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April 13, 2023

NBA Playoffs: Celtics vs. Hawks - What You Need to Know!

NBA Playoffs: Celtics vs. Hawks - What You Need to Know!

Celtics vs. Hawks: The Ultimate Playoff Preview - Strategies, X-Factors, and Predictions

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Welcome to "Missing the Point," where we dive deep into the latest sports news and hot topics. In this episode, we're discussing the Boston Celtics' upcoming NBA playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks.

As the Hawks clinch the 7th seed after defeating the Miami Heat, we can't help but wonder - are the Celtics happy with this outcome, or did they want to face Miami instead? We'll explore what Atlanta does well and what the Celtics need to expose to secure the win.

One player that has caught our attention is Trae Young. How do the Celtics plan to limit his effectiveness, and who do we see as the Hawks' X-factor?

On the Celtics' side, we'll also discuss the potential impact of Jaylen Brown's hand injury on this series. What new wrinkles would we like to see offensively/defensively, and who is the X-factor for the Celtics?

Join us as we give our predictions for the series and break down all the exciting action to come. Don't miss this episode of "Missing the Point" - your go-to sports podcast for in-depth analysis and insider insights.


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Producers: Craig D'Alessandro


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