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March 9, 2023

Pressing the Boston Celtics Panic Button, Derek Carr got HOW MUCH MONEY?!

Pressing the Boston Celtics Panic Button, Derek Carr got HOW MUCH MONEY?!

Analyzing the Celtics' Recent Struggles and NFL's Record-Breaking Contracts

Welcome to the latest episode of "Missing the Point" with Michael Marcangelo and Rayshawn Buchanan! In the show's first half, we dive deep into the recent struggles of the Boston Celtics. The team has lost their last five games and blown three double-digit fourth-quarter leads, leaving fans and analysts alike scratching their heads. Michael and Ray analyze the team's performance, highlighting concerns about the Celtics' ability to win against other top teams in the Eastern Conference. They take a closer look at the individual players on the team, discussing Jayson Tatum's recent distractions, Rober William's injuries, and Jaylen Browns's recent standout performances. Looking ahead, they discuss the importance of avoiding a game seven in Milwaukee during the playoffs and the need for the team to refocus their priorities on winning against other top teams in the conference.

In the show's second half, we dive into the NFL offseason and discuss the recent Franchise Tag deadline and several record-breaking deals that happened before it. Michael and Ray analyze the contracts and debate whether the players are worth the investment. We start by examining Derek Carr's $150 million contract with the New Orleans Saints and weigh in on his talent and value compared to other quarterbacks in the league, including Patrick Mahomes. We then delve into the importance of Lamar Jackson and discuss whether the Ravens can match any offer he may receive as a free agent. Other quarterbacks and teams discussed include Daniel Jones and the New York Giants, the Jets and their history of quarterback carousels, and the upcoming draft and potential quarterback picks. In the end, Michael and Ray believe that Lamar Jackson is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the league and worth a large contract. Finally, join us for this lively and insightful discussion on the state of the Boston Celtics and the value of NFL quarterbacks.


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Hosts: Mike Marcangelo, Rayshawn Buchanan

Producer: Craig D'Alessandro


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