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July 8, 2022

Drafting the All-Time Boston Celtics Team

Drafting the All-Time Boston Celtics Team

The time has come, for us to draft the All-Time Boston Celtics Team

Each member of the show picked their own team, comprising of the biggest (and maybe worst?) Boston Celtics of all time!

Who do you think drafted the Best Team?

Bob Kelly
Jason Tatum
Ray Allen
Dennis Johnson
Pete Marovich
Bill Walton
James Posey
Kenny Anderson
Dee Brown
Leon Poe
Sam Cassell
PJ Brown
Robert Williams

Dave Clarke
Paul Pierce
Robert Parish
Rajon Rondo
Al Horford
Artis Gilmore
Marcus Smart
Malcolm Brogdon
Sydney Wicks
Gordon Hayward
Red Auerbach
Avery Bradley
Brian Scalabrine

Mike Marcangelo
Kevin McHale
John Havlicek
Isaiah Thomas
Reggie Lewis
Al Jefferson
Kyrie Irving
Ricky Davis
Ed McCauley
Tom Thibeault
Gary Payton
Rasheed Wallace
Doc Rivers

Rayshawn Buchanan
Kevin Garnett
Dave Cowens
Jo Jo White
Danny Ainge
Bob McAdoo
Eddie House
Jae Crowder
Dominique Wilkins
Glenn Davis
Jeff Green
Bill Fitch
Chris Ford

Joe Malkin
Larry Bird
Bob Cousy
Tommy Heinsohn
Antoine Walker
Jaylen Brown
Tom Sanders
Kendrick Perkins
Bill Sharman
K.C. Jones
Don Nelson
Jim O'Brien
Ime Udoka

Craig D'Alessandro
Bill Russell
Sam Jones
Cedric Maxwell
Tiny Archibald
Tony Allen
Paul Silas
Walter McCarty
Larry Siegfried
Shaquille O'Neal
Delante West
Brad Stevens
Rick Pitino

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Producer: Craig D'Alessandro


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Welcome into missing the point I am DK sizzle and for the first time in quite some time I am joined by the entirety of the lineal Sunday night sports wrap to missing the point crew. I have Joe Malkin Rayshawn Buchanan, Mike Mark Angelo, Robert Kelly and participating in today's show our producer, Craig D'Alessandro. Everybody's here. Say hi, everyone at the same time just for Craig later. Hi, everyone. Hi, bro got socked? I was. I was thinking about going through and doing some fun one on ones like we used to when all six of us would constantly do shows, but we don't have time and why don't we have time ladies and gentlemen, because we got to get down to business. Okay. And that is the business of drafting a full 10 Min Celtics roster from all time Celtics. That's right, we're doing the Celtics draft. Only players that have played for the Boston Celtics are eligible. You're gonna draft each one of us in a random order that we've decided before the show is going to draft a Celtics player to build a 10 man roster with a coach and an assistant coach. And then we're gonna have a fun little surprise at the end where we, in a kind of a fun little way, but also involves some debate, and maybe some audience participation after the fact. We're going to decide who the fucking best team drafted is. And we're going to try and do it as fairly as we can. And as nicely as we can and not with any major conflicts between the six of us because when the six was good together, it's all peachy keen, right guys, so I'll cream cheese. All right. So the rules are pretty simple. We're doing a snake draft we decided the draft order beforehand, only Celtics players and they have to be in their prime on the Celtics. So if you get Shaquille O'Neal you don't get Lakers 2001, Shaquille O'Neal, you get all fat, he's never going to be able to play Mike Schmidt and his fans. I will also say we've discovered, like, probably the most amount of research for the show of all of us, and he is stressed out. He's changed his underpants twice already went to Mike, Mike seems like me when I shouldn't have taken the second edible but did. He's, he's in a tough spot right now. So I think we're just gonna get right into it. Everybody gets 15 seconds on the clock. We'll do a little recap as I as we go through. And I'll keep track of the time and I'll do my best to keep track of everybody's teams. If anybody tries to pick somebody and this is a little league game surprise free for the participants in the draft. If anybody tries to pick somebody that hasn't, that has already been picked is already some on somebody else's active roster. You lose your pick. We move right on to the next person. And we'll see we'll see you on the we'll see you on the come around. So keep track. You try to take somebody off the board. That's that's already taken off the board. Tough, tough titties. We're moving on you lose it. I hope you don't do that in the early rounds. That would suck. Okay, I've just wet my whistle. So here we go. With the first overall pick in the 2022 MTP Celtics draft on the clock we have Joseph Malkin, Joe, your 15 second start now. Yeah, I'm all set. We're gonna go with Larry Bird. And it was it was between Larry Bird and another player and I just Hall of Famer 12 time All Star Three time NBA champion. I mean, he. He's the best Celtic of all time. Sorry, guys. Larry Bird. Who are you apologizing to? I think everyone agrees. Mike might not I don't know. That was. That was an easy pick. And you still have somehow managed to show off while doing it. It was but hey, there we go. He didn't even need his whole 15 seconds guys top that first time ever. Just to move things right along here because I think the first sort of honey bunches of picks will be sort of self explanatory. Craig is up next. Craig, you're 15 seconds starting? Probably not a big surprise on this one. Either. I'm going with a player who has more championships than he does fingers. That'll be Bill Russell. He's the most dominant senator of all time. He averaged a lot. I think over 20 rebounds a game easy defense wins championships. Go me. They're a good start for John Craig with those two guys. What I will say also, by the way is to the listeners at home, we are building a team that needs to be able to play together. You know, so yes, granted, we got to Larry Bird pick. We got to Bill Russell pick these guys. Yeah, they might seem stacked early, but they got to they got to come and bring a team that has chemistry that blends picked coaches that could coach this guy. It's got to work out you know, so it's not just it's not a slam dunk right away. There's turns out a lot of really good Celtics have played for this team across the course of the last billion years. All right, with the third pick of the MTP Celtics draft we have Robert Kelly Bobby, what we got 15 seconds started. So I'm between two guys here and one of them I feel like would be kind of a reaching kind of someone that could throw a wrench in this whole thing. And once a little expected. I didn't come reach in here. Now you got five seconds left. Oh go my boy JT. Jayson Tatum J tags are early that is early Wow on the board All right, I'll take that i i can understand appreciate and respect that I think he I think he is that dude. I think I think there's a collective agreement here from that from the from the MTP listeners but you know shout out to JT Good job going third overall Ray Ray You're up 15 second star now I don't need to 50 seconds either Craig took who wants to get a boat but I'm gonna go with kg from growing up going with the first business my first book so then we're going to Well, Ray took mine so that's fun that's cool though I think I think we're still in a good place there's still a lot of people left on the board but yeah I'm starting to get stressed out now to Mike All right Ray pick kg. Mike, you got right in front of you the entire draft. Yeah, it sucks. It sucks because I feel like we are actually going to draft quite a bit this similarly and I'll also say That's fucked up my whole plan for my whole team I was gonna build everything around kg being in my team so I really thought he's gonna follow me but doesn't matter. I can pivot Mike Europe and 15 seconds start now. We all want Kevin McHale. I'm gonna go with 8687 Kevin McHale by the way, that's 26 points a game 10 rebounds, three assists. It's good. It's a good it's a good choice. I feel like it's a very it's a very first choice. We didn't need to say it whenever he was strong, but it's fun. It's I think it's okay that he said whatever. It's from Joe. It's fine because it's okay. He just it took took them two seconds. You know, like, let's play nice here, guys. We're doing good so far. I'm sorry. We've gotten contentious. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I'm gonna take my 30 seconds now, I guess and I'm gonna tell you who I'm picking right off the bat. I'm gonna take oh my god, I can't believe I fucked up by him after that. Wow. I'm so mad. I know. Okay, I'm gonna take I'm gonna take I'm gonna take Paul Pierce at three. And I'm gonna take Robert Parrish shit. What? What attracts was a really, let's just, they're just really good texts. Thanks, Mike. I feel like you've infected me with some serious I know that things slows down when it gets to me. But honestly, I have my picks locked and loaded. And now I just I had a full on meltdown when Ray Pitt kg so here we are. I'm the only guy with two players though. So so far, I would wish we all had to play each other. So I'm really glad that we're at least here. Wow, this is getting stressful. All right. Back to Joe. Larry Merrill's on your squad. Oh sorry. You're right right we go backwards. Sorry. My fault my fault. It's just how I have my papers organized. I was just it's sorry relax. Everybody gave gifts to picks that I pick again Mike. Seriously, this I mean this wholeheartedly. Mike like let's not throw sorry. I'm sorry. I was just I just I didn't I didn't shuffle my papers correctly. It is Mike again. We're going back out direction. You're absolutely right. My apologies. Mike. You're 15 seconds start now. I don't need him John Havlicek good choice. Good choice. All right. Have a check for Mike so he's got McHale and have a check. He's building an era based team it would see what the what the FASCO Okay, alright. See what happens we see what happens when somebody gets picked in front of you. I mean, it's it's I'm actually glad that happened to Ray on the way back okay. All right. Ray, you're up. You got kg on your roster already. Who's playing kg? So um, this is a little conventional out the he would what this early but I'm gonna go to the accounts. Interesting. Interesting. That's gonna look parallel. So Dave Collins, great church. Okay, cool. Dave Koontz. I like it. Ken wins for Ray good pic. All right. We're on the way back. Oh, my God. This is so much to keep track of all right, Bobby, you got you got you got JT on your squad already? Who's playing with JT Go ahead. We all know that JT loves to drive and kick and I can't think of a better driving kick partner than Ray Allen. So I'm gonna put Ray Allen alongside Mr. Jayson Tatum. Cool. All right, well done. Well done. Keep tracking back we got Bill Russell on Craig's fabulous team. Craig, who's feeding the big man. I want some scoring on my team. So I'm gonna go Sam, John's on this 120 points score pretty much his entire career. Sam Jones. Pretty good, Reg. Pretty good. Pretty good. Okay, we almost put you on auto draft correct. So I'm really glad that you were able to make it was close it was close with and the auto draft means we just gave you the shittiest players we can think of it would have been hilarious. grainy up and down the roster. Would have been would have been in there somewhere. Oh, you got Larry Bird. Who? Who got next. Yeah, it actually got a little bit tough here for me. I have Mike's voice in my head, telling me you can't win. When the best player on your team is appointed. One thing I have learned where I see Yeah, let me finish the sentence because I put on a show and three more you have to we've been over this okay, it's not your time to talk Mike it's Joe's time to talk right I got I feel like a bookie over here trying to keep track all these pumpkin papers, like a fucking lunatic don't add to my stress, right? I'm all good, your guyra based I'm taking Bob Cousy as my number two, it's good. It's good to run the point, get picked, get picked, but it's not and then I am also going to take one of the most decorated players in Celtics history. And I'm gonna go with Tommy Heinsohn in the third row. All right, pretty good team for Joe so far pretty good team for Joe. Now what happens is it goes back to me or kicks back down the other direct goes to Craig. Okay, so I'm calling Peterson on place again. Okay. Craig's turn. You got Bill Russell, you got Sam Jones. Who's next? The 1981 MVP of the NBA Finals Cedric Maxwell. Pretty good at the small forward position. Pretty pretty good Cedric Maxwell two three. This way again, Bobby's JT and Ray Allen on your team so far very Bobby team so far. I have to say I'm going to add to that and go with probably something that you guys expected I picked dennis johnson a little a little D Joe. I love this man. He he's one of the best point guards Celtic kisser so I love to add them to this team that that's gonna run up and down the court on April. Very good. Very good. Now it's Ray Ray you're up next you got Dave Carolyn's in kg on your team so far. So I'm gonna go with cow was one of one of his running mates playing got out of Kansas. Jo Jo White. Well, very good. He was very good wasn't he? Yeah, he's a Finals MVP right like at seven? No, this is seven he's got so JoJo Georgia White came seven months of temperatures which would then count very cool. Who wouldn't want to think of that weird there was a Finals MVP that like you wouldn't expect anyway. No crazy perspective surgery module. Now there you go. Was Cedric Maxwell. Alright Joe. Joe White is there for Ray Mike you're on you got McHale and habla check so far. Who's next? And now I get it. But my two Rocktron point. Very good. Okay. I liked you. I like it. I like it. Very cool. Very cool. On that note, actually, I am going to take Rajon Rondo to run the point for me I have Paul Pierce already so make sense right like we've seen their chemistry already and I think that the pick and roll with him Robert Parish is gonna be absolutely insane. So I'm gonna take Rondo This is now prime Rondo like can still lay up you know, like an assist machine. Don't forget, can hit it can actually hit it three every once in a while. 100% He's, he's absolutely he's absolutely out of his mind. He's so good. Okay, this is gonna be a tough one here. I'm going to take I'm going to take al Horford. I'm going to take al Horford I'm going to put them into five. It's it just makes sense for me. i My team is enormous. I'm taking al Horford all the time Celtics al Horford which I think would be al Horford volume one you know as good as he did in the finals. I'm gonna take him on but I'm gonna put him there. Okay, looking good. Now we're going backwards Mike here up again. ended too soon, but he was good wall acid. Reggie Lewis from my turn to net 27 Rest in peace Reggie Lewis. Reggie Lewis from Mike. Writing it down. Good pick. We're going back this way. No, we're going back this way. And we got Ray you got kg got Dave Collins. You got JoJo white. Who's a fourth pick? Oh, that's like not so now suddenly. Good. JC maybe should have written some shit down Ray. And it shouldn't have been so cocky. Not cocky. This is this is someone that gone a little higher than people expected but need a little grin. Little grit build toughness? We'll go with Eddie age. Nice. can pick any I got I got more decayed over it. I know you still do. You're doing good. Okay, who's after you Bobby, you're up. JT Ray Allen and Dennis Johnson are on your team so far. I'm gonna throw back a little bit. A guy that you know not many people remember from Celtics jersey, but I'm gonna keep it small. Keep a fast pistol. Pete man. Pistol Pete Maravich. Yeah, you're not not the best version of him, but okay. All right. I guess we'll take it. There's a host of shitting all over you. Oh, no, no, no, no, it's just not something I would have chosen. It's just a stylistic thing. I mean, I was just worried about the version of the CELTA of the guy that we got on Celtics, you know, that's all Yeah, he wasn't the guy that jumps us through. Okay, who's next? Craig, you're up next. I need a ball distributor. So I am going to go with tiny Nate Archibald. Pretty good. Predicted good. I think he was who I was going to pick if Rhonda was already off the board. So we enjoy that pick. All right, Joe, you're up. You got the you got the Larry Bird team who you got. Well, I got my one, my four. My one my three and my four spots. I'm going to go kind of small. But I am going to take the second one. All time three point shooter in terms of made three pointers in Celtics history ready array, Antoine Walker. Very good. Nice surprise. The last as long as he did, I was pretty close to taking him. I was pretty taken. I'm actually gonna put Hindson at the five and Antoaneta for pretty good to go. So I'm pretty good at my two. This might be the surprise. I'm coming into this era guys. I am going to take the man who cannot dribble. But we do love here in Boston and I am going to take Jaylen Brown. That's a little harsh on the candidate dribble thing but all right. As he enters your fucking squat, I think you're either your chemistry is fucked up already. I mean by that I can but I think your team chemistry is already fucked over here as you said that, but that's why he's not going to hear me say it. So but hey Jaylen, if you do listen to the show, you know, come on. And let me apologize. Craig at MTV Right. All right. glad we did that. Craig, you're up next. So my intention with this team is to draft a team that absolutely no one is going to score on. So with the my fifth pick, so I got 20 Yeah. That's fine. Go ahead. My fifth pick, we're gonna have Tony Allen. Oh, that's good. That's a good pick. I want it. That's a good pick. All right. We got a couple of starting fires put together. This is fun. Bobby, you're up. Who's your fifth? Who's your fifth man? So I need some size. So far. I can run. Pick someone that definitely brings size. I'm not sure if he'll be able to keep up with them. But we'll test them. I'm going Bill Walton. Very good. Very good pic. Surprised. He did. Not true. Okay. Ray, you're up. So this is another player in the Seven News former scoring champ no actually talked about the sociopath on the show. I'm gonna go with Bob McAdoo. Very cool. McAdoo for re ID scoring. The choice Mike, you're up with your fifth your fifth man. Yeah, to fill my center position. I'm gonna go with Al Jefferson, who was underrated all star in his second year here. That was a reason why we got caging Yeah, no, he was a good pick. He was definitely a good pickup. No hate no hate. I knew I was gonna have fucking trouble to say that my fucking to like I knew it. I was like Dave drafted too early because you don't have that many that you actually want on your list. All right. That's gonna be such a huge fucking theme if I do that. Okay, I'm gonna take artists Gilmore. Wow. And I'm gonna take Marcus smart. Oh, all right. Artist Gilmore's my six man Marcus smart is my to guard Good defense. I think I put them toe to toe fucking Craig for the Tony Allen pickup. I like it. I like it I'm into it Alright, we're going back to back the direction of Mr. Michael need some visa bench scoring and I can think of nobody else besides his least favorite Ricky Davis to talk to coming off the bench the whole round oh my god oh wow. Oh Ray Shawn ratio and literally said last night like that. That was this anyway, that was good. That is my guy right there was Ricky Davis. He was my he was my favorite for a while while that's he seems spiteful, right. Who are you picking? Going to go with with oh wait Team Lead nice nice it's going off the bench good to go ready house. Wow. Eddie house for a very good nice bass three point shooter coming off the bench we like it all right, who's up next? We got Bobby. He got for your six minute Bob. I'm gonna go right back to that same bench same team James poser. I knew Bobby's picking James Posey. I thought he's gonna take the first overall to me. Like honestly, I'm surprised he didn't know what he was like I might reach be reached a little bit. I was like, you might be saying James Posey right now like this thing coming out of his mouth. I knew he was in and about this talking to you. I was thinking about doing what Mike just did to read about James Posey to Bali but I chose not to because I'm not as much of an asshole as Mike. Greg, you're up because you're six men. Give me three time NBA champion Paul Silas it's good to get back. Nice excellent rebounder. Yep. Good picture because you're gonna fuckin own the rim. I don't care what you say. Yeah, Joe who your sixth and seventh guys? Yeah, so my sixth guy is going to be the 15th all time leading scorer on the Celtics with 8766 points and that's Tom Sanders. That's that's Anders. All right. Then your seventh man. My seventh man. I'm between two guys here and I think neither one of these is your favorite place to beat Yeah. What's that? Oh my god. Wow. Jesus. God well I don't know which which end of the Eiffel Tower do I want this guy to be on. I'm one. I'm gonna I'm gonna go with a little more history here. I need some more. sighs I have a lot of guys that can score. We're going with Kendrick Perkins. Wow. Okay yet. All right, Kendrick. Yeah. No, no, it was on my system. Oh my god. All right, Craig, your backup. Who's your seventh man? I need some valuable scoring and defense. This deep into the bench. I need a three D player. We're going to Walter McCarthy. It's McCarty first. Tee Fred. Listen, Craig doesn't know how to say me. I love well. You know, it's I feel like Tommy Craig Jeff Tommy to know I do not I have. I would have asked them if they ended up on the same team. That would have been pretty good with something somebody should have done that for Tom to say guy I agree. Yeah, McCarty not actually a great statline if you go and look at him, but he was all hard on the test. So there's a reason he's the all time telling point. Leading scorer. Okay, Bobby, you're up. I can't believe this guy's still in the bar. Like I said, I have a lot of speed. And I need some size. Robert Williams. Very good. Good pick. Good pick. He was my next guy. Well, that ship has sailed Joe. I don't know what to tell you. It sure has. He's not anymore. Right? You're on your seventh man. So I need a backup big. And there was no better backup big than this guy that was on the agency's team. We'll go with the red the red rifle. UCLA UC Philly's finest Bill Walton maybe last year turned that sucks. That's okay. Bolton body What? What? Yeah, right before he picked Timelord I should have already picked Posey that's a bummer. That's a bummer the first time it happened with it with our with our basketball Encyclopedia of all no I didn't hear him say it was I would have picked somebody else. But why don't ya had you known you would have probably wouldn't have done this thing to make you lose your pick. I would imagine that is true. All right, moving on. Sorry about that. Hey, what are we talking about last night? The you know, the rules are the rules are harsh and they couldn't couldn't happen to a better guy though. Mike, you're up. The name of the game is scoring and coming off the bench to fill that position is going to be Kyrie Irving. Oh, I mean, Mike, we have talked about we have talked about the fact that the fact that I agree with you that he is an all time great player, but obviously I was tempted to take him myself, but there is a reason why he felt this low. There's a reason why he felt this low and Celtics draft. It's not just because people hate him as a sell tickets because he does fuck teams up but alright, you made your choice and this is when things are starting to get controversial. So I enjoyed it. Regardless. I'm going to take for my sixth man, a guy that's going to bring a little bit something different than Rondo because we think we all know Rajon Rondo is a very specific type of point guard he's going to distribute to a lot of really good players on the team here. Like your whole fucking team's playmaking it's wild but I'm going to take Malcolm Brogdon as my as my next I think I think he brings something else to the table I think he's new and exciting on the team so he really could be anything it could be anything as that allowed Gouda is that what Okay, hasn't he averaged the same as as Lynn bias so far? It's like no, we're not but all I say and it's fine if you if you want to if you want to dispute it. I'm gonna I'm gonna say with Dave here Dave did say pride in I didn't even know there was sides. I didn't know their sides. I didn't know anyone would have an issue with it. But that's about it. Yeah, I don't want any asterisks on my team. So like, you know, I think I'm just gonna cut I lost a package all right, I mean, we can discuss it. So I have another one right? That whole Brogden thing fuck me up all right, I'm going to take I really don't want to make the same mistake right did I should have been checking these fucking things off. This is stressful. I'm stressed out I'm gonna take Sydney wicks when take Sydney wicks let's see some newspaper Okay, yeah, he's Yeah, he's gonna get me like some you know 12 points you know five assists off the bench I think I think he's gonna bring some some style to the table I and he's gonna be fun to go out with after we win games. Okay, moving on. Wow, that was an intense round guys a lot went down in that rounds. Ray I hope you're ready with your next pick. After Mike and I hope he's not already taken off the board. Mike, you're eight man please. Yeah, I got a lot of personalities on this team and I need someone to be able to corral all those personalities for just one year and coach, so I'm gonna take Doc Rivers Ah wow I mean, multiple Hall of Famers? Yeah, of course he can win. The fucking irony. Are you kidding are the key lifers out? Are they all know what just went down? Yeah, that's wow the top 10 I feel like I held true talk about a hill Turner you could you give him you give him you give him three Hall of Famers, you can win a ring. I mean, it was me all along. Wow. Yeah. Listen, here's the thing. That was a wild that was a wild choice for everybody at home listening. Mike has been talking to you about dogs ever since we used to be a Sunday night sports rat. Right. Yeah, it's clear that this aligns with that shit talking. I did. Yeah. No, I get how you made it work logically. But like you're definitely like, you just revealed that you're a Sith. You know what I mean? Like that's pretty much where we're at here. But anyway, Ray, your seventh pick, unfortunately. You last year or something on the way down, but on the way back up. Who you pick. Yeah. On the way down. All right. Let's use a reference for the night. No, I'm gonna go with Jae Crowder. Okay. Okay, Jesus did you gotta get a score? You know, get the best good defense. You know, you got the wings, baby. On on and off the court. I could see why you're excited about the Bill Walton pick. But judging by where we are, it's like, wow, Bill Walton still on the board. No, no, he's not. But hey, that but I think that Jae Crowder, that GE credit was a good one. A little love to that Celtics team. You know, finally, at this point, I think that was when you pick. It went off the board to it. Yeah, that's true. That's true. I forgot about that. You're right. Jae Crowder, though good pick Bobby. You're up. Eighth man. So I'm gonna go I'm gonna go with some point guard who you know it was a little later in his career, but he still to this day loves the Celtics near and dear to his heart. This is more about the chemistry going on. That's Mr. Kenny Anderson. Come on home, baby. Come on home. All right. I think personally, I think there was some guys left on the board there that he didn't pick but that's good. That's good for us. That's good for me. Craig. You're up. You got you got some guys on this team. Craig. You got some guys that played some basketball? I do. Okay, who's your eighth man? I need a backup point guard and I think I'm gonna go with Larry Siegfried on this one. Okay, you definitely do need a backup point. I definitely need a backup point guard. Every because everyone on my roster. What he said. He said you still Joe your eighth and ninth men, please. Yeah. You overlooked a few guys here. Craig. What's your name? My backup point guard. I'm gonna go with Casey Jones. And then my backup shooting guard. Behind Jaylen Brown. I am going to go with Bill Charmin Charmin soft love it. Just butthole is gonna be well taken care of. We have definitely determined that. Your ninth man please. At this point, batches are getting kind of iffy so it really doesn't matter. So I need a personality guy on this team. I need a guy who's gonna get keep this team together. And since we're talking about players that were on as they were on the Celtics, it's time for fat check baby Shaquille O'Neal? Shaq with with the with his ninth pick. You know what? It's interesting. I thought like I thought Shaq might be in a coaching staff or something along those lines but alright, here we are. Bobby. You're up United man, please. Oh, man. Okay, nice man. I was between two guys but I need a little flair. I need some explosiveness on this team. I'm going with slam dunk champion deep brown. Good night man. Good night man. And you get some that you get to send somebody to slam dunk contest. Exactly that's something you know like he's gonna go represent the team pretty well. So right you're up next your eighth pick because you are one behind them starting to keep going. As one drops right I would say drama The drama that round it's crazy drama. So this is also a slam dunk contest one of the DJ winning in Boston but he did make the playoffs when he was here. I'm ready to go with Dominique. Cool yeah, all time best slam dunk champion if he asked me I think you have better dunks than Jordan that I personally so I agree. I think that's a good pick. I think it's got some name recognition too. It's like really could help you at this point. I think it even if he isn't as bested it'll be good for name recognition deeper in the trenches. You know, if he didn't check the numbers into the night people take looks at it. Yeah, no, I'm with you. I'm with you. Mike. You got Doc Rivers coach and your seven man team who's I need a I need a hybrid big man. I can play power forward, small forward and safety. So I'm going with none other than 1960 Hall of Fame inductee. Edie McCauley. Wow. Wow. Yeah, that's a good one. You don't had a deep cut. That's a deep re deep cut. Boy. It's your boy ed. So my boy Ed, as your boy Ed. All right. I got to pay him two picks to make here right. I'm gonna take Gordon Hayward. Oh, Oh, wow, I didn't think he would get paid. Okay. I'm like, can you get nice? That's a broken ankle Susan. Right. Not the broken ankle season. If you pick Brogden Can you pick the height? Gordon Hayward before he played any games to the Celtics? Like, what was wrong? Yeah, that's Gordon Hayward, right? No, no, you can't well because like it then you could make the argument right that it where it's like, if Jayson Tatum get like gets traded next year, then you just got like this current iteration Jayson Tatum, like bad things, and good things can happen for like the future of our futures as players you know, so we just have to go on like, because like the reason I'm taking Brogdon based on the numbers we all think he's bringing in and if that again, I said, if it's an issue, we can discuss it. No, it was I was just wondering, you're gonna be really mad about my 10th Pick. If that's the case, no, I'm not picking governor. I'm just No, I'm not. I'm actually going to pick my head coach. And I'm going to pick read our back about about it. Because he's the best coach and Celtics history. And for some reason, I picked Doc Rivers. So he's still on the board. So going, I honestly it was a great deal. Turnout really was great. Going back to Mike, I need I need continuity. And again, I need people who have taken personalities and all stars and Hall of Famers to championships and my assistant coach is gonna be Tom Thibodeau, I'm just, I'm just, I'm just all in on that, like, I'm really, I'm really all on your, your spirit of the game, like being like I'm building a team. I'm building it here and like, honestly, looking at where you're at, I You're, I don't think you were stressed for any really good reason. Tom Tibideaux your assistant coach will fucking destroy Tom Thibodeau. I mean, I like that you built your I like to build your coaching staff. I mean, I could have told you that Bobby wasn't going to pick coaches early, but that Leon poll would be somewhere on his bench, you know, like it's, we're all building teams that are reflections of ourselves. You know, so Tibbs Tim's an assistant coach, and then we go right back to Ray, we're getting used to this Now we're cooking. Your ninth pick, please. Ray. So he's essentially my spirit animal and he was on the Olympic team denticle with big baby Davis. Good stuff. Surprise the last as long as he did. So I will talk about that on the party. I will let him I was gonna pick him. I'm already I'm already enormous. So there was no reason but I think that's a very good pick. All right, moving right along to Bobby, you're when we got Bobby is your last guy. I got your picture. I got two more. Right. You got three. You got your 10 for your 10th Pick. Now he's got three more. He's got his 10th Pick. And he's got two coaches. who went missing here? I missed some who? I just my ninth step right now right now should know deep brown was really to pick. Oh, gee, Brett, right. All right. Well, you're trying to mine I'm keeping track of yours on snow. No problem. No, you already you already made my pick for me in this. You gotta ride out my bench here. Mr. Lyon. Pa is coming is coming to the team. He brings a defense. Yeah, he's bringing some strength to the ends of the bench. was a 10th man is is a great he's a great guy. No, and he can run with the fast the fast lineup. We know we've seen it so it's true. Craig your 10th man please. Dante West. Nice. Nice. Nice. That's a good pick. You know, we remember him as like LeBrons weird sidekick. I remember Brian's father, but yeah, stepdaughters. I didn't want to go there. But I like that somebody's moved. Back to Back shows. I love it. I spoke with amazing he was actually really good from Florida was having a uniter was better pizza that ran on trade. So I was that. Yeah, it's very good. Very good. Joe, you're your 10th Man or your two coaches who you got. Alright, so my 10th Man is going to be done. Nelson. Nice. Okay. Love to have Mitch repainted his older team. So I love it. It's great. Yeah. And I mean, he's he's only six, six. But I mean, back then he could play power forward, but he's really a three. I mean, my team's not very big, but they can run and they can score so and then I am going to start with my assistant coach. And my assistant coach is going to be none other than the current Celtics head coach, email you dhoka Wow, that you just wrecked Bobby's life. God damn. Bobby just learned how to pronounce his name. He didn't deserve to get him. Bobby I had to bring you he wasn't making a deal. We have not Yeah. On that note, Craig You got a coaching staff to build out here I got you and with Joe just naming the current I'm naming the former Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens. Great choice we all love Brad Stevens here. I'm missing the point we're big fans are big fans of his offseason moves have tired horseshoes, but yeah, he's he's, you know, well, he was a little white guy. You know, it's hard to keep. It's hard to keep teams together like that. you know he's in the office now he's doing his thing and we're moving right along to Bobby Bobby who you got all right a lot of you know I would have guessed would be on your coaching staff just got removed from the equation so yeah I'm gonna go with a guy who's been rumored to be a coach for a couple years now just never seem to get the job that Sam caselle He's gonna be my head coach that was nice yeah, I liked that Bobby That's awesome I know everyone's everyone's blown him about it too. I had that right in my back pocket God SON OF A BITCH All right right you're right. Do I make can I make to now find my coach No, no killer you can pick or you can pick your coaches but you've slowly got one pick. So it's just gonna be Jeff Great. All right. could pick that pick at an athlete a heart surgeon post heart surgery Jeff Green copy that you don't want that in your fucking medical bills coming up. You need somebody else to take that ninth intent man steal from Mike So who's your ninth man Mike. I need a I need a ring general as they say the biz. So I'm gonna go with the glove. Gary Payton II knives who is good choice spreads. He's still there if you're honest with you, but you might have good guards. A lot of good guards on this team. Oh my god. It's me. All right. Let's see. I need my assistant coach. My 10th Man, my 10th Man. Little small over there. A little small over there. But I'm gonna go with I'm gonna go with Avery Bradley. Oh, okay. I love Avery Bradley. Yeah. And my assistant coach is gonna be none other than I got this is actually a tough choice because I do have a funny one in my head. But I don't want to take my own children. I know what you want. My assistant coach is going to be Brian scalabrini Ah, but white Mamba? Most is His Beloved beloved by all. All right, my team's done. Send it backwards. Mike, your final man and your tennis player. Good. Some good teams, man. I mean, I feel like so I'm struggling right now. I'm very guard heavy. Very guard heavy. But I need some grit on this team too. So I'm gonna go with my final pick. Rasheed Wallace. Nice. You know, he's he's so associated to me with not being able to rebound anything in the 2010 finals. He would have never made my team in a million years. But I do understand why he picked him just in case somebody in the crowd gets out of line. So I totally get it. You got an enforcer. Now Ray, you're up. You gotta pick a head coach or an assistant coach. So Herro Trojan when we were billfish. The choice I think he was the price he was left to be honest with you. Yeah, it was hindering the success that he got on at once. Yeah, that's a good choice. All right. Moving on backwards. Bobby, you need to pick your assistant coach and the new team is doing Mageau with the other late season vet addition to that championship squad, PJ Brown is going to be my assistant coach was almost my assistant coach. He was so close to being my assistant coach, good choice. Come on, down. Got a backbench from that entire team, coach. Yeah, no, you got a good team together. Let's see Craig was playing No Bobby is a court reds an important part of it. And his team's good. He's got round Bobby or Craig You need a Jayson Tatum? Yeah, I don't I like I you drafted very differently than me. We drafted very differently. We're on very two very different ends of the spectrum. Funny enough, I drafted a lot of crafty guards. I don't know what the fuck you're like what happened? I thought that was your thing. Bobby, you need an assist. Or sorry, Craig, you need an assistant coach. I say introduce a little bit of chaos. My assistant coach will be Rick Pitino. Jesus insane. So you don't want to when he just like Craig was like I wanted to Molo, I love it. I love it. Rod Mercer. Come on down, baby. All right, Joe, you gotta just pick your head coach, man. Oh, great. He's already on my team. Tommy Heinsohn is no coach. Can't do that. Do that. Why he's already because you cannot pick a player that he can't be a player coach. No, no. Great. I got Casey Jones to guess I can't do that. i Yeah, sorry. The floor is open to questions. I may say you lost your pick. But I think you're the last pick. Right? Yeah, they should go race should pick in right. You should pick your last player. Let me get back in here. You need an assistant coach Ray. Team. Already got it down Chris board. Right. Very last pick goes to Joe. Try not to pick anybody who's already on your team. I mean, not only was he off the board, he was on your team is on your team. It was it was the natural selection though. Right? Like what was that the natural selection? The waiting times like oh no Because you already picked them. Yeah, just pick O'Brien, dude. I mean, just already there. Well, why? Why do you want me to pick Jim O'Brien? Why do you want me to do that? I just can I just can I just say though, it's a little strange that I love Jim O'Brien, who's Sure. But at this point, whoever Joe picks his, his head coach is likely going to be worse at head coaching than his assistant coach. Right. So I mean, this is gonna be funny. Well, let's see how it does. It's really interesting, because even like Don Nelson was a head coach in the NBA, but I can't pick him because he never coached for the Celtics. We could have, but he's already got a team. But he's already on my team. You could pick Raphael of Fred's as your head coach, because he thinks right, I can pick a player if I wanted to. You know, would it be great? If you picked someone, then if I picked anyone if he just if he made a choice, and it just I just like, drag this out? Like, am I allowed to do that now? Like, can I pick? Why stop now, Joe? I'm gonna go with Jim O'Brien. No, it's incredible. Wow. All right. The teams are it, guys the teams are in. And they're out there. Interesting. There was Bobby's last pick. I'm sorry to cut you off date. But what was funny is last week, Bobby's last pick was TJ Brennan at assistant coach. All right, so Joe, let's go through these just real quick. Let's just take you know, 20 seconds to kind of look at our teams. Joe, talk to me about who's doing what on your team was Yeah, so my starting five is going to be how I picked them. To start. It's going to be Larry Bird at the three. Bob Cousy as the one Tommy Heinsohn. On putting as the five. Antoine Walker is my foreign Jaylen Brown is my two. I just see the leader on on that court being Larry Bird while Bob Cousy is, I mean, he's one of the best point guards ever, maybe. And I love that era. And that's why I went with Byrd. koozie lightsome excuse me as my first three picks just turned into Darth Vader there. I did. I did. Yes. I am. What you made me. Yeah, right. Jaylen. I just I love his game. I think he plays well off of others. And I think he would play well off of a guy like Bob Cousy and Antoine Walker. I mean, who doesn't want to see the shimmy coming down the court so and then that leaves me with Tom Sanders, Kendrick Perkins, Bill Sharman, Casey Jones, and Don Nelson. It's not a very big team. It's really not but it's, it's a team that can run in gun and score a lot of points. And oddly enough, these little guys can have pulled in a lot of rebounds in their time with the Celtics, so and then, II May I knew all of you guys were going to pick he may come on down the line there. I knew I had to get him. Because I just I don't know what he did to get demoted. I know I could have cried as if Tommy Heinsohn was my head coach that would have made sense, right? Like that. That would have been the reason why I picked him as the assistant coach. So that was my plan. So and then Jim O'Brien, I mean, not bad. 570 3% using 539 win percentage 500 in the playoffs. So it's great. That's um, it's amazing. I thought I thought the events of that happening. Were very funny if it's any consolation. Craig talks about your team what your team look like what kind of what do they run it? Sorry, starting five is the way I picked them. Bill Russell would be our Senator Sam Jones, a shooting guard. Senator Maxwell is your small forward 2012 point guard totally Allen out the shooting guard you better pray to God your shots go in or out three out you're probably not getting the ball back or Bill Russell rebounding Tony Allen Gardenview Cedric Maxwell in there as well. Tony Allen, just tiny Archibald distributing. Good luck. I feel pretty good. And then the then the bench Paul, Paul, Silas, Walton McCarty, Larry Sigfried, Shaq and Dante Wes. I feel pretty good about those against any other team's bench. Yeah, I mean, those are all good choices. I think you're running a fund and you're running a fun system? I think so. It's not quite as fun as the fact that I have like nine seven floaters on my team but here we are. I you know, I think it's just you and me got rebounds per days baby. Yeah, no, I just I liked the fact that everyone's teams are be totally reflections of how they strongly feel about how a basketball team should be run. Like in the case of Mike he has betrayal just running right through it you know, guys on the team that like thought they were going to other teams like I just I love it. I really I mean, somebody has to be the bad guy speaking of who was after was a Bobby was after crex Yeah, Bobby what strikes me about your team how they look at who's doing what so we got started point guard. I'm going Pistol Pete I know it wasn't the same Pistol Pete But if you put the right guys even around a vet like that, who sees the court like he does, it's gonna be poetry in motion. Then I have dennis johnson playing the two Ray Allen taking a step up go into the three. We're gonna keep moving on this squad. So the size isn't gonna matter too much. Tatum's play in the four he's gonna you know revolve the offense a lot. He's going to be the guy that has the job. I've been kick, we're gonna run a lot of offense through Tatum, Bill Walton as my center. Like I said, if he can't keep up, then we got someone coming right off the bench who does and Robert Williams, who we know can run with those squads it can be that athletic big man. James Posey bringing the scoring and the D, off the bench. Kenny Anderson is kind of the wildcard, he's the vet backup point guard, you bring them in when things are going wrong, and you need things to calm down a little bit because like we said, we got we got a lot of a lot of speed going on. So we got to corral things and sometimes, then we aren't powder springs to strengthen the defense and deep brown gonna be dunking on pools. I like it. A lot of speed in the team, a lot of players that I if there's anyone that's got to run a speed to offense it Sam Goodsell, you know, we haven't seen what his coaching style would be. But I would imagine it'd be a very up tempo game. So now it's a good looking team. I mean, a lot of guys, I didn't have any words in my draft board, but I mean, this is a stylistic thing, you know, I'm not saying the bad just, just yeah, you're running a very different look. I believe my team and your team played each other it would be I don't know what the fuck would happen but we'll get to that right here up next. Talk to me about your team. What are they looking like? Who's running what? Yeah, so I mean, for me, basically, my first fiber must start if I have to, so obviously JoJo white check the one did he just had to to Macedonia to three during this before and in college is up to five, a lot of hustle and then I started going up Danny Ainge is going to be irritating people, cows is going to have some dive on the floor. She's going to block shots up at the rim and breathe and intensity for the McAdoo was a guy that could get to 30 a night, not to say maybe in Boston, but he would get 15 and 20 around that time. So just very pleased with that. The bench is kind of thin, but then there's some athleticism there. We're just very, we're still able, Jae Crowder, do have a bruiser down there. And Glen Davis abided by need someone to steal some minutes for you know, talons, or you know, or Garnett. So, og kind of a traditional for me, I feel like that's I had one of the more traditional rosters that were picked, to be honest but yeah, please with the pitch overall there's some guys obviously that I would have picked it obviously there's six of us and not four or five was making the selection so but overall pleased with what I came up with and pleased with the coaching to say it is a very traditional lineup. I like it you can run you can run a lot of good fundamental basketball through your team. It's it's a good looking squad. Mike, talk to me about how your team's gonna run. Yeah, so we have we like to call the adversity lineup and then the chaotic lineup. Right. So the starting lineup started starting to one is going to be it. I think just if you go back to the 1617 season that was that was MVP. Like, number two is going to be Reggie Lewis. I just think we think about his best season was in 9192. Right? That's when we entered the Larry Bird era, the golden era basketball was here. And he was in he was carrying the TV he was selling the old guard and he will check Kevin McHale So how was actually this fall forward? I mean, 29 points a game how will check still the ball? He's averaging? Seven seven rebounds? I don't sorry, nine rebounds, seven assists and 7071. Kevin McHale I think I think he is the most underrated and underappreciated power forward and in SOFEX history. And then al Jefferson I think when you when you look back at that, oh 607 squad 16 points 11 rebounds game like that is that's what you need to hunker down and then the chaos line. It's gonna be you know, you carry coming in off the bench, Vicki Davis, Ed, and McCauley the glove Gary Payton, and then in the Rasheed Wallace to wrestle people up. I think those all those dynamics wouldn't be challenging to manage. That's why I do take the two coaches that the most recent coaches that brought us a championship trophy to Boston and were able to catch lightning in a bottle for two Finals appearances in five years and actually won one trophy with Dockers non typical stuck on that Bobby It's a good looking squad it's a good looking squad the good guys on average, that bench is just a nuclear bomb, just an absolute new way to make that happen. I'll have you know that everyone on my starting five besides al Jefferson average averaged and the seasons that I take them 40 minutes per game, so we don't need a lot from the chaotic line. Okay, we don't need we don't need that much. It's good. I like it. All right. Yeah, I mean, just to talk a little bit about my my team, obviously everyone's fucking enormous artists before and Robert Parrish with over seven feet tall. I wanted a lot of looks. That was my goal. I just wanted to be able to look at a lot of different a lot of different lineups and a lot of different ways. I wanted to be able to defend everybody else's team and I think maybe Bobby has me in transition play my team is not the fastest I'll give it that there's like not a ton of speed but I love the defense. I'm getting out of my one through three and Rondo smart and pierce I think I'm getting great defense from those positions. So I think I can lock up the one through three of pretty much everybody else obviously my primary scoring is coming through Paul but I got a lot of Lux off the bench I got Malcolm Brogdon coming in he can do a lot of got Gordon Hayward he can play make at this point in his in his career. Avery Bradley More defense off the bench super defensive minded team. Obviously I'm trying to keep everybody under 85 points here. A lot of looks in the frontcourt, but mainly it's just going to be like Robert Parrish and Al Horford, like to man, you know, and obviously artists who are a little bit later in his career but coming in to supply some much needed depth there and I just think Yeah, I think we're fucking enormous. I think it's gonna be really hard to score in the paint against this is really going to it's gonna be really hard to create anything from the perimeter because the perimeter defenders that I've got, and yeah, I mean, I've got the fucking truth and Rajon Rondo and his prime. So I'm liking it. I'm liking it. Everybody. We did it. We did a Celtics drafts. It's, it's here. It's here to stay. All right, well, that concludes our draft. And what we're gonna do is we're going to take everybody's teams, we're gonna put them on the socials, everybody will go and vote. We voted off show for who we all think is the best. The best team so we've got some points in the bank already. While we're we'll put these on the social media channels and you guys can go pick your favorite teams and see who did the best job of drafting the best selling books of all time. And if you need a refresher, everyone's theme will be in the show notes. Yeah. Is that the case, Greg. Thanks for Thanks for chiming in there. All right, cool. So if you need a refresher, everybody's teams will be in the show notes and have a good rest of your night.