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Oct. 14, 2021

Patriots/Cowboys Week, John Gruden Email Fallout, Red Sox/Astros ALCS Rematch

Patriots/Cowboys Week, John Gruden Email Fallout, Red Sox/Astros ALCS Rematch

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On this episode of MTP, it's Dallas Cowboys/New England Patriots week, as we break down the matchup between two teams heading in different directions. (2:13)

We'll discuss John Gruden resigning as Head Coach of the Las Vegas Raiders after emails he sent while at ESPN of him using extremely derogatory terms surfaced last week, and the fallout, including newly leaked emails from ESPN Insider Adam Schefter. (28:55)

And We'll Break down the American League Championship between the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox in a rematch from 2018. (45:42)

Hosts: Joe Malkin, Bob Kelly
Producer: Craig D'Alessandro

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Craig D'Alessandro  0:00  
On this episode of MTP, it's patriots cowboys week Jon Gruden is out of Las Vegas after an email leak, and the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros meet up once again in the American League Championship Series. This is missing the point, Episode 91. But it's all relative.

Rob Kelly  0:32  
Do I bring it? No, let's

Joe Malkin  0:33  
bring it in. Hey, welcome into messing with Boyd MTP. My name is Joe Malkin. He's the real BK Bob Kelly. It's been a while since we've been together. We've been with this new rotation thing. It's been a while since I've even put this microphone in front of them. So this has been great. Know Craig tonight behind his microphone. He is out galavanting on the town

Rob Kelly  0:54  
with us said good for him when we miss your crack. he popped in. He popped in for one second. Right before

Joe Malkin  1:01  
we started recording. So but yeah, it's very Mysterious, mysterious Craig, our executive producer. But we're here tonight. today, tomorrow this morning, whenever you decide to listen to Louis, to talk to you about Bobby's most anticipated game of the season. And I'm getting into that because I thought it I think it's so funny. And I don't mean that in a demeaning way. I just think it's so funny that this is your Super Bowl where our Super Bowl happened two weeks ago. You know what I mean? So we'll get into some patriots and Cowboys, because our teams are going up against each other this week. And we'll talk some red sox and you know, some ALCS and what we think of that team will and where this is going, but let's start off with the NFL. There's a lot of storylines, not just in terms of the cowboys and the Patriots. But we're gonna start there because I have an interesting take on this patriots game against the Cowboys for 25 in Foxborough on Sunday, we're both going to be there, which is very exciting. I'm always there. But for you, this is again like you're suitable. So Bobby, I find this funny because this is your most anticipated game of the season. This is the game you've looked forward to since the day the schedule came out, because I remember we all had this conversation in the skating game, because this is the that quote unquote, 17th game that was added in right, this wasn't originally going to be in the 16 game schedule. So the Patriots get the Cowboys. Bobby bought tickets as soon as he could. For patriots fans. The most the majority of us anyway, our Super Bowl Game of the regular season was two weeks ago when Tom Brady came to town. But this is a very exciting game. And I want to hear your thoughts on it. Because your cowboys are four and one and our Patriots are two and three going into this week. Yet no, it's

Rob Kelly  2:57  
just listen, it just happens every four years. And never before have the Cowboys had such a positive outlook to what the Patriots have. And it's just it's such a different feeling around this team. And so as a backup so the last time the Cowboys played the Patriots, do you know who the starting quarterback or the Cowboys was? How long ago was this? And four years ago, it wasn't Tony Romo.

Joe Malkin  3:24  
So Dak wasn't in the league. Romo was out. Oh, I will. The first name that came to mind was Vinny Testaverde. It's funny. Four years ago, oh my god,

Rob Kelly  3:41  
five years ago, five years ago, was it Brandon Weeden?

Joe Malkin  3:46  
correct that.

Rob Kelly  3:48  
That's that and so I was actually my Facebook memories because it actually happened four years ago, I think was yesterday the day before the Patriots won like 30 just six they just absolutely dominated the cowboys and this has just been my life for since like I even fucking remember Matt and to finally have the upper hand and to be going and you know, and I'm setting myself up for a disaster of events where like I just walk out of the stadium like what the fuck happened, but like it just feels different this year. And I'm not going to like rub it in anyone's face or anything like that, but it's just going to be good to see the Cowboys go up against the team that has just haunted my nightmares. For like, not that hard to my neighbors that's a little straw that's a little strong because you're a Patriots fan was a Patriots fan all that right but like where your dad indoctrinated you since this transition is just been like blowout after blowout every single time I think there's hope the Patriots just come in and just absolutely wallet bus for itself for once. I don't foresee that happening. I think I think there's ways patriots can win this game. We'll get into that and I'm not turning up learned is that the Patriots do have a path to beat the Cowboys because there are ways that they can do it. There's no way to exploit this cowboys team. But it just the motto around this cowboy scene right now in the swag at the start of the season. I just, I know I'm gonna get shipped with it. We're gonna play this forever. If the Patriots end up beating the Cowboys, it's going to be like our intro.

Joe Malkin  5:21  
Great, Craig, we'll make the intro immediately. There'll be a baseball show, and it'll be us talking about the Cowboys. Now, you know what, it's interesting, because you mentioned the past to beat the Cowboys. I think the path to the Patriots to beat the Cowboys is a longer path than it is for the Cowboys to beat the Patriots. And there's a few reasons for that. This patriots team to me and this is coming from someone who doesn't consider themselves a homer when it comes to the NFL. When it comes to New England Patriots, I love my patriots. I've worn the same jersey two games for the last 21 years. I don't mess around on Sundays. I have missed one game in 10 years. And that was for my wedding five years ago this weekend.

Rob Kelly  6:07  
Actually, this is you describing why you're not at home.

Joe Malkin  6:11  
Right, right. Yeah. Exactly. That is a soundbite. But in all honesty, you know, I am that guy that will sit there and say hey, look, you know, patriots fans think everything is against them. And, and this that and the other thing, it's just that's just not, that's just not the case. But here's another comment that's gonna make you laugh. This pager steam should be for one. They should be forum one. And if they don't fumble against Miami, they very likely win that game. They had Tom Brady and the Buccaneers against a wall and couldn't get into Nick folx range literally by about a yard. had that been a 55 yard attempt and it probably either drawings off, the posting goes in or it just goes to. So to me this team is can be foreign one, but they can also be own five. They've that is just the way that they've played this season, which is dangerous if you're the Patriots. But the fact that this is still a Bill Belichick coach team is dangerous for the Cowboys. This could be a trap game for the Cowboys. It really could. And I think that here's my hot take for the day. I think the Cowboys win this game. And I think I don't think they win with handily. I don't think it's a blowout. But I also don't think it's 1917 like the Patriots lost to the Bucs. I hope I'm wrong. But I think this could be a four to four to 10 point win for the Cowboys on Sunday. And the reason I think that is because of the things that you just said. The Cowboys are firing on all cylinders where the Cowboys had a bad season last year and patriots had a bad season last year. The Cowboys picked up their pieces a lot quicker than the Patriots did. Yeah, they and they had a better draft and their offensive line is fortified. Mike McCarthy is not as much of a dunce as you and I thought he was last year there's a lot worse coaches in the NFL than Mike McCarthy and we'll get to one of them in a little while as well for those reasons. I mean I just think that Dallas has an easier path to a win than the knowing will determine this football

Rob Kelly  8:39  
yeah for sure. I mean, so it really comes down to the playmakers let's cowboys have I mean listen, the Patriots defense is good. They've shown that they can stop big names but when you look around that Dallas offense, man, it's just non stop. You know Ceedee lamb, Dalton Schultz, Amari Cooper Tony powered with the right Ezekiel Elliott and then you got Dak spreading the ball around who worked who is a legitimate MVP candidate at this point he's playing out of his mind the thing that scares me is not even that scares me It's the reason why I think you're right where I do think it's gonna be a little bit closer than you know some people do think but the Patriots the Cowboys weakness is debuff giving up a lot of yards through the air they have a good run defense but they give up a lot of big plays that and they let teams drive down the field so yeah so the reason why do you think the Cowboys are going to win end up winning this game is because their weakness like I said was big plays the Patriots seem it bro it pisses me off. So I can't imagine that you guys feel the Patriots are scared of do I Mac Jones do is say and it doesn't seem like until it gets to an absolute necessity. That they actually decide to let him sling the ball. I mean The amount of times it just coming from an offense that used to frustrate me as much as it did, the amount of times they see Josh McDaniels run screenplays goddamn 39 and or, or three screenplays in a row inside the red zone just blows my mind. I know it's not and I know was the Brady thing back in the day and like, you know, work that but I just don't. It's not how you're going to move the ball to his office to me and for him to just keep it cuz it doesn't work anymore. You know what I mean? Like it used to work. But now he runs three inside the red zone like you did this past week. All three of them go for one yard, and you're like, bro, but then once he left, Mack actually throws out elbow. Two who caught was a Johnny and Johnny brothers a dime. And they ended up winning the game because Mac Jones actually had to swing the ball for the last few minutes, because they're down 21 points. So he's just that's why I'm not that scared because I don't see the Patriots doing that until it's too late. And by the time you do that you have rookie quarterback and you have the most ball Hocking corner in football right now out there. So I feel like once it gets to necessity, the Patriots will start to throw the ball. But then the Cowboys get like an opportunistic interception in the fourth quarter. And that's how it ends up getting capped. It ends up being like a 10 point game or something like that. But

Joe Malkin  11:26  
what what is the Fonz, brother didn't practice today, although I hope he plays because I picked him up in my fantasy league that I had. It's an IDP league. I love it. And he has been outstanding for two weeks. I don't know how nobody picked him up. I don't know. I don't know. But he won't. I know how nobody drafted him. But that's besides the point. In terms of the Patriots office. It's interesting you bring that up, because if it were Tom Brady, we probably wouldn't even be having this conversation. But because it's Mac Jones we are, which is a fair it's a fair conversation to have, right? Because Mac Jones is Mac Jones. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. And now we've seen Tom Brady in Tampa. He's getting to sling it. He's getting to throw it around the yard a little bit. The offenses opened up in his his offense. And it shows how conservative the Patriots offense is. And they're being gun shy with the rookie quarterback. Yeah, I don't necessarily blame them for that. I really don't because of what they're dealing with. But you're absolutely right. But if you've noticed they've loosened it up week by week. Each week, he's been given a little more freedom. Yeah. And when I feel like it's just so it's just so strange, because it's like giving a kid more freedom as they get a little bit older. And I understand that, but this kid is an NFL quarterback. He's making millions of dollars to play the game. And it's so important. At some point, you have to let the kid go make his mistakes. And he has made mistakes and he will make mistakes. And we've seen rookie quarterback Dak Prescott made mistakes is working. Today as a rookie quarterback, he's made his mistakes as he's trying to come along. What I love about Mac Jones is the fact that he gets so frustrated with himself in the situation and and what's going on. I don't think it's a negative thing I think his energy is is well placed. But I think he almost shows to a mote too much emotion from the coaching staff. And I think that's part of the reason why they're holding them back. Another part of the reason why they're holding them back is they don't have James White. Losing James wait for the season is a huge blow to this offense because there is no Pat there is no pass catching back, like James White, and that's coming from somebody who really likes Brandon Bolden, who's been on this team for a long time. I've really liked Brandon Bolden but he's not James White. And neither is Rimando. Ray Stevenson, even though I really like Stevenson, this past week against Houston, the receivers minus the terrible drop by Jacoby Meyers 5025 yards down the field. Besides that drop, the receivers are getting better they're holding on to the ball. I have the theory that Mac Jones ball arrives a little bit differently, if that makes sense. You know, and this is a new team. I mean, these guys are put together and granted they've had this time and but there was a lot of camping in the preseason. And now it sounds like excuse making but I think what we're seeing is, before our eyes, we're seeing a quarterback flourishing because I think Mac Jones makes great decisions. I think he's a good decision maker and he's a good quarterback. It's all on the coaching staff, which I think is kind of what you were alluding to. I like the screen passes. I have no problem with this man passes. But you're right when he's allowed to throw the button. And for goodness sakes if there were anyone ever listening to this podcast from the New England Patriots that has any kind of decision making power, put Kendrick born in the game because he has been the reliable dude on that offense. He has been the Matthew Jude on the offense and he's only playing Half the snaps in the game. But again, because of those reasons, I mean I you the Dallas defensive scary. And I heard a comparison today, actually and I thought it was really interesting. The conversation came up about Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft as it pertains to them being in the NFL Hall of Fame or in Pro Football Hall. And how jerry jones is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But Robert Kraft isn't and part of the argument was well Jerry Jones had a dynasty before. Before Robert Kraft even owned an NFL team, which is true. Jerry Jones won his third Super Bowl the year after the year, the year after Kraft bought the Patriots, because they won a 95. So I can't remember if that was the 94 season or the 95 season. Regardless,

Rob Kelly  15:53  
he was 90 they won 96 and it was the 95 seats

Joe Malkin  15:56  
9695 seats, and that's where the Patriots then went to the Super Bowl the 997 96 season. Yeah. So what to compare the overall comparison. So that was the conversation when the comparison was to the 2021 cowboys to that dynasty. Which is a bad comparison. Really. I mean, you look at Dak Dak Dak can throw 40 touchdowns this season, though that was something that Troy Aikman could do, but Dak can do it. And it's also a different game. I mean, you could lean on Emmitt Smith and win games with 22. You didn't need. You didn't need Troy Aikman, but you had them. So but the point the point being is, is that that was the comparison that was made that this 2021 cowboys team is very reminiscent of that that early to mid 90s cowboys spreadsheets. And that was also a that was still jerry jones franchise back then. So he has a team, he has a type. We all have a type. That's his type, and it works for him. And right now he's going in that direction again, if he's going to get there the way it looks right now, on the data, we're recording this, it looks like the Cowboys are going to get to their dynasty form before the Patriots get back to theirs. And I think that that's gonna play out this on me too. And that's another reason why I think the Cowboys

Rob Kelly  17:12  
Yeah, I have said I am very excited for how the team is built. But

Joe Malkin  17:19  
I also hope I'm setting you up for failure and you guys get smoked on Sunday, but besides the point, go ahead and use both,

Rob Kelly  17:26  
but like, so. I'm really trying not to get too excited about this team, like ever, like the entire country is nothing not to get ahead of myself like that because I've done it before. Everyone's right, this defense Travon Diggs looks like the best quarterback I've ever seen in a cowboys uniform. There is no doubt about that. Dak Prescott is having one of the best seasons I've ever seen any cowboys uniform. This team has the most talent I've ever seen all those 100% I've been here before I've done this before. I've done all this to 1000 DAX rookies. Yeah, I've done all this before man and it's like I get it the Cowboys definitely have Super Bowl swag. But we also beat the saints when the state for 13 or no and they had Super Bowl flags that year. We also were tending one and beat the Steelers and overtime that game and everyone was talking us up to the Super Bowl is happening before so like I don't want to get too ahead of myself. But man No, you're right. It's it really does look like they're building up for a long time because not only do you have young guys on offense, you have to absolute studs on defense that are first year and second year wasn't Trayvon James is already one of the top five corners in the NFL. And Michael Parsons hadn't played defensive added since high school transitions there in an NFL game and is the most productive player on the field by far. So like to add those two type of guys finally on this defense is just it's a whole different feeling. Every week when I look forward to the games like last week, I was texting my buddy you know, in the past cowboys giants on Sunday, so scared the cowboy was coming out and laid egg. And I was almost sure about it every year as I go, God dammit Here comes another bullshit game where the Cowboys just do nothing for three and a half quarters. And then we end up either losing at the last second or blowing it at the last second because that's how it was every single year. But it took some form like listen, I don't feel that way to share. It just doesn't. The team doesn't have that feel to it that like they are going to come out and lay dag and it just feels like the type of team that's got to come out and execute every single week because that's what they can't because that's how talented they all are and they know it they realize it and they're like listen guys, anything but this is fucking unacceptable because we're so fucking talented. Like I was watching the miked up And it was just it's crazy, man. They see the confidence they all have. So I do feel that swag to share. And I think you're right. All the comparisons. Everyone's making a right. I do think this team is special, they have a cake schedule the rest of the way. Hey, so I do say that this is real. I do. But I'm not trying to get too ahead of myself. I just want to beat the Patriots this week. I'm just saying I just won't be the Patriots.

Joe Malkin  20:23  
It's interesting. You mentioned the schedule and what it was and it's not after the first few weeks. The Cowboys haven't beaten anybody. Alright, well, they've scored 20 or more points and welcome to the cowboy hour on missing the point but they haven't scored less than 20%. Right? They haven't scored less than 20 points in a game and the game that they scored 20 points in, they won. So they lost to the Buccaneers by two on last night on a last second field goal. Yeah, it was Ryan several blocks I can feel

Rob Kelly  20:54  
we're winning. We're winning with a minute and 20 seconds left when you gave

Joe Malkin  20:58  
Tom Brady a minute and 20 seconds too long. The Cowboys beat the Chargers who are a very good football team. They beat the Eagles doubled them up almost double the amount 4121 in that Eagles team. Jalen hertz have something else. Uh, he's counting impressed me. I've been impressed by a lot of things this year. And Jalen hertz is one of them. That Eagles team he's on the rise. They're not there, but they're on the rise. The Panthers the Panthers have one loss. The Panthers are not a bad football team. Sam darnold looks resurrected. They left last week I'm sorry they're three in two but the Cowboys beat them 3628 and then they smoked the Giants which I think we all saw that coming so I mean after the Patriots you're right let's let's take it week by week, they still have the same almost schedule schedule. They still have the Chiefs on schedule who are struggling, they still have Washington was twice who has a very good defense they still have the Cardinals towards the end of the year. So there's a few games in there that could be tough. This is the one that's that's the most interesting though because this is going to show what they have because they're still going up against a good coaching staff but I say good because I haven't been impressed by what the Patriots have shown us this year and being down 22 to nine Davis Mills looks really good. I think he's going to be a good NFL quarterback.

Rob Kelly  22:17  
I agree with that. I think they will he will good me he's making he was making some throws in that game.

Joe Malkin  22:23  
And his head coach I think he's a dung Stephen Cali Einstein and you know what Ray didn't like that hire either. Ray was like this is a dumb hire. He was the first one to mention it when Kali was hired and he was like, This is stupid Lee what do they do and they have an opportunity to do basically whatever they want and they hire this guy out of Baltimore. He looked lost on Sunday and made some bonehead decisions and probably should have won my game against the Patriots, but the Patriots pulled it

Rob Kelly  22:46  
out bro they should have they should have won 100% sure he got there's no doubt about that yet. So I

Joe Malkin  22:53  
mean I just I look at this game to finish up our conversation on this game for Sunday for 25 kickoff in Foxborough it's a it's tracking for the cowboys and it's a it would be a statement for the Patriots to win this game at home. Patriots are on three at home it's so surprising to me I'm only game I've watched three losses it's been very disappointing so sad.

Rob Kelly  23:15  
It there's a very good possibility it's over for

Joe Malkin  23:19  
the traffic has been great at the end of the game so people leave early. Yeah, people will leave early so I mean by the time you get out of there it's just nobody left. So but so I think we both have the same prediction but I think I'm not going to give a score prediction but I think the Cowboys win this game. I hope I am pleasantly surprised. But I too if the Patriots beat the Cowboys I will be the first one on the show. to not say I told you so because I just I don't like this game for the Patriots because right now this patriots team is not a contender.

Rob Kelly  23:54  
Yeah, the only thing like I said before the only thing that scares me is so like I was talking about cowboys defense Listen, they're not great they're still almost last passing yards given up brigade. The thing is they're very opportunistic defense. And Mac Jones has almost thrown or has thrown interceptions under pressure almost in every game so far this season so I that's why I do I think the Cowboys do end up taking this game and I just wasn't all the Patriots fans out there. I will hold it in. I won't be crazy it's game I promise I'll do my best but

Joe Malkin  24:27  
I think this is the one time I believe you because I know the company you're going to be with and I know where you're going to be sitting. And I also know that you're I mean one you're not a disrespectful person. So but you got to cheer for your team and your team is the cowboys and if they do well and if they win then I hope we get to talk about that next week and I'm not even gonna you know what it's so funny because we've talked about this before where you know you and Dave brought this up last year really guy well you're just a team now the Patriots are just a team that back then was the team and well you know, it's it's nice. It's almost like nice to be back Because it's enjoyable to watch football, and not have all the pressure of being that fan that's, you know what I mean? Like, it's just, it's fun to go to the games and be a part of it. And you know, you don't have to worry about what's gonna happen at the end of the game or, you know who's gonna talk crap in the morning or What nonsense is gonna come out? And it's just, it's kind of relaxing. It's been kind of nice.

Rob Kelly  25:24  
How is the atmosphere of the game though? Is it different, though?

Joe Malkin  25:27  
I'll tell you what. It's funny you mentioned that, because for all the Patriots fans listening, whether you were at the game against Tampa or not, in the 20s, what is it now 2122 year history of Gillette Stadium. That is the loudest I have ever heard that stadium was against handbook. And it's really interesting how that the fan base handled that prior to the game prior to the game. When Brady came out, they played a montage they showed his accomplishments, they showed the Super Bowl winners, everybody cheered when they brought up the Atlanta game, you know, it was a nice atmosphere. When he ran out of the tunnel, when there was 15 minutes on the clock from first quarter, it was completely different, hey, we're gonna go get this guy. And the fans were in on it, too. And it was the loudest I've ever heard that stating. And I love that about the fan base. Because I'll be honest with you, Bobby, I think this is great for the Patriots fan base to come back to this level, and really fight and claw and scratch for these wins. And for the losses and for the whole thing. And just the nice thing is that we're in games, it's not like we're getting blown out like the giants. Were in the games. So that's been fun.

Rob Kelly  26:43  
Yeah, it's it's so I have a theory about bosses, sports ads is we can be converted into the fans that we hate the most. so easily. why it was so evident with the Patriots in the last like 50 I think Boston Patriots fan you're gonna notice it too. In the next two years. It's gonna start to feel like the Celtics again, it's gonna start to feel like the Bruins were it's just gonna be mayhem at these games again. But I remember going to games dude, for the past five to 10 years. We're like, midway through the fourth quarter, and a big, big thing happening. And I would stand up, you know, it'd be a guy, let's call Let's go. And people around me would like look at me, like I'm crazy. And I'm like, bro, what do you guys do it? Like, this is the fourth quarter of the NFL football game. Like, let's go.

Joe Malkin  27:33  
And it's funny to there because in the fourth quarter, when when the Bucs had the ball, we were all standing. And that was something that when haven't really seen much in in recent history, and that was that was exciting. That was fun to be a part of and you're right and people weren't saying that they weren't saved down in front we were all patient with it and we let it happen because we became Bucci fans for a while. And that was frustrating. And now we're not. And that's fine. I'm personally okay with it. I loved it while it lasted. But I've lived through the previous before the dynasty, and I'm ready to look through that again.

Rob Kelly  28:10  
And I guess that's enough about this DC team. To drive this game was the guy that like could sit here and talk about this game for like 15 hours I know

Joe Malkin  28:21  
without without actually breaking it down. You know, who knows Craig's gonna come onto the wall. They really beat this dead horse. So I Bobby, I do have a question for you though, as we come out of this game. Have you ever sent an email?

Rob Kelly  28:32  
Yeah, yeah. studymode

Joe Malkin  28:35  
because apparently, the NFL currently has an investigation open, including 650,000 emails pertaining to a misconduct investigation against the Washington football team. And that investigation prompted emails being found from former now former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. He has since resigned after there was racist, homophobic, misogynistic comments in those emails. And we're here to talk about that, because it's a weird it's a weird web. It's a really weird web man. This is just the strangest thing that this investigation is against the Washington football team against Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen. And Jon Gruden

Rob Kelly  29:31  
ends up being the Fall Guy

Joe Malkin  29:32  
ends up being the Fall Guy and is in the crosshairs for the emails that he sent. I mean, alright, I want to start this off because I think this can this can go into any thought you have on it, but when I'm investigating something, or whether it's personal or you know whether it's a big deal about when I'm cooking, whatever it is, I don't look at the big picture and then go well I'm gonna pick this out of the entire thing and that's either going to be the key to it. This is what I'm going to take out. And that's exactly what the NFL has done here. And there's without a doubt, the NFL leaked this, and somebody wanted Jon Gruden gone Am I wrong

Rob Kelly  30:11  
now 100% I don't know that's I understand where it came from. So is that what led that's what I want to understand about stories like where did this all originate from where out of everything they were like okay, let's go after Gruden like something Something happened whether there was like a mall or something I don't know man it I don't know why he ended up being the fog I get why those emails Kurt Ross man those are rough the the to come out and say those things like about demora Smith like about the Michael Sam thing to me is most inexcusable thing of all do straight up call him a queer.

Joe Malkin  30:51  
ah Do you have Carl NASA on your team?

Rob Kelly  30:54  
Bro? Right? It makes you to make sure here's what I believe when you hear people referred to in like that derogatory term like in that way. It's just a different way of speaking that like I can't believe it on a phone coach actually had. But I'm still just baffled at where this all came from. Man. It just, it's crazy. And a really feels like because was my boy Jimmy is the NFL. I've seen multiple reports that are saying the NFL had emails ready to just keep releasing to them until they decided to fire him. So So I put this in chat two days I've been here if I was like, Oh, so like, just a reprimand? Well, what about this email? Oh, no, that's not enough. Well, what about? Like, how many more? What about this email?

Joe Malkin  31:46  
What did they have in like? 650,000? allegedly,

Rob Kelly  31:50  
but how is that their strategy? That's what I don't get. How is that like what they're gonna do?

Joe Malkin  31:55  
Because that was what they could get him on. But they know it's interesting to look back at the entire situation and the entire so like, you look at the career of john kubu as a coach, and then he left Tampa became a broadcaster comes out of quote unquote, retirement signs this huge deal with the Raiders who are moving to Vegas. And these emails were all allegedly sent while he was broadcasting with with ESPN. So and then, of course ESPN comes out and was like oh my goodness. Yeah, no. It's like, now you had every idea. Now granted, the emails were allegedly sent from his personal email to Bruce Allen's Washington email, Washington football team at the time, Washington Redskins email. And I just don't see and I just read something on TV that this morning the Morris with fears that email shown hiring buyer bias. So Jon Gruden is not going to be the only one here and that's another thing that's been coming up but this is what happens in our five second news cycle now is that it you know suddenly happens to Jon Gruden and then everybody goes, Well, what about everybody else? And it's like, well, Alright, first of all that we hate when that happens, right? You can't do something wrong and then go, Well, what what about Bobby? assure I did this but Bobby did that. It's like, Alright, let's stop. Let's stop doing that and trying to cover our tracks with somebody else since. I mean, that's just not the way to live life and take accountability for our actions. I agree with you that what he said about Michael Sam was the worst of all of this. Some of these emails brought up his political views. Some of them brought up his thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner. And it's like, that stuff doesn't pertain to anything let's talk about I mean it does, but who cares about his political views that that doesn't, to me, that doesn't matter. Racism is racist. a homophobe is a homophone and he is clearly both of those things. Based on what we've seen in those emails. It's just

Rob Kelly  34:01  
crazy to think that like, I saw seals that like this guy who has been sitting here we then

Craig D'Alessandro  34:07  
this guy

Rob Kelly  34:09  
who's been leading these men, these young man on a on a NFL locker room net, like it's about unity. It's about banding together, brotherhood, you know what I mean? That's what the NFL is built on man. And to have this guy that had walls built on what's right, and he's got hate in his heart. That's what he has. And for him to be able to run this facade for all these years. Listen, dude, hey, I said it the other day. Gk was right man. And and he didn't even know how right he really was. Because like, we all right, we've all thought this dude is a clown. But this was just absurd. But I gotta say, I do. So I know you were saying about like, taking accountability and all that the culture that must have been in place or Listen that the all these emails are going somewhere and they're being responded with something that's what I've always said is like, Listen for someone to say these type of comments. Someone isn't giving back like, bro, that's not appropriate. You should say what they're giving back is like an lol. That's funny, bro. Like, yeah, you're right, like, you know what I mean. So there there is a recipient to these matches that Bruce Allen Yes, he's going to be the main culprit. But I think this is all gonna stem back to his brother. That's what I was saying in the chat do they were I was trying to like connect all these dots. And I'm like, where did this all start from? And I think it's just a grooming saying I think it's just like the family kind of brings this culture around it. I do think that it is just like, a different kind of like disrespectful, like, I don't know, there's just something about that family. I think that is gonna bring it into this because Jay Gruden was the coach in Washington when all this was happening, right Jon Gruden is the coach in Oakland or Las Vegas when all this is happening and I don't think that the coincidence and I think that all is gonna come full circle eventually and I do think there's gonna be a lot of follow up from this as you see shafter shafter is catches some some slack from this now because the report came out saying schefter hit up Bruce Allen saying he was gonna like edit stories and like certain stories might not be released and like asked him if he could release things in like chapters cotton across now two minutes he's gonna go deep man

Joe Malkin  36:25  
but but but there's gonna be some stuff in here that it because the magnitude of the investigation but it's still so funny because that's Jon Gruden. Only connection to the Washington football team, right is Jay Gruden. That's, that's his connection is that well, while he was on TV and covering the NFL, he made those comments and they weren't all towards Bruce Allen, right? Like they could have been sent to his brother. Sure, obviously, somewhere pertaining to Jeff Fisher and the Rams at the time that they drafted Michael Sam in 2014. And a lot is going to come on to this and I think you're going to see, which is typical in our society now is that things that are not malicious, or have mal intent are going to get caught up in this. Probably some shefter stuff is going to get caught up in this that probably shouldn't be. And that's something that I think as critical thinking Americans and human beings and sports things we have to take into account is that not all this is going to be bad, but we have to sift through the good and take the bad for what it is clearly what Jon Gruden did and said was bad. Are we going to find out more? Probably. I think it's going to pertain a lot to media members in current and former members of the Washington organization and I mean this doesn't do these emails and Jon Gruden being resigning and leaving the Vegas Raiders does not help Daniel Snyder and can Bruce Allen in the least it doesn't help them at all. And that's another thing that I take from listeners that I've been doing with Snyder is the worst owner in all sports. And there are some pretty bad owners in sports. I think he's the worst one. I think he is he has taken his power to a new level and that's not part of the start. Was them talking about how they were exploiting their cheerleaders for pictures and stuff like that. So what to what you were saying yeah, I think it's a Gruden thing but I think then we're gonna see a lot of other people come on to this because of what you just said is there's always a response rate and maybe some people will have those responses Bobby maybe we're gonna we're gonna find some saints amongst the centers right? Where there's gonna be some emails that just came over like yeah Johnny probably shouldn't say that. Yeah Hey Jay. That's pretty brutal thing to say probably he probably shouldn't do that and you're gonna find those But yeah, I this there's gonna be a lot of follow up from this and it's but why now? I'm with you on that too. Why not? Why why right? Of course. If you ask a Raiders fan and you peruse Facebook and go into enough back channels on Twitter and Facebook groups is because the NFL doesn't want the Vegas Raiders to succeed and it's like not that's not enough like everybody takes this person you know like all the reps are always inside of the Patriots. So they're always the new thing is is that the referees are always inside of Justin Herbert and charters and it's like guys, they're not they're not and it's just you just need to get over that.

Rob Kelly  39:30  
Yeah, it's definitely not listen the Raiders perfect, good. Third year. You don't need to really send your emails to stop the Las Vegas Raiders at three and water prices that was happening. I just I don't I was baffled by that is like when I first saw the report. Not gonna lie. I was like, Oh, what? So 10 years ago, what was it? I didn't know. No, what was that? But so like, I just it is baffling to me. And I really do think the NFL kind of like secretly hoped Like, maybe if we hire fire Gruden you ever want to forget about this other thing that happened over here, but it wasn't, this is 2021. That's not how the internet works, man, if he takes his one Twitter comment, and all of a sudden, it's you guys are covering everything up. So that's really do think that's what they hoped it was never gonna happen that way ever. But to go back to what we were saying before, listen, no racist ever signs messages like that to people who don't get some kind of intent or don't give some kind of side that they would accept that message. All right, I promise you. I have never gotten an email that has any kind of Toad or anything to this nature in it whatsoever. It wouldn't even be like, a an option. You know what I mean? So for that to actually be a viable option for Gruden to sit there on a computer, type away this shit that he typed and look at it and be like, yeah, I'm sending it

Joe Malkin  41:06  
and send it away from him a while ago to let you got it was

Rob Kelly  41:12  
it a while ago? I have no idea and the problem problems are Hotmail, a baby's Hotmail.

Joe Malkin  41:19  
Now, David made that joke, because that was good. We got to give him credit.

Rob Kelly  41:23  
Yeah, that was good. But yeah, man, for you to have that confidence that you're not gonna face reciprocation from that email, means those weren't the first emails that you sent with that kind of tone. And that's not the first conversation that you've had with that person with that kind of tone. So it's just a, obviously there. There's a lot more to uncover. I just don't know. I don't understand. I don't understand why we're uncovering it right now. Like I'm not saying we shouldn't or and I'm not sure I'm saying at all. It's just I've never understood that was like why the NFL is now like, Oh, we have Gruden you're the terrible person. When it This is a 2% of a 100% investigation. That's what it comes down to? Yeah,

Joe Malkin  42:07  
I think it i think i think it's partly telling one that somebody want a grid and gone and two, that he is probably the one that is most implicated in this whole thing. The shafter stuff may be what it is because of the nature of what he was told to report. Who knows, you know, I mean, he could have been a good one now so and we're gonna see what comes out on all this stuff. I just think, you know, I I don't I don't defend Jon Gruden. I don't defend what he's what he said. And I think it's it's heinous and it's there's no place for it not only in this world, but especially in sports and a sport that is that the the majority is not white in football

Rob Kelly  42:56  
is built that it built on a family I like from a young age I played I played football for like three years, I played flag football, you must fly football teams built on like, sticking to catch those work. We were it we're in this together, we're gonna beat that we're going to bond together as a group. And it come together to overcome this adversity to come together to overcome this. And that's the kind of person you are. Can you imagine being a writer this past Sunday and having Jon Gruden there with all these things that are coming out, telling you that he actually has your best interests at heart? Can you imagine being Carl Nassib hearing me say that it's just crazy. It's Kygo from when those first reports came out to where we are now how fast that all happen is just crazy. It's crazy. It's crazy, how fast? how fast they can happen to how fast you can go from one of the Super Bowl winning coach. Maybe in the Hall of Fame someday is he No, no, he's not nice. Maybe in the Hall of Fame. Some are huge. Definitely not anymore. But maybe in the Hall of Fame that someday, buccaneers Ring of Honor you know always on NFL films having that like after you win in, bro, that's God wouldn't ever see that again. Britain is erased. He's got.

Joe Malkin  44:19  
Yeah. And I think that's the way it needs to be for now. And we'll see what else comes out of this. I think there's gonna be a lot more apparently we have close to three quarters of a million emails to go through, which is an incredible amount of emails in a 10 year span. I mean, that's just incredible. I'm sure there's some of them that have been just ended when it was more severe than the NFL players associations. No, we want all of these emails released. There's probably an email in there from Bruce Allen to Daniel Snyder asking him if he wants to go to lunch. Like it's just, it's, it's like racists or racists and homophobes or homophones. But it doesn't mean that every conversation they Have as Walter was, you know, he just it's just you know it's not like he said he wanted to get pF changs What about those gays? You know, it's like, guys get like we don't need to release all $650 let's find the ones that are actually important. And let's release those. Well, Bobby you mentioned coming together and family and, and coming together for the greater good. We have a team in Boston who is doing la right now and that's the Boston Red Sox who are going to the ALCS and I was completely wrong. I tweeted in the middle of the league game against the Yankees the wild card game with them was embarrassing, though it was literally the whole tweet embarrassing, and they came back and they want it and they had been playing great baseball. They've been having fun. They're fun to watch they're dancing on and off the field. They're having a good time and it's I still can't I still can't for some reason something's keeping me from loving this team. Like I just can't get over that hump but they're playing good baseball

Rob Kelly  46:10  
bro I I've been so locked in on these games the past few weeks that this team this team is something that I saw it's crazy to have to sit here and it has to put together my thoughts from from these past three games all into one episode because like I just have so many from each individual game that it's like listen. Yes, I agree. This is a very very flawed Red Sox team. There's so many spots that are just missing out points. The pitching can be horrendous at points. Listen the first two games in the series. We got a combined two minutes third inning from our starter you know what I mean? Like there are so many flawed pieces to this team. But at the same time the individual performances that some of these dudes have put up over these past three games have just been absolutely mind blowing from Tanner Houck and game two coming out and just locking down after who started game two are you remember felt like it was a year ago that was a sale that after sale just collapsed in the first day. How comes in saves that game for us oftentimes of carrying it, we end up blowing them out. Game three man does a roller coaster. But you have Nick pavetta in game three, just coming in and delivering a native valde ask playoff periods up Pedro s playoff appearance, and then the walk off by Vasquez. Like the most unexpected person after all that he comes up in just hits a bomb because I remember this from like four years ago, because that's what Vasquez does. All maskers does take clutch home runs if he hits a home run it to walk off

Joe Malkin  48:00  
Yeah, he doesn't he doesn't hit very well. But when he noticed he had some big spots a game

Rob Kelly  48:04  
for a shift. It was magical man to fall down like we did. Or to get that we'd like to fall down to get that lead like we did have them come all the way back. And then we ended up winning the game after having just some bone had baseball plans from Verdugo making the last out to third base which is just blast routes I would advise staying on but I'd be going no meat was a word baseball guys, we know we'd be in that dugout just whoo Is it our mind from Renfro throwing from Ole Miss and Dakota off mad and bringing that Tiger on to second base like juice

Joe Malkin  48:46  
or something because these are the things that we've wanted to see from them for in from baseball screens, right? Because the game has gone to a you don't steal you don't take an extra base, you only go first to third you go stage in the stage. And it's the Moneyball effect. You don't try and do those extra things that normally happened in baseball. And right now they're doing those things and they're running into those mistakes and they're running into those outs. And they're missing the cut off mailer. They're trying to make outs where they aren't necessarily there. And that's kind of what's making it more exciting. If they can tighten that stuff up and just get over that excitement. It'll be tenfold much, much better than what it is right now. But I I watched all of that game on Sunday was a good day for sports. Sunday was a great day for sports. Get the Patriot amazing. Watch that game. It was just a full gambit of sports and football and baseball and the Red Sox should not have taken that long to win that game on Sunday. They just never should have taken that long. And unfortunately it did but

Rob Kelly  49:52  
I some thoughts I actually thought on stage for kick outside.

Joe Malkin  49:55  
I like the way their plan is all I was gonna say I like the way they're playing undergoing the World Series. I don't know. It's a tough road. I mean, you got Houston next and then as you get past Houston, you're either facing Atlanta and then la in San Francisco will play game five tomorrow. I think tonight or tomorrow. I think it's on Thursday, October 14, so when you're listening to this, that game will be that night. But yeah, so so it's a tough road, but it's not impossible wins team is playing because you're in the ALCS you went on the Final Four teams at that point anything that

Rob Kelly  50:36  
you have it the rest is huge for them right now because the parents gasp I do have some negatives and like let's I don't want to bring it down. But I have to say core is unwillingness to just go to Whitlock has cost his team to lead a kinking for he brought in Revelation instead of going to Whitlock and yesterday he brings in brasier instead of going and Whitlock listen I get it you want you don't want him to have to go to weddings. I don't give a damn man this is your season this is what you're doing. Whitlock needs to be out there he I guess starting with brasier but as soon as you see brasier doesn't have it you got to have what lock ready to go because well lock your money picture right now Devers Deborah says very evidently her I don't know what's going on with his swing man Have you ever seen him take so many ugly swings? No he's on a neat half his swings It's crazy.

Unknown Speaker  51:31  

Rob Kelly  51:32  
but yeah, I can't the past liaise man those games were just it was exhilarating and I wish we were doing like urgency reaction podcast because in the moment I was more fired up than I've ever been like that I've been for the Red Sox for so long. That lock off was so amazing to get the Kiki walk off to go from utility player to the hottest player in baseball and they come up with a spot where you know he's gonna get it done as soon as he came to the point you're like this game is over scheme is okay good there's no way he is not winning this game right era Hey, did he just the individual performances game by game have been amazing and they overshadow all these imperfections of this team so far from the base writing mistakes is a bad throwing the states to the bad defense. Yeah, we can't wait we can't we can't move past and look forward until we talk about the hunter Renfro play against three where it hit hit hit off him. The lucky bounce. Yeah, the lucky is doubts. Maybe a Red Sox history right? luckiest thoughts. The Red Sox? Yes, sir. It was

Joe Malkin  52:49  
in that and that's the point that needs to be made because of watching that game. And I was watching it with a group of people and just listening to map excursion and hearing other people who went on social media and seeing the stuff and it's like, I don't know what they expected that to be called. But that is literally by definition a gravel bubble. So when you're talking about the play Yeah, Lucky lucky because that ball doesn't bounce over the fence and that's a run and possibly triple now you know, everybody says well Oh, how does it aground will double well because the rules literally says it in the rulebook and and that was the other thing is that the Major League Baseball rulebook while you can make a lot of interpretation, there's a lot of rules that don't have that you can't make a lot of interpretation on and a ground rule double is one of them. If a batted ball hits the ground and then goes over the fence, it's a ground rule double lead. That's it. And that's just excuse me breaking it down into into layman terms. Well, you're absolutely right. I mean that that is probably the that is one of those plays that leads you into a World Series championship and then they play that over and over again for the next five years. Like that's the kind of play that that was that's the kind of of luck that was for the Boston Red Sox. I mean, we're probably looking at a at another game, maybe the end of the series. And for that to happen, it was it was great. It was great extended that game even longer. It's still longer than my game ever should have gone there in section one that in nine innings it shouldn't have to

Rob Kelly  54:35  
go 30 Yeah, did you actually think they're going to take the roll off the board? That's what I I was sitting there and I was like, man, I understand they call it a ground rule double. There's no way they take that run off the board. Well, they have to Yeah, and but exactly. They had to and I couldn't. It was exactly like you said it was one of those moments where when they came out and they brought everyone back, it was second third. I'm like, Oh, all right. So they This is one of those seasons where like, we're catching that break, it was just a loss of that three days of baseball was one of the best games of baseball. I've experienced that a while, a very long

Joe Malkin  55:10  
time. It's rejuvenation because we've we're finally we saw baseball again for 162 games. It was, you know, at the beginning of the season it loose, you know, we're playing by the nerds rules we're playing by the numbers, they're, they're making pitching changes when this happens there, you know, and they did that in the playoffs because they like you said they made two bonehead pitching changes that should have gone to Whitlock that didn't, and those could have paid exorbitant and they didn't. And they lucked out there as well. And the offense bailed them out and the defense bailed them out. So you know having those opportunities is what's going to allow these games to be that exciting and they're playing baseball that's what I love about playoff baseball as they're playing but it's like playoff hockey. I don't think I think playoff hockey is still better than playoff baseball but that's that's besides even as a baseball guy I just like I can't get enough playoff hockey playoff baseball is right up there. Because that's that's the year you're playing. You're playing for tomorrow. Not for October because it's already October. So you got to go out and win the games and you got to win it by playing baseball luck by looking at a computer and deciding what changes to make. I agree with you Mommy, I this has been so much fun. I hope the iob ALCS is the same, but taking on huge zooming very interesting. Gonna be very interesting, cuz Houston is playing the villain right now. And they're soaking it up. And I think the Sox can take this series and I think it's gonna take six to seven games for the Red Sox to win this series. But I think it would only take four to five for Houston to win.

Rob Kelly  56:53  
Yeah, Houston's tough, tough matchup for the Red Sox. They've pretty much dominated us all year long. We don't actually we only played them once. And it was a four game series The day after data three out of four but so the thing was Houston is to have it not the same Houston team that you're gonna recognize Orlando is not going to be coming out. It's not going to be Charlie Morton coming out a young guys with that same offensive cast. I think it's going to be a great series I do think it's going to come down to six or seven games because it's red sox team doesn't die but they just won't. Like I said that they come up clutch Alex core is a great coach. I think this is going six to seven. The one guy that scares me today. Now many people might know but for amber Valdez is a young starting pitcher for the Astros and two starts. I guess the redzone couldn't have been once or twice Bayless to start over 14 the third innings he's given up two runs a struck out 18 Red Sox in two games. This guy can do it. He's going to be trouble for the Sox The only silver lining is a heavy curveball pitcher. And we know Devers can't hit a goddamn fastball for his life right now. So maybe that'll help down the road. But I think I think it's going to be Sox six or seven. I do think we're going to the World Series, but I don't know why. I just have this feeling.

Joe Malkin  58:25  
Oh, you're you're just on a high right now. This cowboy Red Sox talk.

Rob Kelly  58:29  
A wild man. That's it. My sports confidence is at an all time high. It's a scariest goddamn thing in my entire life. Because I know it can all come crashing down so fast.

Joe Malkin  58:40  
I was gonna say hopefully, hopefully we bring you down a peg on Sunday, and the Patriots can get the win over the Cowboys. But hopefully in terms of the Red Sox, you're absolutely right. And and they get to the World Series. It'd be pretty cool to go up against the Dodgers and see a red sox vs Dodgers with blue key bets. Sox Braves would be a fun one Sox giants would be a fun one. You know what I mean? I like it. I just think there's some pretty intriguing matchups for the World Series. And we have to get there first, but for Bobby's sake, I hope he gets one of his wishes and the other one does not come true. So we've, we ran the Red Sox, the Patriots cowboys match up into the ground. We got a visit from Craig, maybe he'll leave some of that in here. And we talked about the email scandal in the NFL. If you're out there and you're sending emails, make sure they're professional, and make sure that that stuff isn't in writing. Because when that stuff is in writing, you're in trouble. For the real BK Bob Kelly. I am Joe Malkin. This has been missing the point. We will talk to you next week.

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