources out there. If you have any kind of gambling addiction, be gamble. is a great one that people shout out all the time. I don't want you to hurt yourself. I want you to have fun. So we're going to go through every single fight. We're going to talk about some bets. We're going to talk about some odds but that's not what we're here for. We're here to have fun. We're here to have fun. We're here to watch two people try to fucking kill each other men, women and it's got everything, you know, Bruce Buffer, it's got everything. So I'm looking forward to the card. It's always a fun day for me, the wife and I actually watch every single UFC card together I'm talking all because we're the clinical term for it actually was diagnosed as old as fuck. Going out on a Saturday night is the stuff of nightmares to us, man especially post COVID We got like to use to the couch here so we just loved chucking on a fucking UFC card you know watching it having a few glasses of wine talking. It's It's honestly pure magic. We're even going to have a few people over this weekend which is unusual for us because it's such a big card and my wife's favorite fighter in the world which I find a little insulting and I'll tell you why in a second is Israel out of Sanya chi walk in loves Izzy because she is a massive geek and so is he and he shows the world that you can be a geek and also be a violent and a very effective violent man and and the top of the sport and all these different things. So I think that's where a lot of people love is he's unashamedly himself. He loves what he loves. And I love it for that reason. My favorite fighter is Conor McGregor because I was born in Dublin same places color which we have a Dublin man on this card, which we'll talk about early guesses as to who I think is going to win that fight. And again, you know, I'm not an expert I'm swayed by many things emotion all these different things. I might cry during the the Jim Miller Donald Cerrone section of this, of this card just on nostalgia. So you know, a lot of this isn't based on fucking logic. So if Taylor my bets doesn't work out for you, or if if my predictions don't come true, like you have lonely yourself, too, but I've been doing pretty good recently. I have been doing pretty good recently. So we'll see how it goes. I will have to drink a little bit of water every now and again, in order to keep this magical. These magical vocal cords moist. If you're one of those people that hates the word moist, you should get yourself a personality. Moving on. Let's do it. Let's start. Let's go with the pre prelims I think a lot of times when first of all most people miss these they're going to start before the prelims I don't think you should miss these ones. These you can have multiple ones these I don't think you should miss these because there's actually some names some washed up some some not. Some never was is but that's the pre prelims for you I think there's some cool fights on this on this under undercard and I think it's worth watching another thing that Yossi does really well is it's got such a deep roster that you can recognize people that are fighting to cards that are deterring card you know so I think it's worth watching and there isn't a ton of information out there on who to bet on these on these fights and and who you think is going to win. So I've actually gone and watched these contenders fight each other and put together something of a of a prediction for this card. So you know, it might be worth listening to who knows. Okay, who do we have first? Uriah Hall and Andre myuni Muniz, Munis Nunez mooneyes I don't know. I guess we'll find out on Saturday. Your first inclination might be I've heard of Uriah Hall, right. He's He's fought some big name fighters. He's a good fighter, compared to you know, your eye. But he I think he's on his way out. You know, I think that he has little to no chance of mounting any kind of a title shot in the next few years. He's starting to age. He's taken some bad losses over the last 18 months and He's even been beaten by guys that are you know, coming up later on this card but I think in order to bet a fight like this, you got to bet your your logic you can't bet on the fact that you kind of know who Uriah Hall is. Uriah Hall is notoriously bad at defending grappling. And the guy this guy, Andre munis, that he's fighting is a really good submission artists. So styles make fights it's it's a bad matchup for you right Hall. It's a terrible matchup. It's a matchup that makes me think that Dana White, maybe said something once and he's like, let's just get this fucking guy out of here. Let's just Let's just have him catch his next couple of l's and we'll see him down the trail. You know, he's gonna get submitted. I think he's gonna get submitted in the first round. I think it's a foregone conclusion. I think you can get plus 180 for a munis, Munis Munis first round submission that's upon looking on, you know, Thursday at 530 Pacific. That's what it was at, obviously, odd shift. But I think that's good value. I think I think a free for the fact that it's difficult to predict methods of victory and it's usually a sucker's bet. I unless you're betting on Francis and Gandhi to like, knock somebody out in the first round. I think this is as close to a good value bet on a method of victory bet that you're gonna get. So oh, I just rhymed. There, you get a little Parappa the Rapper here on check my oil, I have to make myself laugh because if you think about it by concept, I am just a man in a room alone talking to himself, but not to knock down the whole fucking house of cards here. Yeah, Uriah Hall is definitely gonna get sitting in it, I think I think it's gonna happen in the first round. I think he's gonna blitz them. And he's gonna take them down, and he's gonna plug in, or in ballroom or quorum or one of those fancy jujitsu moves. And he's gonna tap and it's gonna be it. And I think it's gonna be the start of the night, and I think it's gonna be great. It's being honest with you, I'm super excited. I'm probably going to bet the first transmission and I think you should too, if you feel so inclined, don't gamble, if you don't want to, we are going to move a little bit quicker through the pre prelims a because there's sort of less information to go on B because they're, the fighters aren't as good so it's a little bit less interesting to talk about but see, I want to be able to make sure to spend enough time on the big fights and what I think are the really exciting fights in the car but I do want to do every fight because you know all these guys are trying you know they're there they're out there doing camps and they're doing their best and and I want them to get the attention they deserve Jessica i and Macy barber I also have a prediction for this who would have thought to things could happen here I would I personally don't love betting on a women's fight that were both of the fighters are not great because sort of anything can happen up to and including, you know, things you don't expect but not usually a random knockout because of the power level that we're dealing with here. I think a lot of the times if two bums are fighting each other in the male division one guy might catch the other guy so you can kind of put money on a guy with like a little bit more power than someone else right I think with with the Jessica I may see Barbara thing I think it can go one of two ways I think either Jessica I pieces are up pieces up Macy Barbara for the entirety of their fight or what I think will definitely happen is Macy Barbara drags her to the ground for three not very exciting rounds of control. tries for submissions, Jessica and I probably doesn't get submitted if I'm being honest. And Macy Barbara wins by points. You don't get great value on this to be quite honest with you and a it's it's like minus 115 or something along those lines for Macy victory like a straight moneyline Macy victory. I wouldn't, I would I would I would bet on your I haul to get submitted in the first round and then I would take a nice relaxing jaunt through the Jessica Ime AC barber fight. That's just probably what I'm going to do you want to make that fight more exciting. Go for it I would recommend betting on Macy Barbara, I think she's going to have enough to take Jeskai down but again I think both of these ladies are not great and you know in relative context to the rest of their divisions not I think they're great athletes you know they've achieved great things by making it to the UFC even in the first place but I just you know I just in relative terms I think they're gonna cancel each other out a little bit I don't think Jess guy is good enough to force her will uh to not get Macy barbers will forced upon her but then again I don't know if Macy bar was good enough to force her will on just guy so you know I don't know maybe play a game of Fifa during that one all right. And then you know I don't mean to come up come across misogynistic. This is not because they're women. It's because they suck. Okay, Brad Tavares and Drake is do Plessy All right. This is a fun one. Actually. This is basically does do Plessy knockout to varous or does Tavares kind of survive and counter, you know, and kind of win the fight on points, right. So your bets here are basically either Brad Tavares wins by decision or do Plessy wins by by knockout or TKO, and they're usually grouped together anyway, let's talk about why. So basically, I think, personally, I think do Plessy is not as good as people say, I think if you go on the internet right now and search for reputable MMA websites that tell you who will win this fight, a lot of people are going to tell you it's going to be due Plessy. I did watch him a couple of his fights in preparation for this card. And I saw him get like, volume punched and then knocked out in a championship fight in his previous promotion. And I think I think there's a reason he's on the pre prelims. And I think Tavares is actually he doesn't have a great chain. I will admit that. I think that's why a lot of people are saying that that duplex is going to catch him. But I actually do think that Tavares has enough to kind of work the fight, you know, just work the fight work, the three wins. And work the three rounds. I mean, and just sort of get gets the win. I'm gonna bet to virus by decision. I don't have the odds in front of me right here. Oh, let me pull it up here. On it. You will go Yeah. Plus 180. On that. Moon is submission first round is actually a little lower than I thought. That's kind of weird. If you Yeah, if you Brett Bad's bet Brad Tavares to win, just to win, it's plus 124. If you bet him on decision. I mean, you might get better odds on that that might not be a bad, that might not be a bad call. It'll be a stressful one. Now, you know, you bet on the guy that has survived a murderous left hook for three rounds, you're sitting there going like Jesus Christ, don't get hit, don't get hit, don't get it. I have been there. And frankly, I sometimes stay away from beds just on the merit of how stressful they're going to be to live through because I give a shit when I lose my best in his feet. So I don't know how you feel about it. That's a personal choice. But for me, if I was gonna bet, Brad, I would bet Brad to virus to win by decision. However, I can't, because I would just be stressed out that he was gonna get knocked out for three rounds. So I'm not that confident. If he can't tell. But yeah, I mean, fuck it, you know, at this point, I think you're just as likely to win. For me, it's even odds. And you'll probably get decent numbers on a on a on a method of victory. So if you wanted to take a bet on this, maybe I'd go method of victory, you know, TKO Kayo for do Plessy because it's going to be more fun for you to watch, you're going to be there like, Come on, man, Catch him, catch him, and you'll have hope till the end. If he if he hasn't done it, you know, up until the third round, he might still have it. So a method of victory, but my might not be bad here. I'll put it this way. If divorce wins, he will win by decision. If the Plessy wins, he will win by knockout. I think that's definitely true. So whichever one you want to fall on, I would I would make that choice based on that information. Because I really do think that's that's the case. That is what I'm confident in. And so is everybody else. I'm not the only one saying this. So then we have another girl fight. Yeah, I mean, I really do think that I really do think that the UFC it's ironic that the UFC run by Dana White, like notorious Trump supporter and overall likely piece of shit. is kind of the most inclusive sport. Promotion in there for sport. You know, like, he'll he'll put women in headliners. You know, you don't, but they won't even get Brittney Griner out of fucking Russia. And Dana White's plug in having ladies headline his cards, and doing that made one of his biggest superstars in in Ronda Rousey, you know, and if the woman is in any way attractive all the creepy MMA fans are gonna be all over it. So it's a win win for him. It's just good marketing, but this is actually a good fight. And I actually think both of these ladies are good fighters at 135 Jessica Rose Clark, who I like a lot because she has the same name as me even though my name is Dave Clarke. Even though she didn't spell it right because there should be an E at the end. I think her name's cool. She's refining Julia. messing that up. Still the URENCO that I didn't miss up so I think a weird thing is gonna happen on this fight right all the smart money all the smart money which is not why you're here okay? This is not the smart money house this is the let's have fun house okay. I'm spending my money in order to increase my fun I'm not out here to make money so I'm just that's how that's where I'm trying to get you I think all the smart money says Jessica Rose Clark wins probably wins by decision probably is just a better fighter probably just wins by points and and makes it happen. I think Stoli rank has got one weapon and sort of everybody else but I think the weapons are going to work. It's an armbar and I think Jessica Rose Clark has the potential to fall asleep in the fucking arm. RT I like I think she goes a little bit to sleep from time to time I think she loses focus in the clinch she loses focus in the grapple. And I think still here right because going to be listening an armbar in there I just do it's another method of victory bet and I think still here I go by submission I just I say go for it. Because it's it's the only way this fight is entertaining because if that happens is if she locks in a cool submission. Otherwise just girls a car because it's going to point her out. She's you know, maybe she's learned her lesson. getting lazy in the clench, maybe but still irregular isn't even bad, badly outmatched on the feet. To be quite honest with you. I saw I watched her fight against Julia Vela and her fight against Alexis Davis. And I think both times she was fine. Like honestly, she was fine. I like people slotting this is like Jessica Rose Clark is the technical striker that she's going to grappler better than she's going to cleanse you better, maybe. Maybe. But I think a fun bet is still your income. And this one, I think she can sneak something in and I think you're gonna get good value on those odds. Moving right along. We're into the prelims now, which is great because there's a really fun one in Bradford Hill versus Jaylen Turner. This is a classic example of one guy's the better fighter and one guy is a fucking menace. And the Menace is a menace because he's huge. He's got a big size advantage and he puts people's lights up. That'd be Jaylen Turner, Brad Wardell, he needs to set himself up to basically survive the first five minutes. I you know, like just get through the first the first round and I think then he can like move on to win the fight. You know, it's another kind of points versus knockout matchup when we're starting to see a theme here, right? I mean, I think this is why the the UFC bras are so good at matchmaking because that's a great, that's a great potential fight for us for as fans, you know, I mean, we love that we love what's on the table for a lot of these fights. So there's a 155 I think lightweights a absolute shark tank right now. I mean, if you don't fight me, it's crazy. How how much talent is at 155 My guy Connor I think it's still active. Just like feel I can like feel like MMA fans listening to the Shelby folk and Luke's kohner folk who can compete? It's like, Dude, I don't give a shit. I'm here to have fun. It's so much fun. You scientifically me, it's a payday. You call. We're rich baby. confirmado is rich breakout. I read panties. So, I mean, what's more fun, fun than that? You know, but I digress. We'll get more into that in the next fight. Yeah, so I did but I actually think Jaylen turn is going to catch Bradford Hill. I think he's gonna He's gonna catch him. I think method of victory first round taking lockout gives me a lot of fun. I think I'm hoping if I'm right on these methods of victory, there's going to be this we're going to be on fire through this. This Bradwell Jaylen Turner fight. We're it's we're still cooking. So yeah, I think it's going to be a really good fight for the fans again, and I think Jalen Turner size is going to pay out I'm hoping I'm hoping it does. It's gonna be great to see somebody get knocked out. So I think TKO probably probably first round. Okay. Oh, but then again, they usually come in a package deal. Oh, I'm so excited to talk about the next prelim fight. Let's just get right to it. I might have gotten I might have rushed Brad and Jaylen a little bit just to get to the en Gary another doubling man another adult blonde man on the card. His favorite fighters Conor McGregor. My favorite fighters Conor McGregor. We should be friends. II and Gary. We should be friends, man. Go to the pub. It's got to go to the pub. That's where I'm from. I don't know what pardon you're from. Probably somewhere cool. He's a he's a Sanford m omega. Which is interesting. I feel like maybe you would have thought SBG because he's a Dublin guy but he's a San Fernando a guy with a lot of great fighters commander there you know iron iron Miko Chan, Michael Chandler, like a Johnson was there. In Gary's there Cynthia Lucchese there. I think who's beaten everybody's asked if they've got a great roster. I'm probably forgetting Lightfoot, usually, but they've got a great roster. And I think I think the things that people have pointed out about you and Gary's gaping flaws defensively more more commonly than other things. They're just young fighter quirks and I also think he hasn't really had to do it. You know, he hasn't really had to be defensive because he's been fighting. He became the cage warriors champion, same path as Connor but he was the welterweight cage wars champion Conor was obviously featherweight and lightweight first time double champ in that promotion, actually once he the first time though, which happened gauge, right? I don't know. But he was a fucking first time champion UFC that's for sure. Even Gary though he is a lot of fun. He has a lot of fun. He kind of squeaked it out. His last fight against that Wink squeaked by decision. He was a little bit more technical. He does have holes in his game, for sure. But he's also strangely for a guy who's with the technical striking that he has he's he's more well rounded in grappling than you then you believe this would be comfortable with another COFCO in for for Ian. I think he's got a lot to prove after the last fight because, I mean, some people I think my wife included, had had the Winx wineglass fight on points. So he's got a lot to prove. He's a big prospect. He's nine and all his nickname is the future. He's a perilous to Conor McGregor. I've already sort of talked about he's Irish. You know, he fights at 170, which obviously Congress wants to do. He's a big McGregor fan, you know, and he kind of is one of the few people in the MMA community that actually sticks every corner. I think it's kind of fun and trendy to hate on him these days. You know you love you love a fall from grace, don't ya? Don't you look at what you did to Britney Spears your fuckers anyway. I think I don't think it's gonna be a good fight for Gabe green. I think that Ian Gary's gonna win comfortably. I think he's gonna hit him with some volume. I think TKO second round. Don't bet that though. Just bet the straight when he and Gary for sure. I think a decent odds actually probably because his last fight was a bit bit of a squeaker. So I think I think he and Gary, to be honest, I think that's pretty clear. Now again, clearly fucking bias, like clear, like, on unabashed bias because he's from Dublin and I want him to win every single fight and I want like the Irish to fucking take over the fight game over and over and over again. It's awesome. It's pure nationalism, and I'm not ashamed for an island of 6 million people. I think we'd be okay. Anyway. Yeah, Ian, Gary. I think TKO that's just me that's why we've been and I'm gonna be probably half in the back by the time he gets up there and I'm going to be shouting from the rafters so let's move on to other allergy fights next 155 Why they even made these guys do their cut to 155 I had no idea you might as well just find a 170 I don't know. It doesn't matter. Jim Miller and Donald Cerrone. This is a kind of a weird rescheduling, as Joe Lausanne was supposed to fight. Cerrone Chateau de jolla was on Hillary who I mentioned at the start of the show. Trains a Lozano she's a big fan of his and we are here to it at MTP but they kind of got cursed. That fight kept getting canceled first Cerrone back there because he was sick or something and then the second time they rescheduled it Lozano back down because something happened and it's it's just too bad because it was like a perfect like, kind of old head fight. You know, guys who have been around a long time in this in the fight game and in the UFC and kind of been through multiple errors and two fan favorites and they really wanted to put it on Dana White says he's never flipped the book in it again, I don't blame them because it was just the big curse, like it had a bit of a Tony and could be vibe to it. But he's fighting Jim Miller, which is kind of the same thing. Which is great. Jim Miller's kind of having a resurgence. He's found a lot of power in his punches. He's winning good fights. He's put again, he's been around for a fucking million years and I think I think it's gonna be cool. It's just that whenever Cerrone gets hit now, like anything touches him, his reaction is so bad. Like, he'd like that he's got a bad poker face. His eyes go he starts to wobble. His chin is gone. Like his chin is gone. It's been gone. You know, I think it's that kind of slick. The reason why Donald Cerrone was a fan favorite if you're sort of new to the UFC image, no shame in that, like we were very accepting community. Just don't go on Reddit or Twitter or whatever. But the cool thing about Cerrone used to be he was real slick with it. You know, like his combinations. Were like really, really slick. He was super accurate. He was like a really good kickboxer. He was tough. He was he was, he was an interesting character. You know, we even have he even had kind of moments with Connor that that helped Conners kind of rise up as that was happening. He like called them out you and he's a likable guy. I mean, anytime you see him in interviews, I think sometimes the spectacle gets a bit big for him. So like the last place he should have put it was a Conor McGregor fight. But a lot of main events I've seen in many sort of wilts, he's better at it in a fight like this. And as much as Jim Miller is probably better at this point in their careers based on what they've done recently. I actually favor cowboy in this one. I think it's a good place for him to be on the card. I really I know this is silly, but I really I know it's not fucking silly, actually. Because I feel again, I think it's true. I really like his body language this week. I've watched like a lot of cowboy Cerrone doing like pre fight press in my life. And you can sort of tell when he's in his own head. And when he does that thing, where he like, kind of punks himself in the locker room or when when that's coming down the pipe? I think I haven't I don't see that at all in in, in this kind of iteration of that being said, I mean, I know why people are better than Jim Miller because if Jim Miller touches them, I think he's gonna go to pieces like he always does these days. You know, no offense to cowboy man, I love the guy but that's just the straight up truth but then it When he's going to pieces getting touched by Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor just engaging these guys hit like fucking Howard series. I'm not saying Jim Miller hasn't found this this power. And I'm not saying he can't do it, but I will wager they just engage. He hits a lot fucking hard at Jim Miller when you I mean, that's only that's only to be expected. So I think I think that the long and short of it is Cerrone is the underdog. So he's Gaku Valley. You know, I did. There's a world in which he wins this fight because he's just slick. I think the way that their styles that they're striking styles match up to I think the way that that Miller comes in, kind of benefits Cerrone. And I think maybe he doesn't knock them out in the first round. Which means Cerrone can get a little comfortable in there and actually, like do some Donald Cerrone shit. I really think that can happen. So I think if he gets knocked unconscious, by the way, whatever he has been saying this week, he's retiring. I think if he gets knocked out, he's fucking he's done. He's leaving the gloves in here, and that's probably for the best, but if he wins, if he wins, my boy, that is a different kettle of fish entirely. All right, let's move on to another flag and 40 year old fight and somebody ruthless Robbie Lawler another fan favorite EQ because he's put on some pepsin loot Stormers in his time in the UFC and an MMA in general ruthless Robbie Lawler he's always in wars if you ever want to you can watch some amazing fights in the history of of Robbie Lawler his career and just just go back and watch the you you just you watch some absolute fucking wars you know a lot of blood lot of guts a lot of thunder he's fighting a guy named Brian barber Rita who crane it he came in a little streak in he was doing okay, he's one of those weird credit out of shape guys who was like, you know, you put money on him and then you see mock out you're like fuck, but in saying that. Robbie Lawler beat Nick Diaz in his last fight. And I think it was pretty universally agreed upon that. Nick Diaz shouldn't really been in there that layoff was was it for him? I think. Robbie Lawler did a pretty good job against Ben aspirin before it he got kind of like, choked out but not really choked out because even herb Dean was like, Oh, I fucked up. I shouldn't have stopped the fight. But everybody can kill him. You know, and he's 40 he's 40 and Brian Barbarina 33 I think so. You know, it's even though it's for me. I would take whatever you can get better odds on I think Barbary is slightly better. But it is a pickup I mean, they're both so right about read has never been as good as redistribution. Lawler was at his best boy Robbie Lawler is 40 Ime Barbarina he can get he can get TKO for sure. But I don't think anyone's getting knocked out in this fight. I need to get on the distance I think barbering is gonna win. I'd like I prefer if if Robbie Lawler wins. So you mean who wouldn't? Bought if I'm trying to put my thinking man's cap on I think, I think it's barbarian. Okay. Let's do it. Guys. We're going into the to the to the big ones. And I don't even know if this is going to be as of right now. I'm not sure if Sean O'Malley versus Pedro Munoz is even going to be if it's gonna be the feature prelim, which would make a lot of sense. You want a headline, you want a headline or kind of a barnburner in the feet feature premium because as discussed, it's going to be on ABC, before the paper which is on you know, the pay per view. The prelims are gonna be on a ABC so sugar show Sean O'Malley is so exciting. He's got all the flair he's the Gen Z Conor McGregor, right? He's got rainbow we're gonna throw. He's funny. I like how he I personally like how he goes about his career and his business. He says I'm not going to fight 50,000 I'm not going to get paid 50,000 to fight million dollar guys I'm going to fight 50,000 guys and I'm just going to stack up my record and practice and get better and better than when I fight tough guys i'll get paid a shitload of money because my style rise I don't mind it I really don't demands managing his brand. Not everybody has to go like okay, let me beat the shit out of three tin cans and then go knock out folk and Jose Aldo you know, I mean, it's it's everybody's different. I think that's as far as this fight goes. If we can break back down this whole like Sean O'Malley gets his leg eaten up thing. It happened once against an amazing leg kicker. Pedro Munoz is not going to be able to do that to Sean O'Malley and Sean O'Malley is fun to watch guys like love them hate them eyes to this is to that and he's too much. He's fun. He's so fun. He's fun. He's fun to watch fight. Forget the hair. Forget the press conferences, whatever they outfits who gives a shit? He's fun to watch fight. He really is he's really good striker super fast. He's got a bunch of weapons in his locker. I think he's gonna pull them all out. He's gonna He's gonna knock this dude out. To be honest with you. I think TKO gets you plus 300 i i take that all day. All day. I think a lot of people are betting on one decision which is probably swinging odds but Anik could be, you know, I mean, Pedro Munoz is admittedly a step up in competition for a melief from the from the last few guys that he's fought. I think you struggle with leg kicks against one of the most powerful fighters in the division. I don't think that's Pedro medius. So I think O'Malley is going to, he's going to angle better. He's gonna be more accurate. He's longer focal longer and everybody in that division. I think he's gonna think it's gonna be sure to show again, I mean, I I mean, if we're here to have fun, who's betting Pedro menials you know, who's coming in and going like, wow, I want paint on a whim because he is a whitey why would you want to shout him out and you'll lose like as a neutral fan spectator supporter, whatever you want to call yourself. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be a great show. I'm glad to sugar shows on this card. I liked the fact that he has kind of become the perennial, sort of headliner of the prelims he's always on a pay per view. Now like he said, he puts us in seats this kid, so I think it'd be fun to be a fun watch. You know, he reminds me that kid in school that was like 115 pounds, but you actually knew he could scrap like somebody would would call him out you'd be like, Oh, shit, so I think it's cool. I like I mean it yeah, as you know, I'm a McGregor fan. So if you're like one of those fucking could be peds being like, we're looking at literally is this trying to advance position? It's like yeah, no, totally. They're technical aspects of the sport are really interesting and cool. But I get to talk into this microphone and make fun of you went you want to talk and funny voice. So who really wins at the end of the day? Yeah, Sean O'Malley TKO plus 300. From de cases themselves, sign off on it, seal it, deliver it posted to your granny. Okay, let's get into this guy. Sean Strickland versus Alex petita. Sean Strickland's a massive piece of shit like a massive piece of shit. Like I'm not even talking like, you might have thought going down the narrative here where you're like, he just likes the fun guys. Like he likes the big loud mouse, whatever. It's not the same thing. It's not the same thing. Shawn Strickland is a massive dinosaur. The shit that comes out of his mouth. Yeah, he could kick my ass. Of course he could kick my ass but he definitely that comes out of his mouth is fucking vile and he used to be a neo Nazi you wouldn't know that look that shit up. It used to be a fucking neo Nazi true I'm sure he's renounced that lifestyle but like I wonder what he says with his friends over a few Bud Lights of fucking barbecue. You know what I mean? I doubt he's walked the path of enlightenment if all the other shit that comes out of his mouth is any indication. He's one of these people. He's a you know, he has a Twitter with a lot of followers and he fucking says shit on and I'm surprised he can spell to be 100% honest with you maybe as a ghost writer, but I really don't like the guy if he can't if he can't figure it out. Also, for all of us, for you, for me for my wife who loves Israel out of Sanya. We want Alex Panetta when because we want Izzy to get his redemption song against him because Alex put out a very interestingly, is a guy who not Israel out of Sanya unconscious, the man who's undefeated at middleweight in the UFC used to be a kickboxer sorted and they fought twice. I think the first fight I think is the one I watched it back in preparation for the show. I think he went on points I think he kind of just had him like I think it's wild that he didn't want to buy decision to be honest with you. I think they should be one on one coming into this rubber match. And you know what? Since we're going to talk about Max and Volk after this they are fucking one on one after the after this you can put the official records wherever you want. I watched the fight he won the first fight he just did. However in the second fight he got knocked unconscious badly he got he got taken out on a stretcher because this poor guy he's got a fucking lead left hook and I would sell my first board to see him land that mean left hook on Shawn Island massive piece of shit strictly, I really would I hate this guy so much. And also the little inside track on this. Everybody talking about how great Shawn Strickland's boxing is. It's pretty fine. I was gonna say pretty good. And then I like thought about it for a second. I think he's got decent defense. I don't think that's going to do shit against this left hook. I think Alex Perez is going to go up a level and I think if you're Sean strict let me put it this way. If you're Shawn Strickland if you're listening, sorry, I called you a piece of shit. Not that sorry. You are but if you're Sean Strickland you're listening. Do not try to kickbox this guy he's gonna kill you don't actually do do try to kickboxing please try to kickboxing here he's gonna die if he tries to get into a striking exchange this dude it's It's bananas to think that that will go Shawn Strickland's way defends boxing, whatever. All these buzzwords are gonna throw out at you when you're listening to the to the you know, the preambles or reading articles are listed in other MMA shows. They're gonna tell you his boxing has been actually quite impressive. And this is this is a this is a title contention. about whoever wins this is probably going to fight a death Sonya I'm trying harder to pronounce his name right. They kind of drilled on a Sunday into my head but he keeps saying like it's a death song. Yes, I'm trying easy. They're trying this is whoever wins this fight is in my opinion and in the opinion of most people are paying attention. So if it's Sean Strickland is gonna fucking murder and, you know, something would be close, but a little narrative. You know, we love narrative around here, along with pageantry. I love pageantry of any kind. But, yeah, it's gotta be prayer, and we want it to be prayer, because that's his his next fight after he. I mean, like, spoiler alert, retains its title. We'll get to that. But I think it would just be a victory for the good guys, for people with morale, morality and some sort of common sense and love for their fellow man. It would be a victory for all of us if Shawn strictly got separated from his consciousness on Saturday night, and but it would be a victory for us as fans too, because that is just a more fun fight. Pereira versus out of Sanya, three. Technically, it's just a more fun fight to watch. I just that's what I want. I want that in my life. So I really need Shawn strictly not because the only way he wins if he just grapples him because he's a better like MMA guy. And he tries to survive and wins on points and it's like that's who it is. He is He deserved better than that. If you asked me, I think Pereira hopefully goes up a level ago saying I think hopefully he's got some decent defense. I hope he doesn't get smothered. I hope he creates angles. I hope he sets up his shot and doesn't chase it. And I hope he knocks on Strickland and I hope it with all my little heart. I really do. Strickland is really good ground striker. So I'd be nervous if he gets prayer onto the floor. But prayer is really strong. I am hoping it but I'm also thinking that's what's going to happen. That's that it's my hope and my thought, if that makes sense. I hope it does. I think it does. So yeah. So then obviously whatever happens with with the easy fight we'll talk about but Stricklin boxing like, you know, what's he going to? What's he gonna fucking do? What's he gonna do not? You know, he's not isolated. So he'll do Newton. He'll do so that's kind of all I have to say about that fight. I will be vehemently cheering for prayer and in this fight and because I think Sean Strickland is a most of these are shit. All right, Max Holloway versus Alexander volkanovski. DOS, Houma. Oh my No sorry, trace. Oh my god, what am I saying dos for the reason why is because I I feel like the first few fights are so fucking weird. So they're fighting for the third time. Obviously, there was a dumb mistake on my part don't make doesn't mean I'm done. I mean, the Oedipal just kicked in. So I guess it doesn't mean I've done Max Holloway, I think won the second fight. I think I'm one of those people. I think there's a lot of those people out there, namely, anyone who watched the second fight. That's that's one that anybody has watched the second fight, I think. Thanks, Max one. So going off that, you know, we're talking about Pradera. And in auto, Sonya, I think they're one and one and forget what the stupid judges that happen to be there that night say I think they're winning one. I think Volk and Holloway are winning one and I think this is the rubber match. And again, I can't my little heart, my my kind of fan. I love Max Holloway. I love Max Holloway. How do you not, you know, he's sort of my generation of MMA fighter too. I feel like he was he went on his run, like, shortly after I got into mixed martial arts. You know, a few maybe a year later, he started showing up like fighting Conor McGregor, and they have a fun little fight. And then he goes on to beat a lot of motherfuckers at featherweight, and he was the champ for a while and he beat although those are great fights and his personality is facing a nice guy. I do worry a lot of people say this these days, but I also do worry about his brain damage. I think he has taken quite a lot of punishment and I think there is noticeable slowdown in his speech, and I worry about it. I truly do. I don't hate Volk. I like nothing him he just like doesn't move the needle for me. I don't know what it is like, as a champion. It's just like, he just doesn't bring a lot to the table like personality wise, like I get that he's a good fighter, but even then, like, his style is weird. And he's really super well rounded. He can like kind of do everything and he's he's a good athlete. And you know, I should like him more than I do. But I just don't maybe it's because he fought Max. I don't know I haven't really done like the kind of therapy deep dive on why I feel the way I feel about Alexander volkanovski. But it's just, it's just a little upsetting that the judge is blue. The second fight in this fight has a little bit less shine on it than it should. But if we just kind of do what I'm doing, which is just pretend that it's one on one because it is kinda then I think that's a better way to kind of go about it. So I think this is the rubber match. And as far as the prediction goes, I mean, it's tough because I think, I think Volk, they know each other so well at this point, you know, so it could get weird. It could be, it could be like a strange interaction where they kind of cancel each other out. But I'm hoping Max has gone and added something to his game where he can, he can come in and just do something different and win the fight. Because like, if everything went my way on this card, like see, and Shawn strictly get knocked unconscious and like, see and Max Holloway, like lift the belt again. Now, I don't know what they do from there at featherweight, you know, like, if also, if you look at the guys that that Volks beaten and look at the max, guys, the Max has been, I think Max has gotten better, better kill list, personally. But it would be great to see it really would. It's hard. It's a hard fight to predict, though, right? Because if I'm being really honest, and I'm being super logical, I predict that it's gonna go the same way as the first two fights, it's gonna be really tight, it's going to be close, and the judge is going to fucking score it and they're probably going to it's, it's, you know, and it as it should be, it's harder to take the belt away from the champion than it is to retain it. And that's, that's fair enough. You know, you gotta go take that belt from him. I get that. What? What but then I mean, that calls the first finding the question doesn't it doesn't matter. It's a weird fight the complicated fight do not bet on this fight. Do not bet on this fight. It's not it's not possible for us to predict. The smartest money you can have is Volk wins again, that's the smartest money you can have. But like, you don't want to bet that. D I mean, you don't wanna be that guy. Do you want to be betting on cheering for Alexander? Volca? Fucking Oski. I mean, I get that he's in his school, and they're all friends or whatever. But me. You got to go max on this. You got to take it to the max. So yeah, I'm saying I'm saying Holloway via decision. I'm hoping it's a clear decision. Because it's going to need to be if he's going to win that way. But Jesus, do not bet Don't bet on this fight. Don't Don't go near this fight with your money. Whatever you do, that I just saved your money or whatever happens on on fight night. I've saved your money there. So You're welcome in advance. Okay. Lastly, but certainly not leastly. We have the main event of the evening. Israel out of Sanya, undefeated. A middleweight, although he says he doesn't like it when people say that because he doesn't mind that he went up to 205 and sort of miscalculated his weight loss to blow which he doesn't mind. That's okay. People lose. He says it's not boxing, you know, you don't retain your perfect record in the sport unless you're like a little bit of a posi and you kind of pick your fights and you get out early. You know who I'm looking at? And then I you know, I think I respect that. You know, it's like yeah, he will he dared to be great didn't he dared to move up in weight classes and and try to become a champ champ. There's only one other person that's done that legitimately Cormier, you know, John Jones had his fucking number and he punked so, so I Daniel got the second belt. Well, I guess it was the first belt but that's why he had that belt. And because John Jones owned that light heavyweight division at that point. I wanted it and he would probably if he was on at this build. Now, I'd say BB Cormier again. He always did. So that's that's a legitimate answer. There's not enough people to fight. I mean, he has it both those weight classes, so Yeah, no shit. She won both. There's been one real champ champ. We all know who that is. It was very impressive. To move up and beat a guy night like Eddie Alvarez the way that he did and it's really hard to do is my point. It's super, super, super hard to do. Especially the jump between 185 and 205. It's a big weight jump. That's big. And it lead looked every pound that much of a weight jump. When is he fun? will have it. I mean, it just did. He miscalculated he didn't put enough muscle on it. I think he thought he could just out kickbox the guy because the Hobbit is kind of easy. kickbox he's a really high level kickboxer. But below average was like no, I'm not doing that. I'm fucking 20 pounds on you on fight night. I'm putting you down. You know, there was a mistake to do what he did with his weight. He lost it. He wants to fight. I wouldn't want to see him go unless he could put a shitload of muscle mass on. I wouldn't want to see him go up to 205. Now with with what's his name with the ponytail up there now He's scary. I would want to see that. It'd be cool. I mean, I by the pay per view, don't get me wrong, but just as a as an easy fan. I don't know. I don't know if I would love that. But I digress. He's fighting Jared Kennedy, who is for all intents and purposes, you know, good fighter. It's just one of those situations where he's beaten everyone to the point of being even a little embarrassing. Paulo Costa. You know, Robert Whittaker, it's kind of a maximum Volk situation, except that he clearly want the first two. So it's like they were even reticent to put the third Max and Volk fight on because it was too low. But because there was enough controversy around it. The second one especially, they put it back on the Izzy versus Cannoneer fight or sorry, the Izzy versus Whitaker fights, he clearly wins. So there's kind of a camp I think saying like Robert Whittaker is like his best option is the best guy to challenge him. I did we've read that book. We've seen that play. We've listened to that record already. And you know, it's, it's good, but it's, it's it's played. It's been played. It's been read. It's been found wanting. And I think that that's the situation we're in with, with Cannoneer coming in. I think he's a good fighter, I think is he sort of blessed him with the fight. I think he saw them, put a few wins together and said, like, those are impressive wins. Give them the title shot, because there isn't anybody else. I've beat the shit out of every other middle way he just has. So I think that's where you're going unless you're kind of known guy. That being said, I mean, Joe Kennedy is no slouch. He's a good fighter, his style is not going to work for him in this fight. He's square shoulder walk forward, be more powerful. But guys up against the cage type guy, he might get lucky he might catch is he breaking off the cage and going on an angle, you might catch him with something I'm not saying that won't happen. But there's no value to betting is zero on a Sunday, and I cannot advise you to bet against him. You'll get great odds, you'll punch the number into the little, I want to put this amount of money on Jared Cannoneer because the odds are so and you're like, that's how much money I can win. And there's a reason for that. It's because it's not going to have to go further. It's not going to happen, but it's going to be the kind of victory that like artists on your fans love. Like, I do think that people sort of criticize him for like how he's won in the past. Because he doesn't guarantee his victories, like he just makes sure like he goes in and he goes like, alright, I can beat the fuck out of Paulo Costa. Alright, I can knock out Robert Whittaker like, I got the size on him. Sometimes I will admit the fights, he just sort of wins. You know, he just kind of point fights guys and he wins them. I don't think that happens very often. He I think he did it with Silva, because he respected Silva. You know, I don't think he wanted to go in there and like, fucking destroy him. I think he was like, this is kind of an exhibition. Say what you will about that. I mean, you know, if you spend $75, or however much it is now, that's going to annoy you a little bit, I would imagine. But, you know, I respect in the grand scheme of his career, he's not out there to try and get knocked unconscious for your entertainment. He's out there to try to win. Because that's what success is. I think he's gonna be Cannoneer in a really entertaining way. Like, the way that he's he's longer than me. He's stronger than me. He's faster than him. I don't mind maybe he's not strong in there. But it's not gonna matter. I think he's got a piece him up. Like, I think he's going to be scoring points. I think he's going to hit him with some flourishes. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, and he's going to talk some shit. While he's beating the fuck out of this poor bastard. He's kind of made that prediction too. But like he said, like, I'm gonna really beat this guy's ass. Like, I respect him. You know, I even like him, but I'm gonna beat the shit out of him. I think he knows he needs to put on a show after the last fight. And I think I he was saying he's going to submit him if you want to put some crazy money on some puts, is he by a submission? Because is he is the one who keep saying he's going to do that. He's like, I might submit it. I might do it. I've been working on it. I mean, that's confidence. That's a lot of confidence right there. I wouldn't want to really see him roll around. With Cannoneer down there to be honest with you, I want him to just come in and put on the Israel Adesanya show. I want him to be the champ again. And then hopefully if the rest of the narratives work out Sean Strickland's loses in dramatic fashion. And it sets up a title bout for a real title contender in Alex Panetta and I think you know as much as like that main event might be a little bit of a foregone conclusion I really do think it's going to be entertaining how he does it. So I recommend watching the fight for that reason. I think there's a ton of unanswered questions involved versus Holloway. So I think that's another great comment event for you to watch I think that that's that put as its puts asses in seats, I think prayer and Strickland is going to be awesome what however it works out I think it's it's a great fight and you really could see like, like an honest to god Nazi get knocked out. So that's cool. Who doesn't want to see that? And watch that fight and and put on Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark and just get off on some Nazis getting punched in the fucking face poured, you know? Otherwise, all the rest of the fights are cool. I mean, we've gone through all of them now. And I think they're like a lot of fun. That's a fun card. Have some friends over to your place. Order a few pizzas and some Diet Dr. Peppers, sit your asses down in your favorite s groove of your couch and buy that pay per view or steal it? I don't give a shit I don't work for the UFC. steal it. I'm gonna fuck yeah, that'll do it. We've done all the fights. We went through all of them real refresher. Please do watch Hillary rose on cage Titans on Saturday. Cage Titans Fitty foe I believe it is and hopefully she wins. We're all pulling for you here Hill as always, and And yeah next next UFC pay per view you can hear back from me DK sizzle on this wonderful new show we're calling check my oil all right Have yourselves a wonderful Fourth of July weekend