Sept. 1, 2020

New England Championship ReWrap - 2001 New England Patriots - Part 2

New England Championship ReWrap - 2001 New England Patriots - Part 2

Part 2 of New England Championship ReWrap - 2001 New England Patriots

Join us as we dive into the mind-blowing 2001 Super Bowl, featuring the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots. Kicking off with the backstory of each team, we detail some of the greatest moments and most monumental plays in NFL history. From the Patriots’ first blitz of the game, to the Ricky Proehl touchdown, this game brought up so many memories and emotions that we’ll never forget. This is where it all started. Tune in to experience many of the greatest moments in Patriots Super Bowl history.

Episode Timeline

[00:00] Intro + Where we last left off

[00:43] Admiring the beauty of the Patriots lifting the Lamar trophy and the Rams’ struggle against the Eagles

[03:15] Back then, offense was awesome but defense was king

[04:07] Bill Belichick chose Tom Brady and he was cool, collected, and confident – the moment that we knew this championship was going to be different

[07:37] There’s not one player on the team that is more important than the team + Remembering a hilarious moment between Bledsoe and Brady

[11:45] A fond memory of two guys at a pawn shop near the stadium 

[14:25] A great moment with a beer vendor

[15:02] Nothing compares to the Super Bowl

[16:16] From kick-off, it didn’t start out that great!

[17:45] Those were the last points the Rams scored until the second half + Patriots jammed the wide receivers on every single play, taking the Rams’ speed away

[19:38] The rules changed because of this game + Antowain Smith outrushed Marshall Faulk

[20:39] The drives for the Rams in the first half: punt, field goal, missed field goal, interception, inaudible, fumble, end of half 

[21:43] This is where it all started: One of the greatest moments in Patriots Super Bowl history

[26:44] How the half ended was an ode to Drew Bledsoe

[29:00] That coaching staff was ridiculous

[29:50] This was one of the best half-time shows in history + How the Super Bowl brought everyone together after 9/11

[36:00] Why the second half didn’t have the same feel as the first

[41:53] I like our chances!

[43:48] There was no stopping the Rams’ momentum at this point

[45:46] The Ricky Proehl touchdown was a microcosm of the second half; one of the worst tackles we’ve ever seen (game tie)

[47:48] Play it safe? F that, go out there and slay it!

[50:35] Tom Brady almost gets sacked twice + The most significant 11-yard dump-off in the history of the NFL

[52:48] The play that you MUST go back and watch

[54:23] Remembering all the feels: “And the Patriots are Super Bowl Champions!!!”

[1:03:53] Our final thoughts

[1:11:09] Outro

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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":0.0,"body":"How we Doing everyone? and welcome back to part two of the first ever episode of The New England championship. rewrap jump back in our time machine. As we rejoined the 2001 New England Patriots and their improbable championship season. When we had last left off, we have just wrapped up the AFC Championship Game victory vs., the Pittsburgh Steelers, Drew Bledsoe some robots and officially crowned him Mr. patriot. Now, it's the moment we've all been waiting for. Super Bowl 36.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":44.0,"body":"Can we talk real quick about how the Patriots received the Lamar Hunt trophy on Heinz Field at the middle of Heinz Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers are already in the locker room. The stadium is empty. You can see our yellow seats, and the Patriots are lifting the Lamar Hunt trophy going to New Orleans to play, who we eventually would find out would be the St. Louis Rams. I mean, it just blows my mind looking back on it again that that's that's what happened. You beat the Raiders now you beat the Steelers, you're about to go against the best team, the greatest show on turf, the best team in the NFL and the Super Bowl the way the way it should be.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":85.0,"body":" before we get into the Super Bowl, I do kind of want to touch on Rams coming into the NFC Championship game. They struggle they beat the Eagles 29 to 24. It's a great game, and it kinda showed those holes in the armor for that greatest show on turf showed us that we actually can beat this Rams team, who we played great against back in week 10\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":108.0,"body":"Well, this is the greatest thing about this is this. This was great film for Bill Belichick. Like that's what this was an incredible film for this team. I mean, you're looking at an Eagles team that was As a coach, his quarterbacks have three Donovan McNabb is running back his Deuce daily. I mean, we're looking at\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":127.0,"body":"that stat looking at\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":129.0,"body":"a fast team like patriots were not a fast offense the Patriots. I mean, you look at what's broken for Brian Westbrook. You look at their, their, their, their core in 2001. That's the Patriots core. All right, Tom Brady couldn't move. I mean, you had some good running backs. But we weren't fast. We weren't gonna blow anybody out of the water.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":149.0,"body":"The 1980s NFL typical team that's how they want\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":153.0,"body":"absolutely defense in a kill you by watching paint dry kind of offense. So that was their style. And the the Eagles were not that kind of team. The Eagles were the complete opposite. I mean, they had a fast team. They had a mobile quarterback. I mean, they had a great offense to they weren't quite the Rams as we find out. But you're right, Bobby. I mean, this is where the holes in the Rams armor was found. Where can you beat them because you're gonna find them when they're playing In a fast team, and that's what that's what they did. So, I mean, I look back at this Eagles team this Eagles team was man, were they good? I know. Good.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":190.0,"body":"That was they were two championship games for four years in a row following that. Yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":194.0,"body":"And I mean, what amazes me here is I mean, you, you talk about the greatest show on turf. And at that time, the offense in the NFL was great. Yeah, offense was awesome. But defense was king. I mean, defense is how championships were won back then. It's not it's not the same anymore. But I mean, the Ravens? You know, the Rams even had a good defense in 1999 when they won the Super Bowl, but I mean, now we're looking at a great offensive team coming in and what did the Patriots do? Well, what did we do? Well, I mean, sure, we scored points. We killed you killed you with kindness, like a better term, and the defense was good. But this again, I said it once already, but this film is exactly what Bill Belichick needed to figure out how to beat the Rams.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":243.0,"body":"And he figured it out didn't.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":246.0,"body":"Let's find out.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":248.0,"body":"Alright, so we'll go on to the super bowl here. So, first story that I want to talk about in the Super Bowl. A The first thing that sticks out to me is how cool and collected Tom Brady was coming into this game. So the top coming into this game after the AFC Championship game where drew plateau at US was who's it gonna be? drew or Tom? Drew, Tom drew Tom. Bill chose Tom because guess what, that's how they got there.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":276.0,"body":"Yeah, I made a press conference. I mean, and that's exactly what he did because everybody questioned him after Pittsburgh. And so you're gonna do I mean, Drew Bledsoe basically came in and won that game and you're gonna go to Tom, are you going to stick with Drew because that's what it was at that point. Drew Bledsoe should have been the starter right. Cuz Brady's still hobbled on me. Thank goodness, there was two weeks off, but you're right. It was time.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":296.0,"body":"And that was that was a whole talk and almost as if he He proved belcheck right before even going into the game, this dude was so confident and so ready for this game that he took a damn nap in the locker room. And not only that he didn't even realize he fell asleep. That's how calm and collected this dude was where he blinked and all sudden it was 20 minutes later, he's like, Oh, damn, I gotta, I gotta go playing the Super bowl. Like,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":324.0,"body":"like we had people listening to the radios like I listened to the radio feed, because that's kind of what they gave out is one of the gifts in the stadium. So you're listening to this and you're like, it's kind of mixed emotions in a way because half the stadium, half the Patriots fans are like, Oh, man, our quarterback just fell asleep before the biggest game of his life. And the other half is like, Dude, this guy is so ready to go. That he's takin naps. Like that's, that's\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":345.0,"body":"how I felt at the time. When I heard he took that nap. I was I was like, dude, let's lock to go. Let's go. And then, as if that wasn't enough of a lexical moment, introductions happen. Now coming up to this super boring introductions. For my childhood were some of the coolest memories ever seen everyone get introduced player by player. You know what I mean? It was so cool because it was beginning of the season. No one even knew about what was about to happen.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":372.0,"body":"To be introduced as a team, please welcome the AFC Champions, the New England Patriots.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":380.0,"body":"And at that moment, this was just different. This was going to be a different game. This was a different team. This was a team that had an aura about them that we've never seen before. And they they not only did this, they went against the NFL protocols and wishes and I don't know if it's a fact but I heard they even got fined for doing this. They did but they started a trend right and now ever since that's what it's been. Yeah. But at that moment, that's again another. Oh my god, we're gonna do this when we're actually gonna win the Super Bowl.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":415.0,"body":"That was a Speak softly carry a big stick moment because I remember turning them My father and putting my hands on the shoulders like this is over like we got this like this is done like it's over because it was after the Rams had been introduced individually and that was kind of the the rise was that it was it was a kind of an fpu moment to Mike Martin the Rams like alright buddy he go I mean cuz they were already booking their their flights off to you know wherever the heck they were going to go there they had already booked their parade. I mean, they had already scheduled it in St. Louis wouldn't joke's on you guys Fast Forward 20 years. But you know i mean they were they scheduled all that they were there was the same thing as Pittsburgh they were ready to go man. \n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":457.0,"body":"This was also the moment like again, like you guys just said but it's this is there's not one player on this team that is more important than the team. It's not drilled into your head as a patriot fan now. Like, this is what that was. That was\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":471.0,"body":"it. Yeah. Which I never understand how that mo didn't catch on with more coaches and more teams and more sports. I really never understand That didn't catch on because it clearly worked. And we've seen so many times whether it even on the Patriots, we've seen it so many times where somebody thinks they're bigger than the team and that's where things fall apart. Teams right teams don't haven't won in the entirety of people's history with the team because of of their their ego. I never understood that.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":503.0,"body":"A little light hearted moment I want to talk to him before we get into the actual game in the tunnel before the game. One of the funniest clips I've ever seen is Tom Brady head butting the absolute crap out of Drew Bledsoe five straight times. Just going I told you I was gonna get you here. I told you I was gonna first of all hilarious Second of all, kind of a dick move.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":527.0,"body":"I don't think so. No.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":531.0,"body":"So So if you think about it, right, so Drew Bledsoe just got them in the AFC Championship Game Drew Bledsoe wanted to start that Super Bowl. He thought that he was one of the main reasons I got there because that AFC Championship game he there's interviews, where they asked him, Are you mad? You're not starting in the Superbowl. And he flat out says, Yeah, I really want to start this game. However, you know, it's about the team that he went into the Patriot, the Patriots schpeel that we all know and love at that moment. If I was Bledsoe, I'd be like, Bro, I want to play to What do you mean? \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":565.0,"body":"But in that moment, you can and that's why that's why it's one of those moments in time in our lives where emotion takes over. And Tom Brady was a he was a kid, I think about things that we all have, whether it's kids or nieces and nephews or little cousins or whatever it is, and you think about, think about how they handle situations where they get excited, and that is kind of what it was between Bledsoe and Brady. It was just him getting excited. And it might have been a dick move and it might have been something you know, but I think what he was saying is when Bledsoe got smoked by mo Lewis. I mean, Brady was his understudy Brady was under his wing. And I think what he means like about that is man, I told you back in the week x, that I would get you here. And now we're here and I'm fired the EFF up, let's go win this game. I think that's where it stems from. I don't think it was at that point where it was like, you know, I told you two days ago I would get you here like, that's not what it was. But by any means. \n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":629.0,"body":"I also think that like, I think your as a quarterback, your your nature is to try and put the spotlight on yourself right and say like, yeah, of course I want to play this game. But I think though, I think Bledsoe had already bought in some patriot way because he because he wanted to play. But I scoured the internet for reports. He never went to build advocated for him to play. He knew that there was going to make whatever decision he needed to make. And it was he was just gonna play his role in it. And like if in that clip if you watch it, but so slapping the hell out of it I was just getting like he's like he's happy smiling. \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":663.0,"body":"Maybe that was retaliation \n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":665.0,"body":"I don't think it was, um, I don't think it was a shirt. Or like a dick move. Like, it's just it's just like the Avada like, look like we would record eventually this team, you know, one of our one of our guys went down. I was in and I was going to pick you up. I fell down. You picked me up. Yep. It's time. It's time. February 3 2002 is our time. It's our night. Let's let's bring it home.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":690.0,"body":"There may be at the time. Maybe Tom Brady was being a dick. And maybe Drew Bledsoe took it that way. I mean, it's possible that one of them was thinking like it, it is. But I mean, this is our opinions 20 years later, but that you're right, that was one of the greatest moments and I have moments. So the first one is now my father and I drove to New Orleans, we stayed in Hattiesburg, Mississippi 100 miles away from New Orleans, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the whole bar. Yeah. So it was awesome. So you Give me a picture here, man. I mean, I don't know if any of you have been in New Orleans, right? It's an amazing place, isn't it? Like, when you drive you drive into New Orleans, and you're driving on on I 10. And all you see is high rises. And you take this one bend on the highway. And all of a sudden you see this giant cement done, john it is it is magical. Like it really is magical. And so we pull into New Orleans, we're about three or four blocks from the stadium. And we pull up in front of this pawn shop. And there's these two guys sitting outside Michael and Marshall and I'll never forget their names and I'll never forget who they were. Michael had this he had this curly scraggly hairdo he had. He had a polo shirt on, and Marshall was this big dude, just sitting in a chair had a black shirt with embroidered gold with gold embroidered playing cards. On his on his shirt, and it was we pulled in and they come over and, and my father looks at him and goes How much? He goes, you guys come up for the game and we say yep, he was five bucks to park for the Super bowl $5 and my dad goes, are you kidding me? And Michael looks at him and goes Why Is that too much? He goes, nah man and Foxborough. We pay $30 a game. He goes, I know, forget that he was five bucks. And I'll even watch it extra for you. We'll be here. When you come home from the game. We'll be here all day. We'll watch your truck for you. Sweet. day goes on. We go to the NFL experience. We come back and there's a camper parked next to us. The guys aren't there at the time, but they come back about five minutes later. And we find out that they're from the surrounding towns from where Craig and I are from. And the guy is like the manager of a hotel in the town. And so we start catching on with them and we were parked right across the street from St. Joseph's church in New Orleans. Beautiful church and At 1.1 of the fathers is walking up the front steps to the church, and one of the guys will be parked next to him. The camper has three sheets to the wind. But at 13 years old, I didn't know what he knows. He just yells at him and he goes, Father, say a prayer for our boys today. He turns around, opens his rope. And he's wearing a lawyer, Malloy jersey, closes, it turns around and walks up the stairs and walks into the church. The moments in this game were just absolutely incredible. And the last one I'll share before we get into the game, was we're walking up to the stadium to go in. Again, I'm 13 years old, but I had a beard at that time and looked like I was 18. So we're walking up to the stadium and there's a beer vendor, they're older guy. And he he looks at my father and my dad says yeah, we'll grab a beer. He looks at my dad and he looks at me, he looks back at my father and goes to like, No, he's got about seven years left. And and that was Those were three of the just the moments in this place. Were just it was just incredible. And for anybody listening or you guys whether it's the team you root for or not go to the Superbowl, just go to a Super Bowl. I mean, it's an amazing it's, it's unlike anything. I mean, I've been to World Series games I've been next year. Yeah. I've been to World Series games. They don't they don't even compare to the Superbowl nothing does.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":926.0,"body":"So that that two things I completely I'm, I'm with you, Joe. If there's one sporting event in my life that I it's on my bucket list is going to the Super Bowl. So much so that Katie has promised me that if the Cowboys ever made the super bowl Now I know that that is a pretty big F. We're going and there's no there's no doubts about that. We're gonna figure it out because of exactly what you just said. And especially, you know, kind of be relatable to exactly what we're talking about now. Where a team, this team Hadn't no chance to go to the Super Bowl and here they were here you were in New Orleans ready for the biggest game that you've ever watched, ever experienced. they've ever played in it ever experienced in their entire life. And, and honestly didn't start out that grape. From from kickoff, if I remember correctly. Yo Murphy takes that ball back to about the Patriots 40 yard line on the opening kick. And that kinda kind of gave me a feeling right at the beginning of like, oh, Lord, here we go. Like it took away all those first, that first 10 minutes of them being introduced. Everything that happened with Brady, yo Murphy returns that and I feel like in my opinion, that momentum got sucked out of the building. I don't know if that's how it felt in person. \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1015.0,"body":"It started right there. You're absolutely right and he brought it back to the island but at the same time That drive ended in a Jeff Wilkins. 50 yard field goal. So the Patriots defense did hold them there. And that's and that's where we where we go. And I mean, things change a little bit there and I'm kind of looking at this right now. And thinking I wish I was old enough to bet on this game. Not only was the line minus 14 for the Rams, but the over under was 52 and a half. Yeah. Gavin that would have been a great game to to bet on. But yeah, I mean, I can't disagree with it. I mean, it was definitely momentum because you're right. It was like damn the Rams. I mean, from the go like they were ready. Like they're not as embarrassed as we may maybe thought they were as when we came out as a team like marks corrected the ship, but luckily it was only three nothing, but it only took three minutes.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1064.0,"body":"Right And then from there, that was that was the last point the Rams did score until the second half. Because what we talked about in length before we got into this game, that game plan and that scheme, that Bill Belichick made was a completely different from that week 10 game where, you know he, he didn't necessarily go after Warner. He led the cornerbacks that he had those physical great quarterbacks do most of the work on those wide receivers. Now, I'll never forget seeing the Patriots on every single play, jamming those wide receivers and not letting them get into any of their routes. They took the speed away from the Rams, unlike any team ever had\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1114.0,"body":"Just to your point, Bobby, instead of going after Kurt, one of they would have to Marshall, Marshall Faulk for that game had like, I think 17 attempts for like 76 yards. That is one the greatest running backs of all time. And one of the most high profile situations and they completely bill knew that the offense didn't really run Kurt. It ran through Marshal fog\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1136.0,"body":"and that will come back to bite them later. Which which we'll get to\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1140.0,"body":"That's that's kind of weird that's the beginning of what we sort of blueprint for how debilitating that defense is. So he's not going he's gonna take away your best option or maybe your best two options right? So you know he knew coming in you can maybe take away hope Bruce pro Isaiah can came, but if you take away 28 was the focal point by he he makes them go if we minimize his impact in the game, do we have a shot to win the game? So in doing that it was okay cool. we minimize marshals impact. Now we just we live with what we do on the outside. The rules are really changed because of how the pages are jamming. quarterbacks me Ty law was brutal. Oda Smith was brutal. So Bucky Jones, Ronnie Harrison, when he got there, like they really changed the rules because of how physical It was no one in the corners word because they wanted more of a free flowing game but you know Got.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1202.0,"body":"Antowain Smith out rushed Marshall Faulk.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1207.0,"body":"Said, just listen.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1210.0,"body":"And it wasn't a Buffalo Bill Antowain Smith , either, you know, for me Yeah, some good years there, but he wasn't that guy, but he had like a 1257 yards for us.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1220.0,"body":"I think it was 1130. So\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1222.0,"body":"yeah, but either way it was 1000 yard rusher. But he wasn't that guy when he was in Buffalo, obviously. So, um, you know, for that to happen, like, like you said, my guess speaks volumes. And I say, you know, thank God, we were able to minimize the impact of martial efilecabinet on a game.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1239.0,"body":"So one correction I want to make to our first half is that that kick returned by yo Murphy actually ended in a punt and the Rams scored on their second drive. But it's actually interesting because that brings me brings us to a good point going literally off of what Ray Shawn just said, is that in the first half actually rayshawn and Mike just said in the first Have these are the drives for the St. Louis Rams punt. Field Goal missed field goal. interception fumble end of half. I mean you're you guys are absolutely right Bill Belichick figured it out and knew exactly what to do now Mike Martz makes some changes but\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1277.0,"body":"I'm pretty sure on that Kurt Warner fumbled. He was out like he was.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1283.0,"body":"knocked him out. They knocked him out. I'm pretty sure they knocked him out. Yeah, I forget I forget which coach was say it was not a pepper Johnson on the sideline right and they knocked him out. But you get you get to that so that first half was the story of the Patriots against the Rams at CU remember that first game? They turned Kurt Warner over three times in the first half. All right. So all right, so we get back to you know us pressuring us not blitzing Warner. All game until one play. We throw a blitz. The first time all game. Willie McGinest coming off like a bat out of hell. Off the right side of that line forces, the first score for the Patriots in the 2001 Super Bowl, a tie Wah interception for a touchdown. That is probably the most photogenic and most amazing picksix I've ever seen in my entire life\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1335.0,"body":"running down the sidelines, his hand in the air.\n\nIt's one of the greatest moments in the New England Patriots Super Bowl history. That's what overall, and this is. And this is a you're right over. I mean, you're absolutely right. I mean, this is one of those things, one of those points where I really want to drive home to those that are listening to the older fans that have been around since the 70s, the 80s, the 60s, I mean, if you're, if you're listening to this, I hope I hope my father listens to this and gets to run through this season in this game with us again, like this is where it literally all started. So if you're a 16 year old Patriots fan if you're a 20 year old Patriots fan if you're a 30 year old Patriots fan that didn't start following until, you know Tom Brady was a elite. This is where there's literally all started in the emotion in our voices even Bobby's voice who decided to jump ship for the Midwest back. Whatever day it was. This is literally where this started. I mean, the Patriots don't have Oh 304 they don't lose an O seven of the Giants. They don't lose 11 to the giants. They don't. They don't. There's no Butler interception against the Seahawks. There's no 25 point comeback. There's none of that without this season, right here. And that's why there's so much emotion behind this season this game, the 199 draft pick in 2000 A compensatory pick in the sixth round like if you ever wonder why some people get on fans in New England about only being a fan because of Tom Brady or jumping ship because he went to 10 Bay. It's this season right here like this cemented everything that happened over the last 20 years. And that touchdown you You heard right how excited rayshawn and I just got that interception by Ty law. I mean that is one of that. You know what I'm going with what Rachel said that's the greatest moment in patriots Super Bowl history. I mean, that's it right there. I mean that that gave the Patriots a lead that gave the Patriots a lead in the Super Bowl. And they had never led in a Super Bowl. They'd been to two before this and they had never led in and they were up seven to three against the greatest show on turf in Super Bowl 36. A game that the Raiders didn't think they would get to that the Steelers didn't think they would get to that the St. Louis Rams already had their their their boats there. They don't have duck boats, whatever the heck they drive in St. Louis their their Cutlass Supreme is ready to go down Main Street St. Louis Like they were ready to go. And the Patriots are up seven to three on on this team.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1505.0,"body":"Right, which is kind of why, you know, it's funny that this podcast has been this long because like, honestly, it makes sense that it is because this is the one that set everything up, you know, and like we keep saying that that became a trend going forward that became this going forward. Because this, this was the beginning of what became the best Boston sports era. Ever, possibly the best sports era for any city that ever existed. This specific play that set that off,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1538.0,"body":"it may not have affected what happened for the Red Sox over the last 20 years of the Celtics, the Bruins, it may not have affected any of those things. All of those championships may still have happened. We will never know about this game. It doesn't start\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1553.0,"body":"I think it did affect those teams because it set up a mindset that was different among Boston sports Boston sports up until this point was the losers. We were the Chicago we were Cleveland, we were the losers of the country. We were known for blowing games. That's what we did. Besides, besides the Celtics in the 80, sorry,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1572.0,"body":"Celtics in the 90s.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1575.0,"body":"But even\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1576.0,"body":"even the late 80s until this point, we were the laughingstock of the sports world. We were the butt of the joke and the biggest market, right? And this play this season changed all of that, which is why it's just so significant. Why we can't shut this, you know, stop this podcast short, why we have to touch on all these things, because of how important this season and the championship really what\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1603.0,"body":"it's why we have Craig\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1604.0,"body":"Yeah. Can we touch on how the half ended? Because I think that was kind of like an ode to Drew Bledsoe. that exact same throw that happened at Pittsburg from true to David Patton. Same\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1616.0,"body":"plan, almost like almost like they did a recap of it because it was it was literally this in the same same throat it was D same throat, same time, same spot everything. \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1628.0,"body":"Bill love to do this bill loves to do this now but he loved to do it then and for staying in the time capsule bill love to do that. And he was not afraid to take the same play. It's like, it's like Herman Boone said and Remember the Titans. It's like novocaine you keep running it until it works. And that's exactly what he did. And he kept running the same play because bill has always been one not to turn his nose up at other coaches, but be like, I know he knows that. I cannot coach you and I can I can get my guys to outplay your guys no matter who they are. You're absolutely right. I mean the Patriots score with with 31 seconds left in the second half. And they're up 14 to three on the St. Louis Rams and halftime.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1673.0,"body":"Amazing and not a bad statline David Patton had one catch for eight yards. one touchdown miserable and It was arguably the second greatest sketch of his career, but probably the most important catch of his career.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1685.0,"body":"Absolutely.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1686.0,"body":"Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, but I mean, like, because they, because St. Louis was able to score so much, I was like dawg, like, 14 is not going to cut it. Like I just kept saying, I'm like, 14 is not going to cut it like, unless we find like, we get like another pick six. So somebody like 14 will not cut it against the team. Like, I feel a Marshall is gonna get loose. Somebody's gonna get get behind the defense. And they're gonna end up scoring at some point we're saying I'm doing it wrong, but um, yeah, my heart was thrown like, through my chest. It wasn't over. It wasn't.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1721.0,"body":"It was never over until the clock hit 0\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1724.0,"body":"Just Just remember what Ricky Paul said that night tonight, a dynasty starts. \n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1739.0,"body":"and also to think about another great soundbite from pepper Johnson. After that tylar interception. What is he saying to that defense as it comes off the field, get your rest. Get your rest. Get your rest because everyone knew everyone knew in America that these Rams weren't going quietly\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1759.0,"body":"pepper Johnson so good. Like that really was. He's so good. Like, he just he knew what to say at the right time. I mean, yeah, that coaching staff and I know we're only at halftime, but man that coaching staff that bill assembled, I mean, you got you got one of the best defensive coordinators in the history of the game and Romeo Coronel kind of a cruddy head coach, but I mean the guy is still around he's still doing it. I mean, you got Charlie Weis on the offensive side pepper Johnson Bill Belichick I mean, man, that that coaching staff was ridiculous.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1790.0,"body":"Mm hmm. We got to halftime a one of the best halftime shows that ever happened in Super Bowl history. I know I know. We're way over But Joe, I got to know man. I've never I've never talked to anyone who saw that thing in person. Never in my entire life. And I don't think we've ever talked about this, to be honest. That was what was the like it.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1810.0,"body":"It set the stage literally, for what every halftime show has been since then. I mean, you had some great halftime shows before that, right? We had Michael Jackson. I mean, there's been some great halftime shows prior to that Super Bowl. But U2, was the biggest thing at the time in music, nor anyone an American band, but they came out and they they blew the they blew the roof off the Superdome, for lack of better term. I mean, they really knew exactly what they were doing and what they needed to do at that time. As a as a musical artists doing the Super bowl, and it really was just absolutely incredible. absolutely incredible.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1855.0,"body":"I couldn't imagine how emotional that building must have been. It couldn't have been dry. \n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":1862.0,"body":"This is going to sound totally cheesy but, so can you say it was a beautiful day? \n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1870.0,"body":"It Ended up being a Bloody Sunday, too!\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":1879.0,"body":"that was that was that was great. That's three straight U2 pawns which is something I never thought would happen on the SNSW podcast but now I have Episode Five\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":1897.0,"body":"also like I can't imagine what it was like not only to hear them but to see the names of all of those that were lost and that 11 Yeah, right just going up and down that screen like again. That was a big was a big thing is not only for the country, obviously but in sports that year in cages in particular like it. It just felt like everything was going in the direction of The underdog, the red, white and blue winning. And but I do just want to give a shout out to the St. Louis Rams. Because typically when you when you when you hear of a team that is so offensively focused, when they're down to scores, they quit. This team did, like they actually had, they actually had grit, and they fought back.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":1945.0,"body":"Well, I mean, there was a time in football where teams didn't, it was just such a different time. Like it really was. And it's amazing to think about it like that how much the game has evolved and changed. I mean, it may have devolved in some areas, but the way the game has changed, and I mean, just to wrap up the halftime show, I mean, I not that I forgot, but that's a detail that it's like the stage, the the American flag, the names, I mean, and you got to imagine there's people in that stadium and new people that were affected by by mean \n\non the Patriot sideline man Joe Andruzi\n\nmean way off topic. But, you know, at the time my aunt was working in Manhattan and on September 11, when we all got released from school because I'm sure it happens to all of you. You know, I got home and I called her because I knew she worked in Manhattan. Thankfully, she worked in North Manhattan. And she answered her phone, which I thought was amazing because at the time, it was cell phones and cell phone towers were very different. And I asked her, I asked her how she was and if she was okay. And she said, I'm drinking my coffee watching it happen on my window. And it was just it culminates to the Superbowl and, you know, maybe something will happen sports related, when what we're going through now is all over. Or it gets to a point where we can have people in the stands again, but this this halftime show, as I think Mike's has said it better than any of us will be able to, it's just that the way patriots handled themselves offseason and how this lent itself to what the country needed at the time. It was very healing country and not saying that as a Patriots fan saying that as a fan of sports, we needed something to bring us together because there were so many people dealing with things that were a nightmare that I would never want to deal with. I mean, Joe Andruzis, his three brothers in New York firefighters, they saw things that I would never wish to see or wish on my worst enemy to see. And this game that halftime show brought everybody together. And at that point in time, the score is 14 to three in the New England Patriots are on top. And it didn't matter what jersey you were wearing in the stands. It didn't matter who you routed for. It didn't matter where you were from, or what you looked like. All that mattered was that you were in American watching the greatest game Ever. And yeah, and it just, it was a lot of it was. I know this is gonna sound weird, but it was a lot of fun. Because it was something that everybody needed. And now looking back on it when we've had other tragedies happen in our lives, this this is still probably one of the biggest why's and it was just it just at that point, it's good that the players weren't out there because playing football after it, it was kind of like crap all right now.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2133.0,"body":"And that's a kind of set that up for that second half were in my head. I mean, we were really young at this point. So like I didn't completely understand how much of an emotional and real moment that really was like I'm sure if we were this age now we saw that every single one of us would be sitting there, like crying I swear to God, I'm not crying. But that's up to the Patriots were affected by the strategy more personally than any team. The End fell like you said Joe in Jersey, three of his brothers were in in the towers, they're firefighters. So this kind of setup that like this really was a team of destiny, which brings us right into the second half. So the second half starts. And you can tell right from the beginning that it wasn't the same feel as it did have in that, in that first half. The Patriots weren't as dominant. The Rams were moving the ball a lot more efficiently. I was watching it today, Warner. This was before he got hit and was throwing ducks for the rest of the game. He was handsome zip on the ball beginning of that second half. But then what looked like the clinching moment of the Patriots Super Bowl happens. They're driving brands driving down the field. Looks like they're about to score to make it 14 three, I've read score 1410 all of a sudden Warner rushes out to the right. Kind of looks like Drew Bledsoe on the play funny enough. rushes out to the right, and the ball just pops out it I don't know if anyone really forced it. It just kind of popped out to Bucky Jones I believe grabs the ball, takes it all the way the other ends of the end zone. And it looks like the Patriots are about to be Super Bowl champions. And there's a flag on the sweat. On Willie McGinest Willie McGinest, one of the greatest patriots of our lifetime. And one of the most known patriots to me at this point makes I want to say they've been doing it all games so I don't want to say it wasn't it wasn't necessary because guess what that was their game plan. That's what they've been doing all game long is beating up Marshall fall. Not only that, but it was the most unnecessary holding call in the history of the NFL lay was 15 yards away from the play, didn't need to be called. It was all which is why you have to call it because you don't have to do it. If it's 15 yards away from the club like that. That was such an egregious thing to do. Right?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2282.0,"body":"Right. And it was such a mental mistake for a guy that would, that doesn't do anything. And then later on would actually be playing chess a lot. Who else is playing checkers by maybe making an entry we'll get that we get until April 2004 time capsule. But this this guy, I mean, he owed it to him. He said like this that's on me. Like, don't worry, like, and I, the momentum didn't change. And even you know, as the game started to unfold, you still never thought that the Patriots defense was going to let it slip away. Right. You know, I mean, like, there was an uneasy feeling because this was the greatest show on turf these other patriots in the Boston team up until that point. Boston was known for getting there and just gagging just choking so how are they gonna do it this time? But I remember vividly like my hands over my head just like this going. This can't with this. Can we go here? Can I go\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2339.0,"body":"right? I just Can't really that's and I couldn't agree more. That moment changed everything\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2346.0,"body":"Vinatieri kicks a 37 yard field goal with a buck 22 left in the third quarter. But But I was just gonna say this and Bobby if I if I can real quick this is this is one of the moments for me where as Mike said it didn't look like the Patriots defense was gonna let it slip away. But as you were just gonna say Bobby it kind of slips away a little bit because Vinatieri kicks that field goal 17 three even at that point you're like, man, we got a two touchdown lead like this for good Yes. Is this is it man like, Alright, so that that touchdown got called back like fine, but even even that field goal at the time didn't feel right. Yeah, it didn't feel like it felt it felt okay, but it didn't feel like it was enough. And then there's this next drive and the Rams just I mean, pounded down the Patriots. Yeah, I mean, right talking about a one 234 or 5678 910 1112 1314 1516 play drive.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2407.0,"body":"Yeah, it was methodical. They went right down the field.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2409.0,"body":"It was. And not only this, here's another great point to throw in here. The Patriots called their second time out of the half it during this drive the play before the touchdown was scored. The Patriots called their second timeout of the second half we're talking about now they're only a seven well six after the extra point. But now they only have one timeout.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2433.0,"body":"And that feeling that they weren't gonna blow this completely went away to me at that moment at that moment when they called that timeout, and then the ramp scored on the next play in my head. I was like there's no chance there's no chance we can hold on to this game the momentum which so far in the Rams favor at that point. That is that there was just no chance this was happening. Even with Kurt Warner throwing the ugliest passes, because he had no some left. This dude is throwing ducks around that field. I was watching rewatching it every pass he threw, looked like one of us trying to throw an NFL football. Somehow they still went 16 plays right down the field and picked apart his defense like it was nothing.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2474.0,"body":"I just remember like being so pissed off when Kurt Warner like ran right up the middle and swear that touchdown. Two yards. I was like, I was like, I'm like this. This is not happening like what you can't let that guy run and swore to capital off that drive like that. That was why they are they were the greatest show on turf. They can pick apart any defense. He points out they wanted to. But typically they did it for four quarters. Luckily for us, they can only do it for one, anyone. But can you imagine being down 14 points in the Superbowl? And like having the confidence that they probably did on offense saying no we can. We can so we still got this\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2511.0,"body":"that goes back to another soundbite in the Americas game. I don't know who it was. It was a bench player. He didn't even have pads on. He wasn't even dressed for The game, but they keep going back to him. And he keeps going. I like our chances. I told you I like our chances We are the greatest show on turf. I like our chances. And that was that was the confidence that the Rams had because up until that point, no one could have stopped them what they got going.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2539.0,"body":"So So Bobby, I'm not discounting anything you've said to this point or changing the emotion of it, but I actually think this amplifies what you said about that Kurt Warner fumble that was called back on the penalty by Willie McGinest . The Patriots were 17 to three when that happened. The Vinatieri field goal came first and then no would have been 24 to three. And it was it was during that 16 play Drive Kurt Warner right and no game tackled by Roman Pfeiffer Kurt Kurt Warner fumbles, forced by Roman Pfeiffer recovered by to Tubucky Jones in New England three return 97 yards for a touchdown holding Willie McGinest . And then what Mike just said happens is Kurt Warner says, I'll take this and runs right up the middle. Yeah, I'm not touched, touched down now at 1710 completely different plugins. If that doesn't get called back like you said it's 24 to three.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2603.0,"body":"i remember so I'll never forget where I was for this. I was with my dad at a Super Bowl party with a bunch of but 45 to 50 year olds right. So I'm the only 13 year old there. I have never heard more cursing in my entire life that when Willie McGinest it's got that holding call. It was this. I can't pull. It was unbelievable because Exactly. He said the sales just went right out. Then so little bit later in the fourth quarter. Rams drive right back down the field again. And and there was no stopping them at this point. I know the Patriots did have a couple drives in between there Joe, you have the stats up right in front of you. But I know they had a couple drives that looked right flamed out.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2646.0,"body":"So here's here's the problem with that next drive is the the Patriots ended up having a punt. On their ensuing drive after the Kurt Warner touchdown it's a 53 yard boot by Ken Walter. And then I remember this next. Well, the next Ken Walter punt, but the Rams get the ball back and they go like 12 plays and it turns into a Rams punt. JOHN Baker puts it into the back of the endzone and the Patriots get the ball and on that ensuing drive, they have to pumped again and Ken well and I'll never forget it because he Shanks this pump\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2688.0,"body":"was so bad, so bad.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2691.0,"body":"A 30 yard punt in Europe seven points in the Super Bowl.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2694.0,"body":"Might as well gone for it.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2695.0,"body":"He might as well done for it and you're one of the best punters in the game. He became one of the best punters In the game at the time, Shane Lechler still the best punter that\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2703.0,"body":"he that that was that ended up being a microcosm of his career though Ken was downhill\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2708.0,"body":"cool, it did he pumps a 30 yard pump that goes out of bounds to the Ram 45 yard line but not only that on that play thankfully it was declined to be well obviously it was declined by the Rams because they didn't they had great field position but to Bucky Jones held on that play, and they and they declined it and and I remember it and that's that is when that is really like the momentum turned. But at that point that's when I was like, Jesus All right, this is the Patriot is going to be able to hold on to this or is what Mike just said is going to happen and they're gonna they're just gonna beat up on us and ballgame. Like I mean, they go downfield and in three plays touchdown. Who has one of the greatest one of the greatest quotes in the Superbowl that that Bob already said tonight is the start of a dynasty\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2762.0,"body":"so that that Ricky pro touchdown to that we just touched on that That to me was kind of a microcosm of that second half to because the Patriots have been playing fundamental football the entire season. They didn't miss tackles. They didn't do these things they didn't. They didn't blow coverages like this, and on this play was probably one of the worst tackling experiences I've ever seen in my entire life. Ricky prole Jukes, two patriots so far out of their shoes that they just left the super dope, that dude I in and of all people to do that to you, Ricky Paul, any ties up the Superbowl?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2800.0,"body":"And with that, I mean, I just I remember john madden coming over over the over the television saying, Well, you know, the field position here like the Patriots if need to be able to play for overtime.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2814.0,"body":"Got the ball at their own 17\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2820.0,"body":"That pissed me off it's like you know my john madden you know what I mean? I didn't know his history at the time but I'm I look we're not the team that was supposed to be here we don't have to look to when they're safe and then let's just see if we can get to the $50 note Forget all that let's let's see if we can run it or we can maybe get a played out field can be very well well really wasn't wasn't a deep threat that time you want some sort of ball 40 yards but like can we just they can dump to get down to maybe who's gonna feel go but you got to walk out of here by any way any means necessary to get away like you're not playful all the time because you I'd like if we go to overtime, sandals is going to win and that's how I that's\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2869.0,"body":"that's when like, you know, Madden wasn't the only person in the state in the felt that way. Pat Summerall was kind of echoing his his sentiments Oh,\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2875.0,"body":"yeah.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":2877.0,"body":"And Charlie Weis walked up to Grady and said like A couple of plays I just saved throws I've taken dump but you just mentioned and Brady went back to Bledsoe and so this is what they want to do Bledsoe said, ask that go out there and slant\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2889.0,"body":"on that.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2891.0,"body":"But look at it from look at it from the standpoint of john madden and Pat Summerall. I mean, john madden is arguably one of the best coaches at least of his time. And there's a minute 37 left, you have the ball on your own 17 yard line. You have one timeout, and it's a tie game and you're a 14 point underdog. I agree with all you that they should have done what they ended up doing. But I can understand where they're coming from arguing that point and saying it because what are the odds you're gonna drive at three yards or, you know, what ended up happening here to get to this point and and I mean,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":2940.0,"body":"So this is drive that is so important. That is something where I do kind of want to go through this and I want to look at every age play that happened here. All right, like so\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":2950.0,"body":"to speak to piggyback on what Joe said so I'm saying hey, you know saying that you understood about them maybe trying to play safe Well, the plane to play before the first half. That let me know right there did look into Windows game. There is no I'm gonna play say it was to see no, we're coming here to win. No one in this building thinks that we're going to win this game. We're going to we're going to give women we're going to go to these guys. You can't You can't think I mean, I'm not saying that. That's how you felt. I'm saying like, and that no, no, no, you. You have to say, You know what? It's time to go home. We're coming back to Boston Sumo champions for the first time.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":2988.0,"body":"It's another nod to Drew Bledsoe Isn't it like? Yeah, it's like, he walks over to his guy like Tom Tom little Tom Brady walks over to Big Brother Drew Bledsoe and says this What they want me to do, and and he says don't listen to dad go off their land effing game just win the game. And and Bobby go ahead because I mean my the first name you're gonna say on play one is my unsung hero for this entire game and this entire season is a guy that, you know his his career didn't go anywhere. But if he was not there, this does not happen,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3026.0,"body":"right and even so so you remember that first play? The first play is really what's the term the first three plays is what determined whether they went for this or not. So first play Tom Brady almost gets sacked the very first place to drive this dude almost gets sacked. If he goes down. That's it. We're going to overtime. Yeah, he doesn't. He shuffles it off to Jarrod Redmond, he gets five yards. Next play another dump off to jr Redmond eight yards. Next play and complete, almost sacked again. But it's first down.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3055.0,"body":"It's first down.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3056.0,"body":"Right But then the next play is is Honestly the play of the game this this, as this is the most significant 11 yard dump off in the history of the NFL. Because jr redmon makes such an unbelievable play something that we never really saw out of this guy. He catches a dump pass probably about three yards past the line of scrimmage makes three Rams Miss and somehow gets from the right side hashmark to the far hashmark all the way over to the sideline and somehow gets out of bounds to stop the clock without that play. Tom Brady doesn't go down as one of the greatest clutches quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. The Patriots\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3101.0,"body":"actually had no timeouts coming into this drive. So that makes that even more impressive is that the fact that he had to get all the way across the field, Dodge three defenders and get out of bounds in order to give this team some time. And that play happened with 41 seconds left on the clock.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3117.0,"body":"Right. So without that, so let's say he does he does Doesn't get out of out of balance right? By the time Brady gets up there to spike that ball, 20 seconds, maybe 15 maybe enough time for 115 20 yard pass and a hail mary. But now he gets out of bounds. Next play and complete, then the next play is what? really set it up to the point where real like, Oh my god, this is gonna happen. Troy brown for 23 yards. There wasn't a better person on team that I would have rather had. Catching that ball. Yeah, Troy brown personified the Patriots, like we said, so the fact that he was that main contributor in that last drive, made that playing got them into that final field goal range, just made it even sweeter.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3165.0,"body":"Well, I mean, and then and then you do have two more plays and one of my favorite plays. It's the next one. And when you read this, when you read the box score, and this happens in baseball all the time. When you read the box score, it doesn't give you the emotion. Shouldn't have the play. Second, and for Tom Brady spikes the ball, it is the hardest, you will ever see any quarterback spike the ball into a turf field in the history of football. And if you haven't seen it and you're listening to this, go back and watch it doesn't catch a few spikes. But the magic of that play is the amount of confidence that not only he has in himself, and it was kind of an FAQ to Charlie Weis and john madden, who he didn't hear say what john madden said. But it was a vote of confidence into one of the best kickers of all time in the NFL, it was 1717 and you just set up Adam finitary for a 48 yard field goal in a dome. With that and and I just I look back on that spike, and how hard he spiked and he caught it. And I that's the biggest vote of confidence. anyone will ever give a player on their team in the history of sports in my opinion\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3239.0,"body":"is an end As soon as it will, so we'll just go right to it. As soon as as soon as he touched that ball, that was one of the most beautiful and perfect field goals I've ever ate. It couldn't have split those up rights more. And in that moment, that moment of first championship glory that we've all felt, and the Patriots are Super Bowl champions, that that tone that that call is something that to this day, I'll randomly it'll randomly just pop into my head. And it's just like it the feeling that it left you with the first time in our entire lives, guys. We were champions.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3285.0,"body":"We were and that's what started the whole you know, Bobby, I remember it too. And what was amazing about this was we were so high up in the Superdome that a kick didn't even reach us like it. We were looking down on kicks. It was It was insane and and watching that kick, go through the uprights. And seeing my father, who had been a fan of this team for 42 years had invested so much time and money into this team for the last 20 years, it just to see to see him cry at the fact that the Patriots won the Super Bowl. And if you're listening dad, sorry about that. But to see him that might have been the first time I had seen them and or at least recognize that I had seen the man cry. And it meant so much to him. And that's how I knew it meant so much to me. Watching the New England Patriots hoist the trophy, I mean, it was just, it was the greatest moment for me, that we will talk about on the podcast for the next 11 episodes after this. I mean it was an absolute euphoria and the only word It didn't feel real at first. And I have I have one last story but now that we've talked about it,\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3365.0,"body":"yeah, Mike, what do you what do you what were your memories of this? Because it there's three patriots fans that I know more than that. Bigger patriots fans that I know as you three right here. So you're used three having the perspective of being these lifelong patriots fans going through all this. How did you feel when that went through?\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3384.0,"body":"Yeah, so for me like this is, I think I think the word like euphoric is is the perfect word to say that he's unreal. I've watched probably every patriots game since I think like 1994 that I can remember right? I'm sure it was all before that. I don't actually remember until like, I remember Bledsoe coats and then when they Johnson, Terry, when, and and 96. You know, I watched every game with my dad and my dad actually passed away in the spring of 2001. So he never saw them win the championship. So for me to to just be there, you 12 or 13 years old and see what happened. It's like, oh, oh my god with it there it, it hits me now it's like, there are people that that with all their life seven years, 80 years 90 and never saw it. And we were all, you know, 1112 1314 in that age range, and there it was. And so it was like, it was just one of those moments like, I'll always remember where I was, who I was with, like, what, like what it sounded like in the room that I was in when Nayak went through?\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3451.0,"body":"Yeah. Um, so I mean, my I don't have such a fight, you know, some story to tell about that. I remember my mom like, I'm like, I'm going nuts in the house. And mom was like, Yes, they one gets a close up. You're ready for school tomorrow. Yeah. And I was like, I don't care about school right now. Like, oh my god, like whatever your channel is, but I thought about my grandmother. No, because my grandmother was more so like a you know, baseball fanatic. than anything else, but I remember her saying that she was Rosa knows otso so she was 78 at the time, and she was 78 and I remember her saying that she was like, I never thought she was 119 24 so she was I never thought I was seeing a Boston to plan a transmission. Now, I mean, I have a better story for when you know.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3505.0,"body":"Oh, 404 Yeah,\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3507.0,"body":"that was the whole thing. But yeah, um, yeah, that that is really I never thought I see a boss a team when, I mean she saw it as something but she was like, she was scared. She was basketball but she was like, anything after the 60s in the scene on the team when she remember 75 she remembered 86 on you know, even with the restaurant, so she remembered 9598 99 2003 so\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3531.0,"body":"it was crazy. In your eyes. That's that's what made this so special because I had the same type story with my grandmother where my grandmother you know, we never I Didn't get along much with my grandmother growing up. I didn't always think she was the nicest lady in the world. But if there's one thing that that I've ever heard joy come out of her mouth is when the Patriots won that Super Bowl she called my mom and left z happy his voicemail on her answering machine that I've ever heard anyone. It just was ecstatic screams for about 20 seconds and then just was, we won, we won. I can't believe it. We actually won and that was the feeling across the entire state across the entire region, and honestly, across the entire country because we were America's team. At this point. Everyone was rooting for us. No one thought we could do it. Guess what we did?\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3583.0,"body":"Well, we unseated the kings in a lot of ways. I mean, you know the Rams and won in 99. They were the greatest show on turf. I mean, you don't get a nickname. If you're if it doesn't work, the steel curtain, the purple people eaters, the greatest show on turf. I mean, it does It just doesn't happen. Right? So the Patriots come in here. And you know, it literally starts in week two, like, it started a week in week one, as Bobby said, I mean, they lose. And it's like, that's it. We have to the one of the highest paid players in the NFL goes down because he gets smoked by mo Lewis. And little did we know that mo Lewis now deserves a Super Bowl ring. And you the season is still rocky for a couple weeks. And then it gets to that San Diego game and you're like, Alright, there's something happening here. And then it gets to the St. Louis game and you're like, Man, that's a great team, and we only lost by seven. And then you're blowing everybody out, and you blow everybody out after that St. Louis game, and then you get to Jon Gruden Raiders, and there's just, you don't stand a chance. You don't stand a chance against that team. And yet, you win the game. And then you go to Pittsburgh, and they've already booked their hotel, their families are coming down. They're going and they're already in New Orleans and you beat them and then you Get to hoist the Lamar Hunt trophy on their field. And then you get to New Orleans against St. Louis. And they've already got their parade set up and scheduled for the next Tuesday, and you beat them. And it's like nobody. This is why the Patriots To this day, play the underdog card. It's why Bill Belichick plays it. And it's why he's such a mastermind, because this season right here, and it I think it's safe to say, no matter who I'm talking to in this room, that this is as a New England sports fan. This is the one that not only started at all that but that we remember the most Yeah, I just I just remember at the end of the game walking out in the lot though, the last story I have from this that this day is walking out in those same guys in the camper next to us who were basically from the same town Greg and I are from and walking out and They're absolutely smashed. They're out of their mind. I mean, their team just won the Super Bowl and they've been drinking for. God knows how long and we get back. And one of the guys says to my dad, you guys come into Bourbon Street with us. I was 13 years old. I said, Yes, by the way, I was like, hell yeah, I've heard about Bourbon Street. I'm going, and my dad was like, Nah, man, he's 13. Like, we're gonna If I was your dad, I would have been like,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3747.0,"body":"hell yeah, we're going to Bourbon Street.\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3751.0,"body":"I know, right? But would we have ever like, you know, I look back on it and go, this was an experience I may never experience again. I know so many people that have been to all the Patriots Super Bowls or everything else. I think that's what makes it special for me, is that it was the first one that I had been to. It was the first one they had ever won. And it was against this great team after coming off a Super Bowl five years earlier, where they just got their teeth kicked in. And I just, you know, I raesha I mean, that's a that's still a good story, man. I Bob, that's, we all have those stories around these big moments and and I mean, Mike, I mean, that's that story is almost bigger for you than it is for any of us. I mean, when you lose somebody so close, and then your team that you followed with them, it's like you can't help but wonder, you know, and it's just it's amazing. It really is amazing what sports does and I can't I could literally we can stay on this call for three more hours and give Craig 17 more episodes. Leave that part in just a top this just based off this is just feelings you felt man and I just, I I'm so glad we're doing this for this reason to bring these memories up. And no, I I don't even know. I'm speechless second time. Second time.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3827.0,"body":"This time is not even technical related\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":3829.0,"body":"noise. That incorrect.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3833.0,"body":"I just just just because, you know, I do want to kind of get our final thoughts on here. Finally wrap this up. You know what I mean? Because so 2001 we all said it is the most memorable of all just because it was the first that's that's why it's most memorable for me not because of what it meant, you know, it doesn't have that deep meaning that it has for you guys which, which is amazing, which is why this podcast exists Exactly. For those stories, which is why I was so excited to do this. But this stands out to me just because it really was that first moment where as a young sports fan, I was like, wow, this this, this is what it feels like to be champion this. This feeling right here is something that I want to happen so much. And the funniest part about it is like, yes, it happened a lot. But I'll never forget my dad looking at me. After they won. I was like, God, I can't wait to do this again. And he looks at me goes probably gonna have to wait a long time. I\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3893.0,"body":"said how wrong\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":3894.0,"body":"you were all right, so wrong. In fact, we're gonna have about 12 more episodes to tell you about it.\n"},{"speaker":"Michael Marcangelo ","startTime":3901.0,"body":"Yeah, I think just I mean, just just looking at this entire season, I think, no, I think the personal stories that we all just got to told, especially in the moat when they won just as a great job and in terms of buttoning up the entire entire thing, right, like, the country was in mourning, right, there was we, I mean, there was just this, and there's never been since then, the type of of unity that there was in a country's unplug after 911 those those like, those months, after, like, everyone felt like they were they were part of one team, I think, you know, it just happened to be the Patriots that encapsulated that in a sport, like there was not one player on that team that was more important than the other. And I think that you know, whether it's your you're the highest paid quarterback in the league, going out with an injury and then stepping aside and just making the transition easier for Tom coming in, and throw that touchdown pass in a simpler game and then just encouraging him in the Superbowl. I mean, there's just there's moments like that, that happens so frequently for that team in that year, that it could have only been the patients that won that year. And it should have only been them. And I can't. I mean, just I'm just I'm so happy we did this too, because looking back on it, man, like, it's, it's just such a moment in time and all of our lives different, right, that that again, still 20 years later is uniting. So I thought it was awesome.\n"},{"speaker":"Rayshawn Buchanan ","startTime":3989.0,"body":"Yeah, cuz I mean, like you said, um, you know about the country was a morning like I like I remember when that stuff happened, you know, being in sixth grade and, um, you know, so just to see kind of like how the country you know, came together as one of that patient team came as one. I think from a sentimental standpoint, I think it's the most memorable. I have this other there's other souls that will do decide that throughout this drop this podcast that mean more to me personally. Um, You know, because of what happened, you know, after before, but it's just like just for what it meant from a national standpoint. I mean, there's no other sort of we'll do that we'll No, no, no a capsulate the moment that we had a moment that we felt, I should say, when you know, that that feel goes through, you know, for the first time, every, you know, hearing, let's say in our lifetimes, that that's, you know, we move forward and love so much, you know, became the war champions, and there were no better than us.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4047.0,"body":"The first time is always the most memorable. Usually feels the best to gel. I know you were there. You experienced that firsthand, man. So I want to finish up with a Jew, man. Go right ahead. You know,\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4061.0,"body":"it was it was such a different time in our country and in sports, wasn't it? I mean, we were just kids at the time. But, you know, looking back on it, it was such a different different period of our lives. I mean, 20 years ago, it's in a lot of ways. That's 25% of our lives the last 20 years and Being there having that opportunity sharing it with\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":4088.0,"body":"here we go\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4089.0,"body":"hang on a tickle in the throat sharing it with somebody that means so much to me hope you cry on another podcast God I hope but just being with somebody that\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4110.0,"body":"this is why Ladies and gentlemen, this is the exact reason why this podcast exists because emotions like this. don't happen without sports. They don't happen without championships job man. We believe we we all feel exactly how you feel right now man we know we know. I'll wrap up\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4131.0,"body":"my thoughts with with Tom Brady on the podium getting the Lombardi Trophy and being named Superbowl MVP and, and he looks at a looks at Drew Bledsoe with his hands on his head. And he says, Craig you can bleep this out if you want we fuckin won. Like we fuckin one man like, that is so powerful like man I I could get into so many thoughts about Tom Brady in this but I'm not going to because we're gonna stay we're gonna stay where where we are in the capsule of 2001 but man that guy's looked up so much to number 11 and number 11 helped him so much. And you know for him to defy what what their coaches say in the Super Bowl to go and win that damn game. I mean, dude, that's just it's just natural. That sex man that's the actual like special. No other team has done that. No other this you know what, and I'll Throw it out there. There's only one other team I can think of maybe the 13 Red Sox that we'll talk about when we get there. But the 2008 Celtics I mean, I think those were the other two where you can have this kind of emotion This one's just it's different than all of them and I can ramble and I can go around in circles and Craig can edit out whatever the hell he wants. But man this is just it when you when you share it with somebody that's special to you and and see that game happen in front of you man it's it's what the last 20 years was all about. Man shirt with your win everybody loves to share it man. Shares sports God Bobby I hope the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4249.0,"body":"Yeah, that's honestly\n"},{"speaker":"Joe Malkin ","startTime":4253.0,"body":"gonna make a joke to bring me back. All right, we're good.\n"},{"speaker":"Rob Kelly ","startTime":4255.0,"body":"Yeah. So so honestly that what what you're feeling right. There is Exactly why this podcast exists and be why just want the Cowboys to go to one damn super bowl. Alright, so on that note . Oh Ladies and gentlemen, that'll finally wrap up part one and two of the first episode of the Sunday night sports rap. championship rewrap for Joe Malkin, Mike Markangelo RayShawn Buchanan and the greatest producer ever Craig D'Alessandro on the real BK Bob Kelly. We'll see you next time. keep winning those championships. Ladies and gentlemen, \n"},{"speaker":"Craig D'Alessandro ","startTime":4294.0,"body":"this concludes Episode One of the New England championship. rewrap. Tune in next time as we revisit and relive the second title that helped build a dynasty the 2003 New England Patriots. The show notes and transcript of today's episode can be found in the description box below, as well as our WordPress and buzzsprout pages. If this is your first time finding us please consider subscribing is the easiest way to see we publish new episodes. We are on iTunes Spotify, Google And wherever you get your podcasts, be sure to rate us and leave a review of any of our shows. We always appreciate the feedback. Follow us on social media. All of our links will be in the show notes for Bob Kelly, Joe Malkin, Michael Marcangelo and rayshawn Buchanan. I'm Craig D'Alessandro. Thanks for listening.\n\n"}]}