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March 2, 2023

NFL Offseason Analysis: What the Bears and Patriots Need to Do to Compete

NFL Offseason Analysis: What the Bears and Patriots Need to Do to Compete

Offseason Game Plan: Building the Perfect Teams for the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots

Welcome to "Missing The Point," the podcast where we tackle the most critical topics in sports. In this episode, hosts Mike and Dave discuss the offseason plans for NFL teams, focusing on their teams - the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots.

The episode starts with the hosts discussing the best-case scenarios for their teams. Mike, a New England Patriots fan, plans to keep Mac Jones as the starting quarterback and surround him with talent. Meanwhile, a Chicago Bears supporter, Dave, is excited about the team's quarterback Justin Fields and plans to focus on filling the team's positional gaps.

The discussion moves to the Chicago Bears' off-season plans. Dave shares his approach to building the team and avoiding unrealistic trade scenarios. He plans to trade the first overall pick to the Colts on an excellent haul and focus on drafting a player for the edge rushing position, like Alabama Crimson Tide pass rusher Will Anderson. Additionally, he suggests signing Packers receiver Allen Lazard to address other areas of need on the team.

Dave and Mike also discuss the Detroit Lions and other NFC North teams. While Michael believes the Lions are the best team in the division, Dave is skeptical. They agree on the Bears' need for a revamped offensive line, a consistent running game, and a good pass rush. Michael suggests waiting for Stefon Diggs to become available for a wide receiver.

Moving on to the New England Patriots, Mike discusses the team's need to sign another offensive lineman in the draft to help the offensive line. He also suggests signing safety Jordan Poole to solidify the defense and rebuilding the offensive line by signing Ben Powers. Keeping Mac Jones as the starting quarterback and surrounding him with talent as he had at Alabama can help him become an excellent quarterback.

The episode takes a tangent with a discussion about the St. Brown brothers, their names' origins, and the possibility of their parents being inspired by the movie "The Mummy."

The episode concludes with Dave asking Mike for his thoughts on what the Bears' team will look like once he has built it in his mind's eye. The hosts express excitement for the upcoming season and the changes their teams will make, planning to do an official preview once all the offseason moves have been made.


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