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May 22, 2023

The Celtics Quit

The Celtics Quit

Facing Elimination: Can the Celtics Overcome the Unprecedented 0-3 Deficit?

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The Boston Celtics face an uphill battle as they find themselves on the verge of elimination in the 2023 NBA playoffs. In this intense episode of "Missing the Point," hosts Rayshawn Buchanan and Bob Kelly break down the Celtics' struggles and explore the key factors behind their dire situation.

The Miami Heat demonstrated their dominance in Sunday's Game 3 at Kaseya Center, leaving the Celtics waving the white flag with their reserves in the fourth quarter. With a resounding 128-102 win, the Heat now hold a commanding 3-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals series, putting the Celtics in a desperate position.

Join Rayshawn and Bob as they analyze the standout performances that fueled Miami's victory. Despite the relatively quiet night for Jimmy Butler, the Heat's role players seized the opportunity to shine. Gabe Vincent led all scorers with a staggering 29 points, while Duncan Robinson and Caleb Martin contributed with 22 and 18 points, respectively. The Celtics' top scorers, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, struggled to find their rhythm, further compounding Boston's woes.

Explore the historical significance of the Celtics' predicament as Rayshawn and Bob delve into the fact that no team has ever overcome a 0-3 deficit in NBA playoff history. Will the Celtics become the first team to accomplish this feat, or is their season destined to come to an end?

In this episode's quick takeaways, the hosts shed light on the Celtics' defensive struggles against the Heat's role players. Miami's uncanny shooting accuracy of 56.8 percent from the field, including a remarkable 54.3 percent from beyond the arc, proved too much for Boston to handle. Learn how the undrafted trio of Caleb Martin, Duncan Robinson, and Gabe Vincent torched the Celtics, setting the tone for Miami's commanding win.

Rayshawn and Bob also examine the disappointing performances of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the Celtics' star duo. Despite high expectations, both players struggled to find their shooting touch, resulting in a collective point total lower than that of Gabe Vincent alone. Gain valuable insights into the struggles faced by these key Celtics players and their potential impact on the series outcome.

Lastly, the hosts discuss the heated exchanges and taunts between the teams, exemplified by Jimmy Butler's confrontations with Grant Williams and Al Horford. Uncover the psychological dynamics at play and the impact of such exchanges on the Celtics' morale.

Tune in to "Missing the Point" as Rayshawn Buchanan and Bob Kelly dissect the Boston Celtics' perilous situation in the playoffs. Gain expert analysis, comprehensive breakdowns, and engaging discussions surrounding the team's struggles, as they fight to avoid being swept out of the series.


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Hosts: Rayshawn Buchanan, Bob Kelly

Producers: Craig D'Alessandro


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