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April 14, 2023

Check My Oil - UFC 287 Recap

Check My Oil - UFC 287 Recap
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Welcome to Check My Oil, the MMA podcast that gives you the inside scoop on all the latest happenings in the octagon. In this episode, Dave Clarke, Matt Wilcox, and Ben Peak break down the action-packed UFC 287 Pay-Per-View event from last Saturday.

From the explosive Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Peirera fight to the highs and lows of the entire card, the gang leaves no stone unturned. They dive into the controversy surrounding Gilbert Burns' title shot and debate whether Jorge Masvidal is truly done in the sport. Plus, they explore whether Rob Font's victory is a sign that Massachusetts fighters can compete at the highest level.

But that's not all - Ben shares some fascinating stories from his fighting days, including a riveting anecdote about training with one of the Boston Marathon Bombers. Trust us, you won't want to miss this episode!

For all the latest MMA news, analysis, and behind-the-scenes insights, tune in to Check My Oil.

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Hosts: Dave Clarke, Ben Peak, Matt Wilcox

Producer: Dave Clarke


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