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Dec. 29, 2022

The Penultimate Power Rankings by the PR Power Couple

The Penultimate Power Rankings by the PR Power Couple
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Ladies and Gents, we are sad to say it's the second to last power rankings show.

We know, we know. We won't bore you with heavyhanded descriptions, nor will we jump through hoops to convince you to listen, you are our dedicated Power Rankings fanbase and you are here to hear. Eh, maybe a little gilding of the lilly, just for the new kids in the back:

Welcome to the penultimate week of power rankings in the National Football League! This week has been filled with surprises and upsets as teams jockey for position in the playoffs.

One team that has been struggling lately on the defensive side of the ball (looking at you, Treyvon Diggs) is the Dallas Cowboys. Their defense has been suffering, and they have had a tough time stopping their opponents from scoring. Despite their struggles, the Cowboys are still in the hunt for a divisional number spot and will need to step up their game in the final weeks of the season, especially if the Eagles lose to the Saints this weekend.

Another team that has fallen out of the power rankings for the first time in a long time is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have had a rough dip in the later half of the season and have struggled to find their footing (looking at you, Tua.) They will need to turn things around quickly if they hope to make a push for the playoffs, but that is looking increasingly out of reach.

The Philadelphia Eagles are no longer holding the top spot in the power rankings. They have had a strong season, but have stumbled in recent weeks and will need to bounce back if they hope to secure a playoff berth.

One team that has been a pleasant surprise is the San Francisco 49ers. Despite having a third-string quarterback, the man nobody knew has played with the confidence of a 10-year veteran and have managed to possibly make the 49ers the favorites in the NFC.

Finally, there is one player who might be the angriest about fantasy football more than anyone in the world: Robert Kelly. Tune in to find out the heartbreaking way one of our hosts ended the others fantasy football hopes and dreams.

Be sure to tune in next week for the final rankings of the season!




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