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April 4, 2023

"Lights Out": How Shawne Merriman Went From High School Hero to NFL Superstar

How Shawne Merriman Found His 'Lights Out' Moment and Built a Legacy Beyond Football

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Get your game face on because "Missing the Point" just dropped an episode that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! Join former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman as he talks about his love for football, his experiences playing alongside some of the league's top players, and his journey into the world of MMA promotion and real estate.

From knocking out four opposing players in one high school game to going head-to-head against football's greatest teams, Merriman's story is a testament to the importance of hard work and competitiveness. He shares exclusive behind-the-scenes stories about his time playing with superstars like LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, and Antonio Gates. Plus, he spills the tea on his intense rivalry with the New England Patriots, including how he got revenge against them in the AFC Championship Game.

But that's not all - Merriman also talks about his transition to MMA promotion and real estate, where he launched Lights Out of Strength Fight in 2018. He offers valuable advice to athletes transitioning out of professional sports and shares his upcoming fight on May 6 in Burbank, California.

So, whether you're a die-hard football fan or a sports enthusiast looking for inspiration, this episode of "Missing the Point" with Shawne Merriman is a must-listen. Get ready to learn about the importance of hard work, competitiveness, and finding your passion after retiring from professional sports. Don't miss out - tune in now!


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0:06 Interview with Shawne Merriman, former NFL Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills and owner of Lights Out Extreme Fighting.

2:03 His Football Career and Draft Process

7:48 Training and Playing with Big Names

9:51 Playing for Great Teams and Competing Against the New England Patriots

12:52 Competitiveness and Preparation Against Great Quarterbacks

14:28 Preparing for Elite Football Players and the Significance of the "Lights Out" Dance

16:42 Transitioning to Life After Football

17:43 Combat Sports and Launching Lights Out XF

21:50 MMA, WWE, and Life After Football

25:32 Stories from His Playing Days.

27:16 Nightlife and Fighting Career


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Hosts: Rayshawn Buchanan, Joe Malkin

Guest: Shawne "Lights Out" Merriman

Producer: Craig D'Alessandro



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Shawne MerrimanProfile Photo

Shawne Merriman

NFL Linebacker for the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills

Shawne Merriman is a retired American football player who played as a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL). Born on May 25, 1984, in Washington, D.C., Merriman played college football at the University of Maryland, where he was a dominant pass rusher and was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year in 2005.

Merriman was selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers. In his rookie season, he recorded an impressive 10 sacks and was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. He continued to establish himself as one of the league's top pass rushers, earning three Pro Bowl selections and two First-Team All-Pro honors during his career.

Merriman's career was unfortunately cut short due to injuries, but he still managed to leave a lasting impact on the game. He retired in 2013 with 45.5 sacks, 11 forced fumbles, and 243 tackles in 75 games.

Off the field, Merriman has been involved in various business ventures and philanthropic efforts. He is the founder of Lights Out Brand, a lifestyle and fitness brand, and has also appeared on various television shows, including Dancing with the Stars and The Masked Singer.

Despite his retirement from football, Merriman remains a beloved figure in the NFL community and continues to make an impact both on and off the field. Follow his journey and learn more about his legacy as one of the game's most feared defenders.