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Dec. 14, 2022

OH MY! Detroit Lions Crack into the Top 10 in The Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

OH MY! Detroit Lions Crack into the Top 10 in The Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

The Detroit Lions have surprisingly made their way into the top 10 of the Week 15 NFL power rankings. This development has likely caught many by surprise and has fans of the team excited for the rest of the season.

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In this week's episode of Missing the Point, we're discussing the latest NFL Power Rankings from Week 15. Catch our shock as the Detroit Lions make a surprising appearance on the list at the #10 spot and the Seattle Seahawks at #9. But not all teams are rising - the Minnesota Vikings fall to #8 after losing to the Lions. The Buffalo Bills and San Fransisco 49ers remain in the middle of the top 10. Who will come out on top? Tune in to find out if the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, or Kansas City Chiefs maintain their hold on the top 4 spots.



  • Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars fighting for AFC South title (2:04)
  • Cincinnati Bengals favored in AFC North (7:32)
  • Josh McDaniels and Las Vegas Raiders lose to Baker Mayfield and LA Rams (11:44)
  • New York Jets and playoff chances (13:47)
  • Tom Brady's performance compared to other NFL quarterbacks (19:19)
  • Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady's ability to develop younger talent (24:14)
  • Green Bay Packers season outlook (28:00)
  • Detroit Lions and Jared Goff (31:48)
  • Geno Smith and comeback player of the year (35:49)
  • Russell Wilson's reputation in the NFL (41:13)
  • Justin Jefferson is the best wide receiver in the NFL (46:09)
  • Minnesota Vikings and their offense and defense (50:11)
  • Blitzing defense without top cornerback (54:15)
  • Buffalo Bills performance (59:16)
  • Jimmy Garraoplo's injury and impact on the San Francisco 49ers (1:05:55)
  • Brock Purdy compared to Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes (1:10:10)
  • Buffalo Bills and public perception (1:14:59)
  • Super Bowl contenders (1:21:34)
  • Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys (1:25:11)
  • Dak Prescott's confidence (1:29:18)
  • Patrick Mahomes vs Joe Burrow (1:33:08)


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