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May 25, 2023

The Celtics' Uphill Battle for a Playoff Miracle

The Celtics' Uphill Battle for a Playoff Miracle

Bouncing Back: Celtics' Quest for Redemption and Team Unity

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Can the Celtics pull off an unlikely comeback and make history? Find out as we discuss the team's performance and the importance of scoring from all three levels. We dive into the struggles against the relentless Miami Heat defense and how it limits the Celtics to one-dimensional scoring. 

We also tackle the challenges within the Celtics' team culture, and why they need an authoritative voice both on and off the court. We take a close look at the backcourt performance and Rob Williams' impact as well as the possibility of forcing a game seven. Is there a secret ingredient that will help the Celtics bring the fight to the Miami Heat?

Join us for this episode full of in-depth analysis, speculation, and passionate discussion about the Celtics' playoff performance. We'll explore the need for a unified team culture and how it could be the key to the Celtics' success. Don't miss out on the excitement as we reflect on the team's past, present, and potential future achievements!



0:04 Celtics' Playoff Performance

10:03 Scoring From Three Levels

19:56 Jaylen Brown vs. Heat

28:39 Celtics' Aggression and Culture Issues

31:24 The Importance of Leadership in Sports

35:06 Leadership and Struggles in Playoffs

45:53 Backcourt Performance and Rob William's Impact

57:41 Possibility of Celtics' Comeback

1:01:13 Celtics' Game and Home Crowd Expectations

1:08:08 NBA Playoff Game Analysis and Speculation

1:12:20 Finding a Way to Win


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Hosts: Dave Clarke, Rayshawn Buchanan, Bob Kelly

Producer: Craig D'Alessandro



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Speaker 1: I Yes, you heard my terrible vocals, but yeah, we're staying alive here. I'm just like I'm your man, holly. We're showing me kind of with my guys, the basketball posse, the basketball trio three the hard way. My guy, dk, says us back for vacation in the island of the whole white. Aloha, my brother. 

Speaker 3: I learned. I learned some Hawaiian when I was there. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, and well, you're back with your honor, your back family. 

Speaker 3: Oh, thank you, thank you. 

Speaker 1: And I would. My brother ropey came Bob Kelly, so, yeah, let's get into a man. So we're talking all things Self-dict. So they, they found a way to stay off elimination after, you know, a horrendous game three. I really had horrendous first three games but they found a way to get it all together winning 116 and 99 On Tuesday nights. So I do can't start with you, man. Just you know what we get thoughts on game four and just why does it take for them to be, you know, on the break of elimination If I never start playing something's basketball well, exactly that right, i mean it's. 

Speaker 3: It's almost annoying That how situationless team is, you know, like how, how they need to be under extreme pressure in order to perform That specific way, because it wasn't as though it was a game where they came in and they, they went Absolutely bananas, like holy shit, like all their shots are dropping. But like, can we, you know, can we keep that going over the next few games? They came in and played away. We've seen them play before, especially in the second half, like where they asserted, asserted their dominance in a way that I think we all Thought. When it was zero, zero, i thought we all thought that that's what they were gonna do across four or five games In order to advance against the team that they're. They're more talented than I think that, like the, the frustration over the course of this series, for me mainly has been a mentality thing. Like I Couldn't believe and I know you guys did a reaction show very eloquently, you know, disemboweling them for for quitting after game three, but I mean, i really couldn't believe that My eyes, like watching a group of players in a Celtics uniform do that is in a playoff situation with, i mean, let's be honest, their backs were against the wall at 2.0. You know I mean no, we say oh well, it took. Finally they were able to get their backs against the wall and like performance I did, they're down 3.0. No one's ever come back in the history of the National Basketball Association from 3.0. I Said as a quick aside, i saw some fucking idiot I was really like trolling comment sections hard over the past couple days because it's just been like my catharsis. I saw some idiot be like well, plenty people have come back from 3.1 And that's what it's at now And I'm like that. That like it made my brain explode when he said that it's not how it fucking works. It's like ah, the the the calves didn't actually come back from 3.1 down because they made it 3.3 at one point. They just want to, they want an even series. It's like I can't with these comments. 

Speaker 3: But I think that I think that it was a fundamental Clash in in the mentality of what we expect from our Boston sports athletes, especially the Celtics with their pedigree And what they were delivering on the day, and I think that It's easy to be mad at like the stars in a situation like that. It's it's easy to be mad at at the coach making like terrible decisions But like, realistically, this is something we should have been expecting. Like they were doing stuff in the Hawks series and Worse so in the 76ers series that was eventually going to get punished by a team that like could see it coming like that. Watch the tape. So You know, i am mad at them. 

Speaker 3: I'm not like thrilled with the idea that, like they might not have a backbone to like to really commit to at this point, but like, ah, maybe there's a glimmer of hope because like, if we do become the team that comes back from three, nothing, i mean I don't see this team being mad at team the first team in the history of the NBA. But I mean, then you're all of a sudden everything's different. You know, i just don't see it though, man, i really don't like I don't think that the heat or the team that you can do that to, i I don't think that they're gonna panic. I, even if we go three, two, i mean I maybe they start to get worried, but like I just don't think they're gonna panic. I don't think Jimmy Butler is like made of that kind of stuff, and Jalen Brown today was like oh yeah, we just really want to get back to Miami. Then we'd be like happy and proud of ourselves and I'm like so that's the goal. 

Speaker 3: Like just get to game six like don't say shit, like that dude. So, yeah, i mean their backs against the wall. They started performing is one way to look at it, or they have nothing left to lose. So they performed is also another way to look at it. You know, because they I think everybody knows that the series is pretty much Fucking over. I'd love to say Celtics and seven and shit. I will probably by the end of this episode, but Yeah, they make me so sad. 

Speaker 2: Bobby, yeah, no, you couldn't have said it better, man, it's. It's so frustrating. You said you know earlier that it kind of makes us mad. It kind of it's very, very Frustrating. That that's what it takes, because we saw Multiple points me mean, all three of us talked about it where there is five to ten minutes stretches in both games one and two, where you saw what we saw the entire second half of game four, where, where we knew What the formula was for the Celtics to beat this team, you beat them on defense because their offense is so, so below yours, below what your defensive ability is, and you turn that defense into offense. 

Speaker 2: It was so clear of the formula to beat this team and they just got away from it. I don't know if it was just you know they didn't have that defensive intensity. I mean, that is what it was, but it's, it's just so frustrating to see how clear that formula is and how easy it is for them to win these games When they're perfecting that formula. It's, it's so beyond frustrating because the path is there and they just decided not to take it for three games. You know like they're like hey, here you go, here's your, here's your easy path to victory and all three of these games, and they said, fuck you, we don't want it, and that that was beyond frustrating me. It literally said we don't want it. 

Speaker 1: So I mean at at the worst. So what? the best? it should have been two, two right now, right, i think, just game three, which is we just talking up to the digits, likes the digi outplayed it. They got, you know, they quit, as we mentioned on the show, but it just ties back to like a like game execution and They consistently, you know, crumbled in those moments and obviously we saw last night that You know they were about to fold, i think, when it got to like 80, 83 and I remember testing of the force. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, you know, I was. I was a yo and what? 

Speaker 1: what's going on Like why don't you have 10 of back in the game? and I want to bring this up I know That people have gone on this course and I'm about to bring up meaning Tom Tom tibidow, because you know he'll play the guys starting minutes. I'm like yo At some point, guys and you're going to condition, the guys get conditioning and they do all this up in the season. At this time of the year they should be able to go 45 minutes plus. Was he and you have his humans to have time. 

Speaker 2: You have TV timeouts, you have the timeout, so What brought it 38 years old was averaging 45 minutes a game, so he's drunk He also averaged. 

Speaker 3: He also averaged zero wins in his series, but I think I I just say one thing in response to into response to that. 

Speaker 3: I actually that was a nice sal that every after every Celtics game We got to watch the Lakers lost. But sure, i do think that you should be able to play that many minutes and everything. But like, don't you feel and this is a question for either of you, honestly, but because maybe I'm, i'm off base feeling this way But don't you feel like there's a really big difference between last year, where an email shortened the rotation in order to like Have his best players and best players, plus Sort of sort out what the issues were and like lead the team, as opposed to This version of shortening the rotation, which feels like it's just Missoula, doesn't trust half the fucking team, like that's what it. That's what it comes across as to me, like I know that there's certain players that are defensive liabilities, but like You, you saw the Lakers Pre the Nugget series have players, go crazy that you would never expect In in series. Getting them. Where did they need to go? 

Speaker 3: We've seen championship runs where there's guys on the deep bench or even the mid bench. You know like we're not going past seven players at this point. Right that the Celtics, or, and Missoula. So there's guys like moose or or Or how's her that I think could have potentially come out and had like a great fucking game for us if Trusted by the coach. And I think like, okay, derek white still getting minutes, but like I can see he's not out there in important situations and I think that he's such a confidence player I've been saying this for a while that like he can tell the coach doesn't trust him, so his fucking shot goes away and it's like that's just bad man management. 

Speaker 3: You know what I mean. Like you're not getting everybody fired up and like ready to play. Those guys on the bench should be like champing at the fucking bit to get on the floor and like you should be giving them Drips of minutes at least in order to put like one minute, one minute, one minute for like for these guys. It's like come on, man, like you need to be able to spell Different situations and especially with to Bobby's point, defense, you know, make a mid tier player go out there and lock somebody down, especially if it's Gabe fucking Vincent that you need to go lock down. 

Speaker 3: You know I mean it's like I'm not asking you to go defend Jimmy Butler, i'm asking you, like I'm asking him to throw two bodies, bench rotation from the heat so that we can, like, give a little rest to the other guys. Not necessarily, i agree with you. Should be able to play 44 minutes, right, especially if you're a superstar like Tatum. Should be playing those minutes, sure, but You've got to trust your team, bro. Like you got it. You can't just win with seven. 

Speaker 1: What? no, i mean, i think I think that's fair. I think that I was just only sticker from the at the gate at that moment because the game was starting to give back into Miami's hands and we saw it right, it was 883, it was above. I don't say it was like nine, nine minutes and 40 seconds left. Call time out. Yeah, it gets headed back in there. 

Speaker 1: It's kind of this is what I want to talk, to talk about next, right, they, miami goes back to zone, because you know Boston will be hard. It works every time. Tato, tato, right, yeah, tato Tato comes in to the middle. They get into the middle and he does over the dirt one leg fade away, not 90, 93 comes back down, gets a layup 93 and it's like, oh, it's amazing when you look to attack from all three levels So, bobby, i'll come back to you on this or just like, speak, just speak to the reporters, to the audience, the listeners, that you know how, how strong, or all three levels really changes, not just not change the game, not just potato, but for the Celtics as as whole. 

Speaker 2: Well, when the Celtics get relying on a three-point shot, a when it's not falling, and be even when it is falling, they become so easy to defend because You can just either commit all the way to that perimeter or you know they're gonna be doing this drive and kick. So it's so pivotal to me. I couldn't agree more scoring from that all three levels, man, because when you get Tatum from that mid-range and he is just lighting it up, jalen from the mid-range lightening it up, and then all sudden you get Derek White and Brogdon open lanes for these floaters because they have to collapse in on Tatum and Brown, you know it's just. When you get that three level scoring, it just brings your offense to a whole different level. It makes them have to think about you know they could pull back and do that mid-range shot. It's so, so different for this offense when when they're not just relying on that three, because they become so one-dimensional when it comes to that point. 

Speaker 3: It takes away that pick and roll If we just had a couple of you like a couple plays that like just got us back in the right headspace, like just got us back doing simple shit, like it's, it seems, like basketball one-on-one to talk about it. But it's like you're talking about Like scoring at three levels, right, it's like, okay, you're relying on the three again. It's a bad habit you guys get into. They shoot these half chances like they're half, they're half shots, basically half open, right, and they they're not dropping because it's relying on your role players to get hot or whatever. 

Speaker 3: Whatever the situation is, these are all situations we've seen Scoring from three levels like drop a fucking play, you know. I mean like call a timeout and drop a play for an easy two. You should have like any of those in your back pocket. I feels like we have zero, you know. And it's like, yes, it works. Yeah, i agree with what you're saying, right. Yes, it works. Bobby, i agree with what you're saying. It's nice to watch. You should be able to do it like I will. 

Speaker 2: The frustrating thing is is, even when they do drop plays, i feel like they draw a place for the wrong people, constantly like there's done time out. There's one time out where it was clear that they drove a play from Marcus and he took, just like this, off balance three And it was like, bro, that's what you came out with out of that time out was. 

Speaker 3: I've seen that God day four times in its work. 

Speaker 2: It's it's so frustrating, man, and it almost feels like too, when they do look like they ran a play and it looks like, you know, things are running running fluently, that that's off the cuff. Half the time I feel like it's just you know, they go in by the flow and they just happen to look good on one random possession, even even when it looks like they're running a play. I don't even think they are at this point, but that that's. 

Speaker 1: That's how I wasn't a third quarter at the day. Out scored Miami 30 to 23 and the third, Oh 17 to run at one point. Well, no see you have 16, nothing, nothing. yet It was, it was, it was, it was probably the most effective run of this series so far like to be on shore like Without. 

Speaker 3: The thing is is that and I don't even say I mean it was a good run, but I only say that in regards to the fact that we haven't been able to go on good runs against Miami at all, like that when they go on runs against us they feel fucking Devastating, like. I like it, like, like, even if it's like a 13 to 3 or, like you know, even like a 10 to 4, like those runs just feel huge, like every time they do them, and like when we first the first two games. 

Speaker 2: Those are the pivotal points. Game one isn't the fourth quarter. There's no little composure, no response like no composure, no response. 

Speaker 3: It's like it's a fucking game and runs, guys, it's gonna happen. And then, in the time period where you should be responding to that, like call the time out or don't, i don't give a shit, but just respond to that run, get control of the game. Don't just like have Al Horford dribble it over the fucking halfway line and then pull up for a three, like come on, guys. Like People are like oh well, al's not shooting well. Like this is the kind of shit you're seeing online. Right, al's not shooting well. So and it's like, why not? because he should be Hilling you as the fourth choice, not trying to get you into the game. Like killing the other teams the fourth choice, not trying to Get the extra pass in the corner that. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, but that's but what, but so, but you spoke to that, but that's exactly what happened at time. 

Speaker 3: But mainly the first half he didn't do me too much. This I'm gonna have but we saw what we saw. At least an example right first Have helped. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, no, exactly No spot on, i think, getting getting him. He he's still crucial to the office because, once again, if you're doing the extra like to that extra swing pass, whether it's on the top of the key, he's okay for the corner, for he's better than top of the three, than the top of the key, other than using the corner. but that does just the mess. 

Speaker 1: It's like a little to the left of the Yeah, you know, a little to the left over on the side, yeah so I just, i just think that that him, i think him hitting four Threes, i think they're waiting in three, you know, even even your boy Grant. I think he had the best game in a long time for him. 

Speaker 3: Yeah, yeah, you know, i'm never gonna forgive him for a game, yeah. We're never come back from that He could score 40 game for the remainder of his southern career. Yeah, but they were never come back. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i mean, i get it. I mean it's sexy guns, i'm not mad at it, but I'm just, i'm just, i'm gonna give credit where to us again. If you, if you, he could easily just settle K. 

Speaker 2: He was huge defense defense especially. 

Speaker 3: No wait, when he blocked every but I thought I was happy, honestly, i was happy that he blocked the shot and then did not proceed to fuck the rest of the game up by believing his own myth Like it's. Do just block the shot, be a fucking role player, don't turn around to be like fuck you Jimmy. 

Speaker 1: But he was under. He was under the troller. You can see the meter right. I think there was. I. 

Speaker 3: Lesson cuz he may make a little bitch on national television by an actual dog like you. Can't do that to guys like Jimmy, i'm sorry. 

Speaker 1: I think it was. It is the instant. We talked about the mayor bugger so much the other night. I'm glad you're back on hand now. Yeah, he said what he said. Okay, you're, your two best players are supposed to back you up a demo. So, to me dad, dad, dad, dad to me. I have no, i have no issue with him saying what he said your best was okay, let's, let's, let's, let's bring it home and a day Systemically. 

Speaker 3: Systemically, grant Williams is a symptom. He is a symptom. He is not a disease. Right, like Grant Williams being put in a position to do Stupid Grant Williams shit is a symptom of an already infected fucking culture in the midgame. Right, like so, if he's doing that shit. And like real Reggie Miller was making this point, and like I don't necessarily all the way to disagree with it, he was saying, like well, grant Williams was the only one fuck fighting, like he's the only one doing anything. It's like it's the wrong thing. But why are you put? it's not. It's good that Grant Williams did that. It's it's bad that Grant Williams felt like he was in a position to do that. Right, like that's the. 

Speaker 1: Exactly so. I mean both, i mean, but to the point, like about him being under control, like I remember, once again we've been screaming about them having a close for us, close for us, close for us. And once again I mean when another run to get it. I remember, uh, tano comes down on left hand side, boom, they, he, he draws to great, great, phil Phil's. The fuck correctly gets the way, supposed to do boom, top of the top of the top of the key three. They backed up ten. I'm like okay, i'm like yes, it says this this is what we need from every, from the others, and that's don't be the case. Like, play decent defense, phil, phil, the all fill the lanes correctly. And it was again. Just just be there. That that's, that's where I'm. I'm mad on that. So I'm happy for that. This one, when I'm about to bring up I'm not so happy about, but it's something that we need to. My favorite part of the dynamic. 

Speaker 3: I have to say this year, yeah, my favorite part of the dynamic compared to last year is that every fucking show that three of us would jump on last year Was me and Bobby being like come on, ray, it's, and like this this season. It's me and Bobby being like, basically on suicide watch. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, and you be like I'm not my moment, i'm not my moment. 

Speaker 3: But I just I like the fact that we has flipped a hundred percent. We found that we found the antidote to Ray being like suicidal about the Celtics is just we have to be suicidal. So he empathetically just goes like all right guys, it's not that bad, like there was some good, oh like you know if you look at basketball sense like it's not so bad, but anyway yeah. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i know that, that's, that's all. it's all about balance. They have so about Oh but. but speaking of balance or lack of balance, dylan Brown, he has been So far and that's putting it lightly in the series, so I don't care whether he was going to Miami. I don't tell you what's a little soccer, japan, to get cool, what? whatever he is not done, we need to do, and in the series of DK, i'll stay with you. Um, now I'll just pose the question straight out has this man quit on the scene? 

Speaker 3: Okay, i don't think so. I what I think, what I see happening and this might be like Informing my own bias, which obviously I'm very guilty of a lot of the time, especially with the Celtics, because I'm I'm all in, but I Think that what they're doing is really smart against Jalen Brown, i think that, yeah, i mean, look, they all fucking quit in game three. So to single him out for that specifically, like would be tough. I've seen him be the only one to not quit when other people have quit in the past, but like that was a different sort of atmosphere. I think I do. I think I can't figure out really from the body language Or from what's going on, and like all the weird off-season stuff and the Kevin Durant trade rumors, like Logically it does add up to maybe like Jalen Brown isn't all in on this project anymore, Maybe, but I can't confirm, confirm or deny what I do see is supposed to be unlike. I think it's going to be a lot easier to defend Jason Tate or to defend Jalen Brown than it is to defend Jason Tatum. We're gonna live with Jason Tatum going fucking berserk a couple times. It's probably happened less than even he expected it to happen in this series And what we're gonna do is we're gonna live with Jalen Brown's mid-range shot, as much as I love it Like he's got a turnaround, he's you know he can pull up from certain areas and be pretty much automatic. I love it. But Spultz, just like, give them all those easy twos, don't let him get hot from three, don't let him blow by you like don't let him get get speed going downhill. Like I think that there's been more attention paid to Jalen Brown than any other member of the team defensively. 

Speaker 3: I also think he's the worst. His skill set fits the worst for penetrating a zone, because I think the zone to me I mean there's different schools of thought on this, we've had conversations about this, but to me the zone is about moving them around, like making them Abandon the edge of their zone slightly so that there's a gap, and like making a play in there. And I think that's Jalen Brown has two things that really hurt that The ability to do that. One is he is a spotty free throw shooter. So if he had the ability to hit 85% plus, i mean obviously that's very, very good. But I think if you're somebody that has the athletic ability that he has, you get fouled a lot more right. So he's a spotty free throw shooter. So that takes him out of the game a little bit. 

Speaker 3: Also, i think that he has a little bit of a deficiency in handles and that makes his court vision a little bit more narrow once he's inside, and I think inside passing is a big way to Split up a zone. Now that sounds like I'm hating on Jalen Brown like that. He has a lot of deficiencies, but every player's got deficiencies. I just think that the zone highlights his deficiencies. So it might be wishful thinking, but I like to think that it's a matchup issue and not a mentality issue. But maybe I'm crazy. 

Speaker 2: No, i couldn't agree more. There is points sometimes in the series where it does feel like Jalen's mentality isn't all there a hundred percent, but at the same time I think it's a product of the position to heater putting him in, because what would be very frustrating to be him right now, right. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, 100%, because what Jalen does when he gets hot is he is an athletic freak. So you see him throwing down those slams, you see him getting to the hole with authority and the heater just not letting him do that. So I think it's just a product of they're not letting him do the things he wants and he's reluctantly, you know, resorting back to that jumper. 

Speaker 1: He's reluctantly Resorting back to trying to drive it in and kick it up. They're giving it to him, right. 

Speaker 2: So he's, he's taking those shots. And listen, jalen's a good jump shooter but he's not the best. It's definitely not the best part of his game, you know, and it was almost the weak part of his game when he first came into the league. So, yeah, his shot is developed, but it hasn't developed to the point where, when you take away his primary Athleticism, you take away the things that he loves to do. I think it just throws him off completely. Because I couldn't agree more that they're given tape. They're letting Tatum you know they asked their throne, those double teams, adam But I really think that their their focus is definitely on Jalen a hundred percent, because they saw what they did to him last year. Listen, this is the same same exact script with Jalen is last year, because they saw what we do. 

Speaker 3: What we do is a team when we win, when we win, and we would effectively we kill you with both those guys, you know, but he did? 

Speaker 1: Jalen Brown went to work at this time last year. Yeah, they didn't have an answer. And once again, this is the same exact team for the most part, and I said it last year. 

Speaker 2: I'll say I just met the hand, the handles part, though You remember how much they're picking Right paint in the paint. 

Speaker 1: No, no facts. I also think and once again this just might, i can show my biases. Well, but once again, you know, all three of us are our dire self-dispense. I do think that, yes, are his handle shaky at best. Yes, that that is not his opinion, that's a fact. I do think that once he gets into the lane, we're seeing some hand checks on the low. That's not being told It was again. You're not gonna call it every time, but what's the end of someone who sees them? 

Speaker 3: I don't think the rest have been on our side at all this series. I don't think that we've done enough to possibly really complain about the rest, but like there's been some pretty fucking egregious, sure I also think the rest Is there a bunch of little edges? 

Speaker 1: Yeah, I'm not speaking to the overall, i'm saying just when he drives, i feel like they, they, they. They've stopped the way where especially guys like how, like that, that's what he, what he does. 

Speaker 2: I'll tell you what. 

Speaker 1: I just think at some point and I'm sorry, this is just where, at some point, you have to pause your will. So, yes, they're making it tough, they're Doing certain things to make it hard to find. Okay, we talked about this four on the show, the three of us and any, any, any. 

Speaker 3: I don't have to rest to our idea with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but First quarter. 

Speaker 1: Jalen is a top five player in this league. When he's on, maybe when we leave locked in the front for, like, getting 13, 14, 15 points in the first quarter, like he's a top five. It's like when he's all like that right away. It's a excuse me, we need, we need, we need, we need gay. So the gay five coming, we need a five for what he did last year when he closed out that game, when he gams on bam at the end of that game That they was up 18 at that moment. That that's the, that's the. A fatic closeout. We need you from him tomorrow and he's fucking do, i'm sorry, like he's due to have a game where you say, okay, this is why he was second team all NBA, because once again he did well against Atlanta. He had great money, had good moments against Philly, but once again he had been David Blaine, this whole service and he's been the biggest. Disappear in that and I'm over it. Cry frankly, indie, it needs to change Yeah. 

Speaker 2: I, i guarantee if you, if you go back and look at his best games, there's at least four to five highlights of freak athletic plays they get him going If you see him yammin on people. That's when Jaylen's out his best, because then it just his mindset just completely changes and it turns into a. You're not taking this away From me, i'm taking it to you you know it's such a different mindset with him. 

Speaker 2: They have zero chance of coming back in this series if we don't get at least one of these jailing games. We'd need a Jaylen performance if we have any chance of forcing it 90 by 90 by 30, just just, just what, just 25. Yeah, i'm sorry, jaylen performance. I'm just a performance. We're like Jaylen's here, i'm honest. 

Speaker 1: I see you don't go just by everybody. Don't tell me that you can't catch bam, or that you can't catch. Can we live at the fucking rim? Don't tell me that. So I'm sorry. And once again We thought I think they've run up early to show up our game business ankle being on being messed up. Listen, go There's. There's no way. But by tomorrow, what's the guy know? they did do whatever they did to get the ankle right and I hope he's good. It wasn't. I don't want any excuses about. Oh, another person went down. I'm waiting about that. So but attack him. Attack him, put smart, miss us for 10 minute. Pick a roll, put put smart. Route. It's big, big. That's who game business garden game. This is garden smart. 

Speaker 3: I've been, i've been asking for the fucking brown and brown, brown and smart pick a roll for fucking years. 

Speaker 2: Yeah. 

Speaker 3: My art star players won't run the fucking pick and roll as the screener like. 

Speaker 2: They just won't do it, You know yeah, I'd be electric to have those two as the screener man. No, but it worked it worked for it. 

Speaker 1: I've been talking before, it works for Nash and I'm already back in the day. You're like right in the pic road that that used to be those the whole it is. 

Speaker 1: It is the most. I'll find this guy hook. It is the most unstoppable offensive move or play of all time. Like that's not like it was again, you know, i guess like as far as the perfection. You know this is a different casual name job here, but I remember, even when Indiana was good early 2000s, guys like Jamal tinsley running your real over Jamino Neil You know they just like it's. 

Speaker 1: I don't know if to me, i Don't know. I'm just I. I don't ask the question I'm sure people will see this to say how could, how could Ray asked this? I can ask it because I'm helping, i'm participating on the show. That's how I can ask it. That's one, but two, i just wanted to see him do better, because I expect better. I've seen him do better and, yes, once again He was gone. The finals, that once again it went. 

Speaker 1: When Tatum and other guys you know Was, was hot, was hiding back in the locker room still, you know, eating tendons at the fries, often catering. He was out. He was out there still still going to work. So I just want to see that aggression because once again you're not telling me that come in love with Nucker Robinson or Max Trues or whoever like they're not, they're not gonna be upstairs for him. So just once again, figure it out, figure it out. So if he has to be the guy on the corner with ten of us in the middle, tatum drives, he moves up from the corners. Like Dave said, oh, boom, dumping underneath, boom, you got, you got. You got a duck, we got it. Never that happened last night. He got a duck during that run. Well, i'm like, okay, let him go to the basket. Like he's there, it's going to work. 

Speaker 3: So I Like yeah, i, just in regards to before we move on from, like the jail in brown, he's gonna fucking dunk to get his game going point, which I do agree with. Yeah, like I you guys point that out specifically about brown is is correct and I I'm not disagreeing with you I just have felt that overall from the team, this whole series, like I Feel like they need to get into a fight You know what I mean. Like they need to get into a fucking argument with somebody like I want to see like Marcus smart, chirp and it fucking Max Trues, and I feel like I don't haven't seen that version of Marcus smart in this series Like, if you're gonna still be the Marcus smart to take fucking dumb shots, you also have to be the guy that's like Angrily going after the ball, fucking chirp into people, getting people's face, get after it, like whatever I I it brings me to sort of an overall point about, about the way that this team is like sort of set up as far as like a culture and a character like Bobby has been like bang in the drum of like E-May was the guy who Created a certain toughness and a certain defensive stability in this, in this team, and like him, not being there makes it makes for these Kind of weak points. When you look at what a coach is supposed to do, these little springing holes in in your life raft of like you know Jason's bitching too much at the reps, like Marcus Isn't being as vocal as as he normally is, like Jalen's not getting his game going by like like dunking on somebody. Or you know Rob Williams isn't doing big Urchattering blocks to get everybody out of there. Like that all stems from the fact that the guy at the top needs to be Maestroing and controlling these bad bets of these individual players. Every player has bad, every player has different things and you know every comment I went. 

Speaker 3: I went through a post yesterday of unlike the Boston Globe or something. Every comment was like it was about how Joe Missoula sucks. Basically it was the article and the article was fair or not fair. I leave it up to you to decide but the comments really can't blame the coach, these overpaid players. You know you're paid 30 million a year, you got him but and it's like this, kids, these days bullshit is so ridiculous, especially when it comes to the NBA, because What you have is a bunch of guys that have been individually the best in their position in a one-on-one Situation. 

Speaker 3: Sport that comes up all the fucking time. It's the coach and the characters, character, the teams job to unite the team and And have them all working for each other and and and doing that stuff. You know, i know you guys don't want soccer, but like the guy who coaches my team, liverpool, when he came in like he's known as one of the best coaches in the world And one of the things he did really early was been like was like, don't talk to the fucking referees, i'll talk to the referees. Nobody talks to the fucking referees. I'll fucking talk to them if. And he goes berserk at them, like he's currently serving like a suspension from the sidelines for freaking out the fucking referees But he doesn't let the players do. 

Speaker 3: He's like a player game. You just go out there, you play your fucking game, don't worry about the rest, don't try and influence. And look there's arguments to the opposite. You know in different sports to like, try and influence the referees, whatever. But this group of Celtics players, they need this, they need to be like focus on your fucking game all time. Yeah, and if. 

Speaker 1: Joe, exactly exactly After a while. Yet we sure did, and it's like you gotta play your game. 

Speaker 3: You're like. You know, i want Marcus smart to be Marcus smart. I want Jason Tatum to be Jason Tatum. Don't fucking worry about the rest, don't worry about what they're saying, i'll control that. And then, once you have that established and this might be a little late to establish this now But then you start to dole out leadership responsibilities. 

Speaker 3: You dole out the leadership responsibilities. You say, marcus, i want you to take the lead here. When, when you're in this situation, i want to make sure I hear your voice, jason, i want you to be able to take the lead here. When we're in this situation, i want to see your game come, come through, and I want, like you, when you let them decide for themselves on the fly and there isn't a Singular voice that can cut through the noise and the noise, especially created by a team like the Miami Heat, that's what they thrive on is creating noise. For you, when there isn't that voice, that authoritative voice, to say calm down, this is what we're gonna do, this is who we are, this is what we do. 

Speaker 3: You know, the platitudes are are one thing, but there's a difference between establishing a culture and Reminding your players, the tenants of that culture, and just saying basketball platitudes and a huddle. You know, and all of us can tell the difference. You know it might I might not be able to tell you exactly what it is. You know based on on specific, different instances, but it just hits the ear wrong. You know it just hits the fucking ear wrong when when it's just basketball platitudes, because it doesn't apply. You know We talk about embutu all the time and it's like that's a tenant. You know That it might seem silly looking back on it. You know, like to other fan bases or whatever, that we still talk about it, but it's a tenant, it's a focus, it's a pillar to remind them when they're in hectic situations, when the momentum is falling down on them, that this is what they get back to Play defense. Your shots will fall. 

Speaker 3: You know, like these things that they can hear that will cut through eternal noise. And if one of those things is to your guys's point Jalen, dump the fucking basketball then he'll hear it. You know he'll hear it because you have a few of these that you can get through to the guys and I just Seeing people defend Joe Mazzullo He's a rookie. I get it Like I'm not trying to be spiteful, i'm sure he's fucking trying his best but at the end of the day, like I know, i can see it, i know what a leader is in that role and when Al Horford, two years his senior, is going get the fuck out of the way and trying to establish that It's a fucking disaster, guys, like it's a disaster. 

Speaker 3: So I, you know, i'm not trying to fucking mean to the guy, it's just that, like that to me is the thing we've been missing all postseason and in the regular season too, but it doesn't matter as much then. We've been missing it all postseason And it's why I've basically been sure we're not going to win a championship since we played Atlanta. So you know, i need, i need, i need that It's. I'm not ready to give up on the talent and mentality of these players because you can't decide based on this situation. I don't think, you know, i think that's too, that's unfair, you know. 

Speaker 2: So, yeah, i could, i could. 

Speaker 2: We. We've had multiple shows in this playoff run where you know, we sit here, we bitch about the players, we talk about different aspects of their game, we talk about this, we talk about that, but almost every single conversation we have ends up circling back to Joe Mazzua in the leadership that he's providing. I mean, i've been in multiple positions in my professional career where I have very talented people around me. I know the people in their jobs can do their role, but because of some aspect of a misjointed leadership, that entire team and that entire project just absolutely falls apart. It doesn't matter how talented the people are If you don't have someone that can sit there and bring all those ideas together and bring it into a formal thought. 

Speaker 2: And everyone is out there just thinking about their own position and their own in their own job and what they have to do, rather than what the goal of the team is. It's, it's, it's so disjointed and it always will be Always. 100 percent of the time. You can, you can skate by, you'll get by, but you may not be proficient in that project. 

Speaker 3: You know what I mean. You're not going to be the best, yeah, but I agree with you wholeheartedly, because the reveal of that and how you can put your finger on that is if people are saying to you or you or me right now, jason Tatum, he, fucking, he doesn't come through in like, in this situation, he's a bitch that listen while we're watching the game. Guys, us collectively, we're guilty. They should too. We're a little bit more emotional. I've had a few days to relax and think about it. 

Speaker 3: Right, i was in paradise, i was furious, celtic sitting on a beach. But like Jason Tatum has been that guy, he's hit that ceiling. So not seeing a certain level, getting to a certain level, is a thing to worry about, right, seeing it. But then also seeing a floor happen from time to time is less of a worry, because it's like, oh, there's definitely a way to tap into his potential to get him to consistently doing that. Like there's a way, there's a way to make his brain do that shit. There just is, but there's probably nine thousand ways to get him to stay on his floor. You know there's. 

Speaker 2: There's so many more ways to get somebody to play fucking bad than there is to get somebody to play When you have to think when, when these I've already said these sentiments multiple times in this playoffs is like when you get guys that are this athletic and this talented and you get them out there and you're making them think about the game of basketball and what they need to do and and and where they need to be, at certain points you've already lost, it's already over, because these guys need to be out there knowing what to do. They need to see something and react rather than see something, think about it for a second and then have to go about your offense. In a certain way, it's such a different ball game And I think we're especially when it comes to Jalen too. I remember this specifically last year in the Milwaukee series. Remember he laid that absolute egg in game one. What happened after game two? This dude was out there shooting shots. Two hours after the game of game one and two hours before game two He came out and had a great game. 

Speaker 2: That's not the Jalen Brown that we're seeing this year. We don't see that mental toughness to come back and do everything he can to try and make an impact on the game. Marcus Smart last year was an absolute dog and there's clips of him in game four, being like y'all talk too much. We beat y'all last year. What are you talking? No one gives you shit about last year, marcus, and it's just. I just feel like that's that entitled mindset that they've grown because they don't have someone being there Like guys. That was last year. No one gives a fuck about what you did last year, which? 

Speaker 3: also, by the way, was fuck all like you didn't do anything. You know it's like we don't celebrate fucking conference titles around here, dude Like that's what we just remind ourselves of that fucking fact. 

Speaker 3: Like, wait, like to be totally honest, like the lack of fucking spine in that specific way that you're talking about, bobby, has been the issue. Like, like they're not the same dudes or whatever. And when you're doing anything in an elite level, anything at a level that is at the top, top, top of that business or sport or whatever, the margins are tiny. The margins are so, so, so, so small. You know it's, it's Brian Scalabrini, i'm closer to Michael Jordan than you are to me. You know it's like the margins between these players they might look big in certain situations but they're fucking tiny. They're all way better than us. You know, even the worst guys, right. So if you do lose, if you do turn an intensity dial point oh, one percent down, that can show up to this degree. So you got, you know you got to keep everybody at 100 percent. But it's like, yeah, that is the problem, it is because, we know their talent. 

Speaker 1: Right. Well, speaking of turning things down, nothing, brogdon, i have a BBL, i have a Bolo out for him, whatever. Whatever People are out The row, man, yeah, you know, in the words of Biggie, i got him on a no box, no box, no car and missing. It's ridiculous, like I don't know what is happening to him. So you know, bobby, the Floyd Joe's man, just how did we get brogdon back on track Once again? he was supposed to be the Mestiz and you know that's something we've lamented since his last year. We came on to talk about it. Obviously he was his friend in the years. So just how did they get back on track Once again? I think that he needs to be. They need him to win the series, obviously. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, I just think he needs to start hitting his fucking shots, man. 

Speaker 1: I don't know if there is. 

Speaker 2: if there is a shot, Well there is a way back on track, because I feel like they're putting him in the position to be successful. I mean, he's still getting those open floaters, He's still getting those open layups that he's been nailing the entire playoffs. He's just missing literally every single one of them. I haven't seen what he did. He hit one last game. I think he hit one right. He had none last game either When I was out yeah, last two games he's like over 12, one for 12 from the floor And they're all open. 

Speaker 2: That's the thing is like he's been missing open threes and open floaters and open layups, man. I don't know what happened to him And and he seems to be very he was. he was one of five, so it was one of five, and he was over two, over two, for three over six in game. 

Speaker 1: in game three You know right. 

Speaker 2: So one of 11 over two games for our savior is is not what we're looking for here, and it's partially the reason why we were down three. Oh, you know what I mean. What would what? the biggest thing in that six series made the all three of us at multiple times was when Brogdon was in there in the crunch time. We felt much better about our chances. We felt much better about the offense, the way it was running, everything about when Brogdon was out there. That has not been the case. The series it's a 180 completely. So something needs to wake up inside of him. I don't have an answer because literally I'm seeing the same Malcolm Brogdon game. He's just missing the shots. 

Speaker 1: And this and this. This is. This is not a knock on DK, because he's not really what it's been that has. He's not the only one that's brought up this point. We've we've done on Brent, and rightfully so at times, so don't get me wrong. Malcolm Brogdon has been getting fit. He's been getting like just dog walk on defense. Harden was cooking his ass and now, like the hundreds would simply butler Like he was, he was the most. 

Speaker 3: Can I make a defensive and I just defend my please, yeah, yeah, go ahead, go ahead. I, you're not wrong, like everything you guys just said, are empirical facts and statistics that very, very difficult to argue with those And I'm not going to. I'm not like a Republican. 

Speaker 1: But like, did make one of those shots. What are you talking about? 

Speaker 3: But what I will say. I'll phrase it in the form of a rhetorical question. I'm going to answer it myself Has our backcourt been good for the entire playoffs? Like our backcourt, like our entire backcourt, has been absolutely dog shit for the entire playoffs. Like we talked ourselves into it being fine in the Atlanta series because they had Trey Young right. When we started coughing up fulcrum points in the backcourt not like not playing deep, good one on one defense on their guards We were like, wow, i mean, it's Trey Young, it's Trey Young, so we'll see what happens next series. 

Speaker 3: Harden's like 900 years old. Then you go to the next series and Harden fucking starts cooking you. You make him look like he just took a limitless fucking pill and rolled the fucking years back five years and goes bananas and beats you without your own beating game. One Backcourt absolute trash. Marcus Smart shows some glimmers and some fight in the in the sixth series, so he gets passed, but the whole backcourt's fucking trash. 

Speaker 3: Now it's getting exploited the most by the Miami Heat. Why? Because if they're going to do anything offensively, their guards need to be hot. That's 100 percent. Like what their fucking team looks like Right. Like OK, bam can be your second guy. Like if Bam gets like 17 and, and you know, 10 rebounds, then you're probably looking at a win for the heat. I can see that. I can see it. But if you don't have the kind of shop production from Gabe Vincent and Max Truse and Jimmy Butler you know, obviously That's more of a hybrid role because he does a lot of shit But like, if you don't have the kind of offensive production from those guys that we're allowing them to have, then they're not winning these games. And if you're looking at Malcolm Brogdon's sucking and absolutely putting in horrific defensive performances, he's got to be with his buddies Derek White and Marcus Smart guys that claimed that they were the greatest defensive backcourt in the league, right, this season said that. Marcus Smart said that shit On fucking TV. He said that shit. So like you're turning around and saying that and then you're you're laying a fucking egg from the backcourt on Because, quite frankly, al Horford did his fucking damndest against Joe Ellen B one on one. Rob Williams came and contributed at times defensively, maybe not as much as we'd like him to in the playoffs, but that front court, right, fine, i'm good with it. We took the MVP out like he was fucking killing us in that front court. We took the fucking MVP out. We're good here, we're like. You guys can go home. The rest of you, the fucking guards, you're staying after practice. Ok, we're going to talk about how to fucking get underneath screens or or over screens with some aggression. Right, we're going to talk about playing up on guys one on one. We're going to talk about not biting on every fucking up fake. Every third screen guard is putting on you. Dude, what the fuck guys Like, where's the back court leadership? 

Speaker 3: Where is that overall? Malcolm Brogdon, yes, each this shit should be laid at his feet. Absolutely, his individual performances, i agree, but the whole fucking back court is, you know, been absolutely rash, bro, especially from the defensive end. And Derek White, i think there's reasons, confidence reasons there. Malcolm Brogdon, like Bobby said, i don't have an answer either. Marcus, you're the fucking leader of the back court, bro, like, where are you at Like, honestly, yeah, i mean. 

Speaker 1: I mean him smart and white, hit some shots last night. 

Speaker 3: Yeah, last night being biodeception, I do agree that. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i thought, i thought Marcus was on his way to having a great game too, and then a second half happened. The first half he was marked as a last year And I was like, oh, like, ok, he had, he had ten assists to half. 

Speaker 2: I was like, oh, feeling in two shots And then he had five shots in the first three minutes. He didn't pass the fucking ball again for the entire game. 

Speaker 3: Exactly Like what the fuck That's bad game planning. 

Speaker 1: Right, exactly So. I mean, yeah, so that's what that was. But yeah, no, listen, that's that's fair. I just think, once again, it was the expectations thing. That's that's where I'm at. We all have high expectations for all the money. Ross said so, yeah, i think I said what we said was valid. What you're saying is valid. I just, i just hope once again. 

Speaker 1: I think between Brogdino I think, probably his bestie on the team, because him and Jalen Brenner are really close off the floor because we learned that in the bubble I think that those two in particular are due to have a game. They're like OK, let's, let's rest on your shoulders for today. I'm with it. Obviously, you still need to tell them something. Never say you know to play at a high level. But I think I said Brogdino and Brown like we need, we need something from from y'all. But I want to show this to the time for a little bit, which is what I've been saying recently. I think it's helped. 

Speaker 1: defense has been phenomenal. I think that you know we we haven't had any signature from Rob moments in the series until last night. Well, i thought it was a couple of players that Jimmy went to the basket and did the effort to talk about. Guy has defended up and Rob was like, ok, hey, well, i'm not going to jump, i'm just going to jump again. And then, you know, play, play, just into the second, the second row. So, bobby, i'll start with you on this one. Just you know, have you been pleased with Rob's defense overall? And just you know, do you want to see more from him on this? I think that he has another level to go to. You know, if it is going to grow longer. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, i just want more Rob period offensively, defensively. I think it's such a difference maker against his team when he's out there because it makes a guy like Bam We said this the bubble year man. It makes a guy like Bam have second thoughts about you know a goat going in there offensively and yammin' on people And then on the flip side, less confidence defensively. You know, when you have a guy like Rob out there, you can't commit like Bam has been able to do on Tatum or on these guys being able to stop them at the hole, because you know Rob is there for the lob. You know what I mean. You know he's there if you come off him. So I just think that's so huge and it's been very honestly annoying to me because that was half the reason. 

Speaker 2: Again, we made that run last year. I don't know if it's maybe his knee, you know that load management stuff. I don't get it, man, because 25 minutes of Rob is so huge And right now we're averaging what It's like 19, 20 minutes a game for Rob And that's not enough. That's not enough to make Jimmy think about having to drive to the basket, to make these guys think about it, because listen, al Horford's great He really is, but he is not a rim protector in any way whatsoever, any way he's not. 

Speaker 3: The thing is, bobby, like I don't want to tie my Jomazula anymore, and I'm not trying to rail your point, it is Joe. 

Speaker 2: Already worked. 

Speaker 3: It already worked in the fucking six series. It already fucking worked like it. Like you did it, joe. You did it like you literally were. Like PJ Tucker can shoot Rob, stand there, you're on. Help, don't bite on so many fucking upfakes. It worked already. It's already playing him 34 minutes, 32 minutes, whatever 30 minutes, shit, i'll take 30. It's just, it already worked, bro. And then we, like we're saying this like it's a miraculous new idea. 

Speaker 2: You know the thing that it's mind boggling too, because it's not like Al was playing any sort of, you know, above his level. He was playing below what we expect of Al. So the fact that we haven't seen more Rob to me is just baffling man. It really is, And I think it just goes back to this compobulated game plan. I don't think you know, I don't want to not, Do you think Joe knows that Rob only played 17 minutes in the last game, or knows that this dude only played 20 minutes? I'm he knows it way back. It's a path yesterday to be honest. 

Speaker 1: It is a path yesterday because of how it is, it's what I mean, but like that's true, that's true, ok, and another, another, another game is just like yo, like. This is where we're in. You're fighting for your play of life. 

Speaker 2: It's just so every game out. 

Speaker 1: It may like that. Yeah, i'll say it for you. It's what. it's frustrating to see this happen, game in and game out. It's like yo if, if something happens that way, you know he jams a finger or whatever, it's like yo, i just want him out there. So you can't, you can't control what happens. So just be out there, stop, stop, stop coddling your baby. Send the. You know the his minutes and just just let him go out there and be free. 

Speaker 1: Safety, be, that's right at the rim, because most again, that to me, that's how you break the zone as well. Right, we talked about you know my being a zone is being effective. Yeah, it's being effective, because the discipline wasn't there until last night. If you make multiple passes and make them, you know you make you make them will go side to side, you know. Shout out to the Sixth Mafia, make them will side to side. What you say you? you actually have a shot. But Rob, rob, you get 15 and 20 points because they they have not had an answer for him this whole series when he's played at all. They're different defensively. Offensively, they have not had a problem. 

Speaker 3: I don't mean to make it. I don't mean to make it sound like oversimplified, like forgive me if I did, but it is. 

Speaker 3: I know this is easier said than done, but, like Rob Williams used to only be able to score if he caught the ball within like five feet of the basket, maybe less Right, like on an all you, or if he caught it like right underneath the basket, he needs to be in view with the confidence to catch the ball when there's a defender somewhat in between him and the hoop. And like I just want and like this maybe seems really obvious to me Maybe I'm not, maybe I'm crazy, whatever He doesn't seem super confident when he's going towards the basket, when he catches the ball early right Like, but he has been effective doing that in the past. Like will somebody please get this man a euro step? He is like the fucking longest guy out there. You know what I mean. Like just fucking one move, dude. Like I just want you to know one move and I swear to God he could be scoring 22 fucking points again. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, even even that one, even that one dribble up fake would work. for that One dribble up fake would work every time. 

Speaker 1: I think, i think, i think your drop step would be sure would be a bit. 

Speaker 2: So low spin, low boom, give a, low give a low one move Give him one, let's, let's, let's, let's put this out there, though If, if this is an issue where it's Rob's minutes, if we need it actually does need to be watched and and he can't contribute what we're saying If it's actually a thing, then we need to look elsewhere in this offseason, absolutely because you can rely on him. 

Speaker 2: Yeah this can't be a thing. If we're actually going to have championship aspirations, it cannot be. It's not. It's not like a well maybe, no, you will not win a championship. It is Don't have a top level rim defender, it's here. 

Speaker 3: Yeah, i agree, and there's times this season, bobby, where we've talked to each other and been like Grant might be the third best player, like he's had moments over the past two years where it's like he might be the third guy, like he really is like so fucking important when he's doing this And he's like safety rolling. 

Speaker 2: You mean Rob, not great. 

Speaker 3: Or sorry, rob. Yeah, of course not great. 

Speaker 2: I don't want to jump prayers because it's holy shit. No, no, no, no. 

Speaker 1: I mean Rob good Williams brother. 

Speaker 3: But like there's times where we've thought that about him you know where he's been so effective, like playing the free safety or like all the stuff we're talking about, and it's like you can't have your third guy. If that's the case, if we do think like bottled talent, like I always say, there's potential for him being the third best guy. He can't be that injury prone Like he's. You know, it's just not. 

Speaker 2: It's especially just deep into the play, Because it is not even. 

Speaker 3: Also, if you're saying the quiet part out loud like you know what Ray sort of alluded to, but if you really do say it out loud, we're raised like oh, maybe Jamie finger, when you're out there it's like you know what. maybe there's times where you're being a little fuck bitch, Rob, like maybe there's times where you just need to suck the fuck up and play through the pain, like honestly that's what it is. 

Speaker 2: Did for him last year Remember he played through that pain, man, and I just don't, i don't, i don't see that. 

Speaker 3: They all had this like little a sing of intensity like that Yeah but that yeah. 

Speaker 1: But I think that ties back to just what, what they built for February on last year. I just think there was just like a look, we got something special brewing here, we can't let this moment flip. So I think they were just like whatever moment we gas, and once he went down after that Minnesota game last March, i think that was that was just the goal. From then on I was like, look, we have something special brewing here. We've been on fire. It was again either they was losing by 10 or they would be as by 30. Like there was no in between Left there They would see the more you This year too On the other hand, i mean, you know it's, it's, it's, it's unbelievable what's happened the last one month. 

Speaker 1: But it was you. We keep up with God because it's like. You're like just, can we just get a glimpse of that? You get a glimpse of that? If you'll just play above average, you're about to make history. Yeah, and that, and I'm, and I'm maybe I'm over simplifying to take names, words, if you were legit, just play above average. I didn't play phenomenal. If you play above average, like everybody, play above average, yeah, you at least, at the least you're pushing the seven weeks. 

Speaker 2: Well, that's, that's what it was last game, right? I mean, they didn't play phenomenal in game four, right? They didn't like light the gym up. Like DK said earlier, it was just a steady pace. They kept pace the entire game And then, when they had their moments, they took them and ran with it, and that's how you saw what you did in game four. 

Speaker 3: You know what I mean. So I actually literally, literally promised myself I wasn't going to say is out on a podcast, but you guys are like alluding to it now And I'm just like going to say that like I've had this gnawing thought at the back of my fucking head that like, if there was ever going to be a three, you'll come back. It would have to be a situation where it would have to be a situation where The worst team won three games on like, but like the way worse team won three games somehow, right, like it's not, like you're gonna mount a trio, come back against Like a LeBron James heat team, you know. I mean like we have been so frustrated By the fact that we're not worse than that, right, like we are better at basketball to a man than this team. So I have a fucking stupid thought, of course, like because my brain doesn't work right In the back of my head going like well, i mean, if there was ever a situation where a three-year-old can happen. 

Speaker 3: It would be Yeah like a situation where we're a lot of a really high seat versus an eight seat and some other one, three games. And then all of a sudden, it's like because, honestly, and I'm sure every fucking Every single fan of every team that's ever been in this position before has thought this I Think we can beat them three times in a row, like I think we're like for at the time of recording. I think we can beat them three times in a row, like I just do like, but I just I don't think that the we can. If the, if the trick version of the fucking Celtics comes out, if the treat version comes out, it's one thing, but if the trick comes out and listen, is it likely? No, no, god, no, i don't think it's gonna happen. Is it possible? 

Speaker 1: Yeah, you saw the town level. 

Speaker 3: Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, I think the last time they even got pushing game seven was maybe on. 

Speaker 2: Or Portland might be, i would have. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, yeah, get out of my head. Yeah, i think it was. I think either Portland, Dallas or Dallas, sacramento, one of those two like they just, but yeah, i feel it was. It was Portland, dallas. They were down three-oh and they came back, i think, obviously, and it, they, they completed today and I'm losing a seven game, seven in but yeah, like that, that's the last, that's the closest be, but you know we see this. 

Speaker 1: So, yes, this slide We've seen a 16 be the one we've seen a speed of one. So I remember, you know, the Denver Nuggets back in the day, you know we're the first 18 AC the warriors are the one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. The warriors did that. 

Speaker 3: It's the last situation We haven't seen. We've seen the three. 

Speaker 1: Event. Eventually it is going to happen. Once again, i'm with you, dave. I don't know what's gonna be now, so you know, it was again for those that's listening when I we're not hedging our best, which is really saying we feel in the moment. Once again, i, i would love, we don't love, to see a game seven. I thought I was going seven anyways, like I always, i didn't think there was going five or six. I just that to me. 

Speaker 3: But here's the thing, even if we got to seven, right like there's a situation, if you imagine yourself in a situation where we Forced a game seven and, like you know, obviously the national conversation has shifted fucking dramatically if that's happened, right Like a lot of different shit is getting set. If that's happening, you're going into a game seven and you're having a very different? 

Speaker 3: No, no no, i'm not saying it's gonna happen. I don't think it's going to, but if I wouldn't put a dollar on it, to be honest. But if, yeah, we're, if you know, if, if We're, if we're having a very different tenor conversation than the night before game seven Or two nights before, you know, previewing game seven. The reason I still don't think we win the series is because, in order to win that game seven, you would have to have either a situation where Miami are going Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, we're fucked, we've, we're fucking the sub, we're about to be the most embarrassed, and I don't think they're that kind of team. Or you have a team, a situation, where the Celtics are going all that noise is out, it's one game, we're gonna go win this one game, forget the comeback, forget this, and I don't think they're that kind of team, to be honest. So you need a perfect storm, you need a perfect one. To get silly, though, That's what it was. 

Speaker 3: I mean, i know what a three over three, two, but I think that I think that the cloud cover is a lot thicker, if it's the first time in history that a team has done it. 

Speaker 1: Oh, sure, sure, sure. but I just think maybe I mean well, i mean I know, you know, well, Basically I mean Bobby, you, but like I just obviously Bobby, that both right, well, i'm single, but yeah, we both was in high school, but when that happened, but um, i'm not that old ratio, I got damn it. 

Speaker 1: You know I'm gonna know where to his part, but no, i just, i just remember I'm obviously the first, obviously the first one, you know, jay Roberts is we, does you get the game five, game six there by the time Mark Belmore hit that home run and games you know off the file for you just like, hmm, okay, and it's chillin, does what he does? You're like oh, whoa, but they. Make it, hide it, and what's the? 

Speaker 2: game in Damon grand slam, game seven. 

Speaker 3: Okay, but let me ask you guys You know, as Red Sox fans, the three losses Yep. What did they feel like? 

Speaker 2: they were the bill. Oh, it was, it was. It was Armageddon. I was. I'm getting listen. Oh, it's almost the same. Yeah, it's almost the same exact script, which is yeah. 

Speaker 1: Really it wasn't. I try to say what's it out? I didn't, i didn't want to even go down that route, but it's just like. Obviously I was you. This happens, but I just to me it was again. What's again? if we're you know, part of it is we're talking about. 

Speaker 1: So we bring up I would that a go Situations. But to comparison, right that nineteen to eight, that that night I remember I remember sitting in my room was out and my grandmother did not usually swear around me and my grandmother Put me on to baseball, that my first game ever was watching Roger come as a good 20 seconds for the second time against the truck before he left to go On to to Toronto. So I'll never forget that moment And I'll never forget my grandmother in the kitchen make it food or whatever. And they lost her today. She was like these fucking bums and I was like Whoa, okay. I called her not, that's okay, now you like. I said I you that mad about this lever. 

Speaker 1: But in my, in my grim rellis, mine, she's seen 86, she is seen 75, she is seen 67, so she can see all these other moments are her mind, she's like, and they, if it's not gonna be now, they'll never get it. Thank God that was not the actual, the actual taste. So I mean listen, i mean we ourselves here on the show, other other shows, outlets have had talked us into potentially seeing a seventh game, but at this moment, if I shit, why why not now? once again, you, you, you want couple legacy to finding moment This. This is this would erase a lot of talk that's been around this core, if you really get it toward game seven, okay she went so, before we, yet before we actually entertain that fact, i just need them to come out and show up for game five. 

Speaker 2: Okay, right, like like I just have a feeling and in deep in my soul, that This team is going to give us fools gold and then, when the push comes to shove, when the shit hits the fan, it's gonna be the same exact shit, because it just seems like what this team, when, when the first, the first what's of adversity, this, this Negative domino falls bro, it just higher fucking house of cards fall over Yeah and it happens so quick and it's again. 

Speaker 2: It's so funny because, you know, last year was the exact opposite, where this healthy team could do no wrong for both. 

Speaker 1: Me and they never love to the fucking row, bro, bro and I was so stupid ass. 

Speaker 3: Those things add up. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, it was so different and I just with this team, i don't have faith that they can go three more games without playing a. 

Speaker 3: Lives are off still. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, that bullshit is just around the corner. We hit it under the bed because my let me daddy comes around. Bro, those right toys are right fucking back out, it doesn't know. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, you know exactly, but let me actually just right now. It's both of you, just obviously. You all watched the game when Miami went up 61, 52. J, didn't you think it was over there? 

Speaker 2: Yes, I was hoping okay. 

Speaker 1: And it's a little ballistic to get it back to, to get it back with a three, i think smart ties it. And then, next thing, you know, you know they, they basically go on the last. They go now on that run. So my thing is, once again, there's something about this team overall Elimination games where, once again and you said it already when they don't have to think, they play free. It's a different type of team. That's why I'm not worried about tomorrow. What do you think? they went to Maro Like that. Maybe games think they eventually fold or whatever was. I think that's what's gonna end up happening. But I just think tomorrow in front of the crowd, once again, I don't see them losing three in a row at TD. I expect that better to be insane. I said we can just get into that. That's the last thing I wanted to get one to get to a little shot. Some of the other dress for so shit at home though. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i don't, i don't know I'm they would. They were being on the road last year in the playoffs too. I just think that's maybe I don't know, but I just found that that's weird, because right for a team has mentally weak, it's we all been saying. But it'll be a dad good on the road. You can't be mentally weak if you're winning on a road like that. So something has to get the thing. 

Speaker 2: I think we can probably this right into the prediction, because I think it's it's it's it's gonna be very clear very early What we're getting from this team. And I know we've said that same exact thing many times. But I think what happens at home is is is the Celtics fans you know, like Austin included man, we know this squad and we know this team so well because we've had it for so many years. So that home crowd knows when that team is shit in the bed And they know when that team has given up and not playing up to their effort. So everyone in that building just has this tenseness to them of like what the fuck are these guys doing? and they can feel that vibe from the crowd. They a hundred percent. Can you look at that game seven against Philly when we were electric because we came out and started playing? 

Speaker 3: basketball, it's just. 

Speaker 2: They don't have the ability, i think, to take a crowd that is Hostile towards them because they're fucking up you know what I mean? because they're, they're making those mistakes. They, they don't have that ability to shake that. I don't think so. I think that first quarter is so pivotal in this next game. If the Celtics lay an egg in that first quarter, i don't think they stay in the chance on this game. That crowd needs to be electric early. They need to be behind them and if they don't have that support from the crowd, this isn't. 

Speaker 1: It's not a game game. Game seven look like an OKC game And for those of you know what I mean, look, look back at that OKC run When they were making the finals, and go a day once they're a couple of times files. There was games where you didn't see college crowd and right now you just hit people, sit down. That's how game seven was. Yeah, i don't know how it looked at on TV, but I'm not thinking I'm there, like I'm in Los area, like people were not sitting for most of that game. It wasn't especially was in a car fire. It was like, oh yeah, i want one to see if it was. That dude was like, get, let him get sexy. I was like, listen, they won a game, let's just get out to my game. Me like we got bigger fish to fry and you know I'll put their wrong in Africa guys. But yeah, i don't know. But I mean, you know, what do you? what do you? what do you have as a picture tomorrow night? DK? I Mean. 

Speaker 3: It's difficult for me to talk myself into them, not like absolutely shitting on my chest like they have for the entirety of the fucking playoffs in the garden, like it. Like this Team is late, has laid out movie is that. 

Speaker 1: I feel, i feel like the movie, i think it's a movie. 

Speaker 3: You have to find them. Pride. I was in on on your, on your firefox. They're both but suggestion. The point. The point. The point I'm trying to make is I would take the game five Performance and the in the six series and the game three performance in this series as examples of the fact that, like When You know as much as they, when they have their backs against the wall to limit and elimination situations, they act a certain way. They've they can do that as a one-off, like I. To me It's, if they don't fold Next game, they'll fold game six, like you said, right, like I and I. For some reason, game six is kind of sticking in my mind As the game that we sort of finally go like alright, well, we fought back and you know we can. Whatever, i Think that they will win tomorrow. I think that they will Losing game six. 

Speaker 3: So, I Hope that they don't. I mean. I like your shades on right there's such a strange reality like the fact that, like, if this team is The team that comes back from 3.0 down, if they, if they are the most, it's like they're not. That's not what this team is. I don't think so. I know. 

Speaker 1: These are usually, you know, these are usually worn for, you know, morning, you know, usually for funerals or whatever you know. But I'm taking them off because it's not gonna be a funeral. They gave five. We're going. We're going back to Southern Beach, we're going back to prime one. 12, get us a ribeye steak, baby or poor downstaking. That that's more money. Yeah, we're getting. We're getting the win with the girlie brother. 

Speaker 2: The strip and the strip and the filet man. 

Speaker 1: But oh yeah, see, see, see's, find a way. It wasn't getting out. I'm, i'm even walking with school. I'm gonna say 107, 102. I think that's that's something. I think that's that's a decent store for tomorrow night. 

Speaker 2: If they win, they were 20 in my. If they win, they went by 20 in my opinion. 

Speaker 1: Well, i listen. 

Speaker 3: I've read their your scenarios in mind, because the the 107, 102 will have my heart on my fucking chest, but I'm just curious what you guys think, because I know what I think about this situation, but I also know that I really wanted to happen. But like, would you say that, like a smat is better for the momentum of trying to mount this comeback? like a 30-point fucking blowout is, like you know, on the parquet floor is better for momentum, or a Game-winning shot like which one would like, i think, galvanized and I mean this group of players specifically to actually go on in force Then a game seven, like what situation I might? I don't want a close shot situation because I genuinely think I'll be in the fucking discord, being like They're not gonna fucking win, they're not gonna hit this shot, they're a bunch of bums and it's gonna be what you mean a contested Jason Tatum 3. 

Speaker 1: Yeah like something yeah. 

Speaker 3: Yeah, or a cool play, which I doubt it's gonna be that because we don't know anymore, that's a thing of the past. But like Like that spin move, that Tatum runs and like puts it away, something like that. I think we haven't really seen it like it happened It's it's just been blowouts or we get blown out. But also I would much rather have the tenor of the discord be like we're up 30 and we're talking about what the strategy is gonna be Going into game six and like how do you know, just having a casual conversation about what game six looks like would be would be better on my Heart, you know, my, my doctor would appreciate that better. But I think we could really galvanize this team with like a fucking buzzer beater, you know, yeah, i mean yeah, you're not wrong, but I would really like to see mr Champagne in in the game in game, i feel like that should be. 

Speaker 2: the goal of champagne is on the floor, we're good. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, right, yeah, and I mean, what's the? 

Speaker 2: game, i don't know. by the way, that's another show. 

Speaker 3: Oh yeah, well he definitely no, he definitely came from the champagne Alps in France, otherwise his name would be sparkling one. So if he's calling himself okay, go ahead. 

Speaker 1: Well, yeah, there's no. No sex, no sex in the champagne room but no matter what a stripper tells you. So such a classic right exactly. honestly, i don't care how it happens, i just, i, just I, i don't care what you say to the stripper when you go into the champagne room. Yeah, exactly, You know what. $1.20, you know either ways is it's not going home, but no $1. 

Speaker 3: You're going home with her. 

Speaker 2: Right. 

Speaker 1: Totally off the real, though I just, i just know I live, belief it either. I don't give you in by one. I'm in my 30. I just want to get at the Eddie Pelle, dino say, and that's the ballgame. Selfies, win whatever store and you put in. You know just, you know time, that that's what I want to see. So I don't care how it happens, just just find a way to get it done. And You know what it was here to the God of death and not not today. So for the road, bk, bob Kelly and my guy DKS says I'm like we're Russian, i'm beginning and we'll see you next time, peace.