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April 7, 2023

The Road to the NBA Finals: What Will It Take for the Boston Celtics to Raise Banner 18?

The Road to the NBA Finals: What Will It Take for the Boston Celtics to Raise Banner 18?

An Insider's Look at the Boston Celtics' Season, Player Grades, and Playoff Prospects

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Are you a Boston Celtics fan looking for an in-depth analysis of the team's season and potential playoff matchups? Look no further than the latest episode of Missing the Point, hosted by Dave Clarke and Bob Kelly.

In this episode, the hosts provide an insightful breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of the Celtics, with a focus on Jaylen Brown's contract situation and his potential All-NBA team selection. They also grade each player's performance, touching on the importance of Marcus Smart to the team and expressing frustration with Payton Pritchard's play style.

But that's not all - the conversation also turns to potential playoff matchups and the need for a better contingency plan for injuries. The hosts emphasize the importance of Rob Williams staying healthy for the playoffs and discuss the need for better players to come off the bench.

Throughout the episode, the hosts candidly critique the team's coaching and advanced analytics, giving their honest take on what it will take for the Celtics to make it back to the Finals.

Don't miss out on this comprehensive analysis of the Boston Celtics' season and potential playoff matchups - tune in to Missing the Point now!



2:21 Jaylen Brown's Comments on Potential Departure from Boston Celtics

3:53 Jaylen Brown's Potential Legacy 

5:52 Building a Team Through the NBA Draft

2:54 NBA Playoff Seedings

18:37 Concerns for the Playoffs

29:04 Boston Celtics' Championship Aspirations

31:38 Marcus Smart's Impact on the Boston Celtics

33:02 Marcus Smart's Performance 

38:49 Jaylen Brown's Performance in the NBA Season

44:53 Expectations for Jason Tatum

47:10 Grant Williams' Performance 

49:27 Grant Williams' Performance in Recent Celtics Games

50:43 Grant Williams' Trash Talk and Skill Level

55:00 Analysis of Joe Mazzulla’s First Full NBA Season as Head Coach

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Hosts: Dave Clarke, Bob Kelly

Producers: Dave Clarke and Craig D'Alessandro


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