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Dec. 15, 2021

Cowboy's worried about Zeke? Is Lamar Jackson elite? Can the Rams trust Matt Stafford in the Playoffs?

Cowboy's worried about Zeke? Is Lamar Jackson elite? Can the Rams trust Matt Stafford in the Playoffs?

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On the 100th episode of MTP: we discus if The Dallas Cowboys, despite their success this season, should be worried about the production of their star running back, Ezekiel Elliot, who is having one of his least productive seasons, while at times being outshined by backup running back Tony Pollard.

We next focus on the AFC playoff picture and focus in specificity on the Baltimore Ravens and if quarterback Lamar Jackson, despite all his athleticism is truly an elite quarterback in the NFL. 

Likewise, we look at the NFC playoff picture and ask if the Los Angeles Rams can trust Quarterback Matt Stafford when it comes to playoff time. We take a look at Stafford's career record vs winning NFL should give the fans in Ram's House some concern.

Finally, we take a look at this week's NFL Power Rankings for Week 15, and if the New England Patriots remain the Top Seed.
Hosts: Michael Marcangelo, Bob Kelly
Producer: Craig D'Alessandro

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Welcome into missing the point this is actually episode 100. But we have a big old celebration planned for y'all later. I am Michael Mark Angela joined by the real BK Bob Kelly. And it was patriots off week, which means that this is going to be a very cowboys centric podcast. Bobby, how are you? And what are your takeaways from the week of football? I'm good. Yeah, as everyone here knows new dad, so I'm a little tired, but I'm good. I'm here. I think we're all pretty tired. That's a fact. little inside joke for everyone out there. So I wasn't I'm very happy the Cowboys on this week. We really took control that division. You know, it's ours. 100 pretty much 100% We win this week. And I think any of the NFC East teams lose we quench that division. However, as good as that defense was as amazing as the D line was I need to start off from negative and just what the hell is going on with this offense man. It is driving me nuts the Cowboys had a 24 to nothing we going into the half and I was thinking blow out City Central. I told you guys that I was like listen to blow is on tap Get it ready. does not have that second half wed Dak Prescott, just look lost in that second half bad he did everything he could to try and give the football team that game that pick six in the fourth quarter was the most inexcusable rookie throw. And he's what a fifth year pro now. But in DAX defense, the D line the defensive lineman was mid air, so he blocked the linebacker that was spying, I, you still can't make that throw though, in that situation, right? You can't make that throw over the middle like that. You're just begging for someone to jump into the lane of that pass and pick it off. You know what I mean? So probably six out of 10 times. If there's a decent linebacker there a decent safety working, he's gonna make a play on that ball. It's just in the fourth quarter when you're up. I think we were up 14 At that point. You can't make that throw. You cannot get that aggressive. Another thing that drove me a little crazy. Is the play calling. I gotta say I'm so sick of 39 screen passes. I feel like I'm watching goddamn Josh McDaniels the offensive coordinator for this team is driving me crazy man. But I want to get to negative about it. Well, hold on before you get positive. Can I Can I chime in with my negatives? Yeah, I do. I and I say this because there have been a couple of wins this year that Patriot fans have celebrated and you yourself have said yeah, that's not like that's not a really good way. That's a W but it's it's an ugly win. This was an ugly win. Let's just go over the fact that the Dallas point totals first quarter 18 points second quarter, six points third quarter 3/4. Nothing. They let the the football team of Washington walk right back into that game with Kyle Allen looking like an actual pro quarterback in the fourth quarter. I think a couple of things stand out. If you if you look at like the dog days of of Green Bay, one one McCarthy was still there. Where they were the offense look just like one dimensional. It was seen routes out route maybe like a hitch. That's what you're seeing in Dallas. Except he should not be ruining Dak Prescott right now. Dak is everything that you say that he is and more. But when you look at it, his stats for the week 22 of 39 for 211 yards, one touchdown and two picks. That's atrocious and they are the front runner in that division. They should blow out. I know I know. Know Ron Rivera has that team coached up pretty well they do. You know the Washington does fare pretty well against against good teams, especially when they are the underdog. They're Freschi for sure. And divisional games are always are always close. But the hallmark of a championship team and you've said this before? Is you beat the teams that you're supposed to handily. Yep. That did not happen this week. So it was it was like a cardio. I mean, it was a cardiac episode. In the fourth quarter. You got to win. I get it nine to four. That's awesome. But I walk as an objective football fan when it comes to the cowboys and not the Patriots. I walked out of this game and say, You were lucky to get out of it. Let's hope that they learned from that. And they don't just say, Well, you know, we want to win the win. Yeah, I completely agree with you there. The hallmark, like we've always said hallmark of championship teams, is first thing, like you just said, is beating teams you should be and you beat them. Well, you look like you're a better team than that. The other thing is, when a team is down, you take your foot, and you put it on their throat, and you don't let him get back up. Those two things are so concerning it. So the biggest thing I remember at the beginning of the season with this team was like, I was like, this seems different. This seems like a team that does handle business, it seems like a team, because that's what they were doing. They're playing crappy teams, they beat the absolute shit out of them. They're playing good teams. And when they had them down, they put their foot on this route. And they kept them down. You look at the Patriots game, that we were very resilient in that game, we came back. There was a lot of things that were encouraging you look at the Giants game, we smoked them. When we showed up your chargers game, we took care of business, the Panthers took care of business. Second half of the season, it's been a completely different story, man, you look at the Raiders game 36 points through a team that hasn't even scored 13 points since you look at this past game, where we were up 24 to nothing and when 30 to 23, like it should or what 2020 720-728-2720 It's just these things that keep rearing their ugly head. That's been things that have been driving me crazy about this team for 510 years. It just seems like they cannot go away. Okay, we can't do it. We can't get rid of it. We can't. So I mean, over the last five or 10 years, right? Like this isn't the same coach the clapper is gone. So what is it? What is it about when and it's not all the time? Like I'm not shitting on the Cowboys right? But there there are some games when they do get off to that early lead that they do let the pedal off. They do let their foot off the gas as a as the resident you know, Cowboys fan. Why? Like what is the reoccurring pattern here? And how do they fix it? Um, so in past years, it was a defense but that's not the thing this year, past years. You know, we would get very laksa days ago on defense we would stop blitzing, we just stopped doing the things that were going well in the game script would just flip that's what happened. Urine in Europe. Now what's happening is it's inexplicable, honestly, it's not something I'd ever said thought I'd say, but that offense just gets so stagnant man, and it's, it seems like every time we get the ball, it's third and long. Before we even realize it, you know what it means all of a sudden, it's too shitty run plays 39 Dak makes a crappy pass. We're punting the ball and they have the ball back. It just seems like that. When we get into that. Let's control the ball mindset. We don't have the run game that we used to it all sudden DAX not making those same throws that he was making the beginning of the year and all sudden the team's back in the game. For you, uh, sorry to interrupt you. Are you worried about Zeek? I asked that because this is the third game in a row where he's averaging less than four yards a carry. So Mr. Three point, whatever seems to be rearing its ugly head. Yeah, no, I'm worried about the only thing that makes me not worry. Is that I think Tony Pollard isn't Excellent. Running back. I do think that they are trying to keep Zeke fresh and healthy. offensive line isn't doing much favor, but at the same time. Who hasn't? If people are saying that Zeke is still Zeke that we knew. They're absolutely cutting themselves because it's he's, he's clearly not the zekiel Elliott, that he was two three years ago. He doesn't have the same burst. He doesn't have the same impact on the game on a game to game basis. He's pretty much in there now as a power running back. who's really good at pass blocking. You know, he's not that same. Let's get Zeke the ball 25 to 30 times a game and he's gonna dominate that. That's that's not even a semblance of a conversation anymore now is just let's get him through housy because I feel like he's more of like a leadership impact on this team at this point. Because I honestly believe and I've been saying it all year, my other buddy who's a cowboy said, Tony powers at better running packages, partners EQL it I feel more confidence when they hand the ball off to Tony power, lead do and they hand the ball off to see I have to say, Yeah, so a couple things. Do you think he's better? Or do you think he's Do you think he looks better? Because he's different? Right? I think I think you're right. You know, they're trying to they're trying to fit Zeke into this power back role. When the thing that made Zeke so unbelievable, was his ability to cut and then explode. Yeah, and it feels like they're taking away his his ability to cut. It's just run right up the middle. That's really not what he's good at. It's not his strength. He's better than I am sure. But like, That's not. That's not like that's not strength, right. It's you You let him go out there and you you, you know you design those stretch plays or those or those off tackle plays to let him get an ace and then make somebody miss and then he because he has flashes where everyone's like wow you know like when he when he does have those 23 carries in the game you know six of them you're like, man, is he still so good? But when they limit him to 12 or 13 carries and it's all the same power running up the middle that's not him he's not Jerome Bettis Yeah, no he's definitely not there. I have noticed that too. They're using him more as a first and second down back rather than what he used to be very he's great at catching the ball out of the backfield he's great at like you said those one cup runs especially when we when we when we have run the counter we bring the guard around to that bro Yeah, all day. And that's just not the case anymore. See, I am worried but at the same time I'm not because I think Tony Pollard is the guy that's gonna get us there. I'm more worried about powers injury, and how that affects our explosiveness that about Zeke Zeke. They're a he's a great pass blocker. Now, like I said, he's just not that explosive runningback anymore. The reason that I'm not worried though, let me get to it. Is this gut is this goddamn defensive line, man, I have never seen a Cowboys defensive line play like this. Alright, you look at so let's see here. That defensive line, Dan Quinn must have been absolutely salivating at the mouth. Because first of all, we took Antonio Gibson, who had been averaging at nine yards a game the past three weeks. About six missed tackles, he had about 315 plus yards, runs a game to the I guess the Cowboys 36 yards, two yards after contact only one miss tackle all game, and not one run of more than 15 yards. I give all the credit to that healthy defensive line plus, never got kalamar How to sack the Marcus Lawrence had a sack Randy Gregory had an amazing interception. Michael Parsons, who may might be one of the best defensive players I've ever seen. I know it's early, I know. But my God, I have never seen a guy have a big of an impact, at least on the Cowboys. Alright, I'll preface I've never seen a guy have that big of an impact on the defensive side of the ball in the Cowboys. Every single game, this guy does something to turn the tide of the game. It's every single time. I just think when you think back to past teams that are modeled around that defensive line. I think we're just as good of a defensive line as those giants teams that gave the Patriots fits all those years. I think this defensive line once it gets into the playoffs, we'll be able to make some noise and we're going to stop some very decent quarterbacks because they're not going to be able to throw the goddamn ball. You know what I mean? And when they do, they're going to be forcing it into Trayvon Diggs. So I really think this defense if the Cowboys offense can play ball control football I can't believe I'm saying this it's it's a wild today. But I actually think that this defense can carry us into the playoffs and carry us far. Because it's absurd. How good that D line is right down there. I'm sorry. To uncalled for shots at patriots and Patriot fans. This this this episode already? Like already? We've been here for 10 minutes. I ranked in number one. All right. I got a hold on. No, no, no big no big market tease. But you pointed out there last week, you pointed out their loss to the Cowboys. You said the Giants fair that they gave us fits great. What I will say is this defense is I mean, is it mica or I think is it Mike or Mika, like Micah Parsons. Right. And he could make us from a road trip, not road trip Euro trip. I think he is the most impactful rookie on the defensive side of the ball since JJ Watt. I think that's fair to say. I mean, I think you just have to you have to scheme for just him. And when you do that, I mean, you compromise yourself against, you know, to Marcus Lawrence. And then if you try and throw the ball, then you have Trayvon Diggs who my favorite part about him is he will take risks, and he's going to lose, you know, 30% of the time, but man like those other 70% When he knows he has you and he it looks like there's all this leeway then all of a sudden gather breaks up the past picks it off or knocks out of your hand. It's like man like that. He's skilled. Your biggest deficiency which is called what it is, is your coach. Yeah, it is. He the man only one one with arguably one of the most talented quarterbacks of all time in Green Bay. And now he He's running the risk of just to shut up dude. Like don't, oh, we're gonna win just shutting your fat mouth, stop talking, let your players go out there and play. And you have learned that there's literally only been three coaches in the last 10 years that I believe have less of an impact on on the actual team. But he's one of them. I hate him. I think Dan Quinn should be your head coach moving forward. And I because I don't I think he knows enough to say, Listen, I'm not an offensive guru. Let's bring in someone that can that can manage Dak in the run game in the past game, he was screwed up. And that defense will still be no what it is right now. I mean, they went from the absolute worst defense in the league to now they will win you ends and the winner more often than they won't. So they just want us to game the 100% That game is accredited to that defense. Without that that fumble recover for a touchdown. Without the sacks without the fumble at the end of the game. Who knows? Maybe wash Washington goes right down the field and ties that game if we don't force that fumble at the end. So 100% They want us this game. I do want to before we move on to anything else, I do want to talk about Michael Parsons real quick because this guy, listen when when I compare him to some of the best defensive players in the game, or some of the best defensive seasons we've seen over the last 10 years. It's actually comparable. When you look at what this guy is doing. Right now. He's averaging almost five pressures per game. And the 2016 Khalil Mac season, which we all see is one of the best defensive seasons we've ever seen. He averaged six pressures again. Michael Carson is averaging six tackles a game. Khalil Mac had three tackles again that season. Mike Parsons is forcing a quarter of a fumble. So he's forcing a fumble every four games, which is right on par with that Mac season, right on par with the 2018 Aaron Donald season. It's just what he's doing. As a rookie is so absurd because he absolutely already is a top five to 10 defensive player in the week. Yep. As as a rookie. So I have to say, I've never been happier to be wrong about a pic in my entire life. Because I'm sure you guys remember. I wanted certain bad that I want to have him. Yes, he's awesome. But my God, he is not. Democrats are not. Not Michael Parsons, not even close to Micah Parsons. I mean, that's why like having a linebacker or someone like Micah Parsons that he makes your secondary better, because he forces throws under duress, which, you know, again, I listen, I can get on board. You have less of a sales pitch to make to me for him being rookie of the year or whatever word you want to give him than you did last year for Payton Pritchard. So I'm on board. I you know, I love my rookies. But yeah, I know. I'm on board with that. Okay, so 2727 20 Dallas of the football team, the Cowboys go to nine and four, five and two away, Washington six and seven. Again, they're there that they're that purgatory, right there. They are one or two players, Chase young being hurt. That does not help. But they are a either a star quarterback or a one. One more Star defensive player away from being a 10 and 711 and 16. So here's the question. If Fitz doesn't get hurt, because remember, they started the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick as a quarterback. Is it about the same with hiking Hynek? He hasn't been that bad, right? I think it's about the same with fist and it was with hierarchy, right. So I think it's probably the same the difference. The difference is Ryan Fitzpatrick will put you in bad in bad positions, because he thinks he he can. He can overcome them. Hi, Nikki, due to his inexperience might not know that it's a bad one and might get you in trouble. But I think, you know, if you call everything even, he's better with the football. He's more protective. And he's faster. I think his arms better. I think he's the guy that you wanted, that you'd rather go with. But, you know, I don't know that he's a top 10. I hope that in 10 years, we can reference back to this and I'm wrong. But I think to the Harnick he might just turn out to be you know, like a, an Andy Dalton or Jon kitna or something like that where he's good, but he's just not good enough to get you to that next year. Fair enough. Other games that happened over the weekend that I think are noteworthy. I think we need to talk about the ravens and the browns. There's no chronological order here that we're going but you know, the Ravens Obviously they needed to win. Things are not going their way in this game especially with the injury to Lamar. They were positioned from a standing standpoint as you're one of the top two teams in the AFC and they lose 2422 to the Cleveland Browns and I think that this is more of a an instance where the Ravens lost more than the Browns when although you know a wins a win. I think BAKER He put he put his team in a in an okay position to win. He didn't really he didn't really kill him. But Lamar Jackson goes down. After going for for for for 17 yards. I Tyler Huntley comes in. And honestly, he looked pretty good. But he was not the reason why they lost that game. So my question to you would be, regardless of I know that you're going to factor in Lamar Jackson being injured as a reason as to why the ravens are good anymore, whereas I would say that it's probably more of a positive and in in the grand scheme of things. What's like, what, what happened to the Ravens? And does this win propel the Browns to take me hold that division? So what happened to the Ravens is I think that they've been, I think, the kind of fraudulent man, I've thought this offseason, if you look at their wins, they have at least three to four wins. They had no business winning the games. There's been multiple times where they're down to three scores, and that's when they turn it on, they come back, make that comeback, and they come back and win the game. And I just don't think that that's a recipe to be a successful football team and never has been never will be worse than the Cowboys tried to for years as Tony Romo. It never works out. I also think that when Mark lists omit I love Mr. Jackson. I think he is a all pro athlete. Athlete. Yeah, I don't think he's an All Pro quarterback. I don't. And and it's he does have games where he makes amazing throws where he's very consistent and onpoint 100% of the time, but he also has games and he got hurt. So we can't rag on too much for this game. But last game, he had four interceptions man game before that. He missed some big wide open throws. So it's it's not the fact that I don't think he's a great athlete. I just don't know if he's consistent enough at the quarterback position to bring you to a title. I really don't. And I think when you look at how they worked without Lamar, listen, Tyler Huntley is not anything to write home about either. But I don't didn't see much of a difference between Tyler Huntley ravens, and the Lamar Jackson Ravens. And this even goes back to two three weeks ago, I guess the bears that that ravens team wasn't that they beat the bears without Lamar Jackson. And the two games since then, that Lamar has played their own too. And Omar had four interceptions in one of them. So I just think, what's I'm not saying how we should play over Omar, I just think when you look at it, you need to temper your expectations from Lamar moving forward. Because I don't know if he's ever going to be that quarterback who's going to be able to beat you with his arm, granted, his legs, his legs are better than 99% of the legs out there. You know, when he hit you with those legs? What do we know about Lamar Jackson? Right, as you just said, he's an all world talent. And he's he's one of the I mean, one of the fastest quickest, and I've ever seen on a football field. But when is the last time but that skill set at the quarterback position? won a Super Bowl. Never, never. Right? And yeah, I don't like I'm the guy that's been preaching since the inception of this show. So over 100 episodes now, that says the reason like the the best player on a Super Bowl winning team cannot be a court cannot be running back. That so if your predominant skill set is that you are in elusive, rushing quarterback that applies to you. You If you can't, now they could have a stack defense, they can win. That's fine. But what we've seen over over every single playoff game that Lamar has is those teams have an answer for him. When it comes to running the ball, they make him throw and six out of 10 times. He can't make that throw. So what do you do? I mean, the ravens are in a really interesting position, I think right? Because let's say that Lamar comes back he plays really well. They go to the playoffs and then they lose the first game. And Lamar puts up a statline like he like he will you know like you are like he has in the past of 17 for 38 for 195 yards passing one touchdown one pick with 60 yards rushing. What do you do? Do you do bank on him? Is he the guy that you build your team around? In? Is that skill set? The type do you build a team around? Or do you make? Do you make a move? Like my hot take is? It's not that if you've been listening, it's not that hard to take. They will never win a championship because of Lamar, a quarterback. And I don't think he will be worth the money that he will be asking when he becomes a free agent. That's when it's going to happen is is that free agent? Yeah, I don't know what what's this contract? Welcome, right. There's no, I do know that. I think you're completely right. I don't think you'll ever be the reason they win a Super Bowl. I mean, he might win one. He might win one. Yeah, I agree. He might win one. But I don't think it would be because of him. I think it would be more of like I don't want to compare him to Peyton. But it'd be more of like a Peyton where he gets carried there by his defense. He'll make a few plays to get them there. But he won't be the primary reason I completely agree with that. Lamar Jackson's contract currently, types and stats. I agree that I don't think he's going to be worth the money that for your won't become a free agent until 2023. So two years. Yeah. So let's put it this way. If they go two more years, right with this same trend, where they they fall behind in games, and he's Lamar to save them? He does sometimes, but sometimes he's got garbage. He can't win those primetime games. We go through this same thing for the next two years. When you do you can't recite them. You can't because he's going to be asking at least Yeah, I was gonna I was gonna say 35 million a year, right? Maybe even more because that's what 36 A year Yep. So he's gonna be asking probably 40 You can't pay Mr. Jackson $40 million to be your quarterback. I love them. But that takes away from so many other aspects of your team Yeah, you can't do that you cannot pay this guy 40 mil? I don't know what else will be out there is the same no, that that's that's what it comes to quarterbacks is like, is it worth it? No. Is there an option out there? That's more worth it? That's the question. Yeah, well, would you say more worth it? I mean, I think if you can spend 6 million a year on a quarterback like again, not him per se but like Tyler Huntley as opposed to a 40 million year on on Lamar Jackson and then spend elsewhere. I think you have to I think that you have to think long and hard about that. I think the biggest the biggest thing whenever we see like a backup quarterback come in, right? It's okay. So they always everyone has their go to how do they react to a new quarterback, Mark Andrews 11 catches 115 yards and a touchdown. Eight of which came from from Huntley. Rashard Bateman, seven catches 100 yards. You got Mark, he's brown five catches, so he spread the ball around. And oh, by the way, he's pretty accurate 27 to 38 for 270. And he's a backup. So what that tells me is, you know, again, I think Lamar is a world class athlete. I think he's a generational talent. But we've seen this before. I don't think he's the exception to the rule. Now on the flip side, you have the Cleveland Browns eking out a victory over their division rival the move to seven and six. Baker doesn't play great doesn't play horrible. You know, the Cleveland could not run the ball. But the Ravens have a really good rush defense. What what's going on with the browns, I guess, in your opinion, is this was this game? A just a tale of two teams that don't really have a great or definitive direction? Yeah, I think that's exactly what it was. I do know Baker's hurt so I know a lot of people have been ragging on Baker this season. Listen, I really just think it's an it's they just feel like Baker's the better option even with I think it's a torn shoulder muscle. Even with that injury who's still a better option than case Keenum as their quarterback. So I'm not going to put too much on Baker for the struggle so far this year. I do think that Cleveland when they're healthy, they can have one of the they can be one of the more dangerous teams in the NFL because of that run game that they have. Because they have two running backs who are legitimately possibly 10 Top 10 running backs in the league. They have a great defense. I just don't know what's wrong with them this year. I Really don't seven and six, they're one spot out of the playoffs. And I do think that Stefanski is a great coach too. So I like Cleveland rate better than I like Baltimore. If you were to ask me right now, maybe we put money on who's winning that division? I think I would take Cleveland over Baltimore, because if you look at who Baltimore has next, they've greenback no chance of beating greenback in my opinion, not it's not a chance in hell. Clue. Cleveland has Las Vegas. We don't know what Las Vegas team is gonna show up. Is the team that put 36 in the Cowboys? Probably not because that team is not showing up again. I think Cleveland's got to take over that division late this week. I do. And I think that's it for Baltimore. Is the question for you. Baltimore doesn't make the playoffs Havas. Not in the hot seat, right? He's there. Yeah, I think I think he is a top I've talked three coach in the NFL. i If you just look at what he's done with that team, since he took over, you know, different quarterbacks, they had to change over their entire defense overhaul their entire offense, and they're always in consideration at the end. That's really all all the all that you can do and all that you can want. And my biggest, the biggest thing I'll say about Harbach, which scares me the most as a patriot fan, is that man is fearless. He does not care who you are what you've done. He knows at any given time, he can get his team to walk into your stadium and beat the ever loving bag off of you. And there just aren't a lot of coaches in the league still that they can do that. A great, I like her, but I also like how, how his reckless confidence where he doesn't give a damn what the situation is he trust. So that's the thing with Lamar is he does trust Omar more than anything. You know what I mean? Like for some one biggest situation of the game, that two point conversion, he was right at Lamar and says, What do you want to do? You want to go for it? Let's go. And and it goes from there, which is something that, you know, that kind of chemistry between a quarterback and a coach, you know, that just takes time to develop? And they definitely have it there. But yeah, no, I don't. I'd say I just don't believe in Baltimore this year I go, there's so many games where you're watching it and you're like, What the hell is wrong with this team? They're so bad. And then they end up winning it. So I just don't know, against a good team. Like the Patriots are against a good team, like the packers or the chiefs. I don't see Baltimore hanging in there like to happen. Cam Newton and the Patriots beat Lamar Jackson in the Ravens last year. So that's all you need to know about that. What I will ask my question to you would be, you know, that's faith and that belief that we that, that NFL films and the media is projected, is just projecting about Harbaugh to Lamar. Do you think that is because of the narrative out there that Lamar cannot win them a game, or a playoff game or a Super Bowl? Is overcompensating? Yeah, in a situation? I think the coach has to be the guy that say like, this doesn't make the most sense to do this. Instead of saying, What do you want to do? We'll do it. You want to make a shift? I never thought of it that way. Yeah, no, that could that's a very good possibility. I like that. Do you think that's an actual thing? I think that Harbaugh has a wise enough coach in 2021, to know that it's hard for a player of Lamar stature, to not hear what's being said about him. So he, he combats that with I, you know, this is your offense, we will do whatever you think is right. You're my guy. Yeah. I mean, I think Listen, he's attaching his his his name to living and dying by Lamar, which is noble. I think that that's, I think that's great, but I don't mean as again, I have to wonder like, we never saw this with Flacco. Right. Harbaugh made the decision. And and that was it. Now, it's like, oh, there's this narrative that maybe Lamar can't win you a game or like a playoff game? Maybe, you know, it's this maybe it's that and all we see is I trust him, whatever, whatever he wants to do. It feels like it's a little bit of an overcompensation. But you know, I don't know that. Kind of like the Cam Newton Bill thing. I love Cam Newton hardest worker in the building. Yep. I mean, just, I mean, say Chad Ochocinco back in 2011. Right. I mean, he's just such a great player in practice. Can't just can't fucking line up in a game. But he's so good practice, man, like just art worker. Like it. Can we talk? Can we talk now about about the game that I think was at the beginning of it. We were all like, yeah, it's bad. And then it became a game at the end the the Buccaneers in the bills? Yep. Buccaneers if they held on, you know, 33 to 27, they let up a monstrous fourth quarter push to tie that game at 27. But then if you give Brady the ball in overtime, you know, again, eight times out of 10. We know what's going to happen. I think Brady and 44 To go 31 to 46, or 363, and two touchdowns. No pics. Oh, and by the way, seven carries for 16 yards in that game. Like it's on believable, what he what he continues to do. And if you look at if you just look at the receivers, I mean, five receivers had more than more than three catches. He's still doing what we all thought he was going to do. And he's still the same player that he was 10 years ago, some you know, some might say that he's better. But let's talk before we get into the Brady, you know, fellating of the of the show the weekly ritual yet. I mean, now they fought towards the end and that's commendable. Or the is it wrong to me to think that the bills might be a little a little broken? Like it just seems like the you know, the beginning of the game. They're down what they're down 24 to three. And they made a comeback. That's it's again, it's commendable. But I don't know man like that coach, I think he's so rattled by the fact that he is not looked at the same way that bill is or, you know, Andy Reid or other coaches in the league, and then Josh out and again, million dollar on but sometimes he makes really bad decisions. And, and that defense, I'm sorry, it's not that good. It's not, I mean, the Patriots run 43 out of 49 total offensive plays for what 200 rushing yards. And then the next game, you allow Leonard Fournette to rush to rush the ball less than 20 times and gain 113 yards and score touchdown work like what are you doing? So my question to you, Bobby is is it an overreaction for me to believe that the bills might just be a little broken? No, I don't think so. I think you're Doug McDermott tech is right on point when it comes to that coach. I think he's the one that's broken, man. Listen, Josh Allen's great. Defense is really good. Or they were really good. They have great weapons on offense. I really think that McDermott is broken. I don't know if you saw him after this game as well. But apparently he was very emotional after this loss. And also, bro, you look at what they did to lose this game. Okay, first of all, you got 24 to three in the first half. All right, you ran the ball. Zero times. Alright. You don't listen. That's not how this works. Mr. McDermott, you don't need to balance out all the rungs you faced last week with just all passes this week. That's not the way it works. Second of all, you have fourth in what was it fourth and one in overtime? What are you doing putting the ball back to Tom Brady? Are you out of your God did do you actually think that you are going to stop Tom Brady? When all he needs is a fuel goal? In overtime, like that's actually what he was thinking in his head is like alright, you know, you know what will pump this ball back to Tom Brady will stop Tom Brady. And then we'll win the league bro. No, that will never work in the history of Tom Brady's career. It has never been a good idea. Give this man the ball back. Especially when he is 33 and three lifetime against your team. He dominates the bills. You don't get when Tom Brady was getting that ball back he wasn't like oh ray here we go. Guaranteed. All the Bucs fans were thinking all right, that you Mr. McDermott for that W so it's just I do think McDermott is broken row. I think that that's that is a fact and double check to it's just absurd to me how many teams Bilbo Jack really has broken how many players he's broke, he broke Zach Wilson. He broke. He wrote Sam darnold Sam, Donald and Donald let's say Matt sand and Zach Wilson maybe. Maybe the thing about it is though, you know, the bills ran at pretty well. Now the the condition there is that Josh Allen was their leading rusher 12 carries 109 yards. But every other rusher for the bills app average more than four yards carry Devin Singletary for rushes for 52 yards. And they just wouldn't do it. They just wouldn't not commit to the run. So, I mean, this team goes from what being seven and four to now? They're seven and six and they're fighting for a playoff spot. Maybe they have to play the Packers this week to oh, wait a minute. I thought you just said that, uh, that packers, right? I like, yeah, they play alright with that. But But oh, the Panthers. They play the Panthers this week. They should. We know. They definitely they have their broken man. There's no doubt about that. Wasn't the fact that Josh Allen had over 100 yards against the box this past week, yet barely ran the ball. And 55 mile an hour winds the week before is absurd. I don't know. I really feel like it's one of those things where you know when, so I'm gonna compare it to fantasy football. We're gonna do that for a second. Where you have a guy, right? You don't play in one week. And you're like, Ah, man, I can't believe I didn't play that guy. You know, he's not going to put up that same production the next week. But you put him in your lineup. Anyways, he ends up getting you two points and you're like, God, damn, I knew it. I knew it. And actually cares. A great matchup you take them out a score 36 Again, that's what I feel like the bills are doing with with Josh Allen is there just overreacting to what happened the week before? is like, Yo, you should have done all these things. Last week, like you had a game plan that you should have stuck to the week before, but instead, you put it into this game and it just it just fucked everything up. I don't know what the hell happened with the bills, man. I really don't. I mean, that now McDermott's a really good coach. I think he's a really good coach. I do think that his self worth is a little little too high. Like I get it like you'd been there for five years. They made the playoffs or three or four those years. Awesome. First time since 96. You should probably win a Super Bowl. Before you say. Yeah, I mean, before we give all the credit to belcheck Like it's it's it's it's not on him. It's on the players. Oh, oh, because, again, not not not to know tell my patriots. footie pajamas here. That man told you. He was gonna run the ball up, you're like down your throat 44 times. Stop me. And you couldn't do it. And then the next week, they choose to run it 30 times for 140 yards and two touchdowns and you couldn't stop it. So I don't know what if it's, if it's ego, if it's pride or whatever. But I think he's a really good coach. But he's getting his ass handed to him over the last couple of weeks. Just I mean just the fact I mean you look at what any did to them I think that was the start of it. That team beat the ever loving s out of the bills and the bills are more skilled team. They should be tougher. No, they're not. So you know Tom did did us the biggest favor that he could do since he took his talents to Tampa and I mean he made the road really tough for the bills now a couple weeks and the bills come here you know like that could they could be fighting for their playoff lives. Two weeks ago we were talking about how the next few meetings with the bills term of the division sorry I just realized I'm so the bills 100% to go back and like definitively answer the question. There broken. So you look at how they started they started out this season. Let's see what our own 1112 and one three and one four and one four and one and then five and two after they beat the dolphins right. Enter November they play the Jacksonville Jaguars lose nine to six. Is that is that a crazy what it Rayshawn call it what is what is not not the norm? aberration an aberrant Nanki perfect. Is that an aberration? Yeah. Probably was, you know showed it when they beat the Jets the next week. It's not an aberration when you lose 41 to 15 against the Colt at home. Alright, then. Then at home. Then you go ahead and play the saints. Saints are garbage you went 31 to six awesome Patriots game was that 14 to 10 No passes throw then the Bucs game. So in their last six games They have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars got blown out at home against the Indianapolis Colts, right? Lost at home to the New England Patriots giving up to pass plays all game. And then you fall down 24 to three against the Buccaneers makes that comeback and end up losing that game anyways. So yes, to answer that question definitively, the bills are 100% broken, you can't, you can't lose three games at home, after the most of the or two games at home in the month of November. Also a game to a team who has two wins this season. And then also a game that you made a 24 to three point comeback, and then punted the ball back to the goat in overtime. Yes, they're broken. So I didn't know that. That perfectly segues us into the playoff picture in the NFL. I think we learned a little bit, you know a lot this past week. And again, the Patriots didn't play. But if you're if you're just looking at how each conference is shaping out right now we had the pitchers of the one seed in the AFC teams with the to Kansas City with the three Baltimore the four chargers five, colts six bills clinging on to that seven. Is that how you see the AFC shake me out? Or do you think do you actually believe that either Cleveland or Cincinnati to overtake Baltimore for that spot? I do. So Oh, Baltimore, right. So I think I think Cleveland does end up jumping Baltimore to get that playoff spot. I think that happens this week. Because like we said they have the tiebreaker with Baltimore, right. So I do think they ended up jumping that this week. The two teams I would look out for is Cincinnati and buffalo. I think it's going to come down to it with those two. And those last couple playoff spots. I guess Indy two, because they could lose this week to New England. And these are the six seat mesh. So I like I like Cleveland or Cincinnati to overtake buffalo. Like I said, Man, I think that they're absolutely broken. And I also think Baltimore's broken too. I think Baltimore and buffalo are the two teams that are there right now that I don't think you're going to see in there come the end of the season. Patriots and the chiefs of the two teams have beaten the AFC right, there's that's, that's 100% definitive. There's no one. I think that compares those two. Right. Yeah, I mean, but the chiefs are. I mean, if they are what we saw this past week in their 49 to eight or 4089 win over over Vegas, then there they are, then they're the team to be because their defense, which was absolutely atrocious in the first six weeks has been, you know, lights out relative relatively speaking sense. And there's not any team in the AFC that can that can get into you know, a pissing contest with them. offensively. You can't do that. The Patriots definitely can't. And then, you know, I think the Titans getting healthy right now, that makes things interesting. But only only if Tannahill plays, like he did last year, in the early part of the year, and not and not like he needs to win the game right now. I think too much is on his plate. And we know that we know what Ryan Tannehill is. I think we all do. Right? He's, he's fine. Right? They they need they need help elsewhere. But Derrick Henry comes back 10 goes back to managing games. No higher completion percentage. I think they're there. They're a real team to be scared of. But but in reality a Bobby I'm sure you agree. If we're talking about a chiefs team that can put up 28 points and in less than a quarter. I mean, it's doesn't matter it really, really, to quote the great one, it really doesn't matter what you do. Yeah, I agree. It's it's scary with the way the chiefs are looking man, because right now they're not winning games. Like we're used to them winning. You know what I mean? That this one last week was the first game pretty much all season that the Chiefs offense was wow. You know, I mean that you looked at their offense, you're like, oh, man, that's crazy. Before that matter, it was all defense. It was all ball control. And if the Chiefs can win a game, by ball control, and by shutting the other team out, they're going to be very hard to be come playoff time because if you have to play against a possible ball control offense, but then also have to keep in the back of your head that they could throw CDRs downfield and put up 48 any given night, but also hold you under 20 points. That's gonna be tough to beat man. gotta be tough to beat. I think the past can do that. I have to say, Man, I, listen, I have, over this season, I have gone through a roller coaster with the Patriots, because what's the beginning they looked awful. They looked awful. But in a season, where week to week you do not see teams execute. On a week to week basis, you do not see teams when on a week to week basis, you don't see the same consistency from any of these top teams. Except for the New England Patriots. That's why they got my number one last week is because listen, man, there's no one, no one in the league that I have more confidence in, in knowing what is going to be seen that week, every single week. The Patriots are who they are. Mack Jones is going to have a high completion percentage, remind Dre and Damien Harris are going to shove it down your throat. And the defense is going to do everything they can to stop you and probably succeed. That's what they're going to do every single week. And you know that you don't know that with the rest of the NFL, literally just not one of the team in the league, that if you were to make a consistency rankings, I would even come close to putting near New England because that's the way they're playing right now is just consistently solid football, and the old team really doing it. So that's why I really do have faith in this patriots team. And I do I appreciate you saying that. I also hate that you're saying that because I loved I just loved all the hate that you were throwing our way earlier in the year and now here we are. was in good good football is good football man. The league is just so stupid dude. Like there's so many there. Like there are a couple exceptions to the rule. Yeah, so it's not everybody. But I mean belcheck Again, I mean, if he's not Coach of the Year this year, then it's rigged because he should be he just puts everyone in a position to win. Now whether they do or not, that's up to that right. They sought to execute. I get it. But you look at you just look at teams like like the Buffalo Bills, like the Cincinnati Bengals like the Pittsburgh Steelers. I mean, they just make so many stupid decisions all the time. That costs you the cost you again, I think Belichick is famous for saying that before you win a game yet I tell you, you just can't lose one. Like that's how he coaches don't lose it. And because he knows that if if his team again, eight times out of 10 makes no mistakes. They're gonna win. Always. They're just going to so it's really good to see but I think you know, just the road opening up I talked about this last time. Like it's just it's ridiculous. I mean, you get you have one arm to Baker Mayfield you have no Julio, no Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans coming in. I mean, the ground is just the roaches being paid for the Patriots to make a deep playoff run. I hope they do. But it all I think it all comes back to coaching on the NFC side, I know that we want to get to to your power rankings. If the season were to end today. Here's how the NFC would go. Number one Green Bay Packers fucking frauds to Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Three cardinals, four cowboys, five rams six Niners and seven. Washington football team. Now on the fringe at six and seven are the Minnesota Vikings. The Philadelphia Eagles the Atlanta foul gives the New Orleans Saints. So what happens? Is that what we're going to see it towards the end of the year, who do you think makes a makes a pusher who falls off cliff? I'll tell you what the difference in the quality of the so top five AFC teams, I'd say are better than the top five AFC teams right? Top to bottom. You look at those six and seven seeds. And it is just a dump off man you go from the Rams to San Francisco, Washington, Minnesota, Philadelphia. It was just put it this way. The fact that Atlanta and New Orleans are both still in prime positions to get into those wildcard spots tells you all you need to know about the bottom of the NFC. They're garbage. The bottom the NFC is absolutely garbage. Which is why to me it's so important for the Cowboys to gather this goddamn force. So important. Listen, you're telling me I have a chance to play San Francisco, Washington, Minnesota, Philly Atlanta, over the Rams. Are you kidding me? After the way the Rams looked last night man, that is one team I do not want to see in the playoffs. So I honestly don't give a damn, who's in that six or seven spot because they're not going anywhere regardless, and I just want to play one of them. So that's that's where my NFC playoff picture comes from. I do think if there's one team we're going to catch though, Arizona. We play them once and on asleep. I don't have much faith in Arizona man. I really don't I, their coach is better than yours. He is He is 100%. But he's, he's not that great. And I just if there's one team, I think that we can catch us, Arizona, we're not Green Bay and Tampa Bay. Those are one two in the UFC. I do think Green Bay is a little fraudulent. We've talked about this before because of that COVID toe. Had to do it. By the way, that columns worth little blip. Funniest thing I've ever seen. Oh, it was a college worth. It was Joe Buck, Joe Buck, Joe Buck, making fun of Aaron Rodgers, one of the best things I've ever seen on live TV. But yeah, I just want to get up into that three spot, man. I mean, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, they're gonna go 14 and three or something like that. And they're just gonna lose the first game. Yeah, like, he will not. Not even we're talking about. I've talked about this way too much. The Cardinals? I think, you know, I think the top five teams in the NFC I think two of them are really flawed. And the two that are really flawed. For me in the top five are the Cardinals and are the Packers I think, you know, overall, the Cowboys are are well balanced team when they execute, right? I think they're really they're opportunistic on defense, which is something that you can't really plan for. And, you know, at any given time, when Dak is his himself, again, he's an MVP. He's an MVP candidate. Tampa Bay coaching would be their deficiency, Bruce Arians. I like him as a human. I don't think that he's a great coach. But I think this just proves that if you have Tom Brady as your quarterback, you don't need to be like you don't really need to be that great of a that great of a coach. And then the Rams in that's primarily because I really, really like McVeigh. I believe that I think he can hold a room. I think he knows how to get his players up. I don't trust Stafford the man's never want to play off game. And if you want to pause this for a real quick second, and have a good laugh on the air with all of our listeners. Why don't you go ahead and Google Matt Stafford's record versus winning teams, or he's never above for game four games over 500 He's never won. Not once. Not one game. Google his record against winning teams. This is Stafford bros. Join me read it out. Drumming. Yeah, for all those listening, driving, walking, whatever they're doing. Can you please tell us what Matthew Stafford's record versus winning teams is so going into last night, the one and two record so far this year, brought Matthew Stafford's record verse winning teams to a resounding eight and 67. And not only that, not only that, so to add something else to it last night against the Arizona Cardinals. matricide has been in the league for what 10 years 11. Longtime was his first win in his career against the team with 10 wins. And isn't higher career first win against a team with 10 wins. So do it do it that way you want but yeah, let me like that that informations out there for you. That's that's not I mean, again, all world talent. But again, if the if the Rams win, it's because it's because of their coach. I firmly believe that they're fundamentally sound on defense. But yeah, I mean, as a as a patriot fan, one last thing before we get to your power rankings. I am not scared of the Green Bay Packers of the Arizona Cardinals because Cam Newton and the Patriots beat them last year. I'm not scared of the 40 Niners. I'm a little intimidated, not not intimidate but I would be it would be a dogfight between the football team and the Patriots. For man, like I think Dallas and the Patriots, what we saw last time would probably be something they would happen again, like those teams like they'll just play each other really well. Sorry, Bobby, like love you mean it? I can't put into words for what a Bella check versus Brady Super Bowl would do for me. Like there's just not an I don't know, I don't know how to say it, or what words would would encapsulate it correctly. That is this is because this is the last year that I could you know, I say that Brady will probably play the 60 but this is the last year that I think that that's actually a possibility. So no You know if the Cowboys win three in a row after, after the season, fine. Give me Brady versus Belichick in the Super Bowl. If I lost Tom Brady, if the only thing stopping the Cowboys going to Super Bowl was Tom Brady, I don't know if I'd be that mad about it, because it would be like, well, fucking Tom Brady. What are you gonna do? Yeah, listen, I would love to see a Brady dollar checks from the the party and the the craziness of that Super Bowl week would just be unlike anything else we've ever seen. It would be mahomes Brady, multiplied by 50 from last year. It would be absurd. It would be amazing. So I could get down with that. Although, I gotta say that cowboys Patriots game was pretty amazing. It would make me happy to see the cowboy. I mean, not happy but it would be one hell of a story just for us for content purposes. Because as you say, you can never have enough of that. If the if the Cowboys beat Brady to get to the Superbowl just to lose the bill. You would be you would lose your fucking mind. I don't think I would ever be more unhappy about football in my entire life. If the first time the Cowboys got to the Superbowl lose to a rookie in the patriots of all fucking teams. Oh my god, bro. I don't even know. I didn't want to talk about that. Alright. Alright, let's let's talk about let's get to your your get your power rankings. I can't believe you just put that in the universe. I don't like it. It's gonna it's gonna happen now that shit is happening. Just Just judging by my fandom and how everything goes. That's happening. So okay, Power Rankings. You know what? I can't believe I'm doing this for the second week in a row. least two best we'll go 10 to one. I tend to one. We got the Ravens. Like I said, we've said all show I don't believe in this team. I don't think Lamar is the answer. They're here strictly because where they were in past weeks, we have 10. The Ravens hanging onto that tight spot. Nine. They're back in it this week. They got a good win. I think once they're running back and their best player comes back. They could be a completely different team. Tennessee Titans. It's impressive that they are where they are. Number eight, the Chargers. I love Justin Herbert man, I really do. Like you said 60 yards on a dime was just one of the best throws I've ever seen. You always have a chance when you have Justin Herbert number eight. Number seven, we're dropping a spot. I can't believe I'm doing this after a win. But the seven is the Cowboys down from number six from last week. Whoa. Listen, I love this defense. I love everything about them. That D line is going to create headaches for a lot of teams. But until we can figure out what the hell is going on with the offense. The teams above them. I just can't. I can't in my right mind as a football fan, put them above them. So I have seven cowboys. Six after last night. Last they did drop pretty far. But again, teams above them just are looking amazing right now. So I have six Cardinals. If Kai was healthy, and that team is healthy, I do think they can make some noise. But let's see what they do against some good teams coming up. Five rams. They're just high powered man. They got it at wide receiver that got it on defense. They got it everywhere. So I do like the Rams moving forward. They jumped the Cardinals this past week. I mean, even though Stafford's at 184 against winning teams, you still like the Rams? Hey, listen, it's not based off of the 10 year career. This is based off this year. Last week. So yeah, just just based off that wind, man. They look good. I think obj and Stafford do have a good connection going on there. And then you have Cooper cup, man. He's impossible to stop. They can't do this. Yes, he's absolutely absurd. For their back best. They've looked all season to Kansas City Chiefs. I believe that's what I've been around for them now. Six, six in a row for the chiefs. So they're definitely back. The NFL needs to be on notice about the Chiefs because because they're coming number three, Mr. Tom Brady, and a Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They pulled it out against the bills. Like I said 33 and three against the bills career for Brady. It's just absurd. I love that stat. But I like Tom Brady in the Buccaneers. I just think from the overall work that we've seen all season if you if you add it all together, the team right above them just been a little bit better all year. And that's the Green Bay Packers. I put them at two. Okay, that's a good concern to have there. Walters was a weak one, I guess the saints which can't really count at this point, and then the week without Aaron Rodgers so so far This regular season with Aaron Rodgers has been in there playing up to his speed playing the way he should. This team is really freaking good. packers number two, number one second consecutive week, literally because there's no one out there that has done anything that that makes me think differently. You know, usually by weeks I like to jump teams up. But even the teams below them listen, the Bucs flew a 27 point lead. The Packers had some of the worst special teams I've ever seen in my goddamn life on Sunday football. The Chiefs was a we don't the chiefs. That was one we don't know what they could be. The one thing I do know. And that's who the New England Patriots are. They're a good defensive team, or a team that's going to shove the ball down your throat, and they're a team that's not going to make any mistakes. And right now, that is saying a lot more than the rest of the NFL. So number one second straight weeks. I can't believe I'm doing this again. The goddamn New England Patriots. This was supposed to be the rebuild year, man. This is supposed to be the air I was able to share on you guys. And here we are in fucking number one team in the Power Rankings. You started I mean, you tried really hard at the first six weeks of the year. I mean, you were you were wearing your hater. You're sipping your haterade and wearing your your cowboys pajamas. But listen, I think I think that that's a that's a that's a great list. I'm really surprised that the Cowboys are seven because I think they are better than a few teams that are above them, regardless of what their record is. But I can't help but love the fact that those bills are off the list. Bill is above Tom. And it just gives me hope that it is Bill versus Tom on the Super Bowl. One last thing before before we sign off, you should all stay tuned. And in the next in the next few days. For our 100th Episode celebration. It's going to be something that you're going to want to listen to that we will talk about all the hits and misses over the over the first 100 episodes. So really looking forward to getting the whole crew back together. But before we go Bobby Do you want to say anything? Just that you know I love this every week. I can't believe we've been on it for 100 episodes now it's it's it's unreal to me that a that we've gotten this far. We haven't killed each other yet. And that people actually still like listening to us. So it's kind of cool. Thanks everyone. Yeah, shout out to Ray for downloading us in every household in Dorchester. We love you mean it and until next week that for Bob Kelly Craig D'Alessandro. This is Mike Mark Angelo saying thank you so much for listening to missing the point.