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The Celtics' Uphill Battle for a Playoff Miracle

Can the Celtics pull off an unlikely comeback and make history? Find out as we discuss the team's performance and the importance of scoring from all three levels. We dive into the struggles against the relentless Miami Heat defense and how it limits the Celtics to one-dimensional scoring.

We also tackle the challenges within the Celtics' team culture, and why they need an authoritative voice both on and off the court. We take a close look at the backcourt performance and Rob Williams' impact as well as the possibility of forcing a game seven. Is there a secret ingredient that will help the Celtics bring the fight to the Miami Heat?

Join us for this episode full of in-depth analysis, speculation, and passionate discussion about the Celtics' playoff performance. We'll explore the need for a unified team culture and how it could be the key to the Celtics' success. Don't miss out on the excitement as we reflect on the team's past, present, and potential future achievements!



0:00 Celtics' Playoff Performance

10:03 Scoring From Three Levels

19:56 Jaylen Brown vs. Heat

28:39 Celtics' Aggression and Culture Issues

31:24 The Importance of Leadership in Sports

35:06 Leadership and Struggles in Playoffs

45:53 Backcourt Performance and Rob William's Impact

57:41 Possibility of Celtics' Comeback

1:01:13 Celtics' Game and Home Crowd Expectations

1:08:08 NBA Playoff Game Analysis and Speculation

1:12:20 Finding a Way to Win


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Hosts: Dave Clarke, Rayshawn Buchanan, Bob Kelly

Producer: Craig D'Alessandro